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4: Novak 2 – ‘Wild Ones’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult)

[Lana Klein (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult), Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult)]

Camilla Novak was on her way to becoming the next pop star sensation.  She had gigs, she had a manager, and she had even released her first album.  Everything was moving at the speed of light for her career and she loved every second of it.  She didn’t enjoy arguing with her manager, Alex Klein, though.  He was just so stubborn.  Couldn’t he just let her run the show?  Did he somehow forget who the talent was?

She didn’t need him nagging her about not spending late nights at clubs and parties.  He wasn’t her father!

She would have dropped him like a bad habit if he weren’t such an amazing manager.  He booked all of her gigs and they were always awesome.  The crowd was pumped and so was Camilla.  He had also signed her up for dancing and singing classes to improve her stage presence, which had paid off exponentially.

Of course, she was still stuck doing Sing-A-Grams on her downtime.  She couldn’t wait until she never had to do another one ever again.  The last one she did ended up with her costume catching fire!  That was not a fun experience.  She was just lucky the material was ridiculously thick and it didn’t burn her skin.

At least there was her first single party at her favorite club.  Of course, Alex was there, but Camilla tried to ignore him.  He was always lecturing her about drinking too much and partying too hard.  She was a pop star!  That’s what they did.

She was happy to see all of her friends present and even some of her rivals.  It was going to be a good night.  Her album was doing exceedingly well.  Those post-production guys were amazing.

Asha wasn’t there, but Dominic was.  She was thankful for that.  He had become one of her closest friends and her only saving grace during these parties.  She often used him to escape Alex’s overly watchful eye.

“You know he likes you, right?” Dominic said to her suddenly, glancing towards Alex.

“What?  That’s not funny, Dominic!”

He grinned.  “It’s true.  We guys know these things.  He’s glaring at me.  In fact, he always glares at me.”

“I think that’s the only expression he knows.  I doubt it has anything to do with me!”

“Pretty sure it does.  Do you like him?”

Camilla shot him a look.  “You’re breaking my concentration!”

“That’s not a ‘no’, Cammy.”

“We can’t stand each other.  It’s been that way since we met.  Besides, he’s my best friend’s brother.  That’s kind of weird.”

“He’s gone now.  Looks like he’s stalked off somewhere.  You’ve succeeded in making him jealous.”

Camilla stopped dancing and glared at him.  “I wasn’t!  Geeze, Dominic, when did you get so interested in my love life?”

He shrugged.  “I need something to keep my mind off how weird Asha’s been lately.  Sorry she’s not here… like I said, she’s… I don’t even know.  Something is going on.  That’s all I know.”

“It’s okay.  I’m glad you’re here, even if you’re being mean to me.”

“Hey, you’re the one using me to make some guy jealous!”

“I am not!”  She hit him on the arm and instantly regretted it.  “Ow.  Damn it, stop… I can’t waste time breaking my hands on your arms!”

He laughed.  “I gotta get going anyway.  Congrats, Cammy.  I’ll see you around.”

She pulled him into a hug.  “Thanks.  Tell Asha she was missed.”

“I will.”

“And you’re wrong,”  She added, pulling away.  Her eyes narrowed.  “About Alex.”

“Whatever you say,”  Dominic replied, holding his hands up in submission.  “Later.”

Camilla had tried to ignore Dominic’s words, but they haunted her.  As she walked into the elevator to her apartment, she could scarcely think of anything else.  It was hard to imagine that she might like Alex.  Was that even possible?  All they did was argue.  She sighed.

Maybe it would be better if she did like Alex.  He was the safer option.  She’d spent so much time around Dominic lately that it was difficult to keep her feelings platonic.  Asha had been missing the past few months and she’d nearly forgotten the woman’s intimidating presence.  She needed Asha to come back and reinforce her scariness so Camilla didn’t get any ideas about Dominic.

She definitely wasn’t just using him to make Alex jealous…

Camilla took a break from her rigorous singing career to hang out with her best friend, Lana Klein.  They met at a bar outside of town.  It was the safest option to avoid fans and paparazzi.  The place was fairly deserted on a weekday evening, much to Camilla’s relief.

