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2: Novak – ‘Stupid Girl’

Oskar Novak (Adult), Camilla Novak (Teen), Stefan Novak (Child), Paula Novak (Child)

Oskar Novak was elated that the twins, Stefan and Paula, were doing well despite their rough beginnings.  Raising twin toddlers without a mother is quite a challenge, but Oskar and the twins managed to survive it.  Paula may spend a little too much time watching television and Stefan may have a bit of a wicked streak, but overall, they’re doing just fine.

Too bad the same can’t really be said for their older sister…

Camilla hasn’t really bothered getting her grades up.  She doesn’t see the point of school.  She’s still living in a fantasy world where she thinks that she can make money just by existing.  Her best friend, Lana Klein, tries to convince her otherwise but it’s like talking to a wall sometimes.

“What if he’s serious?  You could be shipped off to military school at a moment’s notice!”

Camilla waved her friend off.  “He would never do that!”

“You don’t know that, Cammie… do you really want to end up in uniform?  It would totally clash with your complexion!”

“You’re silly, Lana.  I could pull off any outfit.”

“Have you at least been trying to make up for it?  Maybe if you sweeten the deal by doing those dishes or something?  He won’t send you away if you’re useful!”

“Holy crap, this isn’t China!  It’ll be fine.  Why won’t you just trust me?”

“Because every time you say that, something bad happens…”

Perhaps Camilla was right in not worrying about being shipped off.  Oskar was a little distracted when it came to focusing on Camilla’s lesser exploits.  Things with Kelly McMaster had been strange from the get-go, but it was hard to deny that there was something there.  It was just a matter of getting around her family’s unfounded hatred and Kelly’s own inability to make a solid decision.

Oskar had been the one to help her find the apartment she moved into.  They had spoken lightly over the past month or so, but then Kelly seemed to pull away entirely.  When he went to visit her, she apologized.

“Sorry I’ve been weird.  I’m just… I want to figure things out and be for sure for once, you know?  I’m tired of feeling like I’m side-stepping into landmines.”  She sighed and touched his arm gently.  “I really feel like a brat.  I’m sure you hate me by now.”

Oskar laughed.  “Hate you?  Don’t be silly.”  He handed her some flowers he had bought on the way to see her.  They were pricey, but he figured she’d need something to brighten the place up a little.

“Oh, wow… these are beautiful.”  Kelly said, taking in the scent.  “I don’t really know what to say… I mean, why are you still so nice to me?  I’m not that stupid.  I know I’ve been acting like a selfish brat lately.”

“I think it’s the lawyer in me.  I like a good challenge.  It also helps that I’m ridiculously persistent.”

“I’m really not worth all the effort,” Kelly tried to joke, though she knew inside that she was being completely serious.

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Oskar replied, pulling her close to him.  They kissed for the first time and though it wasn’t as impulsive and charged as Kelly’s kiss with Dominic, it definitely had it’s own spark to it.  It was enough that she didn’t bother asking him to leave and he didn’t bother figuring out what time it was.

Kelly awoke at sunrise, as she often did.  It was her country background–she would always been an early riser.  She wasn’t really surprised at what had happened so much as happy that it did.  It was the final nail in the coffin that had been her feelings towards Dominic.  He had Asha, she had Oskar.  They could be friends and not have to worry about anything now.

She waited a little bit before rousing Oskar.  It was nice to have someone else here with her.  Living alone was kind of lonely.

Oskar was a little more surprised at the situation than Kelly was.  He really had just gone over to visit her and smooth things over.  Instead, he was waking up in her bed with the knowledge that this was probably going somewhere far beyond his imagining.  He hadn’t anticipated finding anyone after his late wife, but he certainly wasn’t against it, either.

It was a thought for a different time, though.  He had to get to work.  At least Camilla was home to make sure the twins got to school all right!  Explaining his little sleepover would not be fun…

Despite his strange morning, Oskar made it to work okay and even managed to get home a little early.  He felt bad for disappearing on them the night before and figured he’d make up for it by spending the evening with them.  When he walked in, he saw Camilla perched on the couch.  He quirked an eyebrow.  She was supposed to still be in class.

