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14: Cosaro – ‘Sail’

Dominic Cosaro (Elder), Julian Cosaro (Teen)

Poor Julian Cosaro did not have the social finesse that seemed to grace the rest of his family. He was just plain awkward. Emma often scolded him for being inappropriate. He had the uncanny ability to just deadpan things that should have otherwise held emotion. There was also his love of blunt truths and his unyielding curiosity about things.

Michelle Valdez was one of his classmates. They’d been assigned a senior project together. Julian had always found her ridiculously gorgeous, but Michelle was popular. Julian was just a nerd–a well-known nerd, but a nerd nonetheless.

Still, Michelle was nice and different. She didn’t act like everyone else, despite her popularity. She was very bohemian and seeming surprisingly interested in Julian’s views on supernatural creatures. She wasn’t afraid of his family, more amused and fascinated by them than anything else.

It didn’t matter, though. Michelle was just being friendly. Julian was thankful that their project would be a good experience, but a little saddened that Michelle would forever be just a friend.

Moving from his home and losing his mother hadn’t been easy for Julian. Much like Emma, he was still looking for her. Unlike Emma, though, Julian had resources she did not like his mind. He’d spent a lot of time hacking his way through government database to no avail. He’d very nearly been caught. Good thing he’d backtracked before they traced him. Dominic would have been furious and it’s very likely Julian wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy his newly built bedroom.

Dominic may have aged, but it didn’t slow him down. He was still a huge romancer. There wasn’t a maid in Aperture City that hadn’t fallen victim to his charms. Julian just rolled his eyes at it all. It must be so easy for them, he thought. Emma had men falling all over her and Dominic had never found himself lacking in female attention. Poor Julian seemed to miss every good genetic trait his family had on offer. His intellect was the only thing that made him stand out and all it had done thus far was pain a target on him.

Emma was back from college now with her boyfriend Skip. Despite his jealousies, Julian was happy to have her back. Things just seemed easier when Emma was around. She took the spotlight and Julian was free to hide. She attended Dominic’s parties and everyone fawned over her new relationship and career.

She still hadn’t introduced them to Skip.

She always had excuses. Dominic wasn’t at all pleased. He was desperate to meet the man that had finally caught his daughter’s attentions. What was the big deal, anyway? It wasn’t like he was going to scare him off. Still, Emma was adamant. There was something strange about her now that she was back. She was distant and withdrawn, though her happiness seemed genuine.

Dominic didn’t even bother asking why she was driving Jack Ryder home from the party. They were friends, that he knew well enough, but the time they spent together seemed questionable now that she was in a relationship. Perhaps she’d taken more from her parents than either one of them had ever wanted. She looked more and more like Asha every day.

Despite her reluctance to discuss her personal life, Emma was always around. She had asked Dominic to help her train. Dominic had noticed that she wasn’t herself lately–her clothes were odd and ill-fitting. Had her blossoming love caused her to put on a few pounds?

Emma would laugh it off and say she was just trying to discourage more suitors. She was having to fight men off with a stick. It wasn’t easy being the infamous Asha Steel’s daughter. Everyone who was anyone knew who her mother was and the fact that Emma had inherited a great deal of famous mother’s beauty didn’t help matters any.

Dominic wasn’t surprised when she followed in his footsteps instead of her mother’s. Despite movie and model offers, Emma went for sports. She was making her name as an agent thanks to Dominic’s connections in the business.

Julian, meanwhile, finished his senior year. He was class valedictorian, which surprised no one. Graduation was a big deal for Julian. It was the end of an era! He was off to college as soon as he could get everything packed up. He’d been accepted on a full scholarship, though he wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to dedicate his life to yet.

Dominic was sad to see his youngest as a grown adult, but he was happy for Julian’s accomplishments. His boy was a genius. It just seemed so impossible. Dominic had never considered himself to be a bright guy. He rewarded Julian with his inheritance and a new car. Such were the ways of the rich. Julian also got all the money Asha had set aside for his college years–his scholarship had rendered that pretty useless.

As the date of his departure drew nearer, Dominic did everything he could to bolster Julian’s confidence. He was convinced that Julian would have an easier time on campus and that there would be plenty of ladies to scope out. Julian listened with quiet indifference. Plenty of girls, sure, but his mind was still stuck on Michelle. He’d been watching her from afar for almost three years. It just seemed so strange to consider that he’d likely never see her again.