“So, should I ask why you’re trying to get me drunk?”  Lana began, watching the barkeep pour her drink.  “You obviously want me to tell you something.”

Camilla tried to play off her friend’s suspicions.  “Come on, Lana.  Can’t we just hang out like gal pals?”

Lana rolled her eyes.  “Please never say that again…”

“If this is about Alex–”

Camilla cut her off, “what?  Does everyone know?  Am I the only one out of the loop?”

Lana sighed.  “It’s not my place to say.  The only thing I’m going to say is that using Dominic is messed up, Cammy.”

“I’m not…”

“That’s even worse.  How about you just put some distance between you and Mr. Sports Star before you end up dead?  Do you even know who the Steel family is?”  She shook her head.  “Of course you don’t.  Never mind.  Look, Cammy, maybe Alex does like you… so what?  I know you.  That means I want you dating my brother as much as I want meteors to fall from the sky.”

“That’s so unfair, Lana…”

Lana turned away from her.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be cruel.  It’s just… I don’t want my brother running head first into a wood chipper.  You’re not exactly great about sticking with guys, Cammy.  And I really don’t want Alex being your back-up to not getting Dominic.”

“Geeze, you’re so serious.”

“Maybe it is serious.  We’re adults now!  Not everything is a game.  If he likes you, then he likes you, okay?  But find out from him instead of grilling me.  It’s his life and everything, I can’t control or protect him all the time.”

Camilla finished off her second drink.  “I’m not even sure if I want to know… my head is all spinny now.”

That weekend, the three of them met up at the Tropico Lounge to utilize one of their private spas.  Dominic and Asha had been kind enough to allow Camilla the use of their reserved spa.  The three tossed their clothing away and hopped in.  It wasn’t as awkward as it probably should have been.

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” Lana said, her face turning red from both embarrassment and the heat of the water.  “Why do we have to be naked?”

“It just feels better that way.”  Camilla assured her, sinking back into the water.  “It soothes all that ails you.”

Alex rolled his eyes.  “I can’t believe you both made me come.  I don’t want to be anywhere near my naked sister!”

“Oh shut up, Alex.  Enjoy the water.”  Lana said, sinking down into the water.  “This feels amazing.”

Lana squealed as a rush of water smacked her in the face.  She nearly squealed again when she saw Dominic on the opposite end of her.  His clothing was behind him, so he was obviously just as naked as the rest of them.  She suddenly felt very, very sheepish.

“This is pretty sweet, right?”  He laughed, completely comfortable.  “Sorry, didn’t mean to intrude… but it is kind of my spa reservation.”

Camilla smiled.  “It’s fine.  I think you’ve scared the life out of Lana, though.”

“I-I’m fine!”  She stammered, trying to resist the urge to cover herself.  “It’s… it’s cool.”

Camilla shocked everyone when she moved next to Dominic.  Lana tried to keep from glaring at her as she quickly changed the subject towards school.  Dominic gave Camilla a hesitant look but she grinned at him and he shook his head.  They chatted idly for awhile, everyone forgetting for the moment that they were all naked.

Lana could tell her twin wasn’t at all happy about Dominic’s intrusion.  She was proud of him for keeping his cool, though.  His irrational dislike for the rising sports star had more to do with Camilla than Dominic himself.  She just wished that Camilla wouldn’t push their rivalry so much.

“One swift kick to the groin is all it’d take to drop that muscle bag,” Alex whispered through a smile at his sister.

“Alex, behave.  Seriously, you guys act like kids!”  She hissed, closing her eyes and trying to enjoy the warmth of the water.

“So, who do you think will be the bravest one?”  Dominic asked Camilla.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She said, hoping she had misunderstood his question.

“You know, the first one to get out.  We’re all naked.  That’s a pretty big deal for some.”

She laughed.  “You think we’re all wimps, don’t you?  You want to show off by getting out first?”

“It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.  I can hand you your clothing, it’s right there.”

She raised her eyebrows at him.  “That’s okay.  I’ll get them myself.”

Camilla pushed out of the water and laughed at everyone’s shocked looks.  Lana gasped, Alex nearly choked, and Dominic quickly turned his head to the side.

