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2: Belrose-Martel – ‘Inside Out’

Emanuel Belrose (Elder), Cherie Ashton (Adult), Luis Martel (Child)

Despite their drunken romp, things seemed to be okay between Emanuel and Cherie.  Neither one was really standoffish and Cherie was actually kind of surprised by Emanuel’s lazy acceptance of it all.  They were both adults and neither one was particularly interested in pursuing a relationship–that was completely fine.  Cherie didn’t question it, she just let it be as it was.  Sometimes they slept together, sometimes they didn’t… it was an easy truce of being two adults sharing a space.

Whatever worked, worked and it kept Cherie with Luis.

Emanuel made an effort to be nicer, though.  It seemed as if their physical closeness had broken down a wall.  He was appreciative of her cooking and her help with Luis.  He would even tolerate Luis being in the same room with him, which was definitely out-of-character.  She could tell they would never be as close as kin should, but it was more than she had ever anticipated, so she left it go.

Most would have seen it as a weird situation, but Cherie was fine with it.  Not putting labels or anything and just being casual was something she was okay with.

She focused a lot of her time on helping Luis with his school work.  He was struggling, mostly because he couldn’t seem to pay attention.  The teacher had sent notes home, which Cherie took care of.  At first, the school had tried to press them for Emanuel’s signatures and everything, given that he was Luis’ legal guardian.  Cherie fixed that right away.  With some goading from Emanuel, Cherie was allowed to also be listed as a guardian.  She did everything, anyway, and if anything ever happened to Emanuel, she wanted to be able to take care of Luis.

Perhaps it was the accident that spurred Cherie into action.  Emanuel had a little incident during one of his fishing treks.  He had been hiking up to a good fishing spot only to take a tumble.  Luckily, he didn’t break anything and was released from the hospital quickly.

Emanuel brushed it off as no big deal, but Cherie refused to share his lackadaisical way of seeing things.  She prompted him to write out a will that bequeathed everything to Luis.

Despite Cherie’s help, Luis was still struggling in school.  The teacher was growing frustrated.  It was obvious that something had to be done to channel Luis’ interest.

Discipline hadn’t worked, and neither had tutors.  Cherie took Luis to a doctor and had him examined.  He was given medication to try and assist with his attention issues.  His grades finally started to improve.

Emanuel liked to enjoy his fishing trips alone, but after his accident, Cherie was hesitant to let him to go far.  Their compromise was the beach just a block or so away from the house.  There would be no more treks up hiking trails or far away from other people.  If he fell again, there’s a chance no one would find him!

Of course, being closer gave Cherie an excuse to include Luis.  She quieted Emanuel’s protests by bringing him picnic lunches.

Emanuel ate and fished, he didn’t really spend much time with Cherie or Luis, but that was okay.  Luis was just happy to be at the beach and Cherie was just happy to escape the house.  She’d been spending a lot of time working on her painting lately and was getting frustrated with her progress.  A day at the beach was a welcome distraction.

Luis loved playing in the sand.  He made a terrible mess of everything, throwing sand around and making castles only to destroy them seconds later.  Cherie watched with quiet amusement.  Sometimes she really missed being an innocent kid–there was so much to look forward to.

Cherie was elated when Luis brought Philip McMaster home with him one day.  They had become fast friends since starting third grade and rarely spent any time apart during school.  Philip lived in the country behind their house; it was only a fifteen minute walk, so they also spent a lot of time together outside of school, too.

They played rough, like boys do.  Cherie tried to make sure they did it within her eyesight and also without destroying the house in the process.  They were loud and they had way too much fun smacking each other with old pillows.

It was good to see Luis progressing so well, despite his rocky start.

Cherie had even found a friend in Noreen McMaster, Philip’s mother.  They were around the same age, though their backgrounds were quite different.  They often met up at the local hang out to blow off some collective steam.  They both spent most of their time trapped in the house, caring for children and pets.  It was nice to have someone to talk to.

Despite having Noreen as a confidante, Cherie still felt frustrated with herself.  She’d been struggling with her art lately and was at the hang out alone, having a few drinks when a man greeted her.  He was a former fan and he introduced himself as Jean Redford.

“You’re Cherie Ashton, aren’t you… the magician?”

She smiled.  It had been a long time since she’d thought about her past.  “You recognized me?  I’m impressed.  I don’t really look the part anymore.”

“Aw, I dunno, I think you’re still pretty smokin’…”

They had a few drinks together and Cherie felt herself falling into a familiar pattern.  Meeting fans at bars wasn’t really anything new to her and she knew that this guy had probably had some very distinct fantasies about her.  She wasn’t sure why, but she really, really wanted to do something wild.