Sorry this is so short and random. Stuff was going on and I forgot to do certain things and then other things happen. Too vague? Sorry! Don’t want to explicitly give anything away just yet… ;) Also, these pictures were all taken over the course of like two or three weeks. Half of them are from before Christmas!

Julian is, well, he’s impressive looking. He is a perfect mix of Asha and Dominic. Emma is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, but the blend of Dominic and Asha cannot be denied. I really wish I could have made them populate the entire world, haha!

As for Julian’s lack of social graces, it’s true. In case you weren’t aware or forgot, he’s an Inappropriate sim. He tends to rub people the wrong way. I see Julian as a lot like my husband, though with my penetrating curiosity. Seriously, I am shameless, you guys. I will ask anyone ANYTHING. I am genuinely curious. I was annoying child.

Michelle was a random babysitter that Julian had somehow come to know. She also ended up being a spawn of a mixture of simbin sims, so she’s quite lovely. Not quite sure if he’ll see her again. She was one of the few not put off by his forward nature.

Emma really did leave with Jack. It was confusing. x_x I also forgot to get a picture of Julian’s transition, so his profile will be updated when I get it!

Title is AWOLNATION – ‘Sail’

10 comments to 14: Cosaro – ‘Sail’

  • It will be interesting to see how Julian takes to college life. :) The vagueness is intriguing–I can’t wait to hear more about what is going on with Emma. Her life seems pretty messy right now!

    • Mao

      I really am excited for Julian to go to college. :D It will be nice to focus on him.

      It is KILLING me that I can’t play Emma until next round. I had such fun decorating her apartment.

  • And I meant to leave this comment this morning. Sigh.

    Totally not surprised that it’s Emma with the bun. My only question is if it’s Skip, or Jack that fathered it. Unless I’m wrong, you do like to trick people…

    I think Julian is hot now that he’s an adult. Hopefully, he’ll find more friends that he won’t scare away. About curiosity, I was annoying with questions to the point that to punish me, my mom would make me stop talking. Later, she added that I couldn’t go to the library too, since I would just absorb myself in a book. :)

    • Mao

      This happens to me all the time. “I thought I commented on that?”

      I do love how you know to assume I might be messing with you. Very distinct possibility. :)

      Haha, yes! Wanting to know everything about everything. I’m hoping Julian’s nature grows on people. Poor guy. He’s had a rough go of things for awhile now.

  • Julian is stunning!! I thought he was a good looking teen, but now, wowza! He should know that college holds more potential for girls, there has to be at least one that is there to learn, and is smart. Looks like Emma might be the one that got herself pregnant… if so, I wonder if it is Jack or Skip… goodness I’d hope for Jack over Skip, but even Skip is better than a dancer like Catherine! LOL, it’s like a soap opera over here, and I love every bit of it!

    • Mao

      I honestly thought he’d end up looking like Emma until I realized he’d taken quite a bit from Dominic while he was a teen towards the end. He is seriously a perfect blend of Asha and Dominic!

      LOL! Poor Skip. The name just instantaneously makes him a poor candidate. I will say, he cleaned up well.

  • It’s been obvious to me that Julian was going to be a stone cold fox since he became a teen. He is actually better looking than both Dominic and Asha and those are some good looking sims, you know? I think he’s going to just fine in college!

    Wonder if anything will become of Julian and Michelle? Did she age up along with him? My NPCs never do but I have aging off in my hood. If I wanted to age them, I’d have to do it manually.

    And eek, OMG, it’s Emma! I don’t know why but I thought Bettina would be the pregnant one for sure!

    • Mao

      I seriously laughed aloud at the ‘stone cold fox’ comment! I was so shocked. I have him saved because, how can I not? Seriously.

      I am really curious about Michelle, too. I may just send her to university with him, as she’s quite lovely, too. I manually age all my NPCs when I can be bothered because aging is off for me, too!

      Is it? It could be both. It could still be Bettina. I hate that I can’t play them until next round!!

  • Looking forward to Julian going to college!

    As for Emma, well, we’ll see…

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