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3: McMaster – ‘You Get What You Give’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult),  Philip McMaster (Child)

Philip McMaster was not the world’s best student.  In fact, he wasn’t even really a moderately good student.  The only thing he liked about school was seeing his friends.  Still, after bringing home a ‘D’ on his most recent report card, he was forced to hit the books a little harder.

He woke up early before school and finished his homework.  Philip had inherited his family’s penchant for waking up early, so it really wasn’t a bother.  Besides, it kept his mom from nagging him and that was good enough for him!  The less she nagged, the more time he had to play with Luis.

Patrick was aware that his wife, Noreen, had found a friend in the questionable Cherie Ashton.  Still, she seemed to pop up a lot during his investigations.  If she wasn’t a witness, then she was someone who had some kind of information.  Patrick tried not to judge her, but it was hard.  His wife had the tendency to always see the good in people and Patrick wasn’t entirely sure if this former magician was worthy of his wife’s trust just yet.

The house had been in a frenzy because of Kelly’s unscheduled pregnancy.  It had been so chaotic that Noreen had somehow missed the signs of her own condition.  She was only a few months behind her much younger sister-in-law.  She found out shortly before Kelly left with Oskar.

Excitedly, Noreen shared her news with Patrick.

Patrick was happy with the news.  It was definitely something the family needed.  The fact that Kelly was not only dating, but knocked up and engaged to the lawyer that helped put them in the hole was quite the blow.  Sheila, still smarting from Kelly’s departure from the house, couldn’t find it in her to be happy.

“Great, one more bed taking up space!”

“Oh, cheer up, mother,” Patrick chided.  “You know you love grandchildren and this one is legitimate.”

“Pah!  At least there’s that.  Maybe it’ll even be a girl.  We need more girls.”

Noreen didn’t let her mother-in-law’s crotchety attitude ruin her joy.  She, too, wanted a girl.

Philip shared his grandmother’s view of things.  He was quite happy being an only child.

“Just as everything is going so well… you have to come and rain on my parade, mom!”

Noreen sighed.  “You’ll love having a sibling, Philip.  Think of all the things you can teach him or her!”

“Hmph, right.  Someone to take my toys and break them!  I hope it’s not a girl… girls are icky.”

“I’m a girl, Philip!”

“Yeah and right now, I think you’re icky.”

Noreen sighed again. “Philip…”

Noreen had a relatively easy pregnancy, unlike her sister-in-law.  She spent most of her time writing.  Her years of working in the local bookstore had stoked an interest in writing within her.  She spent a lot of time trying to get a feel for it.  Slowly, she began to improve and really find her niche.  She couldn’t wait to write her first real children’s book.’

Laddy was not fond of Noreen’s writing and would have much preferred that she played with her instead.

Patrick was doing well in his career and was making quite a name for himself in both Aperture Valley and the City itself.  He spent a lot of time traveling between the two for various cases.  He still made most of his income from working at the police station, but he was certain that he’d have his own office and everything if he kept going at this pace.

As he was finishing up a low-level case involving some neighborly dispute in a high-rise, Patrick received a mysterious phone call.

‘We hear you’re good at snooping around without being seen… we could use your talents.  This is a big job, but it pays extremely well.  Think about it.  We’ll get back to you soon for your answer.  And don’t bother trying to call this number, it’ll be disconnected once we hang up.’

Patrick stared at his cell phone.  Whoever it was, they had gone to great lengths to disguise their identity.  They had used a voice modifier and true to their word, the number was disconnected when he tried to call back.  He tried snooping around, but found nothing but dead ends.  He’d just have to think it over and wait.  A lot of money would be good, he could pay off the loan… but what was the job?

Noreen was nearing the end of her pregnancy when Kelly went into labor.  She was a little early, but the poor girl had a rough pregnancy.  She and her healthy baby were now living with Oskar.  Noreen knew that Sheila wanted to see her new grandchild, but refused to have anything to do with Oskar.

“Don’t you at least want to see him, Sheila?” Noreen pressed.  She was going to head downtown to see Kelly while she was still able.

“Hmph!  And deal with that prat?  No way.  Someone in this family has to maintain our dignity.”  Sheila glared at the wall behind Noreen, thinking of her daughter’s betrayal.  “Why couldn’t she just stay with us?  We have enough beds!  Running off with that… grr…”

Noreen sighed.  “Sheila, she’s your daughter… and that’s your grandson!”

