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15: Novak 2 – ‘Every Morning’

Paula Novak (Adult), Stefan Novak (Adult), Gwendolyn Novak (Adult), Stella Novak (Teen), Dana Novak (Child)

It seemed like just yesterday that Dana Novak was a cute little toddler. Paula enjoyed watching the girls grow. She’d never been keen on having kids of her own, but she certainly enjoyed being there for her nieces! Gwendolyn was doing better, but she still wasn’t going to win any mother of the year awards.

Paula was more than happy to pick up the slack.

You’d never know that Dana was once a small tot. She’d grown so quickly and seemed convinced that she was a teenager at the young age of five! She had a large and unmistakable personality, her angelic face brimming with charisma and confidence. She was convinced that she was going to be famous some day. It didn’t matter what for, only that people loved and adored her for the sheer fact that she was awesome.

She was always singing and dancing around the house. Her flair for the dramatic wasn’t to be usurped, either. The girl had skills in pretty much all the things that made one famous.

Gwendolyn often questioned her sister-in-law about her relationship status. Paula had once been the type to love them and leave them, but lately, there’d been no strange men wandering out of her bedroom in the wee hours of the night. While Gwendolyn was no saint herself, she’d always found Paula’s behavior a bit strange but this was even odder.

Paula shrugged it off. She was getting older and it just seemed pointless. None of it made her happy, so why bother? Besides, it was all more drama than it was worth. She couldn’t even begin to count the times she’d run into someone’s very angry wife, girlfriend, or whatever. It was getting old. One could only repaint their car so much.

Stefan wasn’t gone as much as they were used to. It wasn’t by choice, it was simply the way it was. Business was slow, so he was home more often. This was a blessing and a curse. Gwendolyn and Stefan’s relationship continued to walk that fine line between love and hatred. Paula was just happy that her brother was safe and at home, with his family, where he belonged. Getting out of ‘the game’ was the best thing she’d ever done and she wished that Stefan would do the same.

That would never happen, of course, but a girl could dream.

Paula spent more time with the girls than Gwendolyn did. Stella was going through her awkward teenage years, so she wanted even less to do with her parents than usual. Paula was exempt from this, of course. She didn’t carry the stigma of being an adult. When Stella was home, which was rare, her time was spent with Paula and Dana. She would eventually tire of Dana’s boisterousness, though, and run off to wherever it was she hid these days.

Stefan wouldn’t win any awards for being an amazing parent, but his heart was in the right place. He was truly fond of his daughters and one of perks of being home was reading Dana to sleep. She requested the oddest stories, though, favoring Gwendolyn’s ridiculous romance novels over standard children’s books.

Stella spent most of her time away from home, tired of dealing with her family’s drama. She often met Aidan at the arcade, but lately, he’d been standing her up. It was annoying. She waited for him only to get another text saying he couldn’t make it. His flakiness was really getting on Stella’s nerves.

The time Stella spent waiting on her friend could have been better spent with Stefan and Dana. Winter had been particularly brutal this year, resulting in a blizzard. School was cancelled for several days in a row, allowing them the freedom to do as they pleased. Stefan and Dana spent this time by building an army of snowmen at the local park down the street.

Meanwhile, Gwendolyn struggled. She didn’t strive to be a terrible parent, she just couldn’t be like Paula or Stefan. She had issues relating to her daughters. They just seemed so different. Maybe there was just too much ‘Novak’ in them and not enough of her. It was almost as if she hadn’t even given birth to them, as they took so little from her. Dana had her musical aptitude, but nothing else. Stella, well… Stella was just different entirely.

Any attempt at spending time with her children just resulted in Gwendolyn feeling depressed. Paula and Stefan made it look so effortless!

Paula had been tasked with trying to recruit a former celebrity’s son into appearing in the movie she was currently helping with. For some reason, it hadn’t clicked that the kid in question was Aidan Martel–the late Sacha Martel’s only son and Luis’, as well. She was stunned when she arrived at the house to find it occupied by only the children.

“Is everything okay here?” Paula finally asked, unable to continue her recruitment spiel over the sound of Zoey’s wails.

“Yeah,” Aidan sighed, looking terribly put upon. “Just the usual…”

“Where’s your father at?”


Paula picked Zoey up, ignoring Aidan’s protests. “Let me help you out, okay? Have you eaten yet today?”

“Not since lunch. I was busy helping Sandra with her homework…”

“Okay, well, I can make something quick while you take care of your sister.”

Aidan wasn’t able to interject. Paula set to work immediately. After dealing with her nieces, it was all second nature. She was shocked that Luis would let things get this bad. He must really be in a bad place.

Paula cooked something for the kids while Aidan set about taking care of his sisters. When Paula left, the girls were in bed and Aidan was washing up the dishes left over for dinner. She didn’t dare stay any longer, worried she’d run into Luis. He certainly wouldn’t be happy that she’d stopped by and even less thrilled about her trying to pull Aidan into the movie business.

