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Apologies & Small Break

Things have been slow around here, sorry about that.  I have played pretty hardcore the past few months and kind of burned myself out… oops.  It happens.  I tend to be ‘OCD’ with games–I get obsessive and play them until I can’t stand looking at them anymore.  I have also been working more on my ‘writing project’, so while I have pictures for the next update… I can’t bring myself to ‘write it’ because my head is in a completely different place right now.

Sooo, I’m taking a small official break.  Things should return at some point after I get home (I leave for a week to PA to visit family Sunday morning)… so I’d give it about two weeks or so.  Definitely before October, provided work doesn’t kill me.  Gotta love those holiday schedules.

We’re going through some RL changes over here, too, which has kind of ‘skewed’ my gaming focus.  More fantasy, less digital reality, lol!  But I do miss my sims and will get back to them as soon as I can.

I am planning on trying NaNoWriMo this year (after a two year break from it), so hopefully between that and work, I can do lots of simming.  ;)

10: Ryder – ‘Super Bass’

Siblings Jessica Ryder and Jack Ryder were close, when Jack wasn’t slipping dye into Jessica’s shampoo and Jessica wasn’t giving him noogies.  It wasn’t always easy being siblings of opposing genders, especially when your sister was older, stronger, and quite happy to prove it.

Lately, Jack had been focusing his attentions on his art.  He had always enjoyed it and he loved his after-school class.  He’d even won a few awards.  His art teacher had been encouraging him to hone his talents, so Jack stopped pranking and picked up his paintbrush.  The house breathed a collective sigh of relief.

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