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15: McMaster 2 – ‘It’s My Life’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult), Alena McMaster (Toddler), Tobias McMaster (Baby)

The twins, Catherine and Juliet McMaster, had experienced many of life’s firsts together. Watching Juliet with her new baby boy, Catherine was happy for her sister… maybe even a little jealous. Sure, Sam was weird, but Juliet had what Catherine had always wanted–a stable family. They weren’t married yet, but that was happening soon enough. Little Tobias came into the world plenty loved and with a stable environment surrounding him.

Catherine often worried about how just having a single parent would affect Alena. Marcus was involved in her life as much as he could be, but he wasn’t there daily and it wasn’t quite the same as the situation occurring right next to her with her new cousin Tobias.

It was hard to judge Alena’s reactions, as she was a pretty quiet and reserved little thing, even for a toddler.

Catherine did the best that she could. Any time not spent at work was spent with Alena. Being family oriented wasn’t hard for her in the least, it was something she aspired to, even with everything she’d experienced. A one night stand and an accidental pregnancy wasn’t going to ruin her hopes of a future filled with a happy family and a house with a white picket fence!

Marcus, for his part, did extremely well. Catherine had been so frightened about the situation, that he would just get scared and run off, but he didn’t. He stuck around and really seemed to want to be involved in their daughter’s life. Spending time with Alena allowed them to get to know one another, too.

They even started spending time together alone. Juliet would happily babysit while Catherine met Marcus for a late dinner. They would talk like friends, though the atmosphere was decidedly less than platonic. They’d slept together, after all. They had a child together! You don’t just slip into friendship after such a monumental life event.

Of course their interactions would eventually turn flirty. It was all harmless. It never really went anywhere, just harmless little comments or extended looks. It wasn’t the whirlwind, storybook romance that Catherine had always pictured, but it was still nice. She’d never really had a chance to indulge in any flirtation and her one foray into it had been a drunken one resulting in moving way too fast.

At first, Catherine had never considered a future between her and Marcus. What they had seemed so abrupt and without any deeper meaning. When they’d met up for the first time afterwards, Catherine had been terrified to tell him she was pregnant. Things had been awkward between them until they simply weren’t anymore and they eased into a sort of odd friendship. Now they were flirting and acting the part of a couple, even if they weren’t one officially.

It was all very confusing. Catherine still wasn’t sure what she wanted.

Meanwhile, Sam was absolutely sure of what he wanted! He’d been needling Juliet about the possibility of cutting the cord tethering her to her twin. It was okay when Catherine lived there with Alena and needed help, but things had changed. They had their own child now, they were nearly married, and it was time to grow up and be adults and have a place of their own.

Juliet was still reticent. She liked being so close to Catherine and she would miss seeing Alena every day! Sure, things were a little cramped with the five of them, but it was cozy.

Sam was adamant. If they were getting married, they were going to figure something out that didn’t involve this juvenile need to be constantly together. He didn’t even mind if they moved next door, so long as they had a place of their own! Both Juliet and Catherine were on the rental agreement for this house, so it was a shared property, but not owned. It was like throwing money down the drain every month that they paid rent. They could be paying on a mortgage!

Juliet was naturally a logical person, but she was also sentimental when it came to her sister. They’d always been together. It just seemed wrong somehow to be apart.

Catherine was beginning to wonder about the future herself. She certainly couldn’t live with her sister and her soon-to-be brother-in-law forever. Eventually, she was going to need to get out on her own. Better yet, if she ended up with someone, what would happen then? It’s not as if they could move in here, with as crowded as everything was!

Things with Marcus were going well, after all. It was only natural that if they decided to get together, that they would live together. They had Alena to consider, after all! She deserved to have both of her parents. Crowding into this small rental house wasn’t going to cut it.

With their relationship being official, it was clear that change was in the air. Catherine was a little saddened by the prospect of being without the constant support of her sister, but was also a little excited. It was possible that she might just get her happy ending after all, even if it didn’t start out the way she’d always imagined it would.

Unfortunately, everything wasn’t destined to be so perfect. Juliet and Marcus simply didn’t get along. Juliet rubbed Marcus the wrong way with her bossiness and Juliet was convinced that Marcus wasn’t ‘good enough’ for her sister. That he wasn’t focused enough to be a good father to her niece Alena.

Marcus was not at all hesitant about telling Juliet where she could stick her words.

The two sisters talked at length about their situation. Juliet tried to convince Catherine that perhaps she was moving too fast with Marcus, again. Catherine was adamant that she wasn’t, that they were taking things relatively slow and that while they both wanted what was best for Alena, they’d come to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

Juliet was unconvinced, but she didn’t argue about it. Fighting with her sister wasn’t the answer.

