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15: Ashton – ‘Here is Gone’

Lily Ashton (Young Adult), Mark McMaster (Young Adult)

Finding out that she was pregnant was quite a pleasant shock to Lily. She didn’t discover it until she was nearly into her second trimester. Telling Mark had been interesting–it came out of seemingly nowhere. After the initial surprise wore off, they were able to bask in the happiness of the occasion. They hadn’t actually discussed children, but neither one were against the idea of them, either.

Lily was doing well enough in her career and it was easy to write songs from the comfort of her home when pregnancy became too uncomfortable for her. Her hours were flexible, except for when she needed to be in the studio during the actual recordings, so all of that would work out well.

Not to mention that Mark was home all day, given his career as an author. Once the baby arrived, they wouldn’t need to stress over who’d take care of it.

Lily never really showed how far along she actually was. Her stomach stayed relatively small throughout the entire pregnancy and due to having zero complications, she never really had anything done except the initial ultrasound. It wasn’t until late into her pregnancy that her doctor caught the fact that he was hearing two heartbeats instead of one!

Lily gave birth to fraternal twins, a boy named Deckard and a little girl named Leah. They’d had enough time to hastily prepare the nursery, if not enough time to prepare themselves mentally. One baby was a task enough, but two?!

Luckily, the babies were relatively even tempered. They fussed occasionally, mostly when Mark was in charge and he got too caught up in writing his books. They’d re-purposed his office into the nursery, so his desk and writing computer had been relocated down the hallway in their bedroom.

Most of the childcare fell on him, as Lily was helping an artist record their first studio album using a bevy of her songs. The hours were long, but the money was good and given that they had two new additions instead of one, it was looking more and more like they’d need to buy a house in the near future. Their townhouse rental wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Despite her busy schedule, Lily relished time with the babies. When she was home, she dove headfirst into her motherly duties and gave Mark a much-needed break. Taking care of them was both fun and exciting for her, whereas it was a total drain on Mark both creatively and physically.

The times he did get to himself, he spent decompressing in front of the television with a drink. He’d always favored alcohol, but since the birth of the twins and the writer’s block he’d been suffering lately, his intake had nearly doubled. Lily wasn’t too worried, yet. She knew how his moodiness worked and that it was more important to address his dour state of mind than his reliance on alcohol.

In an effort to get him to pep up, she threw him a birthday party.  It was hard to believe that they’d both be leaving their Young Adult lives behind them already! Mark was slightly older than Lily, but not by much. Normally she would have had the party, but it was Mark who needed to the boost. Seeing friends and family was sure to give him a quick pick-me-up.

Unfortunately, Rosalind had invited herself and made sure that Mark knew, in no uncertain terms, that his new ‘additions’ didn’t change their agreement any. In fact, it had boosted the cost slightly, since he had significantly more to lose now!

While Lily suffered Rosalind’s presence, she was sure to keep Mark’s attentions away from her. She had no idea that they’d had an affair, but Lily and Rosalind had always been competitive. They were half-sisters and while they’d only ever found it out as Young Adults, they’d been bitter rivals since they were children.

Unfortunately for Lily, other people were much better versed in the language of cheating and observed the exchange with knowing eyes.

The party was a chance for Mark’s family to officially meet the twins, too. Everything had been so hectic for them that they hadn’t really had a chance to take any visitors. Catherine was especially happy to meet her new niece and nephew! She stole away into their room and cared for them while the party continued on downstairs. She’d never really been one for social events, anyway. She’d much rather be with the babies!

Mark was getting sloppy and while he was no longer romantically involved with Rosalind, they still spoke. It was part of their agreement. The exchanges always took place in person. It was easier that way. She’d stop by and pick up the money. It was always better if there wasn’t a paper trail. Lily was fastidious with their finances and it was everything Mark could do to cover up this significant chunk of change disappearing. He made sure it was never actually deposited into their account.

Rosalind had tried using her charms a few times, but Mark was impervious. He’d made the mistake once and he wouldn’t do it again, not even if he suffered from writer’s block for the rest of his life. He was already screwed, there was no reason to make it worse.

Luckily for Mark, Lily was much too involved with their growing children to be bothered looking into her husband’s odd behavior. Gwendolyn had made a few curious mentions, but Lily brushed them off, too elated with her bundles of joy to really read between the lines.


