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14: McMaster – ‘Down’

Philip McMaster (Adult), Bianca McMaster (Young Adult), Dylan McMaster (Child), Molly McMaster (Toddler)

Philip continues working in his garden. It’s more of a hobby than anything else; he makes all of his money through Drifter and the competitions that they enter. Still, the garden is a labor of love. It provides fresh produce for Bianca’s cooking and it’s a nice, healthy way to pass the time. Philip was never really the type to do a regular ‘9 to 5′ gig.

Dylan isn’t as enthusiastic about the farm and living off the land as his father or his ancestors before him. He helps out mostly because he has to. At least the chores are all pretty simple. Dylan prefers playing computer games and lazing around the house to be active and outdoors. What’s the point of expending so much energy?

As he gets older, though, the chores become bigger. Suddenly, he’s brushing Drifter the giant horse. Dylan isn’t much of a horseman like his dad. He doesn’t dislike Drifter, but he’s not particularly passionate about him or his care, either. He pretty much goes through the motions enough so that Philip doesn’t scold him.

Bianca spends most of her free time caring for Molly and keeping the house in order. She’s lucky enough to have been able to be there for both of the kids without having to juggle work alongside of it all. Still, maintaining the farm is a lot of work and she’s usually trying to help Philip out as much as she can. Even if it’s just keeping house and assisting with the garden, it’s enough to make a dent.

Philip usually doesn’t get in until late in the evening. By that time, Bianca has already prepared dinner and called Dylan to the table. Sometimes, Philip arrives in time to eat with them, but most of the time he eats alone while Bianca cleans everything up and Dylan is forced to do his homework with much groaning. Dylan and homework are not two things that go together easily.

When they do get the chance to all sit down and eat together, it’s usually pleasant. Aside from Dylan’s abhorrent table manners, that is. Bianca has tried and tried to correct this, but it’s like pushing a house-sized boulder up hill only to be crushed by it when it comes rolling back down at you. She’s all but given up at this point. Dylan is just Dylan.

It isn’t long before Molly becomes a child and joins her older brother at school. Unlike him, however, Molly is a bit more scholastically minded. She enjoys reading over computer games and spends much of her time with her nose stuck in a book. She seems to have inherited her uncle Mark’s love of solitude and even his moodiness. Philip is not amused and hopes she’ll grow out of it in time. It’s bad enough she looks like him–a fact that Mark pokes fun about whenever they seen each other now. Bianca wishes they wouldn’t joke about such things.

Bianca would love to have another child, but Philip isn’t as open to it. Just getting the two kids they have now had been a bit of a battle. They were older now and it was only guaranteed to be harder. Philip was happy with the way things were and while Bianca couldn’t argue that, she couldn’t help but hope. Luis and Sacha had another kid and they were around the same age (though, admittedly, Sacha was a tad bit younger.)

It wasn’t that Bianca wasn’t happy with the kids that she already had. Not at all. She loved spending time with them and would often take them to the playground on weekends. Philip was always busiest on the weekends, preparing Drifter for his races and jumping competitions. Bianca thought taking the kids out would keep their minds off the farm and chores and give them a much needed break from it all.

No, Bianca was quite happy. She just always pictured three children in her mind, not just two.

Drifter was becoming quite the name on the competition circuit. He was an amazing jumper–like his mother Dolly before him–and quite the speedy horse (like his father, Old Roy.) Philip would have been a fool to squander the DNA this horse had been blessed with. He began to rethink his policy of no more horses. Perhaps Drifter’s line deserved to be extended down another generation.

Molly and Dylan couldn’t be bothered to consider their father’s future plans for them and horses. They were too busy being kids. Molly was younger than Dylan and she was a girl, but that didn’t seem to matter. Whenever he could drag her away from her books, he played with her. She was more fun now that she was bigger, even if she was moody sometimes.

Unfortunately for Dylan, he spent too much time playing around and not enough time on his schoolwork. He was nearly failing! That was unacceptable. Bianca was at her wit’s end with his complete lack of concern for school. He was grounded until his performance improved, something he was not very keen on at all.

