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4: McMaster – ‘Rocketeer’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult),  Philip McMaster (Teen), Mark McMaster (Toddler)

Philip McMaster likes being a teen, he just wished that it also didn’t mean he had to babysit his little brother, Mark.  He would much rather be playing video games with Luis or chatting with girls on the phone.  Instead, he was stuck helping out around the house with the animals and watching his brother.


Noreen was pregnant again, much to Philip’s dismay.  It just meant more kids he’d have to babysit!  Noreen was so happy that she had to give Laddy a big kiss.  She just knew it was going to be a girl this time, it just had to be!

Philip wasn’t as ‘overworked’ as he made it seem, as his grandma Sheila did most of the tending to Mark while his parents were away.  She loved her grand kids, it was the one good thing about getting old.  She knew she was getting to the end of her road, so she spent as much time with her family as she possibly good.  She was almost even looking forward to Kelly’s wedding… almost.

Patrick was doing incredibly well with his business.  He had even picked up some big paying jobs.  One of them had him meet a man named Jean Redford in Aperture City.  He wanted some information on a hookup he’d had before he got married.  It was a strange request, but Patrick wasn’t about to turn it down with the amount of money he was offering.

Too bad Patrick didn’t learn who the subject of the investigation was until after he had agreed to it.

He felt bad about snooping through Cherie Ashton’s things, but she had brought it on herself.  Apparently she had a child with Jean that he didn’t know about.  He must have had some suspicions, though, if he was sending Patrick on a snooping mission.  Patrick found all the information he needed, he just had to report back to Jean.

Meanwhile, Philip was making friends at school.  One particular girl had caught his eye, her name was Gwendolyn Mosley.  She loved horses and was pretty cute, to boot.  Philip was smitten.  They spent a lot of time together, as friends.  She loved the fact that he lived on a farm and had a horse.  Her family didn’t have enough land to own a horse.

As smitten as Philip was with Gwendolyn, he still didn’t understand girls.  They always wanted to talk about lame things like celebrities and gossip.  Philip wasn’t exactly good at hiding his disinterest, which made Gwendolyn mad.  As much as they were friends, they also treated one another a little like rivals and fought quite a bit.  It must have been all the confusing hormones.

Patrick was an investigator, but he also had a conscience.  He brought the information he had found to Cherie’s attention.

“I can’t believe he’s hired a PI.  Why does he even care?  I haven’t asked him for any money!”

“It doesn’t matter, Cherie.  He has a legal right to the child if he’s the father.  You need to talk to him.”

“Can’t you just say you didn’t find anything?  What if he tries to take her away from me?”

Patrick sighed.  “I can’t go against my contract, Cherie.  You made this mess, now you’ve got to clean it up.  Do what’s best for your daughter.  Maybe he just wants to know to be sure.  He has a daughter with his wife now and I highly doubt he’d risk his family for this.”

“I hope you’re right, Patrick.”

Noreen gave birth to twin girls, much to everyone’s surprise.  Noreen was over the moon, she had two girls to match her two boys!  It was a blessing.  Everyone else was more concerned with the financial aspect of twins and how they barely had room in the house for the people there now, much less twin girls.

Noreen ignored them and cooed over her babies.  There was plenty of room for Juliet and Catherine McMaster.

When Philip wasn’t arguing with Gwendolyn, he was chilling out with his best friend Luis Martel.  They’d been friends since forever and so Philip felt comfortable talking to Luis about Gwendolyn.

“Girls are crazy, man.”

“Nah, you’re just not used to them.  Girls aren’t like us, bro, you gotta be all caring and stuff.”

“Seriously?  You hang out with Paula Novak.  That chick is scary and don’t even get me started on her brother!”

Luis shrugged him off.  “I like her… and she’s mad hot, right?  So, whatever.  You just need to stop acting like a kid and maybe Gwen will be cooler.”

Philip was glad that Luis was his best friend.  Luis was cool and he always had better ideas than Philip did.  He also helped him babysit, which was awesome.  Handling twins alone was not fun at all.

Philip could forgive Luis for hanging around people like Paula and Stefan Novak.  Paula was pretty hot… for a crazy chick.  He was also about to be related to them through his aunt.  That would make them cousins.  On second though, maybe it wasn’t so cool to think your cousin is hot.