This situation is like a powder keg waiting to explode, sigh. It makes me so sad, you guys! As for Lily’s pregnancy, she got knocked up at the end of last round and a screw-up on my end made her pregnancy advance, sigh. So she had the twins near the beginning of her play cycle this round! I honestly was not expecting twins. I had kind of banked on them living her for awhile, so they’ve (read: I’ve) got some house hunting to do!

Especially since they BOTH rolled this up immediately after the “It’s Twins!” moodlet disappeared, sigh:

Husband named the twins. He names a lot of my sims. Props to those who can guess what he was playing when he named them, haha.

Rosalind is constantly around. It’s like she knows. She wants the other shoe to drop! It’s not like she needs the money or anything. Gwendolyn was also watching their exchange at the party like a hawk. She’s married to Stefan–she knows how this goes! And remember, she’s had her own run-in with Rosalind, lol.

Mark is what I consider a “functioning alcoholic.” I say this because the boy has been hitting the “juice” bar since he was a teen any time he’s idle. It’s something I’ve integrated into his personality.


10 comments to 15: Ashton – ‘Here is Gone’

  • Ugh, Rosalind. I don’t want Lily to find out! But yay, twins! I can’t believe they want another so soon.

    I have such a bad feeling about Mark drinking more and the Rosalind situation.

  • Twins! Good Lord…imagine not finding out you’re pregnant until you’re in your second trimester and then finding out it’s twins! Insane!

    But ugh, this Rosalind situation is very precarious, isn’t it? They’re not being careful at all, so even if Gwendolyn doesn’t say anything, who knows who else will see them? I really want Mark and Lily to get their happily ever after but it doesn’t look very likely right now!

    • Mao

      Haha, have you heard of the “I didn’t know I was pregnant” show? That stuff is crazy. I found out around 8/9 weeks, but a friend of mine was around 15 or more weeks when she finally realized what was happening! I’d have never known had I not just been worried about “lady issues.”

      Mark has been a total tool and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches around and bites him! I’m only hoping they can actually weather the storm…

  • …And I was just talking about them and injecting hope! Sigh. Is it bad that I want something to “happen” with Rosalind? I want my happily ever after!
    Are either of the twins redheads? I figure not, since I see one’s a brunette and I can’t see the other’s head. Just curious.

    • Mao

      I know, right? It’s so sad. Lily is totally going to find out… it’s just a matter of where they go from there. Maybe having the kids will make her stay? lol

      No red heads in these two, they both have Lily’s hair color!

  • Twins! I love twins! I have twin cousins in RL, not identical, but my Auntie always dressed them the same when they were little so because of this if any of my sims ever have twins I get really excited about the prospect of being about to dress them the same. lol

    Poor Mark, he’s having a rough time. I like that you integrated this into his personality on the fact that he started on the juice as a teen. I never thought about it that way but yeah, the ‘juice’ in the sims could definitely be a substitute for alcohol. Maybe he should try writing while drinking? Sometimes it inspires me. ;)

    Lovely blog too! :)

    • Mao

      Twins are definitely fun! :D I always end up treating my digital twins like they were identical, haha. Which makes no sense, since most fraternal twins don’t act like identical ones.

      I always translate juice as alcohol. It’s so thinly veiled to keep the rating down! He definitely writes and drinks. I think a lot of writers end up doing this, hahaha! I have yet to try it, though… might have to when I’m clear to drink some wine again. ;)

      Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer!

  • Wow I’m totally floored at the pregnancy and then twins! Not to mention the want for another baby, I’d think they had their hands quite full as it were. I didn’t really take ether of them as wanting a large family ether.

    Ugh Rosalind popping up always makes my stomach drop, I really hate that this happened. But I equally hate Lily not knowing. I actually want him to come clean, because then they can actually LIVE their life (hopefully together), and move forward past it. Right now he’s on edge and being blackmailed, drinking himself into a stupor, and his wife is clueless, not to mention the poor twins. This isn’t really a happy life, it’s fake, built on lies.

    • Mao

      Me, either. I don’t know what’s gotten into them…

      Rosalind is a pain. Something really needs to happen to air this all out… the longer the wait, the worse the outcome! You’re so right about it all being fake and built on lies. SO sad that their relationship has turned out like this!

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