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4: Cosaro – ‘The Freshman’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult)

Dominic and Asha had worked their butt off, but their desire had finally been made real–they now owned a house located directly on the beach in Aperture City.  It cost a pretty penny and without Asha’s family money, they still owed on the mortgage, but it was theirs.

Asha was relieved, but unable to revel in the accomplishment.  Her family was still harassing her.  Dominic had tried to get her to talk to him, but she just became distant, so he gave up.

He had hoped that the serene surroundings and being on the outskirts of the city would give her some distance from her family and whatever they had hanging over her.  For awhile, it seemed to work.

Asha and Lola took advantage of the pool and spectacular view from their backyard.

Dominic didn’t mind the view, either and he liked that the swimming caused Asha to run around in her bathing suit most of the time.  At first, he had been hesitant to leave behind his bachelor pad; moving into a real, legitimate house boasted ‘commitment.’  He had come around, though.  It was clear nothing had changed between them.  Asha wasn’t looking for a deeper commitment, she just wanted the freedom to have a hot tub if she so desired!

Of course, there were also the parties.  Before, their placed had been too small to throw a legitimate party, but now they had a huge backyard perfect for gatherings.  They threw a house warming party for close friends, but later expanded to just throwing parties for the hell of it.

Dominic and Asha weren’t the only ones looking to escape the inner-city.  Dominic overheard Oskar and Kelly discussing properties.  He was thankful when he found out it wasn’t the house next door.  Instead, they were looking at the expensive homes just down the street in a development.  Dominic had gotten over the awkwardness of the situation overall, but he didn’t really want to push it by becoming neighbors.

Besides, his mind was kind of preoccupied with Asha’s new protege, Camilla.  It was kind of weird that she was Oskar’s daughter and he tried not to think about the fact that she kind of looked like Oskar.  If he thought about that then thinking she was smoking hot was kind of gross.

It was innocent, though.  She was hot and she was pretty cool, but Dominic had Asha and he was happy with that.  Anything he felt towards Camilla was just from the fact that he was a hot-blooded male and she was, well, smoking hot.  Besides, she liked cats and Dominic was a total dog person.

Asha didn’t feel any apprehension about leaving them alone together.  Camilla was not a threat, she’d never do anything to jeopardize Asha’s help.  In fact, Asha was happy that Dominic had discovered her.  If he hadn’t, the two would have never met.  Camilla was the perfect person to teach everything Asha knew.  She wasn’t innocent like Kelly, she had a true fire in her and she was almost as smoking hot as Asha was.  It was a good match.

She was starting to build a pretty big male following.  Asha thought it was hilarious that the paparazzi caught Dominic at most of her performances and tried to make a big deal out of it.  He was usually there under her instruction.  She was busy with her day job and couldn’t always attend, so Dominic would oversee Camilla’s progress and report back.

It also kept him occupied and out of Asha’s hair, which she needed.  She’d been leaving work early and making secretive phone calls.  Her family was stepping up their game and calling her daily now.  They had even sent some thugs to her workplace.  It was getting out of hand.  Asha knew she needed to do something, but she didn’t like her options.

“Are you trying to ruin my career?”  She snapped in the phone.

‘We can, Asha,’ said a cold, hard voice from the other end of the line.  ‘Don’t think that you’re suddenly above our influence just because you ‘made your own way.’  Those people you know are still people we know.’

“I can always find something else to do.  I’m talented.  I don’t need this job.”

‘You always were resourceful… and arrogant.  Don’t think you’re untouchable.  What about Dominic?  Do you think he shares your views about his career?  I would think he would be most upset if he were to lose everything…’

Asha gripped the phone tightly, “he has nothing to do with our business.”

‘Oh, but he does, Asha.  You made sure of that when you brought him into the game without giving him any cards to play with.  Maybe you should think about that before you throw away our gracious offers.’

She didn’t respond.  Silence haunted the line for a moment before the other person spoke again:

‘Final offer, Asha.  You do this last thing for us and you’ll be free.  You owe us that much.’

Dominic arrived home right on time, pumped from his team’s final win of the season.  They had come out on top and all but throttled the competition.  He was excited to go out and celebrate, but his mood deflated a little when he saw the look on Asha’s face.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just a little tired, sorry.  Are you ready?  We’re going to be late.”

“You sure you’re okay with going out?  We can–”

“What?  Don’t be an idiot.  Let’s go!”

Asha did her best to play the supportive girlfriend that night, but her mind was somewhere else.  Dominic hardly noticed, too charged up from the win.  This would take them places.  The rest of his team got pretty drunk and drug Dominic into the fray, leaving Asha to get his drunk butt home at the end of the night.

Asha woke up early in the morning, unable to sleep.  She kept running the phone conversation through her head.  Was it too good to be true?  She had been raised knowing that once you were in, you were in, there was no ‘out.’  Maybe it was different for family, maybe they would make an exception.

What other choice did she have?  They were threatening Dominic now.  She couldn’t let this affect him, she wouldn’t let it affect him.

Her mind was made up.

Asha had spent her youth being taught the fundamental laws of crime.  She had watched her family do things that would make most people’s stomachs turn.  Violence wasn’t a foreign concept to her, she had seen it firsthand at a young age.  She remembered vividly her father coming home, covered in blood.  It wasn’t his.