“Hi, daddy,” she said innocently, muting the television and giving him her full attention.  “Have a long night?”

‘So, that’s how we’re going to play this?’ Oskar thought to himself.  If only Camilla ever bothered to study, she might make a good lawyer some day.  “It was, er… interesting.  What are you doing home?”

“Oh, I didn’t know when you’d be home… so I figured I’d come home early and wait for the twins.”  She said, her lips curling into the beautiful smile.  “I just didn’t want them to come home to an empty place…”

Oskar sighed.  “Fine.  But this changes nothing about your grades, Camilla.  You either get them up by the end of the semester or you will be visiting the Academy.”

Camilla pouted.  “But daddy!  How will you have sleepovers if I’m not here to care for the twins?”

“I’ll figure out something that doesn’t cost you your future.  Now, go do your homework.”

Camilla stomped out of the room.  “This is so unfair!”

Thankfully, Paula and Stefan were nowhere near as much trouble as Camilla.  They didn’t even notice that Oskar was gone, as they were in bed when he left.  When they got home, they were happy to see him, but waved off his offer of going to the park.  They had to do their homework!

Of course, homework time for them was effortless.  They had each other to fall back on, so it took no time at all.

“Hmph, what do you know about gems?  You’re a boy!”

“I’ll know lots when I steal them ALL!”  Stefan exclaimed, clapping his hands together.  “Now hurry up, math is the worst.  I wanna go outside.”

Paula sighed.  “I hate math…”

When Oskar peeked in on Camilla later that evening, she was napping on her bed.  It was unusual for her, but Oskar didn’t question it.  If she was sleeping, then she wasn’t out carousing and causing trouble.  He really had no idea how such a sweet, good girl could become such a terror.  He was almost afraid of the twins becoming teenagers!

The twins were outside, enjoying the apartment building’s gated playground.  They would play until they were called inside.  It was hard to really enjoy the outdoors when you lived in the center of downtown, but they did their best.  The playground was furnished nicely and even had grass, so that was something.  They loved playing tag.

Camilla’s nap hadn’t been a random thing–she was resting up for her night out on the town with one of her guy friends.  She wasted no time sneaking out after she was sure her father was in bed.  They met up at the dance club a block or two away from her apartment building.

There was a curfew downtown, but it was difficult to enforce with so many people out late at night.  Camilla managed to slip through the cracks unscathed!

While Camilla wasn’t necessarily a bad girl, she was a teenager and therefore still trying to figure things out.  One of those things was who her prom date would be.  She had three guys that wanted to take her, but she still couldn’t choose.  She really didn’t mind going through the process of trying to figure out, though.

Once the dance club closed down, Camilla ran the two blocks back to her apartment building.  It was late and the sun would soon be cresting the hills.  She’d slip into bed and her father would never know.

Several months into their relationship, Kelly was becoming comfortable with the situation she had found herself in.  At first, it was a little jarring dating a man with three kids, but she adjusted well.  Kelly had a natural maternal instinct and found herself enjoying her time with the twins.  She would even take them out by herself.

They were coming home from a day at the park when Oskar got the phone call.

Kelly was starting dinner and Oskar was at the sink, washing up the dishes she left in her culinary wake.  He wasn’t going to argue–it was nice to have someone who could actually cook using the kitchen.  Kelly was a natural, even though she insisted on eating ‘nature friendly’.

They settled into a quiet rhythm when his cell phone rang.

Oskar dried his hands and moved away from the sink to answer.  Kelly gave the overly eager Paula a salad to hold her over until dinner.  They were having a nice talk about their day at the park when Oskar’s lowered tone caused them to both fall silent.

“…twenty days?!”

Kelly and Paula shared a nervous glance.  They didn’t have to question who the conversation was about.

