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15: Novak – ‘Hurricane’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Rena Eubanks (Young Adult) Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Natalia had been adamant about Rena needing one last night of freedom before marrying her brother. They weren’t doing a big wedding or anything, but Natalia claimed it was a ‘rite of passage’. Andrew rolled his eyes and promised to be ‘missing’ for a night while Rena began to eagerly anticipate what awaited her. She was a big of a ‘closeted’ Party Animal.

It turned out to be an absolute blast.

Rena shouldn’t have been shocked by the party dancers that showed up. Natalia was notoriously lacking in any real care about familial boundaries. Sure, this was her soon to be sister-in-law, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t show her a good time! Rena laughed about the other women’s reactions. Being an acrobat, she’d been around her fair share of half-naked men before.

The party went on long into the morning, ending with people passed out on the floor and quite the mess left to be cleaned up. Rena laid exhausted on the couch, surveying the mess around her with satisfaction. She’d forgotten the thrill of a good party! She was certainly glad Natalia was so accepting of her into the family. She’d been worried about the rumors she’d heard, but clearly they were unfounded.

Of course, anyone that knows Natalia should know that she does everything with an ulterior motive. Natalia was all too happy to beguile one of the party dancers into becoming her latest ‘experiment.’ It was fairly harmless and it’s not like he’d remember it, anyway. She’d slipped away from the party pretty early on. Parties really weren’t Natalia’s thing anymore.

Andrew and Rena were married in a very informal ceremony at City Hall. Neither one of them really wanted bothered with cumbersome wedding preparations. They were more excited about having the rest of their lives to spend together. There was also the issue of Andrew’s last fiance dying a rather untimely death. Clearly, he wasn’t willing to risk anything this time!

Natalia was genuinely happy for her brother. She didn’t completely understand the all-consuming love the two had for each other, but she respected it. Andrew was really her only true family left and she was quite intent on protecting that. Rena wasn’t too bad, either. She didn’t shy away from Natalia’s eccentricities. It was a pretty comfortable situation for everyone involved.

In the wake of their marriage, Andrew used his trust to buy a house in the same suburb outside of the city that he’d grown up in. The apartment had been nice, but there were too many memories of a past life there–here he could start everything over. Rena loved the new place and especially the hot tub installed just outside the back door. She wasn’t at all bothered by the fact that Natalia had come along with them.

The younger Novak sibling stayed in the guest house far in the back. It suited her needs just fine. She kept mostly to herself, though she’d come out now and again to hang out with them. It was amazing how she never seemed to overstay her welcome. She’d spirit away at almost exactly the right time, every time.

She kept some bees and a strange garden, but Rena never really paid much attention to either.

Unfortunately, not everything in Natalia’s life was going according to plan. Despite his long-term infatuation with her, college had changed Jack. It had shaped him into his own person with thoughts and ideas of his own making. His obsessiveness about art had never bothered her before, she’d once been a fellow artist, but now? Natalia was over it. Her mind was preoccupied by far more important things than silly art shows or rallies like the one she found herself at currently.

Arguments had become a commonplace thing for their evenings spent together.

Jack was reasonable Natalia’s obsessive interests, but she wasn’t capable of doing him the same favor. It was just the way Natalia was and had always been. Perhaps Jack just hadn’t noticed it because he’d had blinders on the entire time. Either way, the mystique was fading away and revealing a person that he was beginning to realize he might not be able to get along with on a long-term relationship level.

“This stuff is just all so pointless,” Natalia commented, looking around. “I don’t get why you’re so into it.”

“I don’t understand your obsessiveness over the occult, but I don’t judge you for it.”

Natalia’s shoulders stiffened. “It’s not an obsession, it’s a necessity.”

“So you keep saying, Nat, but I just don’t see what’s so necessary about any of it.”

“You’re just not capable of understanding it,” Natalia snapped, shooting him a look. “I’ll see you later. Have fun at… whatever this is.”

Jack’s sudden changes were worrisome to Natalia. She needed answers and the only person capable of giving them to her was the last person she wanted to seek them from. Natalia’s dislike of Emma had cropped up only after learning about her very casual relationship with Jack at University.

“Still trying to hide the bump?” Natalia greeted icily as Emma approached.

“Am I supposed to be impressed? My mother is a vampire. I’m pretty sure that trumps ‘witch.'” Emma countered back. She crossed her arms and met Natalia’s cold stare with her own. “What do you want?”

“You were ‘with’ Jack in college. What did you do to him?”

At this, Emma laughed. She couldn’t stop herself. It was loud and raucous. When she finally stopped, Natalia’s fists were balled at her sides. “How is it my fault if he’s suddenly realized how vapid and selfish you are?”

“Pregnant or not, I will hurt you, Emma Steel.” Natalia ground out threateningly.

Emma didn’t back down. “Go ahead and try. I’d snap you in two before you could wiggle one of your delicate little fingers.” Rolling her eyes, Emma relaxed her posture. “People change, they learn and they grow up. Jack’s growing up. You’re a frigid bitch obsessed with bubbling cauldrons and black dresses. You can’t expect childhood infatuation to last forever.”

