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11: Klein – ‘Supervixen’

Alex Klein (Adult), Rhys Klein (Teen), Gavin Klein (Child)

Things at the Klein household had found a routine. It was one colored with bachelorhood and no care for social norms. Alex did his best, but he was a busy man, so it was inevitable that the boys ended up living off of pizza and only doing their homework when they felt the need. Luckily, both boys were pretty good at school and the teachers never had to call home.

Alex kept swearing to Lana he would get a butler, but he never got around to it. The recent loss of Oskar was still stinging in the boy’s hearts and it just felt wrong to introduce someone new into their lives so soon after the death of their grandfather.

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11: Summer Wedding (Martel/Harcourt)

Sacha had been waiting for her wedding day for what seemed like an eternity.  As a little girl, she’d always dreamed of the day she’d meet the man of her dreams and walk down the aisle.  Despite all her success as a model and an actress, it never quite filled the void that being alone left her with.  Fame was nice, but it would eventually fade.  Sacha was more interested in a family of her own.

Even a little rain couldn’t put a damper on Sacha’s mood.  It was still early, the rain could stop at any time.  Sacha wasn’t the type to lose hope easily.

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11: Ryder – ‘Feel Good Inc.’

Cherie Ashton (Elder), Khalid Ryder (Elder), Jessica Ryder (Young Adult), Jack Ryder (Teen)

Jessica’s leap into adulthood coupled with her seeing Natalia caused a considerable dip in her relationship with her younger brother Jack.  It was just too hard to tip-toe around the topic of Natalia.  Jessica wanted desperately to come clean, but Natalia had warned her against it.

Her reward for her dishonesty was arguments and tense silence.  Jessica and Jack had always been close.  This sort of friction wasn’t something she was used to past a few hours.  Jessica wouldn’t be able to continue like this for much longer.

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11: Summer Birth (McMaster)

Philip and Bianca McMaster have been impatiently awaiting the arrival of their first child all winter and spring long.  Now, finally, summer has come and along with it, Bianca’s due date.

Bianca goes into labor on a hot, spring afternoon and Philip dutifully takes her to the hospital.  He doesn’t freak out too badly.  He’s seen horses give birth, after all.  It’s hard to come back from that experience.

Little Dylan McMaster is born healthy and happy several hours later.  After the first few nights, Philip begins to realize why most parents are cranky… they don’t sleep.  Ever.

Welcome to the world, Dylan!


I’m not doing realistic aging, but with seasons, I like the idea of sims having their babies in the semi-appropriate season.  So you get these.  I may also do weddings this way.  ;)

11: Novak – ‘Them Bones’

Oskar Novak (Elder), Kelly McMaster (Adult), Natalia Novak (Teen)

Oskar Novak was really beginning to feel his age.  It didn’t help that he’d caught the flu and then had a bad round of food poisoning from a local restaurant.  There had been an incident with lettuce that left him bed-ridden for several days.

Between being just plain old, getting sick, and finding out his son was in jail, Oskar was not having a good time.

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