Bianca’s duties weren’t limited to the children and the house. She helped out with Drifter, too, when she could. It was often Bianca that put him in his stall for the night. Drifter was fond of Bianca. She snuck him carrots from the garden.

Dylan wished Molly wasn’t so boring sometimes. She spent almost all of her spare time reading books, which was just completely lame. She had zero interest in television or video games. Any attempt at distracting her or pulling her out of her books was met with extreme hostility.

Philip and Bianca’s lives didn’t revolve solely around the farm–they had friends, as well. Philip and Bianca often visited with the Martels–Luis and Philip had been best friends since they were kids–and they would drop by, as well. Sacha was often kept at home with their new baby, however.

Molly had met Sandra Martel a few times in school, they were in the same class, but she never really spoke to her much. They only time they really interacted was when Luis brought her over. Sandra loved Drifter and all of the ‘cool farm stuff’, which Molly showed her begrudgingly. Molly was really more of a loner, too much so for the outgoing Sandra.


Molly is a tiny Mark, you guys. It’s kind of creepy. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think Mark and Bianca had hooked up. Molly is 100% Philip’s! It must just run in the McMaster line, lol!

I’ve tried, but Dylan just gives zero shits about the animals/etc. He does everything with a groan. Bianca has a wish for another baby, but I won’t force the issue if Philip doesn’t have a corresponding wish. They didn’t autonomously TFB at all this play session. If they don’t have another kid, I have no idea what the fate of the farm will be… barring any drastic personality changes in Dylan and Molly.

I’m tempted to breed Drifter further. I just love the horses so much. I keep flip-flopping on the issue, sigh.

12 comments to 14: McMaster – ‘Down’

  • I was kind of hoping Molly would show more of an interest in the farm. Maybe she’s still too young and might become more interested as she gets older?

    Definitely breed Drifter!

  • It will be interesting to see if any of the kids become interested in the farm or animals as they get older. Poor Philip and Bianca! Those kids sound like a pain. :)

  • I kind of love the idea of a female version of Mark! Let’s hope Molly doesn’t get herself into any Mark-style shenanigans when she gets older. She’ll send Philip and Bianca completely grey!

    Molly’s not any more interested in the farm than Dylan then, eh? I wonder if one or the other might end up marrying someone with an interest in continuing it. That would work.

    I would breed Drifter, just because I like foals and I haven’t played much with the horses. ;)

    • Mao

      Oh, yeah. She definitely better not cause as much trouble as Mark! I’m not sure I could handle it, much less her parents.

      I am crossing my fingers for SOME kind of developments towards interest in the farm.

  • Josh

    You should let Bianca have another baby if neither one of these kids is acceptable heir material! Molly is cute but it is weird they look alike and have the same traits! Dylan’s shirt is everything, too bad he’s so lazy.

    • Mao

      I love Dylan’s little suspenders outfit, lol! I’m going to be so sad when he’s a teen and they go away.

      I really was tempted to have them Try for Baby, but I didn’t want to force it on them and I have to have SOME form of population control! Most of the time, I only force it if they have a shared wish. :(

  • Those kids sound like a handful. I’d hate to see the farm go away.

    A mini-Mark cracked me up, and as soon as I saw that bright red hair, I started to wonder… LOL. Was it Patrick that was a redhead? I can’t remember.


    • Mao

      Haha, yes! Patrick had the bright red hair. :) Kelly had it, too.

      I would really miss the farm, too. I hope they come around. HORSES FOREVER! They are so cool.

  • Those kids are very unlike their parents, and totally hilarious that Molly is like Mark! She does resemble him too, how funny is that? I hope they do have another, although I don’t know if that matters, it’s not like it’s a guarantee the next one will want the farm. Maybe Molly will marry someone that likes horses? Or Dylan could marry a wife that would, and yes you should breed Drifter without a doubt. Horses are the best part of TS3. :D

    • Mao

      Horses are truly amazing. I love them so much. :D

      Molly is such an odd duck! I laughed when she ended up looking and acting like Mark. It’s like the game loves the screw with me. I am so crossing my fingers for SOMEONE being interested in the farm.

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