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3: Novak – ‘Glad You Came’ (Fixed)

Oskar Novak (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Child), Paula Novak (Child), Andrew Novak (Baby)

Kelly wasn’t sure how she had survived giving birth to Andrew, only that she had.  The entire pregnancy had been a bit of roller coaster and she was just happy to be able to go places without needing to pee or throw up every few minutes.

It was also nice to have a little one to call her own.  She loved Oskar’s children, but there was something about having your own that really brought out those latent maternal instincts.

Kelly had more to worry about than motherhood, however.  She had the chance to be a movie actress and she wasn’t about to let the opportunity pass her by.  With Asha’s help, she had secured the lead female role.  Now all she had to do was memorize the script and get into character.  She spent all her free time doing character research and reading over the script.

Oskar was worried that Kelly was overdoing it, but Asha assured him that she would be fine.  This was her only chance and if she missed it, then he’d have to deal with her being disappointed for the rest of her life.

Oskar understood the validity of dreams, but he also had a lot more life experience under his belt than either Asha or Kelly.  He knew the perils of pushing yourself too hard.

Paula was having issues with her grades, so Oskar and Kelly had to keep a close eye on her while she did her homework.  Kelly didn’t mind sitting and helping her.  Usually, she didn’t need help at all, she just needed to be forced to do her homework.  Kelly took the opportunity to do her own studying, which encouraged Paula.  It was easier to toil through homework when you knew the person forcing you to do it was working, too.

Of course, between all the studying, wedding preparations, maintaining her job as a personal assistant, and the late-night feedings, Kelly was beginning to feel the effects of burn out.  She did her best to manage it, though.  She was young and she had plenty of energy.  She could sleep later, right now she was going to work hard and deal with the consequences later.

Oskar was invited out by a couple of friends only for it to be a surprise bachelor party.  He really hadn’t intended on throwing such a thing, but he wasn’t about to turn down a night of fun.  He could have done without the women dressed as cheerleaders, though.

“Are you trying to get me divorced before I’m even married?”  He joked, shaking his head at the pigtailed ladies.

It was nearly twelve before Kelly called to check in.  Usually a night out didn’t last this long.  He could barely hear her over the raucous noise of his friends and the music.

“Yeah, it’s a bachelor party… I had no idea.  Oh, cheerleaders.  Yeah.  Ha, no.  Okay.  I’ll be home around one or so.”

Lucky for Oskar, Kelly wasn’t really prone to jealousy and found the whole thing hilarious.

Jean Redford had been responsible for the party and the dancers.  He and Oskar were old fraternity brothers.  Jean had recently moved back to Aperture City to marry his college sweetheart.  His wedding had been a small and quick affair, but Oskar had been there as his best man.  Now, Jean was more than happy to return the favor… by soaking him with champagne.

“You’re not serious,” Oskar said, eyes growing wide.

Jean smirked, “just like old times, right?  Ha!”

Jean wasted no time hitting on the dancers.  He was married, sure, but Jean wasn’t exactly the type of man to get tied down.  His wife was content with their home and their life, so she wasn’t about to snoop around in his personal business.  It was just the way he preferred it.

He tried to get Oskar in on the action, but Oskar was not that kind of person at all.  He’d always been the straight man back in their college days; he was always the one warning them against the things that nearly got them all expelled several times.

Kelly and Oskar were in no rush to get married, but they had set a date.  It was after filming wrapped up, which gave them almost a year to get everything together.  Andrew was already approaching his first birthday, which made Kelly realize he hadn’t even met his grandmother yet.  Kelly had been so wrapped up in her work she hadn’t noticed.

The realization hit her pretty hard.  She and her mother had always been close.  She had hoped Sheila would come around, especially after Andrew came into the picture.

Oskar was supportive, but he wasn’t about to get involved in that mess.

“I don’t expect you to understand, you don’t like my mother… but we were always so close.”

“It’s not that I don’t like her, I just prefer to be a safe distance away from her.  She’s an intimidating little thing.”

Kelly laughed.  “You should have seen her when my dad was alive.  She kept him in line.”

“I just wish she’d realize that it’s not such a big deal.  I mean… they’re doing fine now.  My brother’s business is doing better than ever and every time I talk to Noreen, she just sounds happier and happier.  I think she’s even pregnant again.  So, I really don’t get it…”

“Just go talk to her.  I’m off this weekend, I can watch the kids.  Take Andrew and go see her.  I’m sure your entire family misses you.  You’ve had your head in that script for months.”

She sighed.  “I know.  I feel so bad.  What if she doesn’t want to talk to me?”

“She’s your mother, Kelly.  She just needs to see you… I’m sure she’ll come around.”

“I hope so.”

Oskar pulled her closer and kissed her.  “Just do what I said, okay?  Put the script down for a little bit and go see your family.”

She smiled and placed her hand affectionately over his.  Her eyes narrowed and her lips quirked into a playful smirk, “you just want to get rid of me.  Thinking of inviting over some cheerleaders?”


She smacked him and he kissed her again.

Friday evening saw Oskar sitting with the twins while they did their homework.  Kelly was packing for her weekend home.  He was used to his children’s eccentricity, but it seemed to be growing with age.

“School is a communist regime,” Stefan said aloud without prompting.  “Dad, you’re promoting communism by forcing us to do homework.”

