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15: McMaster 2 – ‘It’s My Life’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult), Alena McMaster (Toddler), Tobias McMaster (Baby)

The twins, Catherine and Juliet McMaster, had experienced many of life’s firsts together. Watching Juliet with her new baby boy, Catherine was happy for her sister… maybe even a little jealous. Sure, Sam was weird, but Juliet had what Catherine had always wanted–a stable family. They weren’t married yet, but that was happening soon enough. Little Tobias came into the world plenty loved and with a stable environment surrounding him.

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15: Ashton – ‘Here is Gone’

Lily Ashton (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult)

Finding out that she was pregnant was quite a pleasant shock to Lily. She didn’t discover it until she was nearly into her second trimester. Telling Mark had been interesting–it came out of seemingly nowhere. After the initial surprise wore off, they were able to bask in the happiness of the occasion. They hadn’t actually discussed children, but neither one were against the idea of them, either.

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15: Martel – ‘Safe and Sound’

Luis Martel (Adult)Aidan Martel (Teen), Sandra Martel (Child), Zoey Martel (Toddler)

Aidan Martel had grown used to picking up his father’s slack when it came to taking care of the house and caring for his younger siblings. The loss of their mother had hit them all hard, but while the children had grieved openly, Luis had bottled it up in an effort to show strength and solidarity for the kids. Now it was coming back to bite him.

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