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11: Novak 2/Mosley – ‘Little Things’

Paula Novak (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Stella Mosley (Toddler)

Gwendolyn Mosley was in a strange place. Her friend, Paula Novak, had forcibly removed her from her prior residence and insisted she take up her brother’s unused space. She wanted to keep an eye on Gwendolyn and for good reason, as Gwendolyn wasn’t exactly doing her full bit as a mother.

Over the months, things had improved. Gwendolyn still wasn’t going to win Mother of the Year, but she tried. Paula helped, but she made sure that Gwendolyn bore most of the weight. Stefan was still locked up and neither one had heard from him in nearly two years. Even Paula was beginning to doubt Lola’s assurance that he’d be fine, so long as Paula did as she was told.
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I’m Not Dead!

Sorry it’s been a few weeks without an update. Trying to balance work and simming doesn’t seem to be working out quite well yet! ‘Mo’ money, mo’ problems,’ as they say. I’ll get there, though. I’m going to TRY to play some this weekend, hopefully I will get enough for two updates. I still love playing, it just takes me so long to play through things because that’s how I roll.

I will warn you all, though. SimCity releases March 5th, the same day as TS3: University and while I have both pre-ordered… I will be focusing entirely on SimCity. I have waited for this game for YEARS and I’ve been in all the betas and guys. GUYS. It is amazing. For real. If you are a fan of the series, play it. DO it. The last beta they did (4hrs, everything unlocked), I played the entire time and nearly cried when they shut the servers down. So. Yeah.

Until I get it out of my system, updates will be slow. I have a tumblr, though, for those who like getting spammed with random gaming images and my origin ID is tehmao (of course.) But give me about a month before things get ‘regular’ around here again. ;)