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2: McMaster 2 – ‘Big Empty’

Kelly McMaster (Young Adult) [ Oskar Novak (Adult) ]

Kelly McMaster’s life is really starting to look up.  Despite her family’s financial issues, Kelly was able to move out on her own (again).  She loved her apartment in Aperture City.  It was great to have freedom again.  It was a little lonely, though.  Kelly had never been one to enjoy living alone for extended periods of time.  At least it was close to her job.

While the script Asha had mentioned wasn’t completely through the process yet–they were still trying to find a good director–Kelly still managed to get ahead at work with her help.  She was helping with set location and design of a prime time television show that Aperture Studios produced.  It wasn’t exactly difficult work, but it definitely afforded some perks…

Like free drinks at the hottest spots in downtown Aperture.  Everyone wanted the publicity of the show shooting in their club!  Kelly, who was definitely a fan of ‘drinking for courage’, always enjoyed sampling what they had to offer.  Oskar usually accompanied her, sometimes as part of his job, but usually just because he wanted to keep an eye on her.

He had realized awhile back that Kelly’s big vice was her inability to know when enough was enough.

He had to admit that drinking gave her courage.  She was large and in charge when she had a drink or two in her.

“Get those prints sent over to the studio right away.  We’re looking for an answer tonight.”  Kelly instructed firmly to the girl who took the pictures.  She was technically the director of photography for the show, but Kelly never bothered learning her name.  It was kind of irrelevant at this point.

The girl smirked, knowing that Kelly wasn’t normally this bossy: “Yeah, once I get the dimensions and camera positions.”

Kelly really wasn’t someone who drank a lot, but when she did drink, she didn’t stop.  She could function completely fine in the real world without ever touching or thinking about alcohol, but if you gave her the chance to drink, she’d put a college girl to shame.  It didn’t really bother Oskar, everyone had their vices, but he did get a little annoyed when she’d go overboard on their dates… and in public.

Case in point, they went to the movies one night and it ended with Kelly losing her dinner on the mosaic cement outside of the theater.  Kelly really hadn’t drank that much, either.  Oskar was puzzled, but he did his usual of calling a cab and taking her home.  He gave her coffee and once he was sure she was okay, he returned home to make sure the babysitter hadn’t done something insane with his children.

Unfortunately for Kelly, it seemed that her impromptu barf session had nothing to do with how much alcohol she did or did not drink that night.  She woke up a few nights later with that same sensation and nearly ruined her new rug!

Lucky for her, the bathroom was only a few feet away.  She stumbled, still sleepy, across the floor and towards the toilet.  This trend continued for the weeks to come and she never really bothered to figure out why.  At first, she thought it was the flu… but as the signs became more and more apparent, she became more and more oblivious.

It wasn’t until her clothes really started to not fit at all that she had to face facts.  She went and bought several tests that all said the same thing–positive.  She looked in the mirror at her frumpy garb and felt like throwing up all over again.  This time, however, it had absolutely nothing to do with morning sickness.

She eventually built up the courage to go home.  She needed someone to talk to and she really couldn’t think of anyone else other than her family.  She wasn’t even sure how to begin and she needn’t have worried, either.  As soon as Patrick saw her, he knew.  He sighed, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“What have you done now?”

“Don’t say it like that,” she frowned, hesitant to meet his eyes.  “I’m scared enough as it is!”

“Not yet, I have an appointment this week… I wanted to tell you guys before I went.  I was hoping Noreen would go with me…”

“So, you haven’t told Oskar yet?  Kelly–”

“Just stop right there, okay?  I’m not even ready to cross that bridge yet!”

The person Kelly worried the most about was her mother.  She knew how much she hated Oskar.  Fortunately for Kelly, Sheila was just so happy to see her and to have her there that she really didn’t react badly.  Kelly didn’t want to stay alone and Sheila refused to allow it, so Kelly bunked with her family for awhile.

She found herself sleeping in the old, familiar bunk beds.  It wasn’t exactly as comfortable as her bed downtown, but that didn’t matter.  As long as she had her family’s support, she could sleep on the world’s hardest floor and be okay.

It was a little abrupt, but Kelly took a leave of absence from work.  She claimed family issues, but she didn’t have to try too hard, as the studio really didn’t need her at the moment.  They told her to get cracking on her acting, as they were in the process of securing a director.  Her excitement waned once she looked down at her giant belly.

Avoiding Oskar was a bit trickier, but she just claimed that her sister-in-law was pregnant and needed help at home.

Everything was going okay until she ran into Dominic one day at the park.  Kelly had been feeling a little stir crazy, so she went out to relax at the park.  It was in the country, so it wasn’t like anyone she really knew would see her.  Too bad Dominic had been camping with Asha and happened to be in the area.

“Holy crap, Kelly,” Dominic gaped, unable to look away from her protruding stomach.  “You’re… pregnant.”

“Thanks, I had no idea.”  Kelly snapped back.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that… I’m just… kind of shocked.”