“How was I not notified until now?  I see… well, I’ll be down tomorrow morning to sign the papers.  Yes, thank you.  No, that’s fine.  I’m sure this is what is necessary.  Yes.  Thank you again.”

“Camilla?” Kelly asked, already knowing the answer.

“Twenty days of absences.  She had them calling a dummy cell phone so I wouldn’t find out.  They only got my real number by calling my office while I was out to lunch!  This is the last straw.  I’m calling the Academy right now.”

Later that evening, Oskar was still aggravated.  Camilla still wasn’t home.  It was almost as if she knew.  It was late and he had planned on going to bed, but he couldn’t knowing she was still out there.

“Do you want me to come with you?”  Kelly asked.  She had practically lived there the past month or so.

“No, stay with the twins.  I think I know where to find her.”

“Try not to be too hard on her… she’s just really confused right now.”

Oskar ignored Kelly’s plea for mercy while he tugged on his clothes and grabbed his keys.  He knew exactly where to find her.

When he walked in, he was shocked to see her at the bar, having a drink.  A young man hung out next to her, obviously the benefactor of her alcoholic beverage.  Oskar was too angry at Camilla to bother with the guy.  He yelled her name from the doorway and she nearly dropped the glass in surprise.


“What the hell is wrong with you?!  You’re only sixteen!  I’m going to have this entire place closed down for serving a minor!”

Camilla was noticeably embarrassed now.  The bartender that served her was already on his cellphone, trying to find his boss’ number.  This was not good.

“You’re coming home, right now, and packing!

“NO!  I’m not going anywhere!”  Camilla said, dodging her father’s attempt to grab her arm.

“Ha!  Like you have a say in this.  I’ve been a fool to give you so much freedom… let’s go.  Now, Camilla.”

Camilla pouted as he marched her out.

Before Oskar could get far, he was cornered by Sheila McMaster.  He wasn’t sure what the old woman was doing in a dance club, but he was still too boiling with rage to wonder about it for long.

“Can’t even keep your own kids in line!”  She snapped.  “And now you’ve got my daughter… hmph!  I’m keeping my eye on you, boy.  Don’t think I don’t know what your kind is like.”

Oskar sighed, trying not to say anything too abrupt.  Dealing with Kelly’s family had been one disaster after another and now it seemed her mother was stalking him!

“I really don’t have time for this, I have to get my daughter home.”

“So I see.”  She snorted.  She clearly was not impressed with his parenting.  Oskar tried to ignore her disdain and moved into the elevator with Camilla.

As if things couldn’t possibly get any worse, the apartment was robbed a few days later.  The thief didn’t make off with too much, thanks to Oskar hearing them and calling the police immediately.  Unfortunately, they were too fast and spirited away before the cops could arrive.

The female police officer apologized and said that they would file a report and keep an eye out for the missing items.  Oskar didn’t care about his things so much as his safety.  He called the building manager and demanded that a security system be installed immediately.

Before leaving, the cop had tried to suggest that maybe it was one of his daughter’s ‘hoodlum friends’.  The cop was quickly shooed out the door.

True to his word, Oskar had contacted the Academy and had all of Camilla’s educational records transferred over.  She only had a few days to pack and say goodbye to her friends before being shipped off to her new life for the new two years.  It was difficult for Oskar to let her go, but he knew there was no other choice.  If she stayed with him, she’d only get more and more out of control.

Camilla didn’t say anything the morning she left.  She hugged the twins, gave her dad a look, and then was out the door.  The taxi waited for her by the curb.

As she sat down in the back of the downtrodden cab, Camilla began to think that maybe she should have listened to Lana.  It was moot point now, she was already gone.  The cab driver glanced back at her before pulling out onto the street.

“Hope you like green, little girl.”

Camilla watched the familiar streets fade away.  The gravity of the situation had finally begun to sink through her teenage foggy teenaged brain.

