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14: Martel – ‘Save the World’

Luis Martel (Adult), Sacha Martel (Adult), Aidan Martel (Child), Sandra Martel (Child), Zoey Martel (Baby)

Sacha and Luis Martel were quite happy with their life. They’d had an unexpected child enter the picture, but that had only been a small speed bump along the way. Sacha was a noteworthy model and actress while Luis was on his way to running the DNA lab at the police department. Everything seemed to be going extremely well for the strangely matched couple.

Luis hadn’t exactly been thrilled when Sacha revealed she was pregnant, but he warmed to the idea. Zoey was just too cute for words and it’s not like any of if happened on purpose. There was no deception.

It was a shame that they hadn’t anticipated another baby, though. The kids were stuck bunking with a rather fussy and whiny sister. They weren’t exactly thrilled about it, either.

It was hard enough trying to get them to get along. It wasn’t that they hated one another, only that they were siblings in the typical sense–they liked to tease each other. This was especially true for Aidan, who favored having his dog pounce on Sandra when she least expected it. Sandra, understandably, was not a fan of Spot’s.

At least Zoey was easy to manage, even if she was growing like a weed. It wouldn’t be long before she’d be wrestling around with her siblings, causing a ruckus like they currently were upstairs.

Sacha sighed and took in Zoey’s innocent little face. Yes, it wouldn’t be long at all…

Zoey was an energetic little toddler. She was never still and was always on the move. She got a great deal more joy from the walker than her older sister Sandra ever had. At least it kept her curiosity at bay. Sacha had been afraid to leave her alone for too long–she got into everything.

Luis enjoyed her energy and loved teaching her new things. She reminded him of himself when he was a kid. That felt like so long ago. What a strange time that had been. Now, here was, many years later teaching his youngest the same skills he’d nearly been forced to miss out.

A pang of sadness hit him suddenly. Cherie and Khalid had been gone for years now, but their absence was still missed.

Aidan was getting ready to celebrate his birthday. Sandra took the opportunity to try her luck and ask:

“Can I have your bike?”

“No!” Aidan replied in between bites of hot dog. “It’s mine!”

“But you’ll be too big for it,” Sandra reasoned carefully. “You can’t just keep it to be mean.”

“Can’t you just use your girl’s bike?”

“Can’t you just be a nice big brother for once?”

They stared at one another, clearly at a stalemate. Aidan eventually relented, but not without some serious grumbling. Sandra was triumphant.

Aidan’s childhood bike was quickly forgotten, however. Heading into high school was a big deal, bigger than a silly bike. He was happy to be surrounded by friends, though his day was about to take a very unfortunate turn.

Sacha had been forced to stay late wrapping up her latest movie role. She’d wanted desperately to be there for her son’s birthday and was completely set on not missing it. Unfortunately, it was foggy and the rain made the winding road between the city and valley difficult to maneuver, especially at the speed she was going.

A stopped car surprised her, seemingly to appear out of nowhere. Her car careened off of the road and rolled, landing on the rocky beach below.

They buried her days later, in a quiet, somber ceremony. Luis and the kids stayed late, long past the funeral, still battling with the shock of it all. It had been so sudden and on Aidan’s birthday! It all just seemed so wrong.

Worse yet, the paparazzi were going wild, harassing the family day and night for a scoop. It was horrible.

Luis did his best to try and console the children. Sandra was a sensitive little girl and suffered from night terrors after the incident. Reading her to bed at night seemed to be the only way to get her to sleep. Doing so on the night of her mother’s funeral was incredibly sobering for Luis. His life had just taken a complete turn for the worst.

He had to keep reminding himself that he was just lucky none of the children had been with her. It should have comforted him, but it didn’t. Nothing did, really. He just had to trudge on for the kids.

Aidan dealt with his mother’s loss in his own way, which was complaining to his childhood friend Stella about the annoying paparazzi. They’d ducked into the library, having left school only to be mobbed by flashing cameras and invasive paparazzo.

