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15: Cosaro – ‘Best I Ever Had’

Dominic Cosaro (Elder)

Dominic Cosaro was planning his retirement. Of course, before then, he had one final season to play through. Their final and biggest game took them to the farthest reaches, out into the hot, humid deserts. Dominic was only the coach, but he was well-known and renowned, so he definitely wanted to ‘go out with a bang’, so to speak.

Luckily for him, his team won the game and his legacy was forever cemented in sports history, both as a VIP and a coach.

There were plenty of fans to meet and greet in the strange new place. Dominic loved wandering the markets. He had never shied away from the attention his career had brought him. He was naturally friendly and open to talking to pretty much anyone. He shook hands, signed autographs readily, and let people take pictures.

He had a secondary mission to fulfill before he left, however. It was tasked to him by someone he hadn’t really expected to hear from again, but had always hoped he would. The request was strange, but he knew better than to question it.

Dominic wasn’t the type to be afraid, even in his advanced age. He was still pretty spry and so he jumped into the task at hand with fervor. It made him feel young again, honestly.

Tomb raiding had never been high on his priority list, but Dominic had always been open to new experiences. Besides, this place was absolutely breathtaking. He was certain he’d never see anything like it again in what little was left of his life.

Dominic would never win any intelligence contests, but when it came to feats of strength and athleticism, few could match him, even though he was old. Navigating the tomb proved effortless.

He was a little shocked when his phone buzzed in the depths of it, however. How was he even able to get cell reception beneath the sands? He shook it off and read the message. It was simple, but the concern was obvious. He chuckled. Everyone assumed he was just some feeble old guy now, despite the fact that he’d spent almost the entirety of his life honing his body.

He was fine. This was fun.

As he entered the final chamber, the beauty struck him. He couldn’t help but think of Emma and how much she’d enjoy something like this. They were cut from the same cloth, desiring adventure and fearing little. Emma was perhaps even more brazen, throwing herself into things headfirst. Dominic worried about her, but knew it was beyond his control. After all, how could he lecture her when he’d been just as foolhardy in his own youth?

Besides, she had a good bit of Asha in her, too. That cunning would keep her head above water far better than Dominic had ever been able to.

It all seemed so strange at the end. He’d just toured an ancient tomb, filled with hidden rooms and treasures beyond measure yet this was the goal. It was so benign compared to everything else he’d seen. Even so, he took it carefully and stowed it away. He’d have to transport it back with him and smuggle it through customs. Luckily, that had already been set up for him ahead of time.

On his way out, Dominic stopped to check out some of the treasures. Unfortunately, he hadn’t noticed they had a guardian. A mummy lumbered out of its sarcophagus, full of dust and rage. It moved towards Dominic at a snail’s pace, though its undead aura was frightening all on its own.

Dominic dispatched it easily, being both a master of athleticism and martial arts. He saw it as little more than a dust-up, nonplussed by the fact that he’d just been assaulted by an undead being from times long ago. His ex-girlfriend and the mother to his children was a freaking vampire for crying out loud; there was no room for shock in Dominic’s life.

He met with some more fans and made silly poses for pictures before heading off to the airport. He felt a little tired, but it was likely from all the excitement of the trip and jet lag. Dominic shrugged it off and made his way home, smuggled artifact in hand.

His first stop was Emma, who lived in an apartment with her boyfriend. She was busy with work lately, but found time to stop by when she could. Dominic visited her, as well, especially since Julian left for university and the house was empty. He’d picked her up a few souvenirs.

“This is so cool, dad!” Emma said with a smile. “I hope it wasn’t too troublesome to get back.”

“Not at all,” Dominic remarked easily. “Connections and all of that, you know.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Emma said, lips pursed. “…you’ve seen mom, then?”

He shook his head abruptly. “No, Emma. I haven’t. You know she’s ‘gone underground.’ She’ll pop back up when she’s ready.”

Emma didn’t look convinced, but she didn’t push it. Instead, a worried look creased her brow. “Dad, you look pale. Are you sick?”

“No, I think it’s just jet lag. The time difference was pretty big.”

“Maybe you should take it easy for a few days…”

“I’m fine, Emma. Stop treating me like an old man.”

“But you are an old man!”

He snorted. “You’re only as old as you feel, and I still pretty spry.”

“Fine, but don’t overdo it, okay? And call me if you need me… promise?”

“Yes, yes. Now how about feeding this old man? I smell food…”

Dominic had lied to Emma, but only because he hadn’t had a choice. Asha had been the one to give him the errand. They met late at night by Freeman Falls. Asha was still ‘in hiding’, so keeping herself hidden and away from prying eyes was of dire importance. Dominic handed over the artifact.

“Thank you, Dominic. I hated to ask you, but when I heard about your trip–”

“Best way to get it without raising eyebrows, huh?”

“And I trust you. I could not send just anyone. I’m sorry I put you in this position.”

He shrugged. “It’s fine. Everyone has to break the law at least once in their life.”

Asha looked him over intensely; her bright, glowing eyes sweeping over his form as if she were trying to memorize every inch. Her penetrating stare was unnerving and Dominic shifted uncomfortably until she spoke:

“There’s something wrong, Dominic. You’re sick.”

“I’m not, I feel fine.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Asha warned, giving him a dark look. “I can see things you cannot; what happened when you got the artifact?”

He sighed. “I had to rough up a mummy.”

Asha sucked in a sharp breath. “You’ve been cursed.”

“Cursed? Don’t be ridiculous, Asha, that’s–”

“Exactly what’s happened. You defeated the mummy, but it cursed you. You’re going to die, Dominic.”

