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12: Ryder – ‘Another Brick in the Wall’

Cherie Ryder (Elder), Khalid Ryder (Elder), Jessica Ryder (Young Adult), Jack Ryder (Young Adult)

Jessica Ryder enjoyed her job. She’d always wanted to grow up and become a firefighter like her father, Khalid. It was a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, Jessica was quite happy with her accomplishments. She hoped to one day become Chief Firefighter like her dad.

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12: Novak – ‘Move Along’

Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Kelly Novak was doing her best to deal with the cards that she had been dealt. The loss of her husband had been difficult, but she was managing. She still had her children to keep her going. It was a shame that Andrew had lost his girlfriend, Regan. She’d been so young. It was just a reminder of how fleeting life really was.

Kelly had done her best to comfort him, but what do you say when something awful like that happens?

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12: Cosaro – ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult)

Dominic Cosaro had a pretty easy life. He was a self-proclaimed bachelor for life, but that hadn’t kept him from bringing two children into the world. Luckily enough for him, their mother was the understanding sort and they had a good relationship.

Unfortunately, Dominic hadn’t really prepared himself for the eventuality of the teen years with his children. Emma was especially moody as a teen. She was quick to anger and completely intolerant of her father’s childish antics lately. One little splash and she was glaring daggers at him as she got out of the pool.

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12: McMaster – ‘Cycle’

Patrick McMaster (Elder),  Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Bianca McMaster (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult), Dylan McMaster (Baby)

Bianca McMaster was quite pleased with her life at late. Little Dylan’s birth had brought back a bit of life into the house. Everything had been rather mournful since Noreen’s passing. With Dylan in the picture, everyone perked up a bit. It was a shame that Noreen never got to see her grandson.

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Round 12 ROS

This one’s a doozy, you guys…

Remember when I said I was bored by the ROS? Yeah, I regret saying that.

11: Summer Birth (Martel)

Another summer, another birth! Little Sandra Martel entered the world quickly and early. It was such a shock that Luis and Sacha barely had a chance to prepare.

Sacha is relieved when the baby is deemed healthy and she’s able to take little Sandra home.

Aidan still not sure how he feels about having a little sister. He was really hoping for a little brother! Luis tried not to laugh when Aidan asked him if there was any way they could exchange her for a boy. Sacha wasn’t nearly as amused!

Still, he seems to be coming around to the idea. Especially when Luis mentioned that he’d be in charge of keeping his little sister safe. Sacha wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought of Aidan beating up boys on the schoolyard playground for looking at his sister wrong.

Sandra probably won’t remember their old house, as just after her birth, the Martel family relocated to their home near the beach.


Sandra popped out without my knowing during all the mod confusion, sigh! The game had named her, but I was having NONE of that and quickly renamed her. My husband supplied the name. At least he didn’t try to slip a Game of Thrones reference in there. Readers of my old Boreal Springs prosperity blog will remember that my husband slipped in several references to various things when naming my sims. :P

Annnd that ends Round 11!