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14: Novak – ‘Savior’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

With Jack Ryder back in town, Natalia Novak finally had a social outlet that wasn’t her brother. Honestly, Natalia was shocked at how much she’d missed having him around. The younger man had always been present, it seemed, lurking around in the background when she was still best friends with his sister Jessica.

They went out often, meeting at the lounge just down the street from Natalia’s townhouse she shared with her brother.

“Don’t patronize me, Jack,” Natalia scolded him. His reaction to her maybe wanting to be more than friends was less-than-serious.

“I thought you were kidding.”

“I’m not. It’s fine, though. If that’s how you feel about it–”

“No, no,” he said, gripping her hands as she tried to pull away, “I’m definitely a fan of the idea.”

“Good. It’s settled, then.” That was easier than she’d anticipated. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders.

Natalia knew it was wrong, to bounce between siblings as she had, but she couldn’t control how she’d felt. At one time, she’d loved Jessica and what they shared was real, but they just weren’t a good match, not in that way. Jessica wanted to settle down with kids and Natalia just wasn’t into that, especially not kids.

Honestly, Natalia was probably better off alone but the thought of being alone forever was a little terrifying to her. Besides, Jack was good company and she did care about him. He certainly liked her well enough. He was the most loyal friend she’d ever had. Dating him just made things easier and it kept him from getting too swept up in Emma Steel’s annoyingly intoxicating aura.

Andrew and Rena had been dating long enough that moving in seemed like the next logical step. She didn’t mind that Natalia lived there. They all got on wonderfully. She barely hesitated when Andrew brought it up–it had been a challenge for her not to just blurt out “yes!”

Rena was an excellent addition to the house. She was always happy to assist Andrew in the kitchen. He’d never been able to get Natalia to help him–she wasn’t much for domestic tasks. Rena didn’t even complain when she had to wash up the countless dishes Andrew left behind during his experimentation.

He was moving up in the ranks of the world of cooking. He was hoping that soon he’d be able to strike out on his own.

Natalia only left her room for two things–meeting up with Jack and practicing her magic. Andrew had banned magic in the house after an accident where she’d lit the living room rug on fire. She was stuck casting in the privacy afforded to her by the little enclosure that held their trash bins.

Rena continued her career as an entertainer. She was fairly well-known, so it seemed pointless to quit. She liked her job. She made her own hours and she genuinely enjoyed seeing the joy and surprise on people’s faces as they watched her spectacles.

When she didn’t have any gigs scheduled, she’d often head down to the park and perform random things for tips.

Natalia didn’t understand how Rena could walk around in her leotard and makeup like it was no big deal. It all looked horribly uncomfortable to her. She was also incredibly picky about what she’d eat–preferring not to try Andrew’s experiments.

“Why can’t he just use a cook book?”

“What do you think they did before there were cook books?”

“Who cares? We have them now and there’s no reason not to use them. Whatever you’re eating smells like a curry nightmare!”

Natalia’s foray into the unknown had led her down some questionable paths. One such path had her glimpsing the figure of Asha Steel–now thought to be no more than a ghost. It was an odd sort of thing; Natalia barely caught her moving out of the corner of her eye. It was almost as if Asha was disguising herself, unseen by everyone but Natalia.

She couldn’t lie, the vampire intrigued her deeply. Unfortunately, she was gone before Natalia could corner her–disappearing behind the heavy doors of the elevator.

Rena managed to drag Andrew out of the kitchen long enough to have a good time. She loved a good party and was no stranger to dancing. She may not have had the same insatiable spark that Natalia had, but she was hardly someone who labored away at home without taking a break or time for fun. It was time for Andrew to re-enter the world and take his nose out of a cook book now and again.

Jack was ecstatic that Natalia had finally come around, but he was beginning to worry that perhaps it was all just a ruse and all she really wanted was a living experiment. She’d taken to using him as practice, which ended badly more often than anything else. She’d singed his clothes and Jack had narrowly avoided having to call his sister to put him out.

“Geeze, Nat! Watch the fireballs!”

“Don’t be such a wimp,” she chided, rolling her eyes. “I can’t concentrate when you’re whinging like that!”

Andrew had wanted to wait and propose in a romantic way, but the weather wasn’t on his side. He’d planned to take Rena to the outdoor restaurant next to the Freeman river, but the rain refused to let up. Instead, he dropped to one knee in the apartment. It really didn’t seem to matter where he proposed to Rena. She was over the moon and said yes without a second thought.