“You have a lot of nerve, I’ll give you that, but how long do you think you can keep it under wraps?”

“I don’t have anything to hide, witch and unlike you, I have zero interest in capturing the hearts of people who aren’t mine to have.” With that, Emma left.

Her interaction with Emma left Natalia feeling angry and vengeful. She had the same stupid magnetism her mother had, drawing people to her like a freaking gravitational pull. It was annoying.

Natalia sought solace in the antique scrying ball she’d bought from a reputable dealer overseas. It had nothing good to tell her. Things for Natalia were not looking up–misfortune was headed her way. Unfortunately, Natalia wasn’t one to let the world guide her along. She was the type to fight back.

It helped that she had the tools to do so. She smirked to herself as she spent the rest of the night and morning mixing away frantically. It took all of her faculties and her ingredients, but it would be worth it in the end. She was going to show this ‘oncoming storm’ what’s what.

Andrew had taken notice of his sister’s sudden increase in reclusive behavior. He tried to talk to her about her over breakfast, one of the rare few times he even saw her anymore. She was her usual self, brushing aside his concern easily.

“It’s not healthy to hole yourself up back there for days on end, Nat.”

“I’m fine,” she said with a sigh. “I’m just working on something. You know what it’s like to ‘get in the zone.'”

“Just keep your head, okay? Don’t let it consume you.”

“I won’t, geeze. I know our parents are dead, Andrew, but you don’t have to treat me like a kid. I’m fine, okay? I promise. Stop worrying.”

It had been some time since Jack had seen Natalia. He certainly hadn’t expected her to pop up unexpectedly in his elevator. Natalia wasn’t at all bothered by his uneasiness. She smiled at him, pressing the button to his floor with a long, narrow finger.

“You know about Emma, don’t you?”

Jack shot her a look. “Yes. The only one who doesn’t is Rhys.”

“So it’s not yours?”

“No! What the hell are you trying to say, Nat? Emma is my friend. It isn’t like that.”

Natalia’s smile turned predatory as she moved to his side, a hand falling gently at first on his shoulder. “So, is it his?”

“No.” Jack’s voice was tinged with anger, but his body was frozen in place. He wasn’t stupid enough to tempt Natalia’s thinly veiled anger out into the open. “It’s Skip’s.”

“I see. Good. That’s good.” As she spoke, her grip on him tightened, fingernails catching the fabric of his shirt. “Stay away from Emma, Jack. Trust me on this. Being around her could be… dangerous.”

Meanwhile, Rena wasn’t feeling too great. She’d had to miss a few shows and eventually, it was a task to even leave her bed. Andrew was worried she was coming down with the flu, but Rena insisted she was fine. She was just a little tired. She spent a lot of time in bed reading. She had her own suspicions about her issue and was just waiting to confirm them.

When she did confirm it, she was more than happy to inform Andrew. Rena was pregnant. Andrew’s reaction took a little bit, as she’d sprung it on him rather suddenly. Rena was just too excited to plan anything elaborate. She got the call from her doctor that morning and after insisting Andrew make her macaroni and cheese (which she was craving desperately), she blurted it out.

Once the shock wore off, he was just as happy as Rena.

Natalia, unfortunately, was going to take some time to come around to the idea. She wasn’t exactly a big fan of children. Still, Rena hoped that she’d adapt to the idea of being an aunt eventually. She definitely didn’t want this pushing Natalia out of the house. She was a little worried about her lately, she seemed much more withdrawn than was usual for her.


Dear people, I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the Earth! Those who follow me on Twitter are already aware, but I suppose I should say it here, too. I’m pregnant. Would you believe that I found out just days after I posted that last update? Crazy. I was completely blindsided by the news and immediately after my official appointment, I became incredibly sick. I was sleeping all hours I wasn’t at work and when I was at work, every smell was the most atrocious thing to ever invade my nose. Eating was not an option, either. I had/have EXTREME food aversion. It’s getting better. That was at 8 weeks and now at 15 weeks, I’ve got more energy and am not sleeping. I’m still having issues doing things after working all day, though.

My computer has dust on it. I had to clean it off to play this update. I haven’t even really been online much, only at work and only when necessary. Computer screens give me wicked headaches after awhile. So, clearly, this baby hates everything that I love, lol! So, yes, I do want to get caught up with blogs/etc, but it will be VERY slow going for awhile. We’re leaving for Arizona this coming weekend, so maybe in June, lol.

As for this update, Rena and Andrew are married (yay!) and living in a nice, big house. Natalia and Jack keep autonomously disagreeing/etc. They have no issues getting busy, but it’s clear that Jack may have outgrown his infatuation. Natalia also hates Emma. I don’t know how/why/when this happened, but it’s hilarious. Also, info on Emma. We’ll be getting to her soon enough.

Thanks for sticking with me. I’m going to try and continue slowly playing because I MISS my sims. :) But like I said, it can be hard at times. And my in-laws are insisting on dragging us around the US as our last “hurrah” as a married couple with no kids. Honestly, it’s still sort of sinking in for us. This is madness, lol.