So, when he asked her to come over to his place for a night cap, she didn’t bother resisting.

“Are you trying to sleep with me?  That’s a pretty horrible line.”

He laughed.  “I guess I should know better than to get something past a magician!  Really, though… I just don’t want to part ways quite yet.  I never dreamed I’d actually meet you.”

Cherie allowed herself to be flattered and went home with him.  He lived in Aperture City, in one of the posh houses just outside of the downtown area.  She was pretty impressed–she had expected a dingy apartment or something.

They didn’t really do a whole lot of talking once they made it through the door.

Cherie didn’t come to her senses until the early am, when she realized Luis would be waiting for her to wake him up for school.  She sighed, feeling like an idiot.  It had been a fun little rendezvous, but it had to end now.  She didn’t give Jean a chance to say anything, she just told him it was a great night, but she had to get home.  She blew him a kiss as she left the bedroom, tugging her heels on and grabbing her keys.

She had an hour to get home.

As she drove home, Cherie tried to steel herself against the shame that washed over her.  She really didn’t have anything to feel guilty about–she wasn’t really dating anyone and Jean hadn’t mentioned being attached, either.  Still, something gnawed at her.  It seemed sketchy to live with one guy and go shack up with another, whilst barely knowing him.

She pushed away her thoughts, focusing instead on the winding road.

Cherie made it home in time to wake Luis up and get him ready for school.  Emanuel didn’t ask about where she had been.  Everything seemed okay and the shame she felt dissipated a little.  She slept until around ten.  When she woke up, the house was quiet.  She grabbed the paper and sat down to read it while she drank her coffee.

As she opened it up all the way, her face fell.

An engagement announcement caught her eye.  She looked at the picture and even squinted to make sure that her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her.  Anger rippled over her as the realization sunk in.

“He’s engaged… that bastard!


It seems my sims suck at getting good grades without me hovering over them.  Sigh.  I managed to get Luis back up to passing.  Here’s hope he can keep it going while I’m at the other houses.

Cherie and Luis are really close.  It’s cute.  Also, Emanuel autonomously thanks Cherie for cooking, which is nice!  Seems he’s warming up… seems getting busy with a younger blonde can do that to an old, cranky man, ha!

Cherie’s one-night stand was unplanned.  She got Stir Crazy, so I sent her out to the local coffee house.  Jean was there and he walked up and started talking to Cherie on his own.  She started spinning up wants for him and well… you remember autonomous woohoo?  It’s a beast.  I had them take it back to his place and well, there you go.  Unfortunately, Jean IS engaged… which I didn’t figure out until they were pretty much dry humping each other.  D’oh.

To make matters worse, Cherie mysteriously threw up the morning she got home.  Sooo… she could be pregnant.  The problem?  Guessing who fathered it.  Emanuel and her get busy a lot and nothing has come of it, so I’m going to put my money on Jean.  Oh boy.

6 comments to 2: Belrose-Martel – ‘Inside Out’

  • Well. I was about to say that Emanuel, Cherie and Luis have a fairly non-traditional family-but-not kind of structure going on but it seems to work. But now that she’s pregnant and it may or may not be Emanuel’s? I don’t know that things are going to be so comfortable any more. No matter whose baby it is, that’s got to throw a spanner in the works.

  • Whoa!! I didn’t see that coming! I wonder who the dad is, and of she’ll get in touch with Jean, now letting him now it could be his. This is a giant wrench into the wheel for these guys. I don’t see Emmanuel being kind even if it was is own kid, let alone some other mans. I hope things work out alright for Luis, he seems to be improving by leaps and bounds now. Also glad that if Emmanuel kicks it, that Cherie can take care of him.

    • Mao

      Jean being engaged (and eventually married) might be a large problem. I’m interested in what Cherie will want to do if it does turn out to be Jean’s! I’m trying to let the sims dictate things, but I’ll be crossing my fingers for some drama (as his fiancee is someone some of the other households know!)

  • Layla Sims

    I love that Cherie is also a guardian to Luis. That way she can always be looking out for him.

    Oh, I think either way, you will get your drama! LOL If it’s Emanual’s kid, he doesn’t like children, so he’ll no doubt throw a royal fit. If it’s Jean’s (who I think is the baby daddy too, since she got sick after being with him), that drags him, his fiance, and his possible future children into this. Oh yes, this has the promise of a good story-line. :-)

    • Mao

      Cherie and Luis are still close, which makes me happy. She calls him all the time when I play his house, even if I don’t write about it. :D

      Oh boy, the drama! I was so excited by this, it was my first ‘illegitimate’ pregnancy of the world. You’re right, whatever way it goes, it’s going to end in a mess.

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