“I just can’t stand it anymore! How are we supposed to mourn properly if these jerks won’t leave us alone?” He shoved a hand roughly through his hair, unable to calm the anger building up within. “I just wish they’d go away!”

“Your mom was a pretty big deal, Aidan. It sucks, but these people feel like they have a ‘right’ to mourn with you, even if it’s wrong and deluded. It’ll pass… eventually. Maybe. Someday,” Stella stopped, looking uncertain. “Er, I really suck at this. Sorry.”

“It’s all right. I’m just glad you don’t mind me ranting. I can’t say anything to dad. He’s so fragile, it’d be like kicking a puppy or something.”

“How’s your sister?”

“She’s… Sandra. Paints a lot. Can’t sleep. I usually have to wake her when she does fall asleep, because she’s thrashing and screaming.”

Stella took his hands suddenly. “It’ll get better. It has to, doesn’t it? I mean, what’s the point otherwise if it doesn’t?”

“It will,” Aidan said, assuring her when she’d been the one trying to assure him. It was the natural back-and-forth of their friendship. Stella’s life was a mess, even worse than his own. It was nothing for him to switch roles. He squeezed her hands before releasing them. Her arms dropped to her sides and she just kept looking at him, gaze distant. “Stella. It will, okay? Only a few more years.”

“I know, I’m sorry. This is about you, not me. Remember? I’m really sorry, Aidan.”

Looking at his watch, Aidan pulled a face. “Crap. I’m supposed to meet Hilda at her house for our project.”

“You guys still aren’t done? We finished ours days ago!”

“Well, that’s what happens when you stick geniuses together,” Aidan responded, rolling his eyes.

Stella looked away, suddenly defensive. “Maybe if you guys actually worked on the project instead of–”

“Don’t even start,” he cut her off, making a dismissive gesture with his hand, “I gotta get going. I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”

Stella caught him before he left, looking strangely hopeful. “Do you mind if I come over after school tomorrow? I can just ride the bus with you. I really don’t want to be home… dad’s back and you know how that goes.”

“Yeah, sure. But I warn you, things are really… depressing at my house.”

“That’s fine.” Stella looked down at her shoes. “Maybe I can talk to Sandra or something. Cheer her up.”

He laughed. “Right. You’re about as cheering as a rainy day. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” she called after him quietly.


And now you know who got the death ROS! Yep, Sacha. Also, let me just tell you now, I had awesome pictures and build up ready. I took them but fraps decided not to cooperate and never actually saved them. I didn’t realize until after I’d saved. Damn it, fraps! So, that’s why that part is rushed/hurried. I tried to make up for it and give you a chance to see both teen Stella and Aidan. Aidan turned out really well, I’m not sure who he looks most like right now… probably Sacha? He definitely has her nose. Stella looks like her aunt Paula.

Poor Luis is a wreck! And Sandra really refuses to sleep, poor thing. Zoey was too young to be completely affected by the loss. :( What’s with my famous sims and death? It’s like a curse! Luis’ star rating shot up when she died, all the way to five. Whhhhy?

Aidan got ‘Nuturing’ as his teen trait. Should be interesting to see how that modifies his already existing personality. He’s adventurous, good, and excitable. Definitely like his mother.

For those of us who were huge on Luis/Paula… is it sad I’m like, “THERE’S STILL A CHANCE!!!” God. Is it wrong to ship your own sims??? All my OTPs are doomed to fail. Sigh.

14 comments to 14: Martel – ‘Save the World’

  • Josh

    OMG. NO. I was just gushing about Luis and Sacha last week and here look what you’ve done! I can’t breathe ugh these poor kids. I think your game has a weird obsession with widowers.

    Aidan is super cute and Stella is gorgeous, YES she likes him! I love it. I hope Luis can be happy one day and that Sandra doesn’t go crazy like Natalia.

    • Mao

      LOL! It’s not my fault, I promise. The ROS made me do it! ;) It really does, doesn’t it?

