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15: Ryder – ‘Angel’

Jessica Ryder (Young Adult), Rebecca Jefferson (Young Adult)

Rebecca always made sure to care for Jessica’s squirrel. It was one of the few things she had remaining of her father. The squirrel was getting old, but Rebecca did her best to keep it in good health. She was home all day, so it was the least she could do.

Jessica was always so understanding about her need to throw parties, after all. It wasn’t unusual for their house to be filled with guests, music playing in the background. Rebecca loved having a good time–her parties were always friendly affairs with little to no hi-jinx. She wasn’t exactly a spring chicken anymore. This was more her party speed now.

Besides, her and Jessica had been tentatively discussing maybe adopting a child in need. Bianca McMaster was an excellent sounding board on this, happy to listen and help in whatever way possible.

Jessica discussed the idea with her half-sister, Lily. Lily was supportive, though she made sure to voice her concerns about the seriousness of bringing a child into their lives. Jessica had always been heavily family-oriented, so it was no surprise that she was more than happy to heft the burden.

Rebecca was nothing like Natalia and there was no worry of her scurrying off at the first sign of trouble.

Juliet McMaster was heavily pregnant when Jessica spoke to her about coming over to fix her dishwasher.  Jessica was envious, she’d probably never know what it felt like to carry a child to term, but just having a kid at all would be a wonderful boon. Juliet was more skeptical than the others about the idea, quick to tell Jessica of the possible disappointments that could come along with the adoption process. Jessica was undaunted.

Although, maybe she was worrying just a little. That was the only explanation for thinking that she’d seen the long-dead cat of her mother wandering through their remodeled kitchen as if it hadn’t changed at all. It was late at night and perhaps her eyes were just playing tricks on her. That was surely it. Maybe she needed to take some time and relax a little.

Rebecca was more than happy to assist in Jessica’s relaxation. They went out for the first time in what seemed like forever. Jessica always woke up early to got to work, so bar hopping wasn’t really an option anymore.

They decided on the low-key sports bar. It was the kind of atmosphere that Jessica would unwind in. They spoke lightly about their plans and played plenty of darts while sipping on some drinks.

All went well until Jessica jokingly mentioned being artificially inseminated, causing Rebecca to nearly choke on her hotdog. No, she was definitely more in favor of adoption. It was more a shared partnership that way, they both had equal stakes in it. Jessica laughed off her concern. She wasn’t serious. The thought kind of grossed her out, honestly.

Rebecca made the appropriate calls once they’d made their final decision. It was a long and daunting process, with plenty of paperwork to fill out and at-home visits to tolerate. They were more scrutinized due to their situation–an unwed, same sex couple–but they passed all the ridiculous tests.

When asked if they planned to marry, Jessica and Rebecca just smiled.

They weren’t in any hurry. Marriage would happen or it wouldn’t. They’d both have to agree, though. Adoption was a big deal, bigger to them then marriage. There was no question as to whether or not they’d grow old together–they already knew the answer to that without a piece of paper making them legally obligated to do so.

The months dragged on and their lives continued as it always had. They didn’t forget about their plans, they only pushed them to the back of their minds. It wasn’t worth worrying over. It would happen when it happened. Sometimes it took years for a child to be placed. Until then, they’d continue living and saving and preparing as best they could.

One evening, close to Christmas, Jessica’s cell phone rang. It was fairly late in the evening and Rebecca suspected that it was probably the fire station calling with an emergency. It wasn’t unusual. They both approached the phone call as a routine thing, expecting nothing out of the ordinary.

Jessica picked up and instead of the familiar voice of one of her fellow firemen, she was greeted by their social worker. Unable to hide her shock, Jessica managed the conversation the best that she could while Rebecca finished their snowman in silent ignorance in the background.

When she hung up, her face was caught somewhere between excitement and mild fear. Rebecca stopped suddenly and gave her a quizzical look. The words that left Jessica’s lips were completely unexpected:

“That was the social worker. She says they’ve got an infant that needs placement immediately. We’re… not getting a child. We’re getting a baby.”


Sorry for such a long lapse between updates. I had this update played and edited before I left for Key West (end of June-ish), but stupid Fraps crapped out and lost my last few pictures. Annoyed, I didn’t bother writing the update because it messed up my flow. I was originally going to try and recapture the pictures, but the ones I had were with Jack and were just so perfect and not staged… I decided against it. Instead, you get this cliffhanger. Oops.

Rebecca and Jessica are adopting because I’m tired of waiting for them to spin up a related baby or marriage wish. Seriously! Jessica is a family-oriented sim, there’s no excuse. I was originally going to give them a child, but then I decided a baby might be more fun and random.

I’m not going for true realism here. I realize an unwed couple would never get a child via adoption, but this is my game, so I do what I want. ;)

I am hoping to eventually play enough to have a set schedule again, eventually. All our vacations are over, so I should have plenty of time, barring baby preparations. I’m finally well enough to game again. I need to get some padding before the third trimester sickness sneaks up on me!

4 comments to 15: Ryder – ‘Angel’

  • Unmarried couples can definitely adopt, especially same sex couples! In Australia, gay marriage isn’t legal in any state but gay adoption is a possibility some states. So this didn’t seem unrealistic to me at all, even though realism is not a particular concern of yours anyway.

    But yay, a baby! I can’t wait to see Jessica and Rebecca as parents. I think they’ll be really positive and stable influences in the life of this baby, who I am rather eager to meet!

    And also, Juliet is so cute pregnant!

    • Mao

      While I’m sad it isn’t legal to marry, I’m glad that adoption is totally an option! As far as I am aware, in the States, unwed and gay folks have a seriously hard time adopting. :( My MIL’s boss is a happily committed gay man and he’s struggled for YEARS to adopt the children he’s been fostering for years. Stupid backwards state.

      I’m so excited for them. They will make excellent parents. :)

  • I agree. No excuse for Jessica to not have had an adoption want! I can’t wait for the baby!

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