“This sucks…”


I really did try to keep Camilla out of military school, but she was just so adamant about going!  She kept getting mood swings that prompted wants of going on dates and breaking curfew.  She also kept wanting to fight with her dad!  This girl was out of control.  I’m hoping military school shapes her up a bit.  We won’t see her again until she graduates… let’s hope she learns something.

Oskar and Kelly just kind of fell together.  I had him visit her and she kept flirting and doing romantic things autonomously to him, so I had him give her flowers.  He spun up the wish to kiss her, so I let him and then the autonomous woohoo kicked in.  Kelly is a nympho!  After that, it’s constant with her.  It’s all she wants to do when left idle.  That girl is insatiable!  They are officially dating now and I’m sure it won’t be long until Kelly just moves in since she’s always there anyway.

I’m also pretty sure that Sheila is stalking Oskar.  She’s always in the weirdest places downtown when I send him out!  Scary.

Stefan is an Evil sim and he keeps talking about his mastermind plot to Paula.  Meanwhile, Paula is a Brave sim who keeps wanting to be a detective/spy (especially after that robbery, which was SO random!)  Should be an interesting twin dynamic when they grow up…

Extra Picture:

Anna Klein, Lana Klein’s mother, does not appreciate Oskar and Kelly’s PDA!  So funny.  Oskar threw a party and Anna stuck around after it ended.  She always tries to flirt with him, despite being married.

6 comments to 2: Novak – ‘Stupid Girl’

  • Oh man, it would be so cool if Stefan joined the criminal career and Paula became a cop! Too funny!

    Ah, Camilla…well, she can’t say Oskar didn’t give her many, many chances. She’ll have to really shape up now.

    So Oskar and Kelly are now a “thing”. I hope they last but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I have no idea if TS3 Sims are as bad at forgetting lost loves as TS2 Sims are. I have married Sims who still roll the wish to fall in love with an ex. It happens so often that I usually just ignore it!

    • Mao

      I know! I’m trying not to set myself up for it, so I can let them do as they please… but how messed up would that be? I’d love it.

      Camilla was a mess. I doubt military school will tame her down, but at least now the household will be a little more peaceful!

      I figured that Kelly would end up with Oskar. Kelly, in the end, wants stability. Dominic isn’t exactly Mr. Stable! I haven’t had much issue with Romantic Interests interfering with TS3 sims… but then again, TS3 sims are about as romantic as glaciers!

  • Seriously funny that Stefan is evil and Paula brave! I think Oskar will have his hands full once Stefan grows to teen too. It’s unfortunate that Camilla didn’t snap out of it and just do her school work. I’m glad he really sent her though, instead of just threatening and doing nothing. I was surprised that he and Kelly really started a relationship in this one, I wondered if they ever would, with how they teetered on the brink of it so long. Now they can double date! Heh, I think that’d still be awkward!

    • Mao

      I love it. I can’t wait to explore it more once they get older! Camilla will be fun to play once she’s back and a Young Adult. ;) HA at awkward double dates! That is too funny. Kelly and Oskar were inevitable. I gave them the opportunity to look elsewhere, but Oskar was persistent and Kelly is better off with someone stable.

  • Layla Sims

    Yeah! I’m happy that Kelly and Oskar are together. Kelly strikes me as someone who needs an older, and as you said, stable, man and Dominic is more of a boy in comparison. (Playboy?!)

    You do know that Paula also carries the evil trait, or has that not shown up yet? I tend to forget that kids grow into these things while the adults have all their traits from the start.

    Camilla. Gosh, what can one say? LOL Well, she wants to be a singer so I hope that military school will somehow give her vocal coaching and improve her singing. :-)

    • Mao

      In the end, I think it went for the best. Kelly really did need an older man and Dominic, well, you’ll see as time goes on. ;)

      I can’t remember when Paula got her Evil trait. It was after Stefan, I do know that. She doesn’t express it the same, because of her end traits, though. I like to try and balance out personalities via their overall traits. xD

      Oh, Camilla…

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