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3: Cosaro – ‘Starships’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult)

Asha Steel had her hands full trying to work with Kelly McMaster.  The young fool had gotten herself knocked up right after signing on to be a star in a film.  Lucky for her, they had issues finding a director and so it wasn’t as big of a deal.  Still, if Asha was going to continue to back her, Kelly would have to promise not to do that again.

“You’re definitely going to have to hit the gym.”  Asha was trying to be nice, but how nice can one be when trying to help someone reach stardom?  “Don’t eat anything but salads.  I’m serious.  If the director sees you like this, he might just walk out!’

Kelly was undaunted.  She was sensitive in all areas but her career.  She’d eat tofu and air for a month if that’s what it took to get her big break.

“Did you take that class I told you about?”

Kelly nodded, “yeah, I did it at the end of my pregnancy… I was really good at crying.”

“Well, brush up and quick.  The director is looking over the script again and then he’s calling in the cast to make sure that they fit his vision.  So, you’ll need to be on your best.”

Asha continued to drill Kelly on what was necessary.  It was actually kind of fun.  Asha was a little bit of a control freak and so directing someone’s every movement definitely gave her warm fuzzies.  It was also nice that they had developed a sort of friendship through all of this.

If Dominic was freaked out by his girlfriend and ‘it’s complicated’ good friend being friends, he didn’t say anything.  He kept out of the movie talk and just played with Lola.  He really had no interest in the movie business, he was content with sports. Even if he had been interested, there’s no way he could even pretend to understand half the things that came out of Asha’s mouth when she was talking about ‘the biz.’

When Asha wasn’t directing every facet of Kelly’s career, she was hanging out at the Tropico Lounge.  It was nestled next to Freeman Falls and the sound and sights were amazing.  Sure, she could have just gone to the beach, but the beach didn’t have hot tubs and fruity drinks with umbrellas.

It was also just a block away from the stadium, so when Dominic got off work, he usually joined her there.  Asha often used her connections to ensure their privacy.  There was no need to have nosy paparazzi following them around and snapping would could be compromising pictures.

When there are hot tubs involved, most pictures are compromising.  So, Asha didn’t even take the risk.  Sometimes, if she was feeling particularly plucky, she’d have the entire place shut down.

This wouldn’t be an issue if their town house was zoned for a hot tub.  Unfortunately, it was not.

Not all of Asha’s days were spent lounging around in the hot tub.  She did have a job.  She spent most of the day moving between her accounting job with Aperture Industries and other modeling and advertisement jobs around the city.  After her family cut her off from her trust fund and inheritance, she turned up the heat on her money making.  She was back to modeling and small acting jobs.  She told herself and others she would not be doing anymore films!

Of course, some of her jobs had her out late at the clubs.  Dominic was more than happy to accompany her.  He loved the nightlife of Aperture City.  Plus, what was better than hanging out with your hot girlfriend and her gaggle of hot friends?  No man would turn down partying with models.

Asha never got too crazy, though.  She knew better.  The paparazzi was everywhere and they were just dying for a statement about her estrangement from her family or her relationship with Dominic.  She never said anything to anyone but Dominic about either, knowing he was probably the only one she could trust.  Kelly was just too innocent to know not to talk to the paparazzi!

“You can stop following me anytime, you know.  I’m not feeling particularly interesting tonight.”  Asha often said such things to the paparazzi, her demeanor always jovial.  As annoying as they were, she didn’t want to make them mad, as a mad paparazzo would stop at nothing to get dirt.

Asha was used to her partying lifestyle, so the lack of sleep wasn’t a big deal to her.  Dominic, however, had issues recovering.  He slept in late and often forgot about his morning ritual of taking Lola for walks.  She would lie on the bed and stare at him, but he was oblivious.  He would wake up an hour before he had to be at the stadium, with barely any time to get ready, much less walk the dog!

One night while Dominic was late at a team meeting, Asha was throwing a small get together for the film Kelly was starring in.  There were some costars and a few set people.  It was mostly just to get Kelly acquainted with the people she’d be seeing every day for the next few months.

Lately, every time they discussed the film, Kelly would bring up how she was afraid of water and would not be swimming.  Asha had to assure her that there was absolutely no swimming.

Towards the end of the night, as things were winding down, a mysterious figure walked in.  He wasn’t invited, but it didn’t matter.  A party was the perfect opportunity to do what he was here for.  Asha spotted him immediately and excused herself to face him.

“What are you doing here, Xavier?”

“Can’t a brother check in on his little sister?”

“No,” she snapped.  “Not when you’re a part of that family.”

“Watch it, Asha… they’re your family, too.  They just want to talk.  Maybe we can all come to a compromise.”