Sam couldn’t have cared less either way, so long as he got what he wanted out of the situation. It seemed as if things would finally start improving. He’d honestly had enough of the Three’s Company lifestyle they’d all been living and really didn’t look forward to adding yet another person to the already crowded house!

Things only seemed to get more and more tense. Marcus was around a lot more and Juliet was more inclined to give him a piece of her mind. Marcus wasn’t one to take it lying down. They were always found arguing about something or another. Juliet wasn’t exactly used to someone not only shooting back at her, but being able to cut her down just as thoroughly. Marcus didn’t hold back any punches.

Unfortunately, it looked like there was no preventing it. Tobias was getting bigger, as was Alena. The house was brimming and recently, Juliet had begun to feel under the weather. There was a distinct possibility that she was pregnant, again. There was no avoiding it–they’d all be moving and into separate houses.

Juliet just hoped they’d be close enough to visit. Honestly, it would be better if she and Sam moved to Aperture City, as both their jobs were there, but Juliet was too attached to the Valley to leave it. Plus, she was certain Catherine would never move to the city! She definitely didn’t want to be that far away.


Well, it’s official… the twins will be getting separate houses. I hadn’t intended for Juliet to get pregnant again or so quickly, but I guess they snuck off and tried for a baby while I wasn’t looking! As you can see, Tobias got the red hair. :) I was hoping at least one of the kids would get it! 

Marcus is a really good dad. He constantly has wishes for Alena. Catherine started rolling romantic wishes for him and vice versa, plus they were autonomously being flirty. Hopefully things work out between them! Also, Marcus and Juliet not getting along is their own doing. All they do is fight and antagonize each other when left alone. Hilarious.

Finding these guys houses is going to be a pain! I’m not sure if I’ll put it off or do it before I start the next round. That’s right, this ends round 15! Exciting. I need to roll the new round’s ROS. Hopefully no more deaths. :P

My aunt is visiting from Florida this weekend for my baby shower, so I’ll be MIA for a bit. I’ll get the relevant profiles updated/etc once I get a chance next week!

12 comments to 15: McMaster 2 – ‘It’s My Life’

  • I think this is a positive step for all involved. I am really excited to see Marcus enter the picture as more than a sperm donor. Here’s hoping you can get them all settled!

  • Happy baby shower!! How exciting!

    I have to say that I am glad that the twins are severing the tie, but I really hated Sam in this update, he’s never been a favorite of mine but man I wanted to fork him in the eyes. He knew what he was getting into with these twins, and was utterly unsupportive, what a snot! Grr. He’s really ruffled me!

    I’m also happy for Catherine, she needs to get out from her sister’s thumb, and Marcus seems genuine, and I hope the best for them. Juliet is quite controlling, and she can’t baby her sister forever. I hope this works out for Catherine so she never needs to come back to her sister for help or a dose of ‘I told you so’ crap.

    • Mao

      Hahahaha! Fork him in the eyes, that might improve his personality a little. He really is not an agreeable guy. I struggle to understand their relationship… but it seems to work, somehow.

      Catherine really needs some freedom. I mean, she had a little too much before… but maybe getting away from Juliet is the right move.

  • Well, I think if there are going to be so many problems with Juliet and Marcus (and Sam could easily also start to grow more resentful of the living situation), then finding separate residences is for the best! I actually think it’s going to be really fantastic for Catherine especially. She’s been so unsure of where she’s heading and being in her own place, with her partner and her baby is going to give her some much-craved stability and certainty.

    • Mao

      It really amuses me that Juliet and Marcus just cannot get along. I can’t leave them alone at all or they’re at each others throats! Catherine definitely needs to get out there and get some space for freedom.

  • I’m a little with Sam. Five (and soon to be six) in a house is way too much. It’s about time the two of them went their separate ways.
    I’m excited for Catherine and Marcus though! This could be a good thing. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it works out for them.

    • Mao

      The house is REALLY cramped! I don’t know what I was thinking, having them all crowded under one roof. I guess it might have worked out, had Catherine remained single… but I don’t know.

      I really hope it works out, too! Catherine deserves some happiness.

  • It will be a test for them being apart but it’s probably for the best if there’s more babies on the way. ;) Marcus and Juliet must have clashing traits. It can be quite amusing to watch in game spouses who do not get along with siblings of their other half, I’ve had it happen a couple of times.

    Congrats on the end of another round!

  • Josh

    I hate separating twins! I’m glad they’re both happy though, and the kids are adorable. Marcus is so handsome, but Sam is a little blah. Still loving Juliet after all this time, she’s so deliciously rude to Marcus.
    Enjoy the baby shower!

    • Mao

      I’m still on the fence about separating them, but this house has me wanting to pull out my hair trying to manage everything. Of course, finding them a house and all of that is going to be a bugger, too. Sigh!

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