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14: Klein – ‘Eyes on Fire’

Alex Klein (Adult), Rhys Klein (Young Adult), Bettina Ackerman (Young Adult), Gavin Klein (Teen)

Alex Klein welcomed his son and his son’s fiancee into his house. It was always understood that Rhys would return. Things were a bit tense still, with Rhys and Alex still not able to find any concise common ground. There was a familial bond, but Rhys was just so uptight at times.

Bettina was the opposite. Alex wasn’t even sure how it worked. She was a sweet girl, though. Passionate about her art and clearly quite in love with Rhys. Perhaps she could pull the stick out of his butt.

Alex, meanwhile, was still climbing the ranks of politics. It was shocking, given how Gavin had been acting lately. He’d even taken to sneaking out, which had landed him in a cop car a few times. Still, Alex’s constituents seemed to trust in his ability to govern them, even if he was a seemingly terrible parent.

Rhys and Bettina spent most of their time working on their hobbies. They hadn’t gone for jobs yet. There was no real rush, Rhys’ inheritance was sizable. Camilla’s final act of rebellion against Alex had been to will away all of her money and royalties to her sons. It was one of the few acts of motherhood she could lay claim to.

Both of them wanted to get out there and find careers, but neither one were willing to settle for something they weren’t happy about. Opportunities would come.

When Bettina wasn’t busy with her pursuits, she was planning their wedding. It was all quite exciting to her, though her conversation with Jack still nagged at the back of her mind. Was she the easier choice? She tried not to think about it as she made arrangements.

Emma was with Skip, anyway. He was much more suited to her. And when there wasn’t Skip, there would Jack or any other red-blooded male sniffing after her.

It didn’t matter. Emma wasn’t available. That’s what was important.

Rhys gave no true indication that Bettina’s fears were justified. He was as affectionate and loving towards her as he’d always been. She felt silly sometimes for doubting him, but then he’d answer his phone or glance at a text message and she’d know it was Emma.

Since they’d returned, Emma had kept a low profile. No one had really even seen her. She had a job, but as a promotional agent for the local sports team, one would think she’d be in the spotlight more.

Honestly, Gavin spoke more to Emma than anyone else did. Their easy friendship continued, despite the age gap. Gavin was his usual carefree, easygoing self. It made people gravitate towards him, even those who were harsher in their natures, like Emma. He had an easy charisma about him, despite his odd behaviors and complete lack of consideration for rules.

Gavin Klein did as he pleased, not because he wanted to rebel or even to piss off his dad; it was all simply because he wanted to.

Rhys had never really had a problem with his younger brother. Their mother’s death had forced them to bond in a way that only siblings who have suffered a loss could. Still, Rhys would never say his brother wasn’t strange. He was brilliant, that much was assured, but he was just so odd.

There was no way to understand what pulled people in to Gavin, only that it did. Rhys had no luck getting information about Emma from him. Gavin would just shrug and tell him to talk to her for himself.

Bettina was probably the only person not completely swayed by Gavin’s lackadaisical charm. He always sort of gave her ‘weird vibes.’ She’d told Rhys as much, but he’d shrugged her off and warned her that she was talking about his brother. Leave it to Rhys to get protective over the one member of his family that was weird.

Still, Bettina tried to connect with Gavin. He wasn’t having any of it. He’d just give her this strange sort of look, like he was looking through her, and his lips would twist into a sardonic grin. It was as if he could read her mind and knew exactly what she was thinking, what she feared the most–you’re only second best.

Alex, meanwhile, was trying to keep his youngest from being expelled. He was an exemplary student as far as grades were concerned… which made zero sense, since he never went to class! His senior year had more absences than actual occurrences of his being present. He passed every test, though, and was never caught cheating.

He simply just didn’t care or seem to need school. It was a struggle to approve his graduation. At least Alex had his sister, Lana, to help smooth the process a bit. Alex hated to use his connections, but holding Gavin back due to absences just seemed absurd.

Little did anyone know, when Gavin was sneaking out, he wasn’t doing anything bad. He was simply visiting Emma. Her apartment was a short walk from his house. He dropped in often to give her unasked advice.

“You should probably tell people.”

Emma gave him a harsh look. “You don’t understand.”

“I don’t have to, Em. You’re being an idiot. Eventually, everyone is going to know. Just get it out already. What are you waiting for? Are you going to get rid of it?”

