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14: McMaster 2 – ‘Champagne Supernova’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult), Sam Monte (Young Adult)

Things had gotten complicated quickly for Catherine McMaster. She was pregnant with a random man’s baby. It wasn’t exactly the way she’d intended to start a family. Worse yet, she was still living with her sister and her fiance. It wasn’t an ideal situation by any means.

Even so, Juliet was understanding… supportive, even! It was a shock, to say the least. The twins had always been relatively close, but no one could deny their differences. Juliet insisted that Catherine stay. She wouldn’t hear anything about her moving out. She was adamant about helping her with the impending baby.

Catherine was thankful for the support, even if it was a little awkward dealing with her sister and her fiance, Sam’s, constant flirtations. They had such a weird relationship. They argued, but they always seemed to ‘make up’… and Catherine was a little tired of being their audience.

Worse yet, she was jealous. Here she was, knocked up and single. All Catherine had ever wanted was a happy ending–a family, in the nuclear sense–not this jumbled up mess she found herself in currently. Her hopes and dreams had come crashing down around her while her sister’s life seemed full of roses.

She’d been avoiding Eli. He’d tried several times to meet up with her again, but Catherine couldn’t bring herself to see him. It was just a little awkward to show up pregnant and have to explain how she was so stupid she’d gotten knocked up at her sister’s bachelorette party!

Catherine did her best to reply to his texts without making it seem like anything was up. She was just busy… being pregnant.

Jack was at least supportive, once he got over his stupor. Of all the people to chide her, Jack was the worst. He’d been absolutely floored when she finally told him. She took his barbs in stride–he was Jack, after all. Catherine knew better than to take it personally. He was just shocked and she was, too. The entire situation just seemed surreal.

She was glad for his company, though. It was preferable to Juliet’s well-placed, but annoying worry and Jessica’s sympathetic glances and platitudes. After his shock wore off, Jack did his best to act as if nothing was amiss at all.

That didn’t stop him from asking the tough questions, though. Catherine was sure his sister had put him up to it, but even so, she was grateful. It was easier with Jack, he was just easygoing. Jessica was just too maternal, too comforting… she made Catherine feel like an even bigger idiot.

“So, you told the guy yet?”

Catherine frowned. “I… I wasn’t really sure what to do. I mean… it’s sort of weird, you know.”

“You need to at least tell him, Cat. Any dude worth anything would want to at least know. If you don’t want him involved, that’s your choice… but you can’t just hide it… look at Lily.”

“I know… but what am I supposed to do? ‘Hi, we slept together once and I don’t even know your real name… I’m pregnant. It’s yours.'”

“That’s a start.”

“Shut up,” Catherine scolded him teasingly, rolling her eyes. “You’re no help at all!”

Juliet’s life didn’t revolve around her sister’s misfortunes. She was moving up in her job, with the possibility of maybe even appearing on the nightly news, and wedding plans with Sam were moving forward. She’d hoped to be married by now, but had postponed it due to Catherine’s ‘news.’ It was all for the best.

Sam had been tolerant of everything, but it was clear he was dubious about Catherine staying with them after the baby.

“Are you sure it’s such a good idea? What if the guy wants involved? Is he going to move in, too?”

“No,” Juliet said with a sad look, “Cat’s already said she’s doing this solo. That’s why we have help her and be there for her! She can’t do this alone.”

Sam looked decidedly less resolved. “It’s going to be a big mess.”

“It’ll be fine. She’s my sister, I’ll handle it.”

Catherine battled with the decision to call the ‘father’ right until just before her due date. She practiced the conversation a million times, but could never seem to manage it. She’d gotten his number from the ‘agency’ they’d hired out for Juliet’s party.

She finally chickened out and left a vague message on his voice mail. What a disaster.

She didn’t have much of a chance to mull over it. Catherine went into labor the next day, Juliet rushing her off to the clinic just down the street. It wasn’t long before the entire McMaster clan turned up.

Alena arrived and Catherine’s life was forever changed. She was a mother now. It was natural enough to slip into the rule, despite the circumstances. She tried not to think about it. Alena was beautiful and wonderful, if a little bit of a grumpy baby. Juliet joked that it was Catherine’s own fault for being the same way her entire life!