“I’m still trying to get a grip on it, too.”

They sat down at a picnic table and talked for a bit.  Asha had to returned to the city a day early, so Dominic was just wandering around with Lola.  They didn’t talk much about the pregnancy until Dominic finally said:

“Have you told him yet?”


“Come on, Kelly… you’re not that cold.”

“I’m not being cold!” She said defensively.  “I’m… I’m just… scared.  I mean, we’ve been dating awhile but still… I’m pregnant.  That’s so huge that it’s not something I can just bring up.  ‘Oh, hey, I’m pregnant.  Wanna grab lunch?'”  Her shoulders slumped and her anger quickly dissipated.  “I don’t even know where to begin… I don’t even know if I want to tell him because I’m afraid he might want nothing to do with me if I do.”

Dominic shook his head and regarded her critically for a moment:  “You’re being an idiot.  Would you really let yourself care for someone who would be such an ass?  Time to grow up, Kelly… you need to tell him and soon.”

Kelly really was scared.  She had never anticipated having a kid before her career took off and especially not before she was properly married and assured the guy wasn’t going to take off.  She spent a lot of time seeking comfort from her sister-in-law, Noreen, who was a pro at it.

Noreen tried to assure her that it would be fine, she just had to tell him.  The longer she waited, the worse it would get.

Of course, Kelly didn’t get much longer to keep her secret.  Oskar was no longer buying her excuses.  When you’re trying to avoid someone, it’s usually a good idea to make sure they don’t know where to find you.

Kelly was caring for Old Roy when Oskar came walking up.  She tried not to pass out, but she was pretty far along and her entire body felt like it might collapse under the weight of the adrenaline moving through her.


Old Roy’s head had been blocking her stomach.  She moved away from the horse and approached Oskar in full view.  It didn’t take long for him to put two and two together.  Unfortunately for her, he wasn’t above scolding a pregnant woman.

“Kelly!  What the hell?”


This is why you’re avoiding me?  I went to the studio, they said you took an abrupt leave of absence; I went to your apartment and it looked as if you’d moved out.  If I hadn’t spoken to you on the phone recently, I’d have thought you’d ran off!”

“I’m sorry… I just, I didn’t even know how to begin…”

“Is there a reason you were keeping this from me, I mean–”

Kelly knew where he was going and quickly stopped him, “no!  That’s not it at all.  God.  No.  I just didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid.  I feel so stupid now.  I’m so sorry.”

He sighed, though he was visibly relieved.  He really did not want to be tangled up in some daytime talk show mess.

“Have you been going to your appointments?  How far along are you?  God, Kelly.  I feel like someone just hit me with a bus!  I’d rather you have told me when you found out.”

“Yes, and I didn’t find out until I was around four months… it may not look it, but I’m actually in the last trimester right now.  I guess I was just lucky in that I’m not a whale…”

“I really, really want to be angry, but there’s something strangely inappropriate about raging at a pregnant woman.”

“I’m so sorry,” Kelly pouted.  “I don’t even know how to begin to apologize.  I know I should have told you… I should have known better.”

“I just can’t even begin to imagine what you were planning!”

“N-Nothing!  I… I wanted to tell you… I just didn’t know how…”

He ran a hand through his hair, trying not to let his frustration take over, “for future reference, calling me down to the hospital to sign papers is not the appropriate way to broach that kind of conversation.”


Oskar made Kelly return to the city, much to her chagrin.  He didn’t want her that far away when she was at the cusp of giving birth.  She couldn’t argue with him–she owed that much to him after keeping such a heavy secret for so long.  He was good on his word and spent pretty much all his free time trying to take care of her.

She refused to move in just yet, wanting the twins to come around to the idea that she was pregnant first.  She didn’t want to just force a new baby into their home.

Kelly’s pregnancy was a rough one.  Even though she was at the final stretch, she still spent most of her time sick.  They had to visit the hospital several times due to her throwing up everything she ate.  It was no wonder she didn’t get very big at all!

Despite the difficulty, Oskar had been putting something into the works since she had returned.  It was something he had considered before, but this event had simply pushed it forward.

Before proposing to Kelly, he assured her it wasn’t entirely because of the baby… and it really wasn’t.  It also wasn’t immediate.  She’d have plenty of time to adjust and prepare whatever it was she wished.  Kelly, who had always wanted to be married, was not about to say no, especially not when Oskar had been so understanding about everything that had happened.  It relieved her to know this was not a ‘shot gun wedding’.

Of course, it did mean that she’d be giving up her apartment and moving in with him.  She was no longer apprehensive, but she still wasn’t completely ready.  She kept promising she’d do it when the baby was born.  She just wasn’t ready for such an extensive process right now.  She spent most of her time on bed rest.

Due to her illness, Kelly was unable to cook.  Oskar tried to do it with her instruction, but Kelly wasn’t exactly the most patient and dignified of pregnant women.

“Who taught you how to flip?  It’s going to be uneven now.”