“Yeah, dad, why do you have to be such a dirty commie?”

He sighed and shook his head.  The teachers had called and told him that they were disruptive and they’d move them to AP classes, but even that wasn’t enough to keep them from getting bored.  If they said things like this in class, it was no wonder the teachers were frustrated!

“You can accuse me of being a communist when you’ve both graduated college with a political science degrees.  Until then, be quiet and do your schoolwork.”

Thankfully, the twins were a little less bizarre when they were apart.  Paula wasn’t nearly as active as her twin, so she spent a lot of time watching television with Oskar.  Aside from the rift between Kelly and her mother, things were going well.  Andrew was close to walking!

Kelly approached her childhood home with trepidation.  She really wanted this to be resolved, but she knew how stubborn her mother could be.  She steeled herself and rang the doorbell.  It was Patrick who let her inside.

Sheila was lured out of the kitchen by Patrick and barely given a chance to notice that Kelly was holding her newest grandson before being bombarded by Kelly.

“Look, mom, I know you don’t like Oskar but I’m getting married.  I really want you there and I’d really like you to be a part of Andrew’s life.”

Sheila looked at the small child in her arms and felt guilty.

“I’ll be there, but I won’t be happy about it.”  Sheila finally relented.

Kelly breathed a sigh of relief.  “I’m sure you’ll come around… until then, meet your grandson.”

She pushed Andrew into Sheila’s reluctant arms and walked away.  Sheila stared at her grandson.  He looked like Kelly.  Her heart melted.

Sheila spent the rest of the weekend playing with her grandson and trying to help her daughter plan the final details of her wedding.  She still wasn’t exactly thrilled about having Oskar in the family, but she didn’t want to ignore her daughter and grandson any longer.

While Kelly was visiting her family, Oskar made a phone call to Camilla.  She would be graduating from the military academy soon and he wanted to tell her about the wedding.

She wasn’t exactly thrilled, but she did agree to attend.

With her familial concerns resolved, her wedding pretty much planned, and her film career getting its kick-start… Kelly was pretty happy.  She spent some time hanging out with the twins while they played outside.  Their birthday was coming up and they probably wouldn’t tolerate adults hanging out with them for very much longer.

Kelly just hoped that Stefan’s penchant for dressing inappropriately went away as he aged up.

Camilla graduated from the military academy with decent grades and was voted “most likely to become a millionaire.”  She learned a lot in her time there and had acquired many skills, but she was going to throw it all away for fame.  She was determined to be the next pop star sensation.  After all, that’s why they invented auto-tune, right?  So pretty people with stage presence could be famous!


Sorry the entry cut off.  I didn’t have access to my computer so I tried to do it from my phone again.  No idea why it did that since I was using it on a wireless connection, sigh.  The last part is quick because of that.  I really didn’t want to spend time writing it all over again.  :b

The bachelor party was initiated by Oskar’s friend, Jean.  I didn’t know they could do that, but he got a phone call and there was a party, lol.  I think they are friends in the game because they shared the same career.

Andrew has Oskar’s coloring, but I have a sneaking suspicion he’s going to mirror Kelly’s features.

Camilla will get her own update this round, so we’ll see more of her.

6 comments to 3: Novak – ‘Glad You Came’ (Fixed)

  • Josh

    I didn’t want to be a tool and comment while the entry was broken. “Paula wasn’t…” I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT PAULA WASN’T! But seriously, Camilla is messy so I’m glad we’ll get to hear about her. Is there a way to extract the Sims to see what they’ll look like grown up in TS3?

    • Mao

      Hahahaha, Josh! Sorry about that. What a mess! I hate that phone app, it always messes up on me… probably because the posts are huge.

      Oh just wait, Camilla will get a whole lot messier.

      It’s easier just to use Master Controller (mod) and “Edit in CAS”… it’s what I do to spice up some townies when they are too generic, but you can also change the age stages (and cancel if you don’t want to save the changes.)

  • “School is a communist regime,” Stefan said aloud without prompting. “Dad, you’re promoting communism by forcing us to do homework.”

    “Yeah, dad, why do you have to be such a dirty commie?”


    Good on Kelly for going to see her family. It would have been hard but it’s the only way things can ever get better. I’m glad Sheila is open to reconciling as well. She just couldn’t resist cute little Andrew!

    Yay, Camilla! Most likely to be a millionaire – lol. Well, pop star is a good career choice for that, I guess! Are you going to put her in the music career or do the Showtime singer thing with her?

    • Mao

      Kids say the darnedest things. ;)

      Kelly was really adamant in her wishes about talking to Sheila, so I sent her over and as soon as Sheila saw Andrew, she warmed right up! She still hates Oskar, though… so the wedding should be fun.

      I’m going to do the Showtime career, since I haven’t had a chance to mess with that yet!

  • I love the twins!! They crack me up!!! Ah Kelly has her hands full with them and Camilla! I can’t wait to read what she gets into! I’m sure it will be an entertaining story! I’m so glad Kelly went home and got things squared away with her mom. I hated that she hadn’t met Andrew yet. And yay for her sorta putting the whole Oskar hatred to the side.

    • Mao

      LOL! Yeah, Camilla becomes quite a handful. ;) The twins get their share of nuttiness, too. They were fun when they were just innocent little ones!

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