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12: Martel – ‘Take You There’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Toddler), Sandra Martel (Baby)

Sacha Martel enjoyed being a mother. She loved it more than her career as an actress and model. However, even she couldn’t deny that little Sandra was a difficult baby. Putting her down for even a moment was simply not an option. It was exhausting. Sacha found herself counting the days until Sandra’s toddler birthday.

At least they were finally settled into the new house next to the beach. Too bad summer hadn’t gotten the memo. They were in the middle of a very strange blizzard.

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12: Steel-Klein – ‘Careful’

Clark Klein (Vampire), Asha Steel (Vampire), Emma Steel (Teen), Julian Steel (Teen)

Emma Steel knew something wasn’t right. It was there–hanging in the air, tangible only to her. She was standing there, teetering on the fearsome precipice of change.

She wasn’t a kid. She knew that things changed; it was the natural order of everything to mutate and evolve beyond its initial state of being. Still, it rankled her. It wasn’t a good change. The feeling was an ominous one.

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