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14: University – ‘Casual Affair’

Jack Ryder (Year Four), Rhys Klein (Year Three), Emma Steel (Year Three), Bettina Ackerman (Year Three)

For their final two years of university, they all decided to go in on a house rental. It turned out to be a brilliant idea. The dorms were crowded and annoying, but with the privacy of their own home, things were much easier. Emma kind of wished that Rhys and Bettina would save the PDA for their bedroom, though.

Dorm or house, it didn’t really matter to Jack. He continued to do what he did best, which was get to know the student body–or the bodies of students, rather–better. His infallible charm and easy-going nature made him quite the ladies man. It was all in good fun, like always. Jack wasn’t really the type to settle down, at least, not yet. Besides, there was still Natalia. She was leagues away in Aperture, though and he was here. So what harm was there in expanding his horizons?

Emma’s partying had tamed down some. She still had quite a bit of fun, but she was beginning to focus on her classes again. She spent a lot time with fellow jock Skip Taylor. They were often found practicing table tennis or down at the bowling alley. Jack wasn’t terribly bothered by it. They were still friends and Skip wasn’t a bad guy, even if he was a jock.

Rhys, of course, was less than impressed. The last thing they needed was some beefy guy walking around. Worse yet, he always seemed to be shirtless! Sure, he and Emma spent a lot of time jogging or doing whatever other physical activity jocks did, but there was no excuse. Rhys wasted no time letting Skip know how he felt about his impropriety.

And Emma let Rhys know exactly what she thought of his nagging. She wasn’t subtle about it, either. The others were completely shocked to find out that Skip and Emma were not ‘just friends’ as they’d assumed. Rhys was livid. There was no way his friend could carouse around with someone named Skip. Honestly! The mere thought of it was just beyond reason.

Jack tried to talk to her about it, but she just laughed him off. They still hung out, but their relationship had taken a noticeable turn towards actual friendship and not the odd, but very welcome, ‘friends with benefits’.

“Don’t worry about it,” Emma said, landing a precision hit in one of his solo cups, “it’s not a big deal.”

“Yeah, so you keep saying… but he’s here an awful lot.”

“So? We have a lot in common, we like to hang out. Rhys can deal. He’s not my father.”

“Heh, yeah,” Jack shrugged uneasily. “I guess we just didn’t expect you to settle down so quickly.”

“Who says I’m ‘settling down’? Geeze, you guys need to mind your own business.”

Bettina was much in the same thought as Emma. She didn’t understand their infatuation with Emma’s relationship status. It was especially troublesome that Rhys seemed so consumed by it. She said as much, not bothering to soften the question with small talk. She just came right out and asked:

“Why do you care so much about Emma’s love life?”

“She’s my friend,” Rhys replied simply, looking not at all ruffled. “We’ve been friends forever. It’s only natural that we would want to look out for each other.”

“You aren’t just calling her taste in men trash, Rhys. You’re throwing a fit because she’s dating someone named Skip. Because of his name. Seriously. You need to tell me what’s going on.”

Nothing. I don’t get why you’re so upset,” Rhys sighed. He didn’t stop eating, though. Times between classes were rare and he wasn’t about to give up his meal. “She’s my friend, ‘Betti. I’m not going to stop worrying about her just because we’re together.”

Bettina gave him a look. “Worrying is one thing, obsessing is another, Rhys.”

Rhys and Jack still weren’t what one could consider ‘the best of friends.’ Their mutual (and strange) preoccupation with Emma’s dating life brought them a little closer together, however. They could now tolerate to be in the same room, though you’d never find them idly chatting or enjoying one another’s company. Even Emma couldn’t bridge that divide.

Emma had lied when she’d said it wasn’t serious. She’d spent the entire term with Skip and things very quickly became official. They were both well-known jocks and so, the news traveled fast. Emma had wished it had skipped her house, but she knew better than to expect that. Jack’s little cheerleaders were everywhere. All you had to do was turn around on campus and you’d be faced with one of his many conquests or admirers.

Stupid girls. They needed to mind their own business.

Because of their shared major, Jack and Rhys shared a lecture class. Jack was supposed to be ahead in his degree, but he’d make the mistake of defiling the dean’s daughter. That set him back almost an entire year in credits due to ‘paperwork getting lost.’  Jack was stunned when Rhys took a seat next to him and proceeded to speak to him, ignoring the actual lecture.

“I’m sure that you’ve heard.”

“Yeah,” Jack said trying not to let his shock show, “I’ve been usurped by a jock.”

“I thought you two were friends.”

“We are, now. Benefits tend to end once boyfriends come into play. Especially ones that can snap me in half.”

“You sound upset.”

“My ego is bruised, dude. A jock, I mean, come on. This could hurt my cred around campus. What if my groupies decide to go for jocks, too?”

“Your priorities are in serious need of revaluation.”

“Heh, I’d say the same about you. Don’t you have a girlfriend to worry about? I don’t get why you’re so caught up on what Emma does.”

“Someone has to look out for her. You can’t begin to imagine the life that Emma has led.”

“Well, good luck with Skip. Let me know how it feels to get snapped like a twig.”

