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NaNoWriMo & Moving

I was waiting until I had official word on our move before I posted this. Now that I have it, I can tell you all that things are going to be desperately slow around here until mid-December. I’m using all my writing juices on NaNoWriMo this month, so I have zero updates to offer you during my move. I’ve been just playing the game and enjoying it in this stressful time by doing a random legacy. It doesn’t require the same sort of mental faculties or writing that this one does, so it’s a nice way to not freak out about moving into our first house.

We get the keys next Thursday and will be spending that following weekend moving in before immediately leaving for Pennsylvania where I will spend a hurried Thanksgiving with my family and not work Black Friday for the first time in years. When we return, we can work on getting internet/etc.

Which leads me to this–I will be without internet. I do not know for how long (hopefully not long, or I will be forced to go to their facility myself and beat down some people.) But I do know it will begin next week and go into December, as we’ll be gone. We have to be OUT of our apartment before we leave, so we’re hurriedly packing things now.

Just wanted to let you all know I’m still going with this (even though the world is currently crashing like CRAZY) and I haven’t given up. I’ll be back to posting here soon and I’m keeping up with blogs at work right now, haha.

So, happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you lot in December. :)

13: Novak 2 – ‘Miserable’

Paula Novak (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Stella Mosley (Child)

Since Stefan’s return, Gwendolyn found herself standing on shaky ground. It just wasn’t a situation she’d ever imagined herself in. She was surrounded by criminals and she’d even gotten herself knocked up by one. What had happened to that wholesome girl who was determined to do better than her lot in life? That seemed ages ago, a distant past that didn’t even feel like her own anymore.

Oh, Gwendolyn had tried to be good. She’d done everything right, but it had all backfired horribly. Fighting her true nature seemed to get her nowhere but ruin. So, instead, she drowned it out with alcohol. Unfortunately, Stefan’s sudden assumption of the role of ‘active father’ made him a constant thorn in the side of her fun.

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