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Things are going to be sloooow for awhile. Unfortunately, I underestimated the discomfort that comes along with the third trimester and haven’t really been able to sit at my desk to play anything. I sit at a desk all day at work and that pretty much kills me, so when I get home, that’s pretty much the last thing I want to do! I am not off work until I literally am in labor, so no ‘down time’ for me before the baby. We’re running around like mad trying to get everything ready!

I’m going to try and get a post or two out before I give birth, but that time is rapidly approaching. Apologies to everyone! I’m not stopping. I have no intentions of that. Once I get into a rhythm with the baby, I may be able to get some play time in during maternity leave, but who knows! Babies are so random.

Thanks for being understanding during this time. :)

Round 16 ROS

This one is late… sorry! Been busy around here. Another death, sigh. And a dumping! Not looking forward to either of these, by the way…

  • Upon a Falling Star… — Pursue biggest wish.
  • An Affair to Remember — Have an affair with the sim with highest LTR.  IF single, start up relationships with two highest LTRs and cheat on them with one another.
  • Dumping – Your sim dumps their significant other.
  • Hunger Games — Sim dies by starvation.
  • Breakfast Clubbin’ — Actively try to get detention for 3 days.