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15: McMaster – ‘Even Flow’

Philip McMaster (Adult), Bianca McMaster (Adult), Dylan McMaster (Child), Molly McMaster (Child)

Dylan McMaster wasn’t the type to “buckle down” and do his homework. The only thing that kept his grades mediocre was the fact that his little sister, Molly, was more scholastically minded; she was always happy to prove how much more she knew by assisting him with his homework.

As a true slacker, Dylan was more than happy to feed her ego in an effort to keep their parents off his back.

Bianca tried not to hover over her kids too much. It was difficult at times, but she tried busying herself with farm tasks. She loved animals and was always happy to sneak apples out of Philip’s garden to feed to Drifter.

Bianca did wish she could get along better with Molly, though. When she’d given birth to a little girl, she’d been hopeful of days spent braiding her pretty red hair and buying her dresses. She learned very quickly that Molly was not that kind of girl. She was fiercely independent, complaining loudly anytime Bianca even made a gentle mention of whether her homework was done or not.

She was a firecracker, that much was certain. Philip laughed it off and said maybe she was a bizarre mix of Catherine and Mark. Bianca didn’t find it nearly as amusing, having never had to deal with such a person before.

At least Dylan was notably more subdued. He was always happy to talk to his mother. Philip joked that it was because she fed him and Dylan’s love of food was quite notable. Dylan was always mooching snacks off of her, especially right before dinner. Bianca encouraged him, happy that at least one of her children could tolerate her presence.

Molly was quietly appreciative of nature. She would never admit that to her parents, though. They were both so desperate for one of the kids to display some interest in the farm that it was annoying. Molly wasn’t about to be pressured into anything–she would do things her way. She really didn’t care about family traditions or anything of the sort. What was it to her, anyway?

Despite her temperament, Molly got along incredibly well with her father. Philip was notably more laid-back than Bianca, however. He took everything in stride. It was just a lot easier to deal with him, Molly reasoned. It had zero to do with the fact that they had things in common and Molly was a pretty big tomboy.

She even let him read her stories at night. She told herself it was done begrudgingly, but truthfully, she enjoyed it. Philip had a tendency to different voices for each character and she liked that.

Bianca had been desperate for another child and crestfallen when it didn’t seem to be happening. The big tragedy of Sacha Martel’s death, however, quickly put things into perspective for her. She was lucky enough to have what she did and especially so that no one was dead.

Her kids may not have turned out like she’d hoped, but there was still time. They could yet surprise her and at least she had Philip. He annoyed her with his lackadaisical approach to parenting, but was beginning to see the method to his madness. None of the kids hated him.

Bianca often sought advice on Molly from Mark, who Philip remarked was very similar at that age, though a bit more ‘sullen.’ Mark did his best to explain the type of person Molly likely was, but Bianca was the opposite and so it was hard for her to understand. Being alone all the time with your thoughts just seemed a terribly depressing notion to someone as outgoing and happy as Bianca.

Catherine tried to reason with Molly at Bianca’s behest, but it was fruitless. Molly was not the type to placated. She was even more affronted that someone with a similar mindset to hers would cow down and obey someone else. Molly was not impressed in the least with her Aunt Catherine.

Philip was glad to pull Luis out of his house and away from his work for a few minutes. It was Dylan’s birthday and they’d invited all the extended family and friends. It had been some time since Sacha’s death, but Luis was still lost in some sort of haze. He worked and he went home, but most of his energy was spent keeping everything together. It wasn’t easy. Philip was happy to aid his friend in whatever way possible, even if that meant just dragging him out of the house for a simple party.

Dylan wasn’t sure why his mother had to make such a fuss, it was just a birthday. At least there was cake, though with the McMaster clan in attendance, it didn’t last long at all.

Bianca felt a pang in her chest seeing all of the McMaster siblings seated at the table. She’d always wanted a big family, but knowing it wasn’t a possibility was painful, even in the wake of Sacha’s untimely death. She tried not to let it bother her, though. She reminded herself of the troubles she had with Molly and Dylan’s absolute lack of consideration for anything at all. It dulled the pain.

Philip adopted a mare to hopefully breed with Drifter. Her name was Babs and while she wouldn’t be winning any competitions soon, she’d at least provide a foal for future tournament wins.

He’d originally tried to buy a mare, but all the horses available were male. Adoption was his second option and the pickings were slim.

As a teenager, Dylan found homework even more daunting. Worse yet, Molly was no help. His studies went beyond her reading level now. He seriously needed to find another solution and fast. He was running out of excuses as to why his assignments were never completed or handed in on time.

He often shirked his studies in favor of tinkering around with things. Dylan loved fixing things and pulling things apart to see how they worked. His mother threw a colossal fit when she caught him disassembling the television. Dylan swore he could put it back together again.

They ended up buying a new television.

Dylan and Molly didn’t really spend much time together, mostly because they enjoyed doing their own things. That didn’t mean they didn’t get along. They were both ‘black sheep’ types, outcast from the family unit for not adhering to its rules. They liked pillow fighting and causing general mayhem with traps and tricks.

Philip felt for his wife. He’d grown up with Mark and Catherine and watched his parents struggle in dealing with their ‘strange moods.’ It wasn’t easy. Molly’s birthday was approaching and Philip knew Bianca would want to throw a party.

“But I don’t want one,” Molly insisted, grimacing. “Parties are stupid!”