I’ll be adding Rena’s page as soon as I can. I forgot to make it before. x_x

14 comments to 15: Novak – ‘Hurricane’

  • Janet

    OMG! Congratulations!!!!

  • Claire

    Congrats! That’s awesome!!!! :)

  • I’m so glad your food aversion is getting better but I’m sorry you’re not sleeping. :( I just had two weeks of that, due to a chest infection/cough, so I’m sympathising right now.

    Finally, another piece of Emma’s mystery puzzle! I knew she was pregnant all along but it was killing me not knowing the dad. Jack seems pretty sure that it’s Skip’s. I wonder if that’s true or if that’s just what Emma has told him. I mean, if they’re not enjoying any non-sexy time together lately, she may want to fob him off a bit.

    Yay for Andrew and Rena though! They were like the beacons of stability in this update, lol!

    • Mao

      If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. It really was like having a really bad infection or flu. Ugh. I’m just happy I can be awake for more than a few hours at a time now. That was miserable!

      Oh, Emma. She’s such a mystery. I’m not going to confirm or deny anything quite yet–I’ll leave that for her update! Emma and Jack are definitely friends, but that may cause some serious issues with Natalia.

      Andrew and Rena made me happy. I’m so glad he’s finally got someone who isn’t going to randomly die (LOOKING AT YOU, ROS!) It was so weird seeing a sim be pregnant while I’m also pregnant. REALLY puts it into perspective.

  • So, you’ve surfaced! And that is exciting news. Just hope you keep getting better and that baby pipes down enough to let you get online and hang with your online friends more. We’ve missed you. Which probably means I need to get back on Twitter, LOL.

    Did you plan this update to be full of pregnancy just so you could spring that surprise on me at the end? You wicked woman. :) I’m glad Andrew can finally be happy and get a family.

    • Mao

      Indeed, I have! Man, I miss the internet. My husband KNEW something was up when I wasn’t able to really bother around with the computer. I think that’s how he knew my feeling ill was srs bsns. Yes, twitter misses you! It’s how I keep up with everyone because of my phone, lol.

      Oh man, I promise that I did not! I did sort of encourage them to get pregnant, though. I really wanted Andrew to get his happy ending and he ages to Adult next round, which is just crazy. Pregnant sims freak me out now. I feel their pain, lol.

  • I was thrilled to see an update from you!! Been too long, but I completely understand the break. I’m glad that you are up to eating again, and just hope that sleep will follow suit for you.

    I’m glad that Andrew is married, and now expecting a baby, he’s deserved this happily ever after for a long time. Also thought it was sweet of Rena and Andrew to bring Natalia along with them, she is one odd girl! I didn’t care for her threats to Emma or her warning to Jack to stay away. I really did hope that it was Jack’s baby… he can do better than Natalia, and I’m relieved he is finally seeing that (hopefully!).

    • Mao

      Thanks, Maisie! I’m hanging in there. Still pretty exhausted after being drug around the desert, haha.

      SO happy for Andrew, and I hope they can avoid any bad ROS rolls. /crosses fingers Natalia is a wicked little thing. I don’t see her feud with Emma going well. I would love for Jack to hook up with someone else, but it definitely won’t be Emma. She’s very casual with him, they’re friends.

  • jess

    Oh no. I’m worried the risky pregnancy ROS is related to Emma now O.o Natalia, what did you do?! She doesn’t need this with her dad about to die :'( fingers crossed I’m wrong.
    I used to really like Natalia and I was sad when she rolled dislikes children cause I wanted her to have pretty dark haired babies. Now she seems to have turned into a selfish bitch who needs to be taken down a peg!

    Also congratulations on impending baby. I hope you feel better soon :)

    • Mao

      Emma’s life was never meant to be an easy one! That could go both ways, of course. Unexpected pregnancy going through or being lost… hmmm.

      To be honest, I was kind of happy she rolled that because even as a kid, she never seemed “the type” to want kids. I just couldn’t reconcile it with her personality. It’s true, she probably does need taken down a peg. Perhaps messing with Asha’s progeny will get her that… ;)

      Thanks! I’m getting there.

  • Kiwi

    Just like reading KID or your Sims 2 blog was my go-to response when I was sick as a teenager, reading Aperature Valley has become my way of coping with morning sickness XD! So sorry to hear that you are ill, but congratulations! When are you due?

    You have added so much dimension to the Sims with your storytelling that sometimes it is disappointing to actually play the game without it. Aperture Valley has been no exception, and the ROS has added a lot of drama! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Mao

      Hi, Kiwi! I hope you feel better soon. That morning sickness is super rough to go through. :( I didn’t do much throwing up, thank goodness, but probably because I couldn’t even eat. I’m due November 6th. :)

      I’m glad you enjoy it! I like doing little sim soap operas, even if they are ridiculous, that’s how I’ve always played. I think it all goes back to my days playing with Barbies. My cousin and I would come up with complicated storylines involving betrayals and whatnot, lol!

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