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2: Novak – ‘Stupid Girl’

Oskar Novak (Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Child), Paula Novak (Child)

Oskar Novak was elated that the twins, Stefan and Paula, were doing well despite their rough beginnings.  Raising twin toddlers without a mother is quite a challenge, but Oskar and the twins managed to survive it.  Paula may spend a little too much time watching television and Stefan may have a bit of a wicked streak, but overall, they’re doing just fine.

Too bad the same can’t really be said for their older sister…

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2: Cosaro – ‘No One Knows’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult), Asha Steel (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro was doing pretty well for himself in Aperture City.  The sports league was more than pleased with him and he had even earned an MVP award for the year.  It was officially off-season, so most of his time now was spent training and practicing.

This, of course, also meant jogging with Lola.  It was a morning ritual.  They would jog around the block and then Dominic would start his day.  He was definitely happy that Lola was able to make the trip to Aperture City with him.

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2: McMaster – ‘Closing Time’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Philip McMaster (Child)

Sheila and Noreen sat on the couch watching soap operas as they did every day.  Noreen, despite being a couch potato, felt the need for something more.  She just felt like she should be doing more.

“Maybe we should go to the park or something.”

“Ha!” Sheila laughed.  “Are you kidding?  Those park benches are rough on an old woman’s behind.  No, I’m quite happy here on my couch, thanks.”

“I just feel like we should be doing something…”

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1: Belrose-Martel – ‘Would?’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Toddler)

Emanuel Belrose was not a family man by any means.  He had been married once, for a time, but that ended a long time ago.  He had only one child, a daughter who had ran off and married some performer type.  That had ended badly.  The union did beget a son, though… which was now thrown unceremoniously into Emanuel’s lap.

His ex-wife had died a few years back, so Emanuel was the only next of kin remaining.  His daughter’s death was unfortunate, but he preferred not to think about it.  He had tried to warn her away from that violent man, but she never listened.  Instead, she got herself killed and left behind her son for him to deal with.

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1: Novak – ‘Volcano Girls’ (FIXED)

Oskar Novak (Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Toddler), Paula Novak (Toddler)

Oskar Novak had always been successful in everything he did. He graduated top of his class in high school, with honors in college, and rocketed to the top of his career in law. He’d lived in Aperture for awhile now, acting as one of the lead legal representatives of Aperture Industries and its subsidiaries. It was a taxing job but nothing compared to what he dealt with at home.

Oskar was a single father, windowed by his late wife. The fatal car accident that took her life occurred when the twins were only a few months old. They never really got a chance to know their mother.

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I tried to publish a draft from my phone and it didn’t work out.  The WordPress application ate half of the damn post, so I think I lost everything that I had written.  I will work on fixing it and republishing the finished thing once I get a chance to (I’m in PA and don’t have a reliable PC right now.)

1: Cosaro – ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

Dominic Cosaro (Young Adult)

Dominic Cosaro is a simple guy with a simple life.  He was recruited by Aperture City’s sports league directly out of college, so he packed up and moved away from his family.  He wasn’t sad to leave them behind, they were complicated and messy.  Life was a lot more simple with them miles and miles away.

Settling in hadn’t been difficult, either.  The sports team paid amazingly well, so he was able to get a townhouse just a few blocks from the stadium.  He was truly living his dream.

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1: McMaster – ‘December’

Sheila McMaster (Elder), Patrick McMaster (Adult), Noreen McMaster (Adult), Kelly McMaster (Young Adult), Philip McMaster (Toddler)

Kelly McMaster entered her childhood home after several years away only to be hit with quite the shock–everything was gone.

“Oh, my God,” she gasped, standing in the middle of what was once the living room, “they took everything!”

She had returned to Aperture Valley because her father had died.  He was never sick, he didn’t show any signs of slowing down, he just dropped over one day and that was it.  He was dead.  By the time she arrived, it was the day of his funeral.  She didn’t have a chance to see the house until now with everything that had happened.

“Kelly?  We’re in here.”  It was her brother’s voice calling her into the kitchen.

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Welcome, welcome!  This is my attempt to play TS3 ‘prosperity style’.  After much fighting and number crunching, I’ve finally arrived at a point where everything makes sense (kind of).  I’ll be tweaking things as we go, as there are just some things you can’t iron out until you actually play, but if you want to know how this process went, you can check my Gameplay Notes category over at Different Views.  I’ll be updating it to reveal how things work.

Despite the fact that I’m not actually doing any sort of challenge, I did follow the rules.  I randomized the amount of households and ended up with four.  I then randomized the number of members within each household, and then randomized the ages, genders, and traits of each person.  I got a nice little mix of people, so it should be fun…

Oh, and if you’re already snickering over the name then you are also familiar with video games (or you remember that the city in my TS2 hood was named ‘Aperture’).  This was on purpose.  I love the name and I couldn’t come up with anything I liked better.  At least I didn’t let my husband slip in a “Freeman” family.  I actually didn’t let him name any of my starting families due to what he did last time… slipping in little references that took me a month or so to get.  Sigh.  He will probably go back to naming the rest of them, though… God help those poor sims!

Anyway, on to the starting families…

The McMaster Family

The McMaster family is composed of the matriarch, Sheila; her son, Patrick; his wife, Noreen; their son, Philip, and finally Sheila’s other daughter, Kelly.  That’s their dog Laddy and they have a horse named Old Roy.

I actually built their terrible house.  They live in Aperture Valley, out in the country.

I was amused that my randomization ended up with me having a family that mirrors my O`Hanlon family from the TS2 hood.  They were also the first family I rolled.

The Cosaro Family

The Cosaro family is pretty simple–Dominic is on his own.  He does have his dog, Lola, to keep him company.

They live in a townhouse on the outskirts of Aperture City.

Dominic ended up looking a bit like my Yu family from my TS2 hood after a few generations.  This is all accidental, I assure you… but then again, my mind does have certain patterns it follows.


The Novak Family

The Novak family consists of the patriarch, Oskar; his daughter, Camilla, and the twins Stefan and Paula.

They live in an apartment in the middle of Aperture City.

My husband snickered when he saw this family because of their last name.  He exclaimed, “like that guy from the office!”  I had to think about it for a minute before realization sunk in.  Darn it.  I used a random name generator for all of these!  At least this family bears no resemblance to any of my TS2 families…

They have a cat, but cats don’t like photos and so she was missing for it.


The Belrose/Martel Family

The Belrose/Marten family consists of patriarch Emanuel Belrose and his grandson Luis Martel.

They live in Aperture Valley in a small little house in the center of the village.

They have two separate last names because the toddler belongs to Emanuel’s deceased daughter.  This was also a nice way to add another last name into the pool!

This family also has a cat, but again, cats hate photos.

Whew, that’s all the families.  The only family I am really worried about is the last one, as having an elder and a toddler can be dangerous.  Yikes.  The randomizer was not kind with that one!

Also, how annoying is it that everyone looks the same color?  Stupid outdoor lighting!  It’s pretty on everything but the sims themselves.  Oh well, I promise they are a diverse bunch… you’ll just have to wait to see them individually (and indoors.)