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13: Klein – ‘Unglued’

Alex Klein (Adult), Gavin Klein (Teen)

With Rhys gone, Link was left with Gavin. Thankfully, Gavin was odd ball enough to enjoy spending time with the dog he grew up with, despite the frigid end of winter weather. It had been snowing for what seemed like days with no signs of stopping. Gavin had been off school for almost a week straight!

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13: University (Yr 1) – ‘Ignorance’

Jack Ryder (Year Two), Rhys Klein (Year One), Emma Steel (Year One), Bettina Ackerman (Year One)

Rhys Klein and Bettina Ackerman were quite happy to finally be at University. They were assigned to the same co-ed dorm, so they were able to spend plenty of time together. Their majors were pretty similar, too. Rhys was focusing on Music, while Bettina wanted to improve her artistic talents.

It was a pretty perfect situation.

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13: Ryder – ‘Pressure’

Khalid Ryder (Elder), Jessica Ryder (Young Adult)

Khalid Ryder spent his twilight days with the small squirrel he’d rescued. He’d rehabilitated it and attempted to release it back into the wild, but it refused to leave. It lived in the terrarium in their living room now. His small critter was a balm in the wake of Cherie’s death. The years had been difficult without her.

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13: Novak – ‘Fully Alive’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Natalia Novak continued her foray into the unknown. She wasn’t going to give up. She was convinced that her family was cursed and that she was the only one with the ability to end it. Nothing would stand between her, not even losing herself to the rhythm of the supernatural.

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13: Cosaro – ‘The Middle’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Julian Steel (Teen)

Amidst all the chaos with Asha, Emma’s birthday came and went. Separating from her father and brother after such an ordeal wasn’t easy and Emma questioned her decision to continue on to college. Dominic assured her they’d be fine and that she needed to go, that it was important for her future.

Emma knew he was right and so she went off to University.

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13: McMaster – ‘Bleed American’

Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Bianca McMaster (Young Adult), Dylan McMaster (Toddler), Molly McMaster (Baby)

Philip McMaster wasn’t going to lie and say he didn’t miss his younger brother Mark hanging around and helping care for the children. He was happy his brother had his own life now, but Philip wasn’t great with babies. He loved both of his children, but Molly cried constantly and Philip was at a loss. Thankfully, Bianca was more skilled with small bundles than he was.

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