“Phooey on that.  I’ve got another grand baby right here waiting to come out.”  Sheila said, rubbing Noreen’s protruding stomach.  “Geeze, you’re kinda big… you think its twins?”

“No, it’s not.  Only one showed up on the scans.  I was excited, too… but no.”

“Did they tell you the gender?”

“No!  The baby was being shy again and refused to let us see.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out…”

“Hey there baby,” Sheila said to Noreen’s stomach, forgetting her anger at Kelly for a moment.  “Are you gonna be a girl for your grandma?  We really need a smart little girl to hold up the family’s good name!”

Noreen laughed.  “Are you turning this into a matriarchy?”

“Who ever said it wasn’t?”

Noreen and Sheila wouldn’t have to wait long to find out the baby’s gender.  Noreen was feeding Laddy one day when the act of bending over resulted in a very large puddle on the floor.  Poor Philip was the only one home at the time and a witness to it all.  Noreen had been lecturing him about responsibility and feeding the dog when it all occurred.

Philip, trying not to be scarred for life, panicked:

“What do I do??”

“Call… your… father… NOW!”

Luckily, Patrick wasn’t far and arrived home in record time to take Noreen to the hospital.  Noreen gave birth to a healthy baby boy they named Mark.

Patrick was elated to have another boy while Sheila was just glad to have a grandbaby she could interact without ‘certain people’ being related to it.

As Mark grew and the months passed by, Noreen began to want for something more.  She really, really wanted a girl.  She loved Philip and Mark, and she always would, no matter what… but she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about trying again.

She knew that her reproductive years would come to an end soon and she only had a small window of opportunity left.  It seemed silly to have so many children, back-to-back… but why not?  She could stay home and write full-time.  Nothing would have to change and she’d still be bringing in money.

After thinking it over for awhile, Noreen finally approached Patrick with the idea.  He sighed.  He was finding gray hairs and now his wife was suggesting another baby.  Hadn’t they just had one?  It hadn’t even been a year yet!

“It just seems a little sudden…”

“Women aren’t like men, Patrick.  We have a window of opportunity when it comes to babies and mine, well… it’ll be closing soon.”

“All this, just for a girl?  What if it’s another boy?  Then what will you do?”

“It’s not just about the gender, though I’d love to have a little girl… I just want a third child.”

Patrick sighed and put his arm around her, pulling her closer.  He wasn’t trying to be mean, he was just logical.  It was illogical to have another child simply because you wanted a specific gender–there was never any guarantee.  He didn’t want to see Noreen upset and disappointed and forced to raise two very young children at the same time.

“I know what you’re thinking and you’re wrong.  I just told you it’s not about gender.”

“But it is, Noreen.  You’ve said it numerous times–you want a girl.  You had even hoped Mark would be a girl.”  He paused and thought about his next words carefully before he spoke them aloud.  “I just don’t want your disappointment to affect the child.”

Noreen was offended.  “Really, Patrick?  I would never–could never!–do such a thing.  I’ll be happy no matter the result… but I know that if I don’t try for this, I’ll be disappointed.”

“I suppose there’s really no harm in letting what will happen… happen.”  He relented, but quickly added: “No getting your hopes up.  We’ll just take things as they come and see what happens, okay?”

“Yes, yes… wonderful,” she said, moving from the couch and pulling him with her.  “Come on.  Sheila won’t be back in for twenty minutes and Philip is at Luis’ house.”

Patrick blinked, “this isn’t exactly what I meant–”

“Are you really going to turn this down?”

“Nope.  Just saying.” Patrick replied quickly, allowing himself to be pulled back towards the bedroom.

Sheila spent her free time caring for Old Roy.  She didn’t want to admit that she was old.  She didn’t want to admit that cleaning out Old Roy’s box stall left her aching for days.  She especially didn’t want to admit that riding Old Roy left a crick in her back that seemed to go on for weeks.

Still, it was all true.  Sheila was old and she was only getting older with every passing day.  That didn’t mean she had to let it happen without a fight, though.

As she powered through her pain, she imagined using the pitchfork on Oskar Novak.  The pain dissipated as her anger took over.