Catherine was able to go back to work thanks to Juliet and Sam’s support.

Sam’s tune changed quickly once Alena arrived. He was more than happy to babysit. Catherine had been hesitant, but he was surprisingly good with Alena. With her fears alleviated, Catherine let her soon-to-be brother-in-law battle it out with Juliet over who got to hold the baby. It made her happy that her baby was so loved by those around her.

She eventually met up with Alena’s father, whose real name turned out to be fairly normal–Marcus Butler. It was an awkward meeting, to say the least. They hadn’t exactly known each other for more than an hour or so before their little encounter. Catherine had opted to meet him away from the home, not wanting to put pressure on him or possibly put little Alena in harm’s way.

Marcus was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. He was around Catherine’s age–still young, but old enough to know better–and he surprisingly was just doing what he did to get through a masters program.

Their meeting went well enough. Catherine let him know that he wasn’t expected to pay her anything or even be bothered with Alena if he didn’t want to. He was surprisingly adamant about meeting her and seeing her, which surprised Catherine. This was going to be a bit more complicated than she’d expected, but at least Alena would grow up knowing her father.

Not that she had a lack of male figures to fall back on. Mark had always been amazingly skilled with children and when Juliet or Sam were busy, he was called in to assist. Catherine would also take Alena over to Philip and Bianca, but they had kids of their own to worry about. Mark didn’t have the same excuse, not that he minded anyway (despite what he grumbled to keep up appearances.)

Things may not have come about as Catherine had dreamed, but she was grateful for Alena. What had started out as a miserable situation had quickly become the most amazing thing she could have ever wished for. Catherine loved being a mother, even if it was difficult at times. She was desperately lonely on the romantic front, but Alena made everything else seem so insignificant when Catherine really thought about it.

The support from her friends helped a great deal, too. Catherine did her best to try and repay them, even if it seemed impossible at times. Even the irresponsible Jack had stepped up and proved himself to be a friend beyond replacement. He still liked teasing her, though. That would never changed.

“Of course I’m not getting married, you idiot,” Catherine snapped into the phone, amusement softening her tone. “Even I’m not desperate enough to marry someone I’ve known a whole five minutes.”

‘Just checking. Your track record isn’t the best.’

“You’re worse than Philip… despite the whole baby thing, I’m not that stupid!”

Catherine was convinced she needed to make it on her own and give her sister space. This was even more clear when it turned out Juliet was expecting, too. It wasn’t planned and it certainly pushed up the wedding plans, but Juliet was adamant about Catherine staying.

“Don’t be ridiculous. The house is big enough and if it isn’t, we just buy a bigger one.” Juliet’s finances were more than in order thanks to her recent promotion to anchorwoman.

Catherine’s own financial situation was quite secure, as well. Which only fueled her desire to move out even more. It would be lonely, though. She couldn’t deny that. Plus, removing Alena from the people she loved just seemed cruel. She clutched at Juliet, as if sensing there was a chance they’d be parted.

“Fine, sis. But if it gets to be too much, tell me, okay? I’m surprised Sam hasn’t kicked me out on the street yet.”

“As if he could!” Juliet huffed, looking indignant. “It’s not like you’re mooching, Cat. We’re all adults pulling our own weight here. It’s nice to have the support, you know? Besides, we’re twins. I don’t like the idea of us being apart…”

And so it was settled, for now. Catherine hoped that someday, she’d have a house of her own and perhaps even a family that wasn’t her sister, her soon-to-be brother-in-law and inevitable niece or nephew.


Whew. This play session was pretty nuts! Cat gave birth the second day to a little girl who is a Grumpy Loner… which cracks me up. That’s Cat in a nutshell! I was really happy to see everyone support her. Even Juliet was nice and there was no arguing. Juliet and Sam got the ‘Oops!’ ROS, thus Juliet’s pregnancy. She’ll give birth next round. :)

I had Catherine meet the father to gauge his reaction. They got on surprisingly well and he kept turning up at the house on his own, so I took that to mean he wanted involved in Alena’s life. That’s a nice change. Eli kept phoning and texting Cat, but I couldn’t see her being okay revealing the truth to him. I’m still not sure how that’ll go. She keeps wanting to befriend the party dancers, lol. This girl won’t learn! And then Jack keeps autonomously flirting with her, which is freaking me out a little. Maybe he’s finally realized Natalia’s NOT normal.