“Everyone dies, Asha. Look at poor Sacha. I’ve pretty much outlived all my old loves except you. I think it’s time, anyway.”

“This isn’t a joke! How can you be so flippant?! This is your life! What about Emma and Julian?”

Dominic sighed. “I’m old, Asha. I know you are, too… but it’s different. Before, I wanted so badly to be like you. Even when I first realized something was wrong with me, it crossed my mind. But then I saw Emma and I thought of Julian. And then I thought of you. And the thought of outliving them, of watching them grow old and die and just… I can’t, Asha. I understand now, better than I did before…”

Asha’s cool exterior left in an instant, replaced by a deep, abiding sadness. “Dominic… I am sorry… I planned never to interfere with your life, but this? I cannot abide this. This is wrong. This is not the death of the old.”

Dominic chuckled, trying not to cough. “But it’s the death of someone’s who’s done things, Asha, and that’s fine by me.”

Asha embraced him suddenly, squeezing him tightly as her voice shook. “I am so sorry, Dominic. I never meant for this to happen.”

“It’s not your fault,” Dominic said softly. “It was going to happen one way or the other–at least this way is cooler.”

Asha gripped him hard. “I know that I can do nothing, that I must do nothing, but I want so badly to–”

Dominic pulled back and held her shoulders, meeting her eyes. “No, Asha. Especially not now. No one wants to immortalized as an old codger!”

“You idiot,” Asha hissed, tears in her glowing eyes. “So stupid, you don’t even fear death.”

Dominic knew his days were numbered, though he didn’t exactly understand why that was any different from before. Since his hair had gone gray and his muscles had slimmed, he’d known his time was coming to an end. He watched his children grow into well-adjusted young adults and he’d had some pretty amazing women along the way. He’d also pretty much survived everyone he’d known. Dominic’s life was one for the books.

He’d spend his final days continuing with his charity work and just enjoying life for what it was. Tacos, it turned out, were a brilliant way to start mornings.


Dominic got the ‘Die of Mummy Curse’ ROS. At first, I was conflicted. Dominic’s close to his end anyway, but still. It ended up working out, though I can GUARANTEE you that this is going to cause a LOT of issues between Asha and her kids when they find out the details. Dramas to ensue.

The curse takes two weeks to progress, so Dominic won’t die immediately. He beat the mummy, so technically he wasn’t cursed… but I added it with cheats. I’ve never had a sim cursed before, so it’s odd. I doubt it’s acting as intended, due to the cheating, but whatever.

Emma’s household is going to pop up soon, because I hate the time disparity since they left Uni so early in the last round and we have YET to see her. So, expect that soon. I’ll be messing with the order a bit, but we need a bit of change. Dominic’s household will be removed since this was his last ‘official’ update. His death will likely be handled in Emma’s update. I’m sad to say goodbye. He’s the last living Young Adult from Round 1. :( It’s the end of an era!!

Dominic’s early death kind of messes things up, as Julian was going to move back home when he finished Uni next round. Well, I guess he can just buy his dad’s old house and I’ll have him inherit his stuff. We’ll see.

You know it’s sad when World Adventures gives me no issues next to University. Nice one, EA. ;) The formerly buggiest EP has been usurped!

Also, can I just say, thanks for sticking with me this long! Aperture Valley is officially two years old this month. Wow. Two years. :D Couldn’t have done it without you guys reading and enjoying my silly sim dramas.

8 comments to 15: Cosaro – ‘Best I Ever Had’

  • Wow, two years! Congrats! One of my favorites! :)

    And I am so sad… I really have been dreading the end of Dominic for a long time, but this came sooner, and stupider. haha. He was supposed to die when he was, like super old! Geriatric all the way baby! This is too soon, and I’m definitely pouting over it. Poor kids, and their stupid Mom, killing their Dad inadvertently, but still. I hope they hate her! :p And I also hope that he sees his kids again before he dies, maybe a heads up, you know, so it’s less horribly shocking.

    • Mao

      Thanks, Maisie! :D

      Looking at my spreadsheet for ages, it looks like Dominic would have only had another round or so in him. He’ll definitely see them; they’ll know he’s ‘expiring.’ I wouldn’t be that cruel to him and I don’t think Dominic would be that daft. ;)

      There will definitely be some fallout when they figure out the who/what/why of it all, though!

  • At least my own sims, ROS death of an elder is a lot easier to take than an ROS death of a younger sim. But still! I’ll miss Dominic, when his time finally comes. I’m both looking forward to and dreading Emma’s update because of it. Mostly looking forward to though, because I am dying to find out what’s going on with that girl!

    • Mao

      It really is. Dominic was ready, honestly. His life has quieted and he’s outlived most of his friends, lol. He’ll miss a a few big events, but all in all, he’s had a pretty sweet life!

      Oh, I know. I’m dying to get to her. I can’t take it anymore!

  • Wow, you’re right, he is the last YA of Gen 1. In a way, I consider him the last of Gen 1, period. I don’t count the kids. They’re kids. I’m sad, but less sad than I wouldn’ve been had he been younger. And both Julian and Emma will have a cow when they get to the bottom of this.

    • Mao

      You know, I had that thought, too. The kids are hard to consider “gen 1.” I’m glad Dominic outlasted the rest–he had a good life!

      Emma is going to flip.

  • Josh

    I loved seeing Dominic saying goodbye to Asha, but the curse is sad! Poor man. Goodbye, handsome king.

    • Mao

      I know! I was so sad when he rolled this ROS, but I’m also kind of glad he’s not just “dying quietly.” He kind of needed something exciting for his exit.

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