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3: Novak 2 – ‘Give Me Everything’

Camilla Novak (Young Adult) [Lana Klein (Young Adult), Alex Klein (Young Adult)]

Camilla Novak was so glad to finally be free of military school.  Unfortunately, her dreams of being instantaneously discovered and signed to a deal were dashed.  Even the amazing abs she’d formed in the academy wouldn’t keep her from having to jump over hurdles and through hoops to be noticed in the music ‘biz.’

She often found herself at a bar at the end of the night, sipping a drink and sighing.  She was stuck performing ridiculous sing-a-grams and pandering for tips in her free time.  It wasn’t exactly the glamorous life she had dreamed of.

She did make a good contact, though.  Dominic Cosaro, a bright star in the sports league and the boyfriend the famous Asha Steel had been at one of her club gigs.  It wasn’t anything flashy and it wasn’t her best work, but Dominic admired her determination.  It hadn’t been that long ago that he’d been in the same position.

Asha was a busy woman, but he’d do his best to get them in contact with one another.  After helping out Kelly, Asha was like a dream come true mentor to any girl striving to make it big.

Camilla didn’t just sit around and wait for fame to find her.  She spent a lot of time working on honing her instrument–her body–at the gym.  If the academy had taught her anything, it was the discipline to maintain her body in its peak condition.  She may not be the best singer, but she was definitely easy on the eyes!

Camilla also spent a lot of time traveling the city, looking for opportunities.  She had mostly turned down Oskar’s money, accepting only her soon-to-be stepmother’s former apartment.  She wanted to make it big on her own terms without her father hovering over her.  The apartment had been a bribe to get her to go along with the wedding without a fuss and it was great spot for parties.

Most of her attempts to grab fame were met with the same response: you need a manager.  Camilla didn’t even know how to begin seeking out a manager.  All the managers that had approached her were skeevy men with questionable motives.  She wasn’t about to take them up on their lascivious offers!

If she ever wanted a real gig, though, she’d have to find a manager and fast.

When she wasn’t pursuing fame, she was hanging out with her best friend Lana.  They hadn’t lost touch during Camilla’s years away and continued their friendship into their young adult years.  They often met up at the Tropico Lounge after Lana got off work.

By the time Lana arrived, Camilla was usually singing to herself with a glass already in hand.

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do.  I mean, I can’t take some humdrum job like teaching, Lana, I just can’t!”

Lana made a face.  “I like my job, thank you very much.”

“You know what I mean.  You’re a great teacher, but me?  I’m hopeless!  I need to be famous!”

“Well, if you’re serious… you know Alex is kind of in a place to help you out.

Camilla groaned.

“You said you’d do anything to be famous… doesn’t asking for Alex’s help kind of fall into that category?  Come on, Cammie.  He’s my twin and I know he can be a bit of a jerk, but he’s the only one you can trust for this.”

“I can’t stand him and he can’t stand me… it’s an agreement we have, Lana.  We love you and hate each other, so we share you and make sure we avoid one another in the process.  We’re like divorcees sharing a child.”

Lana rolled her eyes.  She never understood the animosity between her brother and her best friend.  “I’ll call him for you, okay?  He just moved into the outskirts of Aperture City.  I’ll give you his address and number.”

Camilla groaned again, rising from her chair.  “Fine, fine… I’ll talk to him.  If he starts getting all ‘uppity’ on me, though, I’m done.  I’d rather be some sort of Go-Go Dancer at a club than owe Alex and be at his mercy.”

“I don’t think your father would approve of that career choice!”  Lana laughed and pulled out her cell phone.  “Hey, Alex… yeah, look… I’m with Cammy… yeah… anyway… I’ve got a favor to ask…”

Camilla stood up and headed towards the lounge to get dressed.  She was so not looking forward to this.

When Camilla arrived at Alex’s house later that evening, she already regretted saying anything to Lana.  Alex seemed to be doing well for himself, as the houses on this block were new and fairly expensive.  She knew this because her father had been looking into moving the family into one of them.

Alex was amiable enough.  He invited her out back and poured himself a drink.  Camilla wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries, she wanted to get down to business.

“So, Lana already told you–”

He looked her over.  “Is this your look?”


