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4: Ashton/Martel – ‘Love Story’

Cherie Ashton (Adult), Khalid Ryder (Adult), Luis Martel (Teen), Lily Ashton (Toddler)

Khalid loved his job.  He wasn’t the type of guy that could be happy doing a typical 9 to 5 gig at some sort of stuffy, corporate office.  Fighting fires was exciting and he was a natural.

It was pretty good money, too.  Which allowed him to move Cherie and the kids to a bigger house that didn’t remind everyone of death.  It was just across the street from their old house, but moving had improved the overall mood of the family dramatically.

The move couldn’t keep Luis from messing up in school, though.  He’d been spending so much time sneaking out with Paula Novak that he’d let his studies fall behind.  Cherie hated yelling at him, but she couldn’t understand how someone with such a bright future would just throw it all away for nothing.

Lily was getting big and Cherie spent most of her time trying to teach her all the skills she needed to grow up healthy and well-adjusted.  She had ignored Patrick McMaster’s advice to tell Jean about their child together.  As far as Lily knew, Khalid was her dad and Cherie wanted it to stay that way.  She hoped that Jean would just stay away and let them live their lives.  He had children with his wife to deal with, wasn’t that enough?

Luis felt terrible for letting Cherie down.  He wasn’t a bad kid, not by any measure, he was just a typical teenager trying to figure things out.  He buckled down and tried to work on his assignments, but every time he’d get somewhere, his phone would buzz.  It was always a text from Paula.

Eventually, he’d forget about studying and end up texting with Paula for the rest of the night.  It was frustrating, but Luis couldn’t seem to balance both studying and Paula.  He wished she cared about her education as much as he did, but she preferred ‘alternatives’ to studying, like trying to blackmail her teachers!

That should have been a red flag for Luis right there, but he was blinded by teenage hormones.  Paula was hot.

Cherie was painting one evening when the fumes of the paint nearly made her throw up right then and there.  She thought about it for a moment and began to worry.  The same thing had happened when she was pregnant with Lily.  She had thought she was careful, but it was hard to be certain.

She and Khalid had certainly been quite ‘active’ lately and it wasn’t always the first thing on her mind.

Cherie eventually buckled down and bought a pregnancy test to confirm her suspicions.  She had been right and not a moment too soon, as she started to show shortly after.  Khalid was sure to notice, especially since Cherie was rarely shy in showing off her body.  She was nervous about telling him, though.  Things had been going so well, she didn’t want this to mess everything up like her last pregnancy had!

She shouldn’t have worried at all.  When she told him, he was delighted.

“Are you crazy?”

“Probably.”  He responded.  “You wanted me to be mad?”

“No, I just… I don’t know… I guess I’m still not used to ‘this.'”

“So, this is probably a bad time to ask you…”

“…to marry me?”

Cherie gaped at him.  “You really are crazy.”

“I do run into burning buildings for a living.  What do you expect?”

“Did you just propose and compare me to a house on fire?”

“Maybe.  Houses on fire aren’t nearly as hot, though.”

She smiled.  “How can I say no to that?”

She hugged him tightly.  “You’re not just doing this because of the baby, right?”

“Because I am a telepathic fireman who senses fires–and babies–before being told about them?  ‘Ch, I need my own show!”

She smacked him.  “Stop being an idiot.  I’m serious.”

“And so am I.  I told you, I’m a serious kind of guy.  It’s always been on my mind, but with this?  It just makes it happen faster.”

“Ha!  I do everything faster, it seems.”

“Not always a bad thing, mind you…”

The news wasn’t a big deal to Luis, he had bigger things to worry about.  Philip, his best friend, had begun lecturing him on the cons of hanging out with his kind-of-cousin, Paula.

“Hey, Philip.  What are you boys talking about so seriously?”  Cherie greeted, coming in from a visit to the store.

“Hi, Miss. Ashton.  I’m just trying to tell Luis here, that Paula Novak is a bad seed and he needs to drop her like a bad habit.”

Luis made a face.  Cherie laughed.

“I’ve been telling him that forever and he doesn’t listen.  Good luck.”  Cherie said as she walked into the living room.

“She’s not that bad!” Luis said, frustrated.  “You’re just judging her prematurely.”

“Oh, man, come on.  Don’t you know the hotness to crazy ratio?  That girl is off the charts.”

“What about Gwen, then?” Luis snapped.  “Are you saying she’s hot and crazy?”

“No.  She’s weird, but not crazy.  And she’s not ‘hot’, she’s beautiful.  There’s a difference.  Either way, you’re getting into a mess and, as your best friend, I’m just trying to save you from the eventual fall out!”

“Maybe you should just worry about your own stuff.  We’re not even dating and you’re giving me flack already.”

Philip shrugged.  “It’s only a matter of time.  She’s a Venus flytrap!  She’ll get you in the end…”

Cherie and Khalid didn’t waste any time setting up their wedding party.  Cherie kind of wanted to get married before the baby was born since it would be hard to hold an actual ceremony with a crying infant.

Noreen McMaster was the first to arrive.  She wasted no time congratulating Cherie, happy that she finally had some stability in her life!

The ceremony was low-key and only attended by close friends.  They held it in their backyard, as Cherie had always thought getting married outside was pretty neat.

It was so weird once all the papers were signed and everything was over and done with.  Cherie was actually a married woman.  No one had ever wanted to marry her before.  It was going to take some getting used to.  She was pretty sure that she always assumed she’d get married pregnant, though.

At the end of the party, when Cherie was cleaning up, Jean Redford came strolling up.  Cherie tried not to look shocked.