She had the luxury of being the only girl and even worse, she was naturally pretty.  Her mother began grooming her at a young age how to manipulate the opposite sex.  She was a natural.  Men fell over her when she swung her hips and batted her eyelashes.  She became an asset to the family business.

She would seduce powerful men and then collect their secrets while they slept for her family to exploit and use as they wished.  Despite the warnings, the men never listened.  They always let her in and they always gave in to her wiles.  It’s hard to resist someone that knew how to push all the right buttons.

Asha had been doing this when she met Dominic.  He was fun, he wasn’t a job like Asha was used to.  She fell for him and wanted out.  Her family was displeased.  They had her set up to complete a very big job… one that would give them control back of a large part of Aperture City that they had lost the last generation.

All she had to do was seduce a very wealthy criminal who had put down roots in Aperture.  He was a force to be reckoned with and threatened the Steel family’s hold on their ancestral territory.  He was divorced and paranoid, but he had seen Asha before and been completely blown away by her.  He had pursued her, while still married, only to be met with a wall of indifference.  Asha wanted Dominic and she wanted nothing to do with criminals.

It would be so easy, easier than anything she’d ever done.  There would be no resistance, no hesitance, no family to watch out for.  He would be surprised, but willing after a few kind words.  There was no one else that could accomplish it, only Asha.  They had tried.

So, Asha was given the ultimatum.  They needed her and she would oblige, because they would do to her what she’d watch them do to everyone else since she was small.

It was okay to be a little afraid; it meant that she was still human, despite their best efforts.

When it was done, Asha felt terrible.  Her hands shook as she hacked into his computer.  She had slipped him something to make him sleep while she did her work.  She was like a secret agent for the wrong team.  Her hands moved swiftly over the keys as she obtained the information her family had sought.

Even as she secured the last of the information, Asha did not feel relief.  She felt only guilt.  As she dressed and slipped out of the house, she wished that the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

She couldn’t wait to get home and into the shower.  Dominic was out with his team at a publicity function.  She had lied and told him she had overnight work stuff to do.  She was glad he wasn’t there when she got home.  She needed some time to gather her composure.

After her lengthy shower, she contacted her brother.  He wasn’t at all happy to find out she had no intentions of handing over the data.  She was making her own demands and once they were met, her family would get what they wanted.  She hadn’t been raised a fool, she wasn’t just going to hand over the information without a fight of her own.

If they wanted to play dirty, she’d play dirty right back.


Poor Dominic.  He’s such a simple dude, he has NO idea what’s going on around him.  I think it’s for the best.  He totally would not be down with dating a crime boss’ daughter who is also some sort of secret agent vixen type.  She’d be way too intimidating in that light.

I moved them into a house so they would have more room to party and so they could get a hot tub. 

To explain Asha’s situation, I let the game decide.  Her family has always been in the criminal way, Asha is the only one who is ‘Good.’  I noticed early on that someone had dethroned them and taken the Evil Emperor spot.  I figured her family would want that back.  I knew Asha was Good and wouldn’t compromise for them, but then I considered Dominic.  When she got the celebrity opportunity to BEFRIEND the guy who her family wanted ‘taken out’, I knew Asha was going to go through with it.  I was shocked at her guilt afterwards, though.

Without the ‘Beautiful Vista’ moodlet, she bottoms out into the red!  I’ve never seen so many negative moodlets from the Woohooer before!  The first one is from unprotected woohoo, the second is from adultery, the first on the bottom is the negative ‘one night stand’, and the one next to it is a ‘disappointing experience’ from low woohooin’ scores.  The Adultery and ‘Who Was That?’ moodlets really got to me… poor Asha feels horrible!

I will also tell you right now that any kind of one-night stand, whether they know one another well or not, is treated as ‘Risky Woohoo.’  That’s how Cherie got knocked up, lol.  So, there’s a chance this situation could have just gone from bad to WORSE.  My sims are notorious for getting pregnant when I don’t want them to.

Title from ‘The Freshman’ by The Verve Pipe.  I’m such a ’90s girl.

8 comments to 4: Cosaro – ‘The Freshman’

  • jj

    But I think as ocd(and good)as Asha is, she would have made sure there was protection!

  • Josh

    This is a scandal in the making! Asha continues to slay though. Can you terminate pregnancies with the Woohooer?

    • Mao

      I am enjoying this quite a bit! You actually can do it through Master Controller. :) I am curious to see if she got unlucky enough to get knocked up!

  • Uh oh! This could be incredibly bad for Asha, not to mention Dominic. I had a feeling Asha’s family was into some kind of organised crime but did not guess exactly what Asha’s role with them once was. I’m so curious to see if her family will leave her alone now or if they’ll keep pushing her to help them out again.

    • Mao

      You can bet that they won’t exactly let her leave. She’s an asset! Also, pulling that stunt at the end may give her more trouble than she bargained for. ;)

  • Oh wow, I hope she didn’t’ get knocked up! She really did feel awful about it, poor girl. I’m glad she’s playing hard right back at her family, and hope that this can solve her dilemma with them, and be left alone. I’m relieved that Dominic isn’t interested in Camilla too, and felt nervous for Dominic when Asha’s family namedropped him.

    • Mao

      I was so relieved when she didn’t. That would have made things SO BAD! Asha is not going down without a fight, that’s for sure. ;)

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