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15: Klein – ‘When You Were Young’

Alex Klein (Adult), Rhys Klein (Young Adult), Bettina Ackerman (Young Adult)

Alex Klein was living the good life, for the most part. He was still on the political scene, but in a decidedly diminished sense. He was now one of those who helped decide the people that would run and managed their affairs for that particular party. It was a nice change. Age was quickly creeping up on him and he definitely felt the need to scale back.

He’d taken up writing as a hobby, to fill in the gaps. He had started out writing about politics, but his publisher urged him to write about himself.

Alex’s life was filled with scandals, some more benign than others. Rhys’ fiancee, Bettina, was pregnant. Their wedding had been slated for Spring, but now they’d pushed it back due to the baby. Bettina had been fine with it, but Rhys was beside himself at the impropriety of it all. This was not the order in which things were supposed to happen!

It took him a few weeks to adjust. Rhys knew everyone else thought he was being ridiculous, but honestly, it wasn’t just his honor at stake. He was worried. They’d planned on getting married, but kids seemed like such a faraway thing. Having it suddenly become very real very suddenly… was a bit of a shock.

Rhys needed time to take it all in.

“You can still pursue your music,” Bettina assured him. “It’s not like I’ve had any lofty goals like you. My stuff can be put on hold for awhile. There’s no reason we both have to do it.”

Rhys sighed. “That’s not fair to you.”

“It’s fine. I can dabble a little bit here, like I’ve been doing. Honestly, the only change will be having an actual baby.”

At this, Rhys visibly cringed. “I’m still not used to thinking like that.”

“It’s going to be good,” Bettina said, taking his hands. “Everything will work out and be fine. It’s not like we’re teenagers.”

“It’s just very sudden.”

She laughed. “Well, these things happen, you know? You’ve just got to go with it…”

Rhys’ only concern wasn’t about his impregnated fiancee, it was also his father. Alex had been seen spending a little too much time with their long-time maid, Clara Fair. She was a nice woman and respectful. Rhys had never minded her much… when she had just been their maid. Now that it was creeping into other territory, he was definitely on guard.

First his fiancee gets knocked up and now his father is messing around with the help. What next? His first thought always went to Gavin, but everything Gavin did bordered on obscene scandal. Rhys didn’t want to know what he was up to half of the time.

“Let dad have his fun,” Gavin said, dismissing his older brother’s concerns. “As far as we know, he’s been a damn priest since our mother died. It’s about time he gets back out there.”

“You just like the fact that she’s the maid!”

Was the maid,” the younger, blonder brother corrected with a smile. “Now she’s cleaning so much more.”

“You’re disgusting. Seriously. Ugh. What if she moves in?”

“If you don’t like it, move out. Geeze, bro, you need to calm down. Take up drinking. It’ll probably even you out!”

Clara Fair’s relationship with Alex had already elevated to a status above employee and employer. She was often there after hours and seen leaving late into the evening. Sometimes, she would even stay for breakfast, which was incredibly awkward for all involved thanks to Rhys. He would spend the entire morning just staring at her and not in a way that could be even remotely considered as ‘friendly.’

Alex thought Rhys was being completely unreasonable, of course, and refused to discuss it. He was an grown adult, he could do as he liked. He didn’t require his son’s ‘approval.’ Meals involving just the two of them were tense, quiet affairs. Bettina often avoided being in the same room when they were together, too pregnant to be bothered with this ridiculousness.

It was clear that Alex was planning on pursuing his relationship with Clara and even made a clipped comment to Rhys about her moving in.

“Stop being ridiculous,” Bettina scolded Rhys, barely looking up from her pregnancy book. There were a stack of them next to the bed. She barely touched her art supplies anymore, preferring to hole herself up in their room and read the days away. “He’s your father and honestly, what’s the big deal?”

“It’s just weird.”

“You’re weird.”

Rhys sighed. “It’ll be really cramped here with us, the baby, and then dad bringing his woman into the house.”

“We can always move out, you know.”

“I don’t want to move. This is my home.”

Since talking did little good, Rhys spent most of his time with Link. He knew, in the logical part of his brain, that he was being ridiculous. That this wasn’t just about impropriety or anything of the sort. Sometimes Rhys felt like the only person who remembered his mother. Those memories were few and far in between, but they were there. He knew the stories, he had memorized the tabloids, and there was no questioning her character… but she was still his mother. And even now, as a college graduate, he was having issues dealing with the fact that his dad was dating someone else.

