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3: Belrose-Martel – ‘Take Care’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Child)  [Khalid Ryder (Adult)]

Cherie Ashton felt like a complete idiot.  She had done one night stands before, she’d even done them with ‘committed’ people, but she’d never gotten knocked up by one.  What had she been thinking?

Jean being engaged–and now married–was upsetting, as she thought she had turned over a new leaf in her life… but it was the pregnancy that got her the most.  She wasn’t about to tell him.  It’s not like he’d be interested in knowing, anyway.

Telling Emmanuel had been the worst and she had waited until the last possible second to do it.  It took some time for her pregnancy to show.  When she finally did tell him, it didn’t go over well.  He didn’t kick her out, but that could change when the baby came.

Cherie hated that she had done something to jeopardize everything when it had been going so well.

Towards the end of her pregnancy, things in the house were extremely tense.  It kept her mind busy and she got distracted while cooking.  The oven went up in flames.  They didn’t have a fire detector, but Emmanuel arrived just in time to try and douse the flames.  Cherie called the fire department, warning him to keep his distance and just let the professionals handle it.

The fire was too much for one man to handle.  The flames roared and grew right before Cherie’s eyes, enveloping Emmanuel completely.  He tried to escape, but collapsed in the middle of it.

The fire department arrived too late.  It took several men to put out the flames.  Once the fire was gone, Emmanuel was visible again.  He was burned beyond recognition and declared dead on the scene.

The firemen battled the leftover flames and made sure to check the rest of the house for any injuries or stray flames.  Cherie was in so much shock, it was everything she could do to stay on her feet.  She had come so close to death and watching someone else die… it was something she would have issues coping with for a long time.

Cherie and Luis buried Emmanuel at the local cemetery, near the fishing pond.  It was a sad, mournful day for both of them.  Luis didn’t really know his grandfather very well, but he did know that it was his last living blood relative.  Cherie was still trying to deal with the trauma of what had happened and her pregnancy hormones weren’t helping at all.

Upon arriving home, Cherie was hit with a sudden realization.  She was seven months pregnant and the sole guardian of a young boy.  She didn’t have a steady job.  How was she going to make all of this work?  She felt overwhelmed and nearly collapsed.  Had it not been for Luis, she probably would have.

“It’ll be okay,” he said, taking her hand.  “We still have each other.”

She smiled and squeezed his hand.  “Yes, yes we do… we always will.  No matter what, okay?  Let’s go inside.”

The fire left a terrible mess.  Most of the money Emmanuel had was used to fix the damage done to the house.  Cherie handled the clean up herself, she didn’t want to spare the money to pay anyone else to do it.  Luckily for her, one of the firemen had been stopping by and checking in on them.  He had helped her replace the patio doors and the appliances for no labor cost at all.

Khalid was just generally a nice guy.  He even talked to Luis when he came over.  He didn’t have any hidden motives, which perplexed Cherie.  She knew this because she was pregnant and what man in their right mind would want to sleep with someone who looked like they were smuggling beach balls?

She gladly accepted his help and his explanation that his mother hadn’t raised him to ignore those in need, that’s why he became a fireman.  Given how things had gone recently, Cherie wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The other fireman, Ted, was a bit different.  Cherie was definitely physically attracted to him.  He was a lot less patient and not exactly thrilled about helping for free.  It was a wonder he and Khalid even worked in the same station given their drastically different personalities.

When Cherie broke down, Khalid was always supportive.  It was like having an extremely good friend who could also fix things.  Noreen had been by to offer her condolences, but she was busy with her hectic family.

It was a good thing Khalid was around one night fixing one of the windows, because Cherie went into labor.  She would have never been able to get to the hospital on her own and poor Luis was so freaked out he could barely call the emergency services.  Instead, they piled into the car and Khalid drove them.

He had dealt with some pregnant women during the course of his job, so he wasn’t nearly as frantic as they were.

Cherie gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Lily.  Lily was a pretty temperate baby.  Cherie was glad for it, as caring for Lily was completely different than what she went through with Luis.

Luis was adjusting well.  He didn’t feel jealous of Lily and he thought Khalid was cool, so he didn’t mind either of them being around.  He had also made a new friend named Paula Novak.  Most people thought she was weird, but she had money and her dad was a lawyer, so they tolerated her.  Luis, however, thought she was pretty neat.  They hung out sometimes, but because they were so far apart, they mostly just met up at school.  Philip wasn’t quite sure about Paula, but he tolerated her for his best friend’s sake.

Khalid was over most days, even if there was nothing to fix.  He and Cherie had become quite close and she really needed someone around who wasn’t a child or a baby.  She was a little frustrated that he never made a move, but realized how horrible it sounded after she thought it.  Emmanuel had only been dead a few months.

Still, she worried that maybe Khalid didn’t even see her that way.  What guy hangs around a woman like Cherie and doesn’t make any move at all?  He didn’t even joke flirtatiously!