Rhys and Bettina spent plenty of time together, despite what one might think. Honestly, Rhys doesn’t understand why it’s so strange for him to look out for a friend. They grew up together. Rhys is certain Emma is incapable of making good decisions, especially after that display she put on their freshman year.

Bettina enjoys their time together, though she really is beginning to wonder about Emma. Everyone seems enraptured with her in one way or another. She doesn’t get it. It’s not like she’s made of gold or anything. Poor Bettina fails to realize that Emma is Asha’s daughter and as such, is doomed to be forever admired for reasons that no one really understands.

Emma meets a vampire during one of her many parties. She wastes no time questioning him about her mother. He doesn’t give her any answers. He acts as if he has no idea what she’s talking about, but Emma knows better. Asha is out there, somewhere. Emma just wishes she knew where.

During a different party, a bonfire one this time, Emma drags Rhys away from his studying. She’s insistent that he dance and try to have a good time. She’s maintaining good grades and throwing parties. It is possible to do both. Rhys is hesitant, but he eventually gives in, though only for awhile.

Of course, Emma will later swear that her dragging Rhys out of the house had nothing to do with assisting Jack. He’d commandeered Rhys’ bed for a little recreation with his long-time fling, Samantha Grey.

The bonfire party was epic, though most of Emma’s parties were. This was was particularly grand, however. It celebrated the near-end of their university life. The bonfire burned until the wee hours of the morning.

Rhys was pretty sure he knew how he wanted his time in university to end, it was just a matter of planning. Keeping Bettina in the dark was the hardest part of all. With all of the Emma business, she was on high alert for any suspicious behavior. It required multiple assurances that this had nothing to do with Emma before she’d relent and let him set everything into place.

Emma, meanwhile, had dragged Jack upstairs. She’d had considerable amount to drink, but she was pretty infamous for her tolerance. Jack wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, but he couldn’t hide his surprise.

“Aren’t you with Skip now?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Uh, I like my limbs where they are, Em.”

“Shut up, Jack,” Emma said with a grin, “I didn’t drag you up here to snivel.”

Rhys’ plan worked. He managed to get Bettina to the ocean without her knowing why. He proposed there and she accepted, gladly. They spent a good part of the evening there, just the two of them. It was nice to have that time alone. Emma’s party throwing was constant and there were always tons of people in their rental house.

Emma’s final party of her university career was so epic that the cops were coming to bust it up. Half of the campus was there. Emma had to hurriedly shoo everyone out before they were all arrested for noise disturbance. It was a pretty awesome way to go out.

Everyone but Emma graduated with an A. Emma maintained an A, but her first year’s grade drug down her average to a B. It was okay, though. They all got through graduation and had their degrees. The world was their oyster now.

As they were preparing to leave, Bettina pulled Jack aside. She toyed with the ring on her finger, trying to find the words she’d rehearsed so many times in the mirror.

“I need you to tell me something and I want you to be honest.”

“Ooo-kay. What is it?

“Do you think Rhys is in love with Emma?”

Jack tried hard not to laugh. “Are you serious right now?”


“If you’re that worried about it, why don’t you ask him?”

“Because I can’t! He’ll think I’m jealous.”

“Well, aren’t you?”

“No! I just… I want to know, I want to be sure… before we get married. I don’t want–”

“Honestly, I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about. You’ve got the ring and Rhys is Rhys. I can’t really see him being into someone like Emma. You’re more his speed.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ve seen what bossing Emma around does.” Jack said with a grin, walking away before Bettina could ask him anything more.

Bettina walked away from her conversation with Jack feeling less-than-relieved. She stopped short of Emma and Rhys, who were talking outside near the moving van. It was a completely innocent conversation about graduation, but Bettina still kept her distance. She watched their body language. They were completely at ease with one another, even the normal stiffened posture Rhys took was somewhat relaxed.

It did nothing to assuage her worries. What if Jack was right? What if she was only the choice because she was the easier and less messy option?


So, I messed up my university timing. Sorry about that. I’m still trying to iron out how this is going to work. I’m going to do two terms per round, meaning that sims will be in college for two rounds. That seems more than enough time. Jack should have finished before now, but sims can only graduate at the end of a term and I did two in this play session.

I have no idea what any of my sims are doing, by the way. Everyone is obsessed with Emma is some way, shape, or form. It doesn’t help that she got ‘Irresistible’ as her social trait. She maxed Jock, so she’ll get to try out that career when she returns home. A note on returning home: It took me TWO HOURS OR MORE to get these guys home. I had the stuck loading screen bug. I finally deleted the script cache and downloaded the Traveler mod by Nraas again. I’m not sure what fixed it, I’m just glad it worked.

Emma and Skip are dating because she rolled up wishes for him constantly and they get along really well. He will be returning to Aperture with her. Jack, like Emma and Skip, will get his own place. Rhys and Bettina will be moving back in with Alex and Gavin. Emma has rolled up the wish to marry Skip, so things should get interesting, lol.

