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So… the best laid plans, huh? Yeah. About that. I’ve got nothing, I’m sorry.

For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I had my baby girl Evangeline Marie on November 12th. Why yes, that is my birthday. Let’s just not talk about it, okay? Ain’t nobody got time for a natural birth on their birthday… lemme just tell ya.

Anyway… here’s a picture. I think she’s pretty cute, but I’m a bit biased. She looks so much like her daddy (only without a beard, y’know.)

Unfortunately, as cute as she is… she’s a real little energy sucker… an everything sucker, actually. I’ve only just recently begun to get enough sleep to somewhat “function” and thanks to my husband forcing my laptop into my hands, game. I’m primarily doing Steam Streaming, as the little gremlin (as I like to call her… affectionately) can’t be in our cold den/basement yet. I wear her, but it’s mighty uncomfortable sitting in an upright chair that way. I haven’t tried streaming TS3… though the urge has been hitting me lately.

I’m breastfeeding and trying to prepare myself to return to work in March, though… so I make no promises. I make only one promise–I’m coming back to this. Eventually, I’ll find a groove–we’ll find our groove–and amidst the cute giggles, smiles, and milestones… I’ll get to re-embrace my hobbies.

Until then, thanks for hanging in there!