She’d given Aidan her card and told him to call her so they could discuss things further. Honestly, she was more concerned for his welfare than the stupid movie. She’d tell the producers to shove it, the kid clearly wasn’t in a place to be filming right now!

I’m going to try and shoot for weekly updates, but we’ll see how that goes! Husband has switched jobs, so he no longer works OT on weekends, which was my prime simming time. Now I have to try and squeeze it in while he’s around, which can sometimes be difficult! Not to mention that sitting for any extended amount of time at any desk makes me downright physically miserable, ugh.

Paula really did get an opportunity to try and recruit Aidan Martel. When she showed up at his house, Luis was nowhere to be found and everything was pretty chaotic. Luis never showed up, not even when Paula left, and that was at nearly midnight! Those poor kids.

Gwendolyn doesn’t really have any relationship with her kids, which is kind of sad. She just can’t seem to relate to them at all. Stella kept getting stood up by Aidan anytime they tried to hang out, even when he initiated it! I’m going to assume that’s because his father is being a butt and he can’t just up and leave his sisters… but Stella doesn’t know that. ;)

For being such a train wreck, Paula makes a pretty good caregiver. I mean, if you excuse the excessive drinking… heh. Stefan got demoted twice while I wasn’t playing him. No clue how that happened, all I can say is that it’s hard to be a criminal right now! Makes sense, after everything that happened.

 Thanks for hanging in there with me! I have zero plans of ‘switching’ to TS4. I will ‘test it out’… as I always do, but with what I’ve seen, I’d honestly be shocked if anyone planned on ‘switching’ to it. Eugh. There aren’t enough damn mods in the world.

8 comments to 15: Novak 2 – ‘Every Morning’

  • There are always those enthusiastic EA apologists who will just eat up whatever EA is feeding them with a spoon. People will switch to TS4. I don’t really get why but there’ll be some people. I’m certainly not one of them!

    But anyway, back to your sims! Dana is going to be interesting to watch when she gets older. Just wants to be famous, no matter what for. That could get her into trouble.

    Wonder what’s up with Luis! That doesn’t seem very responsible behaviour. Pretty out of character too, so I would have to assume it was something serious. Never thought I’d say this but…lucky Paula was around, lol!

    Thought I’d let you know that Paula’s profile link at the top actually leads to Stefan’s!

    • Mao

      Fixed! Thanks for the heads up. No clue how that happened, haha! :)

      Dana will be interesting, indeed… and a good contrast to the otherwise reserved and awkward Stella. Stefan and Gwendolyn may be a volatile couple, but I’m enjoying their children thus far.

      Luis was a mess the last time I checked in on him. He’s not handling Sacha’s death well at all!

  • Stefan and Gwendolyn have great kids! Dana having him read her romance stories for bed, too funny!! I’m surprised that Gwendolyn hasn’t just killed herself already, that girl has been depressed ever since she cheated and broke things up in what high school?!? Sheesh, get a grip! I feel like she could relate to her kids if she really tried, there is music, romance novels, but even television for pity sake.

    Maybe there is hope for Paula and Luis!!!! EEEEE!!! Please oh please!!!! It was seriously my first thought, and now my thoughts have run away with the idea of this, my heart is set on it! It must be!!! Paula has grown up, matured and tired herself out, she’s great with kids, can make sandwiches, and knows how to not burn down a house. Plus she’s not exactly cheery but she’s not freaking depressive Eeyore Gwendolyn! It’s the perfect time for these two, because she’d make a great step-mom to older kids, and doesn’t need to birth her own.

    • Mao

      Not even gonna lie, I laughed out loud and made my husband give me a very odd look when I read over “I’m surprised that Gwendolyn hasn’t just killed herself already.” Too funny! I don’t even know with her. I think she’s one of those people who will just never actually be happy. It’s kind of fun to have such a ridiculous sim. I’ve definitely known people like her in real life!

      I’m cheering right along with you! That’s the one good thing to come from Sacha’s unfortunate passing. I don’t think I ever gave up hope… that fire is still burning strong. It can happen! I believe!

  • Paula and Luis round 2!! I am definitely rooting for that! Gwendolyn is just lost–she thinks her daughters are *different*, but it isn’t like she is completely stable and normal! I hope the kids turn out ok…

  • Maybe, just maybe, there might be a place for Paula, here and now. She’s matured enough to be stable, she’s outgrown having a different guy every night and being a criminal, she’s great with kids, and we all know she never stopped loving Luis, and he’s a wreck right now.
    Gwendolyn is still a wreck. Poor girl.
    I saw a certain tweet linking to all the things TS4 borked, and maybe had a teeny tiny “I told you so” moment? Sorry, but I had a feeling.

    • Mao

      Haha! I would never rub anything in, but I definitely wanted people to know what they’re buying and supporting. It’s really sad how the series has fallen since TS2, which was just AMAZING.

      Paula could definitely be a good step-mum right now… ;)

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