Compromise?  Ha!  I have no interest in ‘compromising’ anything about my current life.  I have everything I could possibly ever want right now and I don’t intend to give any of it up for some archaic family bullshit!”

“Sis, seriously,” Xavier’s voice dropped a decibel and became stern.  “You know you can’t keep this up forever.  You’re walking a line that’s about to disappear.  Think about what you’re doing before you mess everything up.”

“Take your stupid lecture and walk right out that door, because I have zero interest in listening to you talk anymore.  I can’t believe you’re going along with them.  Don’t you have a mind of your own?”

“I do, but I also know the importance of family over myself.”

Asha laughed.  “You’re just scared.  That’s all it is.  You’re scared of them.  Well, I’m not.”

“This isn’t over, Asha…” Xavier said, walking towards the door.  “Next time, it won’t be me that they send after you.”

Asha shook her head and said nothing.  She watched him leave, all the courage she had leaving her.  She felt like curling up into a ball and turning off all the lights.  Instead, she gathered what little of her composure she had left and attended to her guests.

When Dominic arrived, everyone had left but Kelly.  He saw her sitting on the couch, starting to doze off.  She hadn’t wanted to leave Asha alone, not after what happened.  Asha hadn’t confided in Kelly, but she knew something was wrong.

“Where’s Asha?”

“She’s in the bedroom.  She’s been in there since the party ended.  Look, Dominic, some weird guy that looked a lot like Asha turned up at the party.  After that, she started acting really… strange.”

“Do you think it was someone from her family?”

“Yeah… and it didn’t look good, either.”  Kelly grabbed her purse and pulled out her cellphone.  She’d be taking a cab home.  “I think you can handle things from here.  I gotta get home.”

When Dominic walked into the bedroom, Asha was on her cellphone.  As soon as she saw him, she ended her conversation abruptly and moved to conceal it.

“Late call?”

“It was nothing important.”

Dominic pulled her into a hug.  “You okay?  Kelly said someone from your family busted in on the party.”

“It was my brother, Xavier.  Another envoy of the family.  I don’t care.  I told him to go away.”

“I really wish you’d tell me what the big deal with your family is,” Dominic said, pulling back so he could see her face.  “It must be a pretty big deal.”

“It’s not,” she replied softly, leaning against him and hiding her face.  “They’re just… persistent, that’s all.  It’s nothing to worry about, okay?  I’m handling it.”  She kissed him before he could say anything else.  The quicker this conversation ended, the better.


I guess I should start telling you were the titles from entries come from instead of assuming you know they are song titles.  Sometimes they are relevant, sometimes they were just playing while I wrote the entry, lol.  I had our local ‘top 40′ radio playing and “Starships” by Nicki Minaj was on. 

Asha and Kelly really have become friends thanks to all this movie talk.  It’s an amusing friendship.  I think I mentioned that as soon as Asha met Kelly, she rolled up the wish to become friends with her.  I’m sure it’s all still a little awkward for Dominic, though.

Xavier showing up was kind of a surprise.  I know sims will sometimes come to parties uninvited (especially if they are the spouse/whatever of the invited) but Xavier was none of the above.  As you can tell, he and Asha look very similar.  Again, the Steels are a family I made in CAS forever ago.  I really like the way Xavier looks.  I didn’t realize until I played this that his family ties with Asha were messed up.  These have since been fixed.  What’s with my sims forgetting they are relatives lately?

I had also nearly forgotten what purpose I had created Asha’s family for… but they’re keen to remind me.  Hilarious.  If you haven’t figured out what’s “up” with her family yet, you will soon.

Asha has been spinning up house wishes, so I think they might relocate to a house soon.  I’m tired of them hot tubbing in public!

6 comments to 3: Cosaro – ‘Starships’

  • I have my ideas about the Steel family and I’m curious to know if they pan out. It has to be something shady, for Asha to want to cut ties with her family and to have all these connections. She’s certainly very secretive about whatever it is.

    • Mao

      I am interested to see if your ideas turn out out to be correct! Asha is very secretive in general, but you’re right, she seems to stop at nothing to keep the conversation away from details about her family.

  • Josh

    I’m so here for Xavier. He is gorgeous! I have no clue what the Steels are up to but I love how Asha has taken over Dominic’s updates- she’s the new Kelly! :P

  • Ooo not a good sign that she hangs up as soon as Dominic steps in the room, and he’s so easily placated. Makes me think he doesn’t really wanna know the details. I like that her and Kelly have become friends, al of it has evolved in ways I didn’t anticipate. I hope Kelly does wel with her career, it’s awfully nice of asha to help her out so much with it. I can see why she wants her own place. Public hot tubing is not cool.

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