Cherie was excited when he took her out.  It wasn’t a date, but it was something.  They went to a local dive bar to play darts only to run into Ted.  He was a lot more receptive to Cherie now that she wasn’t toting around a large belly, but she was having none of it.  She may have thought he was hot, but that kind of thinking was what got her in this mess.  When he tried hitting on her, she blew him off.

Khalid laughed, but he didn’t step in.  It wasn’t his place.

A few weeks later, Cherie decided to make a move on Khalid.  She wasn’t used to any guy being passive, usually they were falling all over themselves trying to sleep with her.  She didn’t necessarily want that from him, but she did want to know if he was interested.

Cherie moved in close and put her hand on his arm, “so, you know… Luis is over at Philip’s house today…”

“Cherie, what are you doing?”

“Damn it, what’s wrong with you?  Any other guy would have gotten handsy by now, but you act like you’re gay!”  She snapped, her frustration at its breaking point.

Khalid blinked, taken back.  “Are you seriously yelling at me for not being a total jerk?”

“Yes!  And it’s completely stupid, but it’s… it’s really all I’m used to.  Why aren’t you a total jerk?’

“You are so dysfunctional,” he teased, laughing lightly.  “I do like you, but I’m not one of ‘those’ guys, okay?  And I don’t want you bringing me into your life with that expectation.  I’m serious, I like serious commitments…”

“I can be serious.”

He raised an eyebrow inquisitively, “really?”

“Well, I want to try.  Good enough for you?”

He took her hand and kissed her softly.

As the months passed by, Cherie’s life improved dramatically.  Khalid had moved in and Luis was on the cusp of his twelfth birthday.  Little Lily was growing, too, and she’d soon be talking and walking.  Cherie reflected on this as she pushed Lily in her stroller.  The sun was setting, casting everything in a pink hue.  It was the first time in a long time that she had truly felt relaxed and secure.

She saw moving vans at the house just down from hers.  Toting one of the boxes was a familiar figure… Jean Redford.  She avoided him as best she could while still watching the scene.  Apparently his new wife had been their neighbor all along.  It was a good thing they were moving.


Okay, I came into this house with Cherie at the END of her pregnancy.  My method of ‘freezing’ pregnancies no longer works.  Apparently it was an unintended bug/side effect of the build I had that has since been fixed.  Darn it!  I saw a thread that said Twallan was considering adding pause/resume pregnancy into MC, but no other word on that yet.  The only things I can find are things that make pregnancy longer, which sucks for when a sim actually gets pregnant during the beginning of a play session.  Click here to see my temporary fix.

As for the fire… oops.  The fire did happen, but Emmanuel dying to it was his own dumb fault.  The dumb old man jumped in and immediately started extinguishing the flames.  Unfortunately for him, that fire quickly got out of control and swallowed him whole.  The pictures are crappy because I was in shock.  I’ve never had a sim die to fire in this game, usually it takes forever.  Either way, it works out because he was NOT thrilled about Cherie being knocked up.

Khalid and Ted were also the two firemen that put out the flames.  Cherie spun up wishes for them, but Ted was a tool and Khalid was awesome and nice.

Jean’s wife really did live right across from them the entire time.  I didn’t realize it until after the one night stand!  They lived there briefly before moving to one of the big houses I put on the outskirts of Aperture City.  Lily has all of Jean’s coloring, but I think she’ll end up looking like Cherie.

This household will change to Ashton-Martel next round.

Title is from ‘Take Care’ by Drake.

6 comments to 3: Belrose-Martel – ‘Take Care’

  • Josh

    I’m screaming @ Emmanuel dying. I mean, he was old but what a way to go. Brave Sims, smh. I can’t believe how quickly this house changed!
    Did you name Luis for the Martells of Dorne? UNBOWED, UNBENT, UNBROKEN

    • Mao

      I know! I was calling him stupid the entire time, he wasn’t even a Brave sim! I may have them move or redecorate. It seems weird that it still looks like an old man’s house, lol.

      Someone has been watching Game of Thrones on HBO. I haven’t, but I’ve read all the books. ;) I love it when someone busts my hidden things.

  • Man, with CAS elders, I always worry they’re going to die of old age and then Emmanuel burns to death in a kitchen fire! Poor Luis…and poor Cherie too.

    But hey…Khalid the fireman could be promising. He seems like a sweet guy. It’d be nice for Cherie to have a real relationship too!

    • Mao

      I know! My CAS elders are now getting the death chance roll every day… :(

      Khalid is surprisingly nice. Cherie wanted to chat them up and he ended up being pretty cool. It’ll be nice for Cherie to have something functional!

  • Wow… I’m just speechless that Emmanuel died! What the heck?! That was such a shock! I think it worked out better for Luis and Cherie though in the long run, but it’s a little less interesting as it would have been great to see his response when Lily was born. I’m glad she didn’t pick toolbag Ted to try to be serious with, and I’m also glad that Khalid is not gay, I thought he might be when she accused him of that. This household has just done a 180!

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