Talking to Emma would have been the logical option, as not only had her parents been apart most of her life and dated other people, she had a step-father… his grandfather. They’d never really considered themselves to be related, though. It was by marriage, not blood. Still, he wouldn’t call on Emma. It just seemed weird. They were friends again… but it just seemed like maybe they could never be the same friends they were before.

Rhys was just going to have to deal.


I am a bad, bad simmer, you guys. I haven’t been playing, updating, or reading blogs. I am so sorry! I will definitely try to get back into rhythm with updates and hopefully have some time to catch up with you all soon. My sim time has been consumed by house stuff. We’re constantly fixing, installing, or changing something! We lose father-in-law’s help come September, so it’s a mad rush to get everything done before then. When I do sit at my computer, it’s to play with the husband before my back hurts too much and I go upstairs, haha. We still have to replace the windows and paint the house… buh. Oh, and install the new front door after we paint it properly. x_x The baby’s room isn’t finished, either!

As for the sims in this update, Alex is now an elder. We’ll see him when Bettina gives birth in Summer. His whole relationship with Clara started because they kept doing that ‘attractive’ comment to each other and I figured it was about time for Alex to come out of hiding. He needed a last hurrah before he shuffles off this digital coil!

Of course, Rhys is having none of this. Also, Bettina was pregnant at the end of last update. I heard the chimes but had completely forgotten about it until she popped the first day of play. Definitely not the order of events I had planned for them! Their wedding will happen, hopefully, sometime after the baby arrives.

8 comments to 15: Klein – ‘When You Were Young’

  • I just caught up! Congratulations on your baby!! I hope your back doesn’t hurt too much and that you aren’t plagued by the swollen feet–that was the worst for me. I want to shake Rhys. He belongs with Emma, the jerk. Ah well….you are a good Simmer and actually let your Sims live their own lives. I have been loving the updates, though Dominic’s passing was very sad.

    • Mao

      Thanks, Rachel! :) So far, no swollen feet or anything… crossing my fingers that this trend continues. My back, however, is another story entirely due to my job being me sitting all day. Ugh!

      I laughed at Rhys belonging with Emma. I’m still not sure where I stand on that one. Sometimes, these sims just confuse me. It’s hard sometimes, to let them live their lives as they’d like… especially when they’re such train-wrecks!

  • Hope you get all that house stuff organised soon! Busy times!

    Aw, Rhys is being kind of irrational about his dad but I feel for him as well. It’d be hard seeing your dad move on, I think, no matter how old you were. And he’s going through other big changes right now, being engaged and about to become a father. It could be overwhelming for anyone.

    Looking forward to meeting Rhys and Bettina’s baby and then seeing the wedding after that!

    • Mao

      Me too! This is madness, haha. I feel like we’ll never be done.

      Rhys is such an interesting sim because I never really know what to anticipate from him. He’s got a lot of his mother’s qualities, which can be both good and bad. I think he struggles a lot with trying not to let them all be bad. It will be interesting to see how becoming a father changes all of this… if it does.

      I really want to know who the baby will take after!

  • Bah, Rhys is such a drama queen. Dad deserves some action. But I kinda understand where he falls in this. He feels, a little, like he’s the only person who still remembers his mother. And then he’s such a priss, LOL.
    Silly Rhys, Emma’s probably the best person to talk to. Losing parents, dealing with their new relationships, and she just had a baby too! Why have friends if you don’t go to them when you need to vent?

    • Mao

      Haha! Drama queen AND a priss… I’m inclined to agree. He’s a very odd duck. ;)

      Rhys really should talk to Emma, but I think he’s still conflicted about how close and comfortable he is with her. I get the feeling he’s not entirely sure how he’s feeling at all lately.

  • Good grief, Rhys is such a brat! So mopey, and needy. I like that Bettina just keeps on reading, yet knows exactly what he’s turning around in his mind. Glad she’s calm about this pregnancy, because Rhys is clearly having a come-apart. Yikes. I’m glad he’s not calling on Emma about this nonsense of his Dad and the maid, he really does need to learn how to just deal. I really feel like Bettina could have done better… sigh.

    • Mao

      Hahaha! Rhys certainly has the ‘spoiled rich kid’ mentality down pat. He’s a bit of a wimp. Bettina is a bit more straight-arrow, though she does have her eccentricities. She definitely needs to have a lot of patience to deal with Rhys’ baloney!

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