I forgot to get a picture of Rena, so her profile will go up when I get it. Sigh. I’m horrible at getting portraits lately. As for Natalia and Jack going official, Natalia got the ‘You Deserve Better’ ROS… which is just pursue highest known attraction. That was Jack! Not sure how lucky he is, though. Natalia really does enjoy trying out her spells on him and she’s not all that skilled just yet…

Andrew wanted to propose and I’d put it off long enough. He’ll be Adult soon, believe it or not. It’s definitely time for him to be happy! Hopefully the ROS doesn’t strike poor Rena down, lol.

Asha isn’t supposed to be running around visibly, but something about how I had her set up broke and she was leaving the lounge as Natalia was arriving. I wrote it in.

As we go through the households, is anyone else getting anxious about the death ROS? It is plaguing me, you guys. Sigh.

Title is Rise Against – Savior

12 comments to 14: Novak – ‘Savior’

  • Josh

    I thought the Novaks would have ANOTHER death and was ready to scream, but I’m worried all over again. Is Natalia slaying her magic? Her and Jack are cute but we’ll see how long that lasts. I can’t wait until the Emma Steel-Jack-Camila’s son issue blows up.

    • Mao

      Could you imagine? I think I would just be DONE at that point. The Novak family needs a break!

      Natalia is still trying to get a handle on the whole magic thing. I’m not even sure what’s going to happen between her and Jack. LOL at the Emma issue blowing up! It’s definitely going to happen, I’m sure.

  • I’m just not sure how I feel about Natalia and Jack–I’m sure it will lead to many interesting things, though. :) Andrew and Rena are so cute–I loved how happy Natalia was to have Rena move in with them. I am wondering about whether Natalia and Jack will stick it out for the long term…. Awesome chapter!

    • Mao

      I am really on the fence about it, too. I’m wondering if, somewhere down the line, Jack’s going to want more and Natalia isn’t going to be able to give it to him. She’s not really the type to settle down and have a family. She reminds me a lot of Paula.

      Rena is so amazing, I’m so glad Andrew met her! I cannot wait for them to get married and possibly have some babies. ;)

  • Honestly, that little glimpse of Asha that Natalia had was pretty cool, planned or not! Natalia should stay away from Asha, if she knows what’s good for her. But she doesn’t, which tells me she’s going to try to find her again or something, lol!

    Natalia and Jack? Well…I share Rachel’s feelings on that, I think. We’ll have to wait and see!

    Andrew is almost an adult?! Wow, I didn’t realise that. I’m glad he and Rena are tying the knot now then. They make a good couple. :)

    • Mao

      It was so strange to see her out and about! Of course she’d have to cross paths with Natalia. ;) You’re right, if Natalia was smart she’d stay away…

      LOL! No one trusts in the fickle Natalia. Can’t say I’d blame any of you, either.

      I know! I was kind of surprised when I went to put in everyone’s ages. He deserves some happiness, finally.

  • I don’t mind Natalia and Jack together, I really, really, really like Jack. But I don’t see him settling down anytime too quick, so him and Natalia don’t bother me. It’s like a childhood dream come true, and it’s best to give it a whirl and see how it works. I hope that Natalia does not dive into vampirism though, that’s for sure. I think she’s adorable as a little witch, and that’s it. :p

    I’m surprised that Andrew is nearly an adult, I’m glad he’s found a good companion in Rena. I hope they have lots of happiness and ROS stays clear away.

    • Mao

      No worries on Natalia being a vampire! I’m quite done with vampires for the time being. Natalia was always meant to be a witch and she’ll stay as such. ;)

      Oh man, ROS better not touch them! I swear. I’m so done with death for awhile. Remind me to NEVER complain about ROS being “boring” again.

  • Hmmm. We’ll see. After that whole Jessica blowup, I’ve learned to be a bit wary of Natalia’s feelings. Besides, I see Jack moving on after a few years, honestly.

    So glad Andrew gets a little happiness. Let’s hope the Novak curse is over.

    • Mao

      It’s very difficult to take any relationship decision Natalia makes seriously! I think you’re smart for doubting her. I’m hoping Jack moves on. Natalia is just too flaky.

      Andrew definitely deserves it! Crossing my fingers for the end of the curse, too.

  • I really like Natalia but I don’t think even she knows how she truly feels about anyone- Jack included.

    Love her witchy ways though and accident or not, her seeing Asha is pretty interesting!

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