Oskar laughed.  “I’m so glad you’re not a school teacher… you’d be terrible.”

“Hey!  Focus!  I’m starving.  If you mess it up, you’re eating it.”

“I told you it would be uneven,” Kelly grumbled.  “I’ll be so glad when I can cook again.”

“I’m beginning to think you should abandon being an actress and just pursue a career in being one of those loud and noisy chefs that yells at people.”

“Hey!  I’m not… I mean… okay, I am that bad, but–”

“But nothing!  It’d be made better by the fact that you’re attractive.  It’s almost too good of a show to air–people’s brains might implode by the unlikeliness of it all.”

Kelly gave him a look.  “Would you stop?  I’m trying to eat here.”

Despite her icy countenance, Kelly was grateful for Oskar’s help and his patience.  Anyone else would have slapped her upside the head during her little tirades.

Oskar would not have to be patient for long.  Kelly went to the bathroom only to not make it.  At first, she thought it was an accident, but when she remembered what she read about water breaking… she yelled for Oskar.  This baby was coming a little earlier than scheduled.


OKAY!  Originally, Kelly was NOT going to get an entry this round since she just moved.  However, as I was playing the Novak house… on the very last day… I was focusing on the kids and left Kelly and Oskar to their own devices.  I go back to the apartment just in time to hear CHIMES!  I know it was Kelly, it’s always Kelly.  That crazy girl tried for a baby, which is almost a guaranteed knock out for a YA as young as her.  OMG!

So, I had to plan a little.  I didn’t want it dominating the next Novak update, I wanted it to seem like ‘some time had passed’… so you get this.  If I had waited and let it happen during the Novak update, it would have been a mess…  I actually played three households during this to try and get the overall gist.  So, it’s more like a ‘filler’ than an actual household update.

First of all, I played Kelly and had her stay with her family.  Then, I switched over to Dominic because she had a wish to talk to him.  They spoke and Dominic saw the belly and rolled up a ‘Just be Friends’ wish… HA!  Homeboy wants NONE of that business!  So, that was kind of messy.  I hate how ‘just be friends’ is exactly like breaking up.  Lame.  Then, I went to Oskar to see what his reaction was.  As soon as he saw her, like literally, physically saw her… he rolled up a marriage wish.  Yess!!  So, that’s where that came from.  He’s a stand-up guy like that ((glares at Dominic… he’s not even AFRAID of kids!  LOL!))

The baby is born and you’ll see it in the next Novak update.  :)

8 comments to 2: McMaster 2 – ‘Big Empty’

  • Josh

    I’m so glad for them tbh! I was rooting for this couple, and I like Asha with Dominic, so everything worked out great. I hope the baby looks like Kelly, Oscar is rocking some weirdly strong features.

    • Mao

      Jooooosh! :D I’m glad there’s less ‘will they, or won’t they’, now I feel like I can focus on other things. Also, Kelly can stop dominating all the posts, lol!

      Ha at Oscar’s features! I made sure that the sims I made for this looked okay as females and males, so his kids should be okay… unless their combined features equal something insane, lol!

  • I love Oskar even more now! And Dominic! Tsk tsk! Guess he’s not one for chivalry. I can’t believe she’s having a baby! I wish she would have enjoyed her younger years longer, I think there are lots of things she will miss out on now. I also wonder if Asha will care to help her anymore considering Dominic doesn’t want Kelly anymore. Can’t wait to see how this parenting thing goes and step mom role that Kelly is taking on.

    • Mao

      I know! I was so happy he was a stand-up guy. And Dominic… oh man, I laughed so hard. I should have expected his reaction!

      I am really mad she’s having a baby. I wanted her to enjoy her YA years, too. Silly girl. She just had to run and Try for a Baby… sigh. Asha and Kelly are actually in-game friends now, so I don’t think Asha will drop her that easily. :)

      Kelly as a step mom and parent has me giggling. She’s so young! Camilla is going to freak, lol.

  • “for future reference, calling me down to the hospital to sign papers is not the appropriate way to broach that kind of conversation.”

    Ha, no, it’s not! I’m glad Oskar found out, even though he didn’t find out in the best way possible. If he was going to take off, he would have, no matter when Kelly told him. But it sounds like Oskar is pretty committed. ;)

    LOLing so hard at Dominic’s “Just Be Friends” want. That’s hilarious! But I hate how Sims react to that like it’s a regular break-up too. :\ Typical EA.

    Can’t wait to find out whether they had a boy or a girl! And what they named it!

    • Mao

      I have way too much fun with dialogue sometimes, lol. I will admit that is ‘almost’ my favorite part of writing!

      Oskar is very committed! I am so happy he’s a stand up guy. I’m sad for him, though… living with Kelly won’t be easy. That girl is a tornado of indecision.

      That wish about killed me… too funny!! I never have sims roll that up, either. xD

  • Alright so, Oskar is growing on me now. I change my mind about Kelly and Dominic, Asha is welcome to him!

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