I’m so happy to have another baby with dark hair! This world has so many blondes, lol. This was NOT intentional at all. Blondes and gingers are dominating. We need some brunettes, too.

I was surprised that Sam was so eager to help with Alena. Definitely made things easier!

Next up will be the round 15 ROS results. I haven’t rolled them yet. EVERYONE CROSS YOUR FINGERS FOR NO DEATHS OR DISASTERS (specifically for Mark/Lily, sheesh.)

8 comments to 14: McMaster 2 – ‘Champagne Supernova’

  • Josh

    Alena has flawless hair! I’m glad you’re keeping the twins together, I always do despite how weird it’d be in real life. They belong in the same house!!

  • Must be those weird TS3 genetics! I have the opposite problem in TS2 – too many dark-haired babies, lol!

    But wow, I don’t think this could have worked out better for Catherine (well…maybe if Alena was a little less grumpy but she comes by that honestly!). She’s enjoying single motherhood more than she thought she would, she told Marcus and he actually seems like a decent guy who wants to be involved, Alena is surrounded by people who love her and those same people all want to support Catherine as well. That’s awesome.

    Now Catherine just has to get that love life in order! Though she definitely has enough on her plate as it is.

    And yay, a baby for Juliet and Sam as well! :D It’ll be fun for the babies to grow up together, assuming the co-habitation continues to work for everyone.

    • Mao

      It’s so funny! I really do miss TS2 genetics, though. It was always fun watching the genetics mix/mingle/etc. One of my favorite parts, actually, sigh!!

      Catherine definitely lucked out. She’s like the complete opposite of Paula when it comes to bad situations and luck. She may have done something foolish, but she’s not really suffering past some love issues, whereas Paula can’t seem to catch a break! Poor sims with the Unlucky trait.

      I was so happy when Juliet rolled the ROS. I wanted her to have a baby around the same time!

  • Alena is such a cutie!! I love that she has dark hair, and her Dad is pretty yum… maybe there is potential there for him and Catherine to make a go of it. ;) He seems like a good guy too, coming in and stepping up to be a Dad. I have the opposite issue in Millwood, huge majority have black hair, only a handful of blondes, and five total for redheads only.

    I am glad that it’s worked out for Catherine to stay with Juliet, Alena seems to have brought them all together, and made peace. It’s actually really nice seeing them getting along, and I’m in support of them staying together in the same house, as long as it continues. Otherwise I hope Catherine moves on. I worry about how the relationship might change once Juliet’s baby is born. This is one ROS that I’m really happy about too, Alena and her new cousin will be relatively close in age, and living in the same house, built in buddies!

    Jack and Catherine… I could get on board with that. I adore him, and would be happy if he did not end up with Natalia… she needs to just be left alone. ;)

    • Mao

      I am SO relieved that Catherine’s situation didn’t turn out to be a train wreck. I honestly did not expect Marcus to step up AT ALL… but he just kept showing up. I have no idea why. At least Alena will know her dad! Catherine gets along with him really well… so there’s always a possibility, lol.

      Having Juliet and Catherine in the same house just makes things so much easier on me, haha. Their personalities depend a lot on one another. It’d be weird to have them separated. I’m sure that’ll come eventually, though, if Catherine ever actually gets married.

      Jack and Catherine would be a VERY interesting mix. I almost want to see it, but I don’t want to force it. He didn’t start flirting with her until Marcus popped up… which is HILARIOUS.

  • Catherine’s luck is turning around. Good. And I agree that it would be weird if the twins separated. I’m glad she’s getting the support she needs at this point and she even has romantic options. If she’s too embarrassed to tell Eli, she could try a real relationship with Marcus.

    • Mao

      I wish she’d just make up her mind so she can settle down and have more babies (legitimately this time.) Support is definitely good, though. This has all gone a lot better than I anticipated when she first got knocked up, lol!

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