His questions weren’t born of judgement, just simple curiosity. This eased Emma a little. “No, of course not. I just… It’s not as easy as yo think, Gavin.”

“Sure it is. It’s as easy as you make it. Either way, someone’s going to know who isn’t me and they’re going to tell everyone.”

Emma sighed, a heavy burden slumping her athletic shoulders. “I know. I just can’t. Not yet.”

When Emma showed up at one of Alex’s fundraisers, Bettina was floored. With the way she’d been hiding, Bettina had almost expected her to be round and fat. Instead, she was just as fit and curvy as ever. It was frustrating. What had she been hiding?

Rhys, of course, spoke with her most of the evening. Emma looked visibly uncomfortable being out. She would cast a glance or two at Gavin, who simply gave her a nod of encouragement.

What crazy sort of situation was Bettina getting herself into? Why were all the men in her life entangled with freaking Emma Steel?

“Rumors of your death have apparently been false,” Rhys said, both joking and chiding all at the same time. It was a mastery that only he seemed to possess. “Seriously, Emma, what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing, Rhys. No big deal. I’ve got it under control.”

He gave her a look that said he didn’t believe her, but he didn’t press it further. “How is Skip? I heard he’s at the hospital now.”

“Yeah, he’s doing his time in the ER until he can move up. We’re both pretty busy these days.”

Rhys startled her when he took her hand. She gaped at him, unable to speak because his look was just so serious all of the sudden. “You’d say something if you were in trouble, weren’t you? I mean, your family and all–”

She shook free of his hold, “I’m fine, Rhys. My mother is still completely MIA. She’s probably even dead.”

With that, she turned and left the crowd of people. Rhys would have followed her, but Gavin gave him a look and was on her heels. He sighed and turned to Bettina, who was giving him a questioning look. Time to put out that fire.

Alex was concerned about the fact that Rhys nor Bettina had found jobs yet. Honestly, they didn’t even seem to be looking. It wasn’t responsible to live off just one’s inheritance. Alex had thought Rhys knew better than that.

“I’m working on some music compositions to move around,” Rhys defended brusquely, giving his father a cold look. “You should know you can’t just ‘jump’ into the industry. My college education only does so much, now I’ve got to prove my talent.”

It was a little disheartening to find out that Rhys was following in his mother’s footsteps. Not completely, he wanted to be a composer for movies and the like, but it was a similar industry. More and more, Rhys seemed to be walking his mother’s path and it was worrying.

At least there was Bettina. Unlike Alex and Camilla’s relationship, Rhys and Bettina’s seemed relatively healthy. It was clear she worried over his childhood friendship with Emma, but Rhys had never really done anything to cause her to question him. They seemed happy enough.

Alex hoped it lasted. Rhys needed someone to keep his head on straight.

Gavin, meanwhile, was prepping for college. He was going for Science, of course. This surprised no one. His inquisitive nature and natural inclination towards unfurling mysteries meant that he’d likely end up some sort of ‘Mad Scientist.’ Whatever kept him out of trouble, Alex reasoned. Perhaps college would even him out a little.

It was doubtful. Gavin was looking forward to college because it would be a new pool of people to watch and observe. Unbeknownst to his father, he’d established a friendship with one of Alex’s constituents. She was fresh out of college, but still a few years his elder. Gavin seemed to have an almost perverse delight in charming older women.

Still, it had all been innocent so far. That was likely to change once he was free from the yoke of his childhood home and family.


Okay, so I forgot that Rhys and Bettina were moving in with Alex and Gavin, d’oh. So they got played, but will not be aged since they’ve already done so once this round. I could have moved them into a separate apartment, but I really wanted them in this house and that wouldn’t have made sense.

Sorry for screwing with you all in regards to Emma’s mystery. It’s just so much fun. I don’t want to make anything predictable with it. Is she pregnant? If she is… then to who? There were three men, at the very least, that she was around in university! Of course, it could also be Bettina. Remember, I can freeze pregnancies in gameplay now. ;)

Gavin looks exactly like Oskar. It’s pretty freaky, actually! He grew up with the Evil trait. Oh man. I am going to have too much fun with him. Stefan has become too domesticated, so it’s nice to have another sim following in his sort-of footsteps. As far as ‘Evil’ goes, I see it modifying Gavin’s personality as such–his lack of consideration for consequences and boundaries is exemplified by this. He doesn’t really care about people outside of his sphere of influence and sees most people as chess pieces to move around as he pleases. There are people he actually cares about (like Emma), but that doesn’t keep him from saying tactless truths.

