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14: Novak 2 – ‘But It’s Better If You Do’

Paula Novak (Adult), Stefan Novak (Adult), Gwendolyn Novak (Adult), Stella Novak (Child), Dana Novak (Baby)

Gwendolyn Novak hadn’t exactly planned either of her pregnancies. Honestly, if she could have avoided them completely, she would go back in time and make it so. Still, the two girls she did have seemed to be doing all right, despite Gwendolyn’s complete and utter lack of a natural, maternal instinct.

Baby Dana didn’t seem to notice her mother’s glaring deficiencies, happy just to be played with and fed regularly. They’d moved to a new apartment that better accommodated the large family.

It was a sad day when someone had to admit openly that Stefan was the better parent. He was a cunning thief and a manipulator, but when it came to his children, he was just a dad. Unfortunately, Stefan’s ‘job’ often had him gone without contact for months at a time.

Stella didn’t mind so much. She loved hearing dramatized versions of what he was up to. There was no point in trying to hide what he did, not when it was a profession people made movies about. Stella was always disappointed that he didn’t rob museums with elaborate heists or teams.

Since the whole blowup with the criminal organization, Paula has been keeping a low profile. She was pretty much told that her tenure with the organization was severed and that everything, including their people, were being ‘liquidated.’ It was as gruesome as it sounded and Paula still had no idea why she’d been shown mercy and allowed to continue breathing.

She didn’t question it, though. She helped around the house and took an interest in fixing things. Her long years on the job and some tutelage from Stefan had revealed that she had a knack for such things.

She passed what little knowledge she had on to Stella, who was pretty much a sponge that absorbed everything. It was clearer every day that her intelligence was a step above a normal child’s.

Paula only bothered playing chess with Stella because Stella liked it. Why was anyone’s guess, as Paula was hardly even a challenge compared to Stella’s skill at it.

Paula remained unemployed for awhile until she was contacted by the film company located just across the street from their new apartment building. Pretty much everyone in Aperture knew about the infamous Paula Novak. They needed someone with knowledge about crime and maybe even a bit player. Paula signed up out of boredom. It sounded like a fun distraction from drinking.

Stefan had threatened multiple times to throw his sister into rehab, but it was mostly just a joke. Paula drank constantly, that much was true, but it wasn’t that she was belligerent or reckless. She just seemed to need a constant buzz to keep the disappointment about where she’d ended up quiet inside her head.

Her brother had tried to suggest she get a hobby that didn’t involve opening her knees, but Paula ignored him. She wasn’t going to be lectured by an international thief. She was picking up his slack in the family department, after all.

Gwendolyn spent most of her time at work–she was doing some studio work, recording Lily Ashton’s pieces–which left Paula on babysitting duty. She didn’t mind. Paula loved Stella and the little girl seemed more than happy to have her around.  Paula may not have had her genius, but she was kind and empathetic. And she always made sure Stella never had to make her own meals or do her homework alone.

As little Dana got bigger, Stefan took a small sabbatical from traveling the world to teach his youngest daughter the finer points of life–like how to be a winner. If Dana took in any of what her father said, it didn’t show.

Stella spent most of her time with her best friend Aidan Martel. They were both around the same age and would be going to high school soon. Aidan was excited, mostly because he was certain to be popular. Stella was decidedly less so. She was awkward and nerdy as it was–the ‘brainy kid’, they called her. And she squinted a lot. Aidan teased her constantly about needing glasses.

He could tease all he liked, he would never throw a snowball as good as Stella could! She nailed him in the face with one directly on the heel of his words: “we can’t all be naturally awesome!”

He gasped and sputtered, pushing the bits of snow off his suddenly freezing nose. Aidan broke into a laugh, unable to stop as his body shook with the effort of it. Stella was laughing too.

“Better arm yourself,” she warned as she packed snow with her hands, “I’m not going to go easy on you!”

Aidan ducked her throw just in time, “oh, it’s on now!”

When Stella wasn’t pelting her best friend with snow, she was making a concentrated effort not to hate her younger sister. It wasn’t Dana’s fault that she was young and needed constant attention. At least Stella didn’t have to deal with her crying in the middle of the night, though she knew she’d have to share her room eventually.

Paula spent her free time drinking in public and enjoying the local ‘sights.’ She knew that Stefan was right–that maybe she needed a better distraction than random guys and lots of booze, but what? It just seemed so pointless. She’d felt so empowered when her focus had been rescuing Stefan. She’d earned her place in the organization only to have it pulled out from under her in a blink.

What was the point of building another thing up just to watch it crumble beneath her touch?