“What?  You never seen a naked woman before?”  She continued to laugh as she toweled off and got dressed.

“You’re so shameless!”  Lana guffawed.

“What if there were paparazzi?  You want that on the front page tomorrow?!” Alex scolded her.  Even so, he hadn’t exactly turned away.

“You’re going to be right there with me.”  She grinned, grabbing his clothes.

Alex snapped out of the water and grabbed a nearby towel.  He caught up with her right before she tossed them into the river.  Camilla doubled over with laughter.  Alex was not as amused.

“Camilla, seriously, hand them over.”

“Oh, lighten up.  I wasn’t going to throw them in!”

Alex gave her a look.  “You’re infuriating.  Give me my clothes!”

Camilla did so, but she wasn’t rebuked at all by his harsh demand.  Instead, she laughed.  His feathers were well and truly ruffled.

Despite his anger at her, Alex had insisted on walking her home.  Dominic had offered to drop Lana off at her house, so they had left earlier.  The Tropico Lounge was only a short walk from Camilla’s apartment, so she was a regular there.  When they arrived, Camilla was shocked when Alex kissed her.  Apparently poking him was the way to get him to make a move.  It probably wasn’t wise to get involved with your manager, but Camilla needed something to get her mind off other unavailable people before she trespassed into dangerous territory.

Camilla probably should have thought things through a little better than that, though.


Camilla is so exhausting to play.  I spend so much time with her career that the poor girl rarely ever gets to do anything else.  I’ll be glad when she’s finally at the top third of the Singer career and I can relax a little more.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Camilla has high attraction with both Alex and Dominic.  I’m not sure which one is higher, but both of the men turn up everywhere she is when they’re not at their respective jobs.  She hasn’t spun up any explicit flirting wants, but there’s been some autonomous flirting on both ends.  I pushed her more towards Alex because I don’t particularly know what’s in store for Dominic and Asha.  We’ll see how that goes.

I’m also resisting the urge to make Lana playable!  I enjoy her quite a bit, lol.  The face she pulled when Dominic joined them in the hot tub was hilarious, but I missed getting a picture of it.  He turned up on his own as did Alex.  I originally only intended Lana and Camilla to be there!  They are totally stalking Camilla.

I will admit that having YA and Adult stages so long gives me plenty of time to explore various romantic choices for my sims, which I enjoy.  Now they can date, break-up, meet someone else, etc… and there’s no rush.  Hopefully it makes their romantic entanglements more interesting that way.

Title is from ‘Wild Ones’ by Flo Rida.

6 comments to 4: Novak 2 – ‘Wild Ones’

  • Oh man! I think Alex is probably the safer choice for Camilla, considering Dominic is very much not single. But still…Lana’s not going to be happy at all about this development!

    And I find the same thing with the Showtime careers. I think TS3 careers in general are really time-intensive. Like the medical career? That is ridiculous! Possibly completely realistic but from a game play perspective, I kind of dread the Sims who want to go into medicine.

    • Mao

      I know! She can’t quite make up her mind, though. I’m trying not to make it for her. ;)

      They really are! With time being constant, it makes it even more difficult to manage a household. I don’t know how anyone can do it with Showtime careers. True to life, you really have to grind it out to get to the top!

  • Josh

    Yas to making Lana playable! she’s so pretty. And especially now that Camilla’s hooking up with Alex! Your Sims love the drama, don’t they? I need Asha to come back!

    • Mao

      I’m glad you like Lana! I’m hoping she finds someone and makes babies, I want her genetics to continue.

      Asha won’t be hiding for long…

  • Yikes! I hope Camilla stays far away from Dominic and the Steel family! Alex is a much better choice, though I hope it doesn’t strain her relationship with Lana or her career, if it doesn’t work out. She’s fun to read, and I do like that there is time for your characters to date around and make mistakes before landing with their spouses.

    • Mao

      Camilla wouldn’t touch Dominic so long as Asha has him. She’s not that stupid, lol! I enjoy them breaking up and being ridiculous, too. I just wish they weren’t all so eager to hook up!

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