“I guess congratulations are in order.” Jean said, his tone even.  He looked around.  “You’re doing better than I expected.”

Her eyes narrowed.  “What do you want, Jean?”

“I want to see my daughter, Cherie.”

“You don’t have a daughter, Jean.  Not legally.  I never put your name on the birth certificate, I never asked you for money, and Khalid adopted her awhile back.  She’s not yours to see.”

“So, you’ve got everything tied up in a nice little package, then, do you?  I could get a lawyer and cause a fuss if I wanted to.”

“You could,” Cherie said, not backing down from his cold stare.  She met it with her own.  “But then you’d lose that nice little family you have.  Two kids, right?  And your wife… she’s a good woman… I don’t think she’d like the idea of her darling husband impregnating a woman shortly after proposing.”

“Look at you… you’ve done your homework.”

“I’m not stupid, Jean.  I just made a mistake.  Now, get of out of here before Khalid sees you.  He’s not exactly a fan of yours.”

Jean’s eyes narrowed.  “You win… for now.”

“Tell the wife ‘hi’ for me,” she snapped at his retreating back.

Meanwhile, Luis was not listening to Philip’s advice at all.  Paula was over after school and instead of working on their assignment, like they were supposed to, they were hanging out and goofing off.  Typically, Cherie would have checked in to make sure everything was staying PG, but she was just outside in the living room, so there was no need.

Luis was thankful, as he had been trying to work up the nerve to ask Paula to go to the fall dance with him.  He wasn’t exactly sure how she’d take it.  When he finally did blurt it out, she grinned.

“Seriously?  It’s two days away!”

“…well, if you don’t–”

“Shut up, Luis.  I’m just teasing you.  I can’t believe it took you this long to ask me.  Geeze.”

“You wanted me to?”

She laughed.  “You really are dense, aren’t you?  It doesn’t matter… yeah, I wanted you to ask.  It’s about time.  Hopefully I won’t be grounded… if I am, I’ll just sneak out anyway!”


This is like my favorite house to play.  I don’t even know why, everything just seems to flow so nicely. 

Cherie’s pregnancy was autonomous risky woohoo.  She and Khalid could give Kelly and Oskar a run for their money when it comes to autonomously gettin’ busy.  So funny!  Also, I know they got married quickly, but Cherie spun up the generic marriage wish when Lily was born, so I took that as her wanting to get serious.  Then, when Khalid came home from work and walked into the same room as Cherie, he spun up this:

Yay for another stand-up guy!  They didn’t even have to interact.  It was so sweet, lol.  Cherie didn’t spin up any marriage wishes other than to have a party until one morning, she woke up and gave me this:

Which I took to mean, “hey, I wanna get married NOW!” so I set up a party and they are married.  Yay.  Jean really did show up for no reason.  Weird.

Picture I didn’t include from the wedding:

Cherie looks like she’s going to eat him and Khalid looks a bit disturbed by this.  SO FUNNY.  Love it.

Luis wanted to ask Paula to prom, so I allowed it.  I really don’t see this going anywhere good, though… they could be a potentially volatile couple.  Poor Luis is a hopeless romantic, too!

This house is now Ryder/Martel.  Also, did you know that those in the fire fighting profession get a special pick-up line?  Khalid has a special dialogue option under flirts called “I’m a Firefighter.”  Cherie’s reaction about killed me–she looked like she was going to melt into a puddle!

Title is from ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift.  Don’t particularly care for her, but it was on the radio when I finished and seemed to fit.

8 comments to 4: Ashton/Martel – ‘Love Story’

  • Josh

    I’m so weirdly happy for Cherie. Her life was so messy but Khalid is really hot so yas for her! I’m also here for Paula/Luis. It’ll be a disaster but hopefully it’ll work out?

    • Mao

      I know! She’s really gotten her stuff together. ;) I’m curious to see how the whole Paula/Luis thing develops. If it doesn’t work out, it’ll make for some good drama? lol!

  • It seems like things with Paula and Luis might be going the way you expected them to! Luis’s influence on her seems negligible, lol!

    But I’m happy for Khalid and Cherie! He’s a sweetheart. That fire was the best thing that ever happened to her. She scored a husband and a baby out of it. ;)

    • Mao

      I know! She is dragging him down in the mud with her, sigh. Poor Luis. He’s a Hopeless Romantic, too, so this could get messy…

      Oh, not just one baby… sigh. Why do my sims insist on breeding so rampantly?!

  • I’m glad to see things have stabilized for Cherie. Khalid is good for her. I hope poor Luis doesn’t get his heart broken. The thing I love most about Cherie is that she didn’t abandon Luis.

    • Mao

      Oh, Cherie would never abandon Luis! They get along so well still, it’s cute. :) I’m glad Khalid has become such an important part of the family. I was dubious, at first, but now I’m happy with how things have turned out!

  • Love that Cherie and Khalid got married! That’s perfect, and aww a mini version of them will be super sweet. I’m concerned for Luis, I wish he’d listen to his buddy and just let that “crazy and hot” Paula go wreck havoc elsewhere. This is definitely not going to have a good ending! The wedding was sweet, and I really liked Cherie’s baby bump in her dress, she looked adorable. Glad she held her own with Jean too, hopefully he just buggers off.

    • Mao

      I loved Philip trying to talk him down from Paula. It’s such a dude thing to do. I enjoy their friendship quite a bit!

      Khalid and Cherie make me happy. <3

      He will… but eventually, it’ll come back to bite her in the butt!

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