The reason I was upset that Kelly got knocked up and her baby was the first born in the world was because Noreen was also knocked up.  Heh.  I heard chimes at the end of playing their house the last round.  Looks like they’ll be having another baby, too, as they got chimes on their first attempt before I left their house.  I really do hope this one is a girl!

Patrick got a weird call from a sim I didn’t even know he met before… so we’ll be exploring that as time goes on.  Should be fun!

Cherie really does pop up in just about all of Patrick’s cases.  That girl has some shady friends.

Sheila really, really does not like Oskar.  I figured she’d roll up wants to see Kelly’s baby, but she didn’t.  Then I realized Kelly wasn’t even listed as her daughter anymore!  I’m not sure what happened or how, but I had to fix their relation with MC.  LOL, Sheila got so mad she disowned her! 

Also, I think Sheila has the wrong idea about her friendship with Noreen.  They are really close and while Sheila was interacting with Noreen’s belly, she got this wish.  If you saw my tweet about this, then you already know…

What the hell is wrong with my sims, seriously?  SHE’S YOUR DAUGHTER-IN-LAW!!!  That’s so gross.  When I told my husband, he asked me, “well, did you do it?”


“Why not?  It would have been funny.”

Sigh.  There are some wishes we should just keep to ourselves!

10 comments to 3: McMaster – ‘You Get What You Give’

  • Lorna

    I bet there is something in the water…

    I had it with a sim and their son-in-law way back in the Sims 2.

    Those crazy sims…sigh.

  • Josh

    Noreen is weird looking but I was hoping for a girl too! Does awesomemod still prevent you from choosing gender with foods like the base game with no patch a million years ago? Kelly was determined to have the first baby!

    O_O @ Sheila. Omg.

    • Mao

      You know, I am not even sure. I think it’s a thing you can set in the config. I have no idea what I set mine to. I don’t usually influence genders.

      Sheila be trippin’!

  • It kind of figures Cherie would have some shady friends! Those pre-Showtime EA magicians are super-weird. They wander around town with the face paint and their costume, yet they never actually perform a show. It has to be a front for something!

    I feel kind of bad for Kelly though, that her mother doesn’t have any interest in her kid. It makes sense that she wouldn’t but it has to feel a bit isolating for her.

    And oooh, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for a girl for Patrick and Noreen this time too!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, I never noticed how sketchy the magicians acted. That’s too funny!

      Yeah, Sheila is so weird. She hasn’t had any wishes to see or interact with Kelly since she left. :(

      Me, too! Too many boys, LOL!

  • I’m caught up and loving this! Your families are so interesting and crazy!

    So much drama–lotsa babies too. That Dominic is a jerk with his “let’s just be friends” with poor Kelly, but at least Oskar is a good guy. I hope Sheila will come around and reconcile with Kelly. It has to hurt that she’s cut off from her and it’s not the baby’s fault that his mother is with a family enemy.

    I hope Noreen gets her girl, and that Sheila is able to keep her hands off her daughter-in-law LOL. Love it!

    • Mao

      Aww, thanks, Rachel! :D

      Dominic is NOT into commitment (or babies, at least right now)… and I’m kind of glad it happened so they weren’t ‘technically’ cheating (by game standards) anymore! I hope Sheila does eventually want to reconcile with Kelly, too… it’s so weird for her to not want to see her!

      LOL, me too.

  • LOL Sheila! I don’t think Noreen would be interested in exploring that avenue! That lady is a little crazy! Pretty much disowning Kelly, no desire to meet her grandson, but wanting to kiss her daughter-in-law. I do hope Noreen can have a baby girl, but I have to say Philip is really a cutie! I like his expression at the table. I love the horse, and the stall, I really wish I could play pets. I hope Sheila moves past her hatred of Oskar, to at least meet her grandson, she is getting older, won’t live forever. It’d be a shame if she really let that get in the way of knowing her new grandson, and seeing her daughter.

    • Mao

      Hahahaha, I know, right? What a nut!

      Philip is pretty cute. I tried to make sure the sims were unique (for pudding) but also bred well. We’ll see how good of a job I did soon enough! I love the horses, too. I didn’t think I would, but I reaaaally do!

      I really hope Sheila gets to meet her grandkid, too.

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