SOMEONE got chimes when I wasn’t paying attention (they snuck upstairs and TRIED FOR BABY before I could stop them) and so we have a pregnant sim. I will not say who. I will only say THIS WAS NOT HOW THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO GO.

For those curious, this update was supposed to happen at the end of Round 13, but since I messed up and had everyone graduate… I pushed it to Round 14. We won’t see these guys in  their own play sessions again until Round 15. Hopefully I can not mess up, sigh. This is why I don’t do complicated systems–I can barely handle simple ones!

Title is ‘Casual Affair’ by Panic! At the Disco

12 comments to 14: University – ‘Casual Affair’

  • So this is why I have a Rolling In the Deep cover on loop. It is awesome, but I was meant to have my view of this update colored by it, LOL. Jack just looks like he has a massive crush on Emma. Rhys is not so clear-cut to me. He seems to be straddling the fence between Bettina and Emma. His diapproval of Skip is hilarious. But really, they both had their chance.

    Skip looks rather old, and his outfit playing pong with Emma makes him look like one of my uncles on 70s night. But if he makes Emma happy and is not a jerk, I approve.

    Will Emma get any clues as to the whereabouts of her mother?

    Pregnancy? Does this have anything to do with the “Affair” tag on this update, or is that just Emma shagging Jack?

    • Mao

      Hahaha, more like Jack’s ego was bruised. He’s the resident lady killer on campus, so getting usurped by a jock was a bit of a shock. I have no idea what Rhys’ issue is, but most of his things were autonomous in this. He hates anyone that Emma likes!

      Skip was in desperate need of a makeover!! He looks so much better now.

      Asha will remain a mystery until the time is right, I think. As for the affair tag, I’m trying to remember WHY I put that there. x_x I’d say you’re right about Emma and Jack, as she’s technically dating someone.

  • Wow! So much is going on here! I’m glad they all made it through college and had epic parties. I can understand Bettina’s suspicions, and I wonder how that will go…. I’m also interested to see how Jack and Natalia will get along when he gets back.

    UGH about the time it took to get them back. :( I am not looking forward to that happening…

    • Mao

      It was a very eventful session! Which was fine with me, as two weeks at Uni can get old, fast. I am very curious to see how everyone does back in the old world now.

      Oh man, that was a total nightmare! I knew it could happen, but I never anticipated it happening so freaking early. I thought I’d share my experience in case anyone else had the issue.

  • Josh

    Gagging at pregnancy antics! Bettina is such an interesting looking Sim, I really like her, but Emma is still gorgeous. If she’s pregnant with Jack’s baby I’m setting everything on fire. Why can they get pregnant in Uni???

    • Mao

      LOL! I really want Bettina to stick around, too. Hahaha, oh boy… that would be pretty messed up, wouldn’t it?! I have NO idea why they can get pregnant. It won’t progress, but it does happen. The pregnancy pauses at 0 hrs until they return to their home world. It’s probably because it functions like a vacation world.

  • Yeesh, Jack! Way to put Bettina’s mind at ease, lol! Still, even if Rhys is into Emma, it doesn’t seem like she’s into anyone but Skip. And Jack, apparently. I hope Bettina and Rhys can make it work because I do think they make a good couple!

    But whuh?! I didn’t even know sims could get pregnant at university, even with Woohooer! That’s kind of exciting!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, Jack is not exactly the greatest person to go to for that sort of thing. ;) Bettina and Rhys should be okay… provided Rhys really is just concerned as a friend!

      It’s probably because it’s coded EXACTLY like a vacation world.

  • I like to think my systems aren’t as complicated as some other peoples! I check things over and over to make sure timing etc is correct, I refuse to be defeated!

    Glad everyone graduated, especially Emma. I like that she managed to find the balance between work and play.

    Lovely that Rhys and Bettina are now engaged. I can understand why he wants to help Emma but I think he needs to concentrate on his own life now.

    • Mao

      Haha, the sheer fact that you can keep it all together leaves me in awe. I’m such a scatterbrain, I think. xD

      I was SO worried about Emma. That was just sheer luck. I really want to know WTF is going on with Rhys. It’s getting a bit odd.

  • I’m really relieved that Emma graduated, and shocked to find her so serious about Skip. How funny that Rhys can’t get past the name, I went to school with a Skippy… and I couldn’t get past it myself. I still chuckle when I think back on that kid.

    I wonder why everyone is so infatuated with Emma, and I am glad that Bettina realized for pity sake, I was about to think she was a dunce. If I were her, I’d be questioning my relationship too, I could not tolerate a guy that was that invested in someone elses love life. I can’t believe someone got pregnant, I too thought it wasn’t possible. I am going to be peeking between my fingers in mutual horror and curiosity to see who it is.

    • Mao

      Skip is just one of those names! I don’t even know who would name their kid that. A nickname, okay, maybe… but a legitimate name? That’s just cruel, folks.

      This Uni round really threw me on my ass! I was so not expecting everyone to be freaking infatuated with Emma. She certainly has Asha’s skills, that’s for sure. At least her relationship with Skip is legit; they really do get along amazingly well. Rhys is just being an ass. I really want to know what his deal is.

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