He shrugged.  “I’ll see what I can do, no promises though.  New acts are hard to push these days… especially ones lacking unique talent.”

Camilla’s eyes narrowed.  “You’re so lucky you’re related to Lana or I’d show you how sharp these heels really are.”

Alex ambivalence about what he could do for Camilla belied his actual ability.  He got her a gig in the park which garnered quite the crowd.  Camilla herself was shocked.  She had never expected it to work.  Alex had really come through and she even signed a contract, making him her official manager.  They didn’t have to like one another to be in business together and once Camilla got big enough, she could drop him for a bigger name.

Dominic, who had since become her friend, even came through with his part of the deal.  She had told him about the gig and while he couldn’t attend, Asha was there waiting for her when she got off-stage.

“Wow, you’re really something.  I mean… the singing could use work, but you look amazing and that’s coming from me.  Want to go grab a drink?  We can talk some more.”

Camilla blinked and nodded quickly.  “Y-Yes!”

“Great.  I’m in need of a true protege… and given your bone structure and those legs, I think you might just be it.”

Camilla was over the moon.  The paparazzi caught them leaving together, which got her name, her look, and her act out there in the public eye.  Things were going to start taking off very quickly for Camilla.


First of all, I am a little concerned about Dominic’s interest in Camilla.  She ran into him at the sports bar and they talked.  They have pretty high chemistry, but it was all innocent.  Then, he started turning up everywhere Camilla went.  It was creepy.  He invited her to a party, which is the true way Camilla met Asha.  Let’s just hope Dominic can keep his interest platonic, as crossing Asha would be a DISASTER for both of them.

Playing the Singer career via Showtime is quite dizzying.  I don’t know how anyone manages doing this with an actual family.  I was really putting the pedal to the ground to get Camilla to level 3 before my time was up.  I ended up turning off townie aging and spending an extra day or so there.

Lana and Camilla declared each other ‘Best Friends Forever’ as teens, so they’re still really close.  Alex really is Lana’s twin and he and Camilla are pretty standoffish with each other.  I’m wondering if this will change since they are Young Adults now, since their interaction was pretty tame and friendly, even.  Only time will tell…

Again, Alex and Lana are part of another family I made awhile back for a different world as townie filler.  Their parents, in this world, have split up… which is interesting.  That’s never happened before!

Funny picture time:

Asha Steel’s sister-in-law, Latoya Steel, was NOT impressed with Camilla’s singing AT ALL.  That face!  So funny!  It’s like listening to Britney Spears without tuning levels.

Title is from ‘Give Me Everything’ by Pitbull

6 comments to 3: Novak 2 – ‘Give Me Everything’

  • Dominic looks like he’s really taking Camilla’s show seriously there! Asha’s going to be a busy woman with this reputation she’s developing.

    I’m always wondering if animosity will turn to romance, so you can imagine I’m already wondering about Alex and Camilla! If Dominic’s interest in Camilla is more than platonic, then he might have some competition on his hands. If he lives once Asha finds out, that is!

    I love how Latoya is pulling that face *after* Camilla has already stopped singing. She must have *really* hated it!

    • Mao

      Asha is quite the busy lady lately! I was wondering that, too. I’ll be curious as to how things develop. I’m kind of hoping they don’t take a turn for the SUPER dramatic, though… oh boy.

      Haha, she really did not approve of Camilla’s “singing!”

  • Josh

    Ugh Mao your Sims are stunning. Camilla and her friend are both gorgeous- do they live with her? Are they getting upgraded and being a part of the hood storyline? I want to see Camilla go far, she’s apparently your Britney Spears.

    • Mao

      Thanks, Josh! Lana and Alex do not live with Camilla. Lana lives with her mother still and Alex lives with his father still. I’m pretty sure they will become consistent members of the storyline now! ;)

      Camilla is so much fun, I can’t wait to see what she does.

  • Camilla is stunning, I really like her look, and the photos by the pool with the sunglasses are just amazing! She looks like a star! Here’s hoping Alex’s help really gives her the push she needs. I expected her update to be more of a train wreck, but she seems to have matured some while at military school, and is at least working towards her goal.

    • Mao

      Camilla is lovely, but she’s so awful! LOL! I was also surprised by her focus towards being a star. Woe to those who get in her way.

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