Patrick, meanwhile, was not so thrilled with the twins.  He loved them as he loved all his children, but he really, really  just wanted to sleep.  With their quarters so cramped, the twins were in their bedroom and it seemed like Patrick never got any sleep because one of them was always crying.

Philip eventually worked up the nerve to ask Gwendolyn to the homecoming dance.  She was quite thrilled he had finally come around.  They weren’t ‘dating’, but it was pretty obvious that neither one was particularly interested in anyone else at that moment.


This house is so chaotic right now that it’s difficult to do anything but survive playing through it!  Why did Noreen have to have twins… WHY?  My husband laughed so hard when I asked him for a girl name only to see the dialogue prompt come up a second time.  This house is now stuffed to the gills.  They also got a girl horse to hopefully breed with Old Roy.  HOORAY CHAOS!  They also have no money since they have been paying off the debt Kelly left when she moved out.  I had Oskar fork over 10,000 towards it, but it just NOW got paid off entirely.  Here’s hoping I can improve on the house now…

Philip is a fun teenager.  I always love getting to know a sim’s personality.  It comes to me from gameplay and what goes through my head as I’m playing them.  Character development was always one of my favorite things about writing (next to dialogue!)  He’s definitely a good kid, but I see him as kind of lazy and feeling put-upon by his family.  Gwen was his best friend already and he wanted to ask her to prom, so I did.  They get along really well, but then they start arguing for no reason.  Gotta love teenagers. 

They have ridiculously high attraction levels.

I was so shocked and amused when Patrick was asked to dig up dirt on Cherie Ashton by Jean Redford!  How funny!  I love how things in the game work themselves out.  ;)

Also, I’m going to be aging sims up at the beginning of a round if they are due to age up that round during their play through so they can interact properly with others their age.  This ONLY happens if sims are of the same age (like Philip, Luis, Paula, and Stefan all are.)

8 comments to 4: McMaster – ‘Rocketeer’

  • Hmmm, I’m a little surprised Jean wanted information on Cherie, actually! I thought he’d want to leave well enough alone. Hopefully his payment to Patrick doesn’t show up on the credit card statement for his wife to see!

    And whoa, twin girls! You hope for one girls and you get two – too awesome! Well, it’s awesome to me anyway, because I’m dying for my Sims to have another pair of twins again. :D

    Attraction seems super-weird in TS3. It seems like some Sims are attracted to not a single damn Sim in town. I wish EA had included the system from TS2. It’s still one of my favourite things about the game.

    • Mao

      I know! I thought it was weird, too. I’m curious to see where this goes…

      I have a problem with twins. I’m sure you noticed it in my TS2 hood, too. My sims LOVE having twins for some reason!

      I miss the attraction system from TS2 SO much. It was also one of my favorite features. As far as I know, TS3 doesn’t have any actual attraction system. The one I have is built into the WooHooer. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Josh

    Are these the unexpected twins you mentioned on twitter? AT least they’re girls. Phillip is cute, did you make him yourself or was he actually bred from his parents in CAS? I hope at least one of the girls inherit the red hair!

    • Mao

      Yes they are!! They have really made the house chaotic. Philip is a blend of his parents; I used the create-a-baby in CAS. :) I really hope one of them has the red hair, too!

  • Ohh I wonder what Jean is going to do with this information now that he has it! I hope he doesn’t cause issues for Cherie, but I also think it might be nice for Cherie to know he real Dad, I think he has that right to try for the relationship. I can’t believe Noreen kicked out twin girls! Gosh, that household is crazy full, and lol on adding a horse to breed! Here’s hoping Old Roy can deliver!

    • Mao

      Nothing, if he wants to keep his looks. Jean has a lot to lose if his wife finds out, lol. Lily will eventually learn the truth… Cherie wouldn’t keep that from her forever!

  • Catching up on your hood blog and I had to comment in the midst of my feverish reading because LMAO–twin girls! This family is a hot mess.

    My kids age so slowly that it’s weird to see yours change age–I’m excited to see how things work out for them! I love that Jean asked for dirt on Cherie!! That is so cool!

    • Mao

      Hey there! Yeah, a lot of people do slower aging but anytime I try that I lose interest. :( I love reading those blogs, but for my playstyle I enjoy seeing the generational aspect!

      Hope you have enjoyed catching up!

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