      Aidan turned out amazingly well. I may edit him in CAS and see what he looks like all grown up. Love watching the genetics mix! I’m hoping Luis can be happy, too… preferably with a certain brunette… >_>

  • V

    OMG I KNEW IT (not really). But I liked Luis/Paula better just because. And Paula is just so miserable where she is that I want her to have SOMETHING good other than just alcohol and one night stands. She’s one of my favorites!

    • Mao

      Hahaha, V! Let us share a Luis/Paula high-five. Paula would have been a completely different person if she’d stayed with Luis, there’s no doubt about it.

  • Snarkysims

    Rip, Sacha. I knew there was a death ROS, but it never dawned on me that it could be her. I was too busy praying that it wasn’t Mark! Poor Luis, though.

    • Mao

      LOL! I love that you didn’t want it to be Mark. I think I would throw a complete fit if ROS threw anymore bad stuff at them. The game is out to ruin my OTP, I swear.

  • I never thought death would hit this family. I guess it was too perfect a setup to last in your world, LOL.

    You are horrible! But it could just possibly work if you’re a Paula fan…

    Aidan and Stella are beyond adorable together, and she looks like a blond clone of Paula. Scary.

    • Mao

      Me, either! I was so sad. :( HAHA so right about ‘too perfect’… my sims can’t get a break, though Philip and Bianca seem to be doing okay… so far. Eep!

      I won’t push anything unless the sims do, but I can’t see Paula letting Sacha exit the picture and then never trying. Remember, she wanted to talk to him way back when, before Sacha and Luis even met. It was when she was released from jail.

      Poor Stella. She’s ridiculously smitten, but Aidan is very much a teenage boy and has no true idea. I can’t wait to see what she looks like as a YA!

  • Oh no. :( I am gutted that it was Sacha who got the death ROS. Not that I was hoping for it to be someone else but just poor Luis and the kids. Luis kind of had a rough start with romance and it really did seem like he’d found his happily ever after with Sacha. I was thinking the same thing about your celebrities – they’re definitely cursed! You don’t want to be famous in Aperture Valley!

    Stella is too cute and Aidan turned out adorable as well. They are really sweet together as well. I don’t have any ideas for Luis but I am totally shipping Stella and Aidan!

    • Mao

      Poor Luis, indeed! It seems that guy just can’t catch a break. I would have really preferred NOT to get a death ROS, lol. Crossing my fingers for the next ROS to be death free…

      I am trying so hard not to enforce my wills on my sims, but Stella and Aidan NEED to get together. Unfortunately, Aidan has a thing for Hilda while Stella seems absolutely SMITTEN with him. Sigh. Maybe eventually he’ll wake up and realize the reason he’s so protective of her isn’t out of ‘brotherly’ love?

  • Oh this was horrible! I was reading this all… aww this family is cute… aww look Zoey looks just like her Mommy, what a doll! Then blam! I’m just in shock. I want him with Paula SO bad! But not at the expense of Sacha! All those poor kids, I’m glad they snuck Zoey in, but that will be even more for Luis to handle.

    Aidan and Stella are adorable together, they are really cute together too. Spot attacking Sandra is so funny! I didn’t know dogs could do that, and she is such a cutie too.

    • Mao

      LOL! I KNOW RIGHT? I feel so bad that Sacha’s barely dead and I’m all, “…PAULA AND LUIS FOREVER!” Sheesh. I’m glad the kids are at least well-behaved. They shouldn’t give him too much issue, hopefully… especially with Aidan helping out.

      The little dogs can do it, not sure about the bigger ones. There’s still so much I haven’t done with pets yet!

  • Poor Luis, and poor kids. :( Here’s hoping things will start looking up for them soon. I’m loving Aidan and Stella–it will be fun watching them grow up and seeing whether they actually end up together.

    I’m quietly rooting for Paula to help Luis out here…and vice versa.

    • Mao

      Hahaha! I love that there are others like me. We’re not bad, right? I mean he has to move on eventually… right?? ;)

      Stella and Aidan could be another Mark/Lily situation, so I’m trying not to ship them too hard. My OTPs always seem to go down in flames, lol.

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