I moved them into a bigger apartment building to better accommodate the growing family. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I was freaking out about sims Trying for Baby autonomously. That was Stefan and Gwendolyn. Can we all just breathe a sigh of relief that there was no lullaby? WHEW!

Poor Paula. The girl needs some direction or something. She’s awesome with Stella and Dana, but she sucks with everything else. So sad. I’m wondering if this is going to be Natalia’s eventual future. What’s with these Novak women?!

I just realized that Gwendolyn was pretty much absent from this update… oops! Honestly, all she does is work and cook. She’s getting along better with Stella now, at least.

Gwen and Stefan were obsessed with banging in Paula’s bed. I have no idea why! Even worse was when they did it while she was on the phone and Paula proceeded to not give one single crap. Wow.

Stella is a teen now, because she was set to age up at the end of the round! We might see her in the Martel update. :)

10 comments to 14: Novak 2 – ‘But It’s Better If You Do’

  • If Stefan is open with Stella about what he does, let’s hope she can keep her mouth closed! You know what kids are like – some of the stories they bring to school for show’n’tell!

    I’m looking forward to seeing Stella as a teen. Seeing her awkward nerdiness contrasted with Aidan’s sure-to-be-the-most-popular-kid-in-schoolness should be very interesting indeed!

    How close is Paula to elderhood? I’m wondering if she has the chance to sort something out for herself before then.

    My sims have been trying for a baby autonomously a LOT lately! I’m at a point where I need more population, so I’m happy with that but geez. It’s a bit scary to think of them never stopping and having babies when you really don’t want them to!

    • Mao

      Stella is a genius, so I doubt she’d implicate him. Besides, children have such an innocence about those things. It’s like they can’t completely comprehend that it’s real and it’s dangerous or bad. I see Stella like that. She’s ridiculously smart, but there’s a certain naivety there. It’s going to hit her, hard, when she’s older.

      I really want Paula to do something, but she’s really good with the kids, surprisingly! So at least there’s that.

      It’s so funny that your sims are doing that! Mine rarely ever do, EXCEPT for the couples who have NO business doing so! Sheesh.

  • Josh

    Poor Paula! I always liked her, but I never thought she’d be a total failure at life. Yikes. What is her LTW? She doesn’t want to do anything besides crime? Why doesn’t she find a man? Poor thing. Let’s hope she gets it together.

    • Mao

      Yeeeah, Paula kind of did it to herself. I wanted her to achieve, but when she started following Stefan’s example… it was pretty much over! Her LTW is silly, see the ghost of a rich spouse. But she is also still VERY stuck on Luis, so she’s incapable of falling for anyone else. I’ve tried. It never works!

  • Now I feel so sorry for Paula, that all these years later, she’s still in love with Luis. But she had her chance and royally blew it.

    I still have my fingers crossed for Stella. All of Oskar’s female descendants seem to have a lot of trouble on their hands.

    • Mao

      Paula is a mess. It’s her own fault, though, you’re completely correct! So funny how seemingly small decisions can change an entire life.

      Stella is fabulous. I love her and I cannot wait to expand on her story.

  • Dana is so freaking adorable!! What a sweetie! I love the photo of the girls playing peek-a-boo! I feel so sad for Paula, her life has been such a disappointment, and while it wasn’t so horrible in the past, she is getting older and everyone is settling down. Heck even her brother has a family life. I always thought Paula would have that herself. I hope Natalia doesn’t end up the same, but I wouldn’t be as sad if she did, she’s always been the odd ball. I am glad that Gwendolyn did not get pregnant again, what the heck lady! She makes no sense! And she’s so different from her teenage image too, but I’m glad she’s getting along with Stella now.

    • Mao

      Paula is so sad now! You’re SO right that it sticks out more now that they’re older and everyone has settled down. I’m still shocked over Stefan. I mean, really? REALLY? Poor Paula, that must make her feel worse!

      Gwendolyn’s inner diva and struggle as a child has made her a pandora’s box of issues. Sheesh. Natalia is similar, but more in a spoiled rich kid way. I’m really curious to see where she ends up!

  • This household is less of a train wreck than it should be! It’s pretty crazy that Paula is helping hold everything together.

    Hmm…it’s probably pretty bad then when it was mentioned that Paula is getting involved in film, I wondered if it was porn, LOL.

    • Mao

      I know! Paula is just so good with the girls, though. I’m really impressed.

      OMG, RACHEL! LOLOL! I was wondering if anyone would think that. HAHA! I love it. No, I promise you, it’s just crime dramas and the like. ;)

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