Bettina and Rhys have both spun up marriage wishes, so they’ll be married soon! :)

Gavin got the ‘sneak out’ ROS but nothing interesting happened so it wasn’t shown, only mentioned.

12 comments to 14: Klein – ‘Eyes on Fire’

  • Josh

    YAS BETTINA. I’m on her side, this house is full of weird men and she’s the only sane one here. Rhys is so stiff, I need to find out what the deal is with Emma, and Gavin is going to be everything at Uni. Will he be by himself?

    • Mao

      Poor Bettina! I am crossing my fingers that everything works out for the best. Gavin will be attending with Julian. Should definitely be interesting!

  • I am *convinced* Emma is pregnant! She *has* to be. I can’t think what else it would be. As to who’s the father…the most dramatic one would be Rhys but gameplay doesn’t always lean towards drama (apparently, lol).

    It’s good to see Rhys and Bettina’s relationship is relatively healthy. If Emma is pregnant though and it IS Rhys’s baby – I can see that changing pretty soon. I hope not though, because I do really like him with Bettina.

    Gavin is evil? That’s a bit…terrifying! An Evil mad scientist – could be trouble. But it will be awesome fun trouble. For us, anyway. I can’t say the same for your sims!

    • Mao

      I love that you’ve got all these theories! I wish I could give more clues, but I really want to drag this out as long as I possibly can. ;) It’s just so much fun, the mystery of it all!

      Rhys and Bettina make a decent couple, but she definitely doesn’t challenge him like Emma does or did, when they were closer. I had always sort of assumed Emma and Rhys would fall together, but that seems to not be the case. Which is kind of exciting! I love when my sims surprise me.

      LOL! It is a little scary, but I love my evil sims (as if no one could guess!) I can’t wait to see what he unleashes upon the world.

  • Mao, you are being very mean, toying with my emotions right before I go MIA. I want to know the deal with Emma! I want to say pregnant, but I’m starting to not be sure anymore.
    There were 3 guys for Emma? There was Jack, there was Skip… I’d definitely remember if Rhys was in her bed. I always assumed they would end up together too, but I guess he preferred the mouse to the tiger. Not that I’m insulting Bettina; I think she’s adorable. She’s just no Emma.

    • Mao

      Aww, I’m sorry, Fini! Are you going MIA for wedding stuff? :D

      Technically, there COULD be three guys for Emma. Like, if I was super evil and hid the fact that her and Rhys autonomously hooked up. Not saying that I am or anything, but it makes it all less cut and dry, ;)

      I like Bettina, too… but she’s definitely no Emma!

  • I can’t believe that Gavin got evil! Totally a surprise! Curious what will happen with that, and I totally love that he is all about those older ladies! What a little charmer. Can’t wait to see what happens with Emma, and I sort of wonder what is up with Rhys… sometimes I think Bettina is right, and that he has a torch for Emma. And oh my gosh I would totally love it if it was Rhys’ baby that Emma was pregnant with! That would be just amazing drama.

    • Mao

      Gavin is going to be so much fun. The way his personality is formulating in my head, it seems he may take a bit after his grandpa Clark.

      Ahh, the Rhys/Bettina/Emma disaster. Honestly, I think some of what Jack said rings true, even if Rhys doesn’t realize it. He does really love Bettina, though. This whole situation is rather confusing, lol!

  • Wow, so much going on here. Poor Alex probably really feels out of the loop with all these young people around him all the time. I can understand his disdain at their apathy with regard to careers or even some sort of real purpose.

    Bettina and Rhys feel like a train wreck, but they did both spin up wishes to marry–maybe it’s not as bad as it seems, though I can certainly understand Bettina’s trepidation. She should probably come out with that before the nuptials and try to gauge Rhys’s feelings a little more.

    Gavin as an evil lover of older women mad scientist is amazing! I can’t wait to see how this trait adds to his personality.

    • Mao

      Alex is so disappointed in his children, lol! He tries to hide it, but they got ALL the bad traits of the family and seemingly none of the good ones. Rhys is like a very uptight Camilla… with maybe a touch more empathy.

      Bettina and Rhys REALLY need to have a frank, come to Jesus talk before any of this goes down. I hope she does it. I’m happy they both want to marry, but I want it to be for the right reasons! Novaks are notorious for questionable nuptials… lol.

      Gavin is going to be so fun!

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