“Molly,” Philip chided gently, “it’s not about the party. It’s more about getting everyone together to celebrate with you. I know you don’t like crowds, but your mother thinks she’s doing it for you.”

“And I don’t want it. Why can’t she just leave it alone like I want?”

“Because your mother is different than you, Molly. She’s outgoing, she likes people, and she wants to make people happy. She’s certain that if she tries hard enough, your shell will crack open and reveal a bright, shiny inside.”

“There’s nothing shiny about my insides, dad.” Molly said dryly.

“Just try to be nicer to your mother, okay? Or I’ll tell her about that time I caught you trying on her shoes.”

“I wasn’t! I tripped and fell into them.”

“Uh huh.”

“Why would I care about heels anyway? Heels are stupid.” Molly shot him a dark look only to see he was grinning. She sighed, crossing her arms.  “Fine. Whatever. I’ll be nicer.”

“Good girl,” Philip said, patting her teasingly on the head. She shook him off. “Now get dressed and help me brush down the horses.”


Molly autonomously interacts with all the animals, even going so far as to watch the chipmunks almost every day. I busted her doing this several times. It appears she has more interest than I first bet on. She’s an obstinate little thing. I almost feel bad for Bianca. Every interaction they have ends badly, lol.

Dylan is going to be so useless as an adult! He keeps rolling up these random wishes of getting money, mooching, and whatnot. It’s hilarious. Developing his personality has been fun. I don’t think I’ve had this type of sim before. Shang was arguably similar, but he had some direction. Dylan just sort of wanders around like he expects the world to do everything for him. Hilarious.

Pictures are wonky because I had to use Photoshop CS6 instead of CS3 (it was locking up.) I’ve since fixed it, but I’d already done the pictures. I use CS6 for photography stuff and CS3 has all my saved sim settings, lol. I’m too lazy to make the move, so I keep both around. That’s just how I roll!

Those of you who are on twitter know I’ve been struggling with getting my sims back from Uni. I spent hours before throwing my hands up and just saying “fuck it.” I took a break and then came back, tried again, and several times later they finally made it back. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Uni now. I’ll make a decision at some point. I LOVE the University world, so I don’t really want to be rid of it. I may just clone sims, make a new world specifically for Uni and run them through it and just edit everything in the main world with MC. Annoying, but perhaps necessary. We’ll see.

 Bianca got the flu ROS, but she only rolled 1 day so I didn’t bother including it.

I’ll be getting caught up with blogs sometime this week!

6 comments to 15: McMaster – ‘Even Flow’

  • You might not feel sympathy for Bianca, but I totally do! What a bunch of duds her kids are! Not that I dislike them, but Bianca is very friendly and outgoing, and her kids could not be more opposite on that spectrum. Plus she has such a hard relationship with Molly, and she really wants to be a good Mom, and be loved in return. I hope that it gets better, but good grief, look at Mark now. He’s still causing messes! It would have been nice if they’d had a third and hopefully a more outgoing, sunshiney one to boot.

    Their home is one of my favorites, I really love the animals, and totally laughed that Molly was sneaking time in with the animals! It’d be great if she’d take over the farm eventually, I really want it to stay in the family. And Dylan is adorable as a teen! I hope he gets his academics in order, and I’m glad you got your uni kids back, what a pain!

    • Mao

      Hahahaha! I loved you referring to them as “duds.” Poor Bianca. She should have known better, marrying into the McMaster clan. ;) We can only hope that Molly grows up to be better adjusted than Mark!

      These guys are always easy and fun to play, plus they have horses and I love them. Molly really shocked me. There may still be hope! I tried not to read too much into it at first, but when she repeatedly fed and played with the chickens and then was constantly checking out the chipmunks… I was determined to make it destiny.

  • Molly kind of reminds me of one of the vets I take my dogs too. He’s not as sour as she is but you can just tell he’s not really a people person. Animals though? You can truly tell he loves animals.

    Dylan is going to be so hilarious to watch as he grows up. He’s barely started high school and he’s already looking for a way out of his assignments – that will be an awesome attitude to take into the workforce one day, lol!

    I’m sorry Uni is giving you such trouble. It probably wouldn’t be a huge deal to keep a world specifically for uni. It’d just be a matter of using different saves, I guess. Annoying, definitely. But if this problem of not being able to bring your sims back home is going to persist, maybe it’s worth it? What would be even more worth it is if EA decided to fix their damn games so that we don’t have to make decisions like this but we all know that’s not going to happen!

    • Mao

      Writing Molly is fun, because she’s acerbic and not always nice. Catherine was grumpy, but she was never actively mean. Molly is only mean because she doesn’t actively care. I’ll be over the moon if she rolls an animal-related trait!

      Oh, man. Dylan. I don’t even know what’s going to happen with him, but I’m sure it’ll be fun.

      It’s definitely a consideration. I just hate the idea of losing wishes/wish tree history/etc. Also, editing the skills/etc. Blegh. I’m not one for digging too deeply, I usually just like to focus on gameplay and whatnot. But if it saves me a headache, I’m for it!

  • Damn. Forgot to comment again!

    Anyway, I really adore Molly. She was the person I wished I could get away with being as a kid. I do feel for Bianca. So different so they will clash forever.

    Dylan reminds me of my sister, even though she was the younger one. But my sister grew out of it. We’ll see if he will.

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