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13: University (Yr 1) – ‘Ignorance’

Jack Ryder (Year Two), Rhys Klein (Year One), Emma Steel (Year One), Bettina Ackerman (Year One)

Rhys Klein and Bettina Ackerman were quite happy to finally be at University. They were assigned to the same co-ed dorm, so they were able to spend plenty of time together. Their majors were pretty similar, too. Rhys was focusing on Music, while Bettina wanted to improve her artistic talents.

It was a pretty perfect situation.

Jack Ryder and Emma Steel were also in the same dorm. Emma was pursuing Physical Education, while Jack was continuing his degree in Arts. Well, he was when he wasn’t partying or messing around with girls. Emma had met him in high school and was a little surprised at how much of a Don Juan he turned out to be.

Even so, it was nice to have someone who seemed to know everyone and who wasn’t sucking face with Bettina around.

Their friendship started on shaky ground, however. It had been awhile since they’d spoken and both had grown significantly in that time. Emma took after her mother, with a few added perks from her father, making her a physical beauty to behold. Her icy demeanor kept most people at bay, however. It didn’t seem to bother Jack in the slightest.

“What the hell are you doing, Ryder?” She asked, her voice tinged with anger, noticing Jack settled near her, sketching furiously.

“My project for anatomy.”

“…is… is that me?” She snapped, taking a break from her calisthenics and glancing at the pad. Emma tried to snatch it away only for Jack to grin.

“What? You’re a good anatomy study. Everyone has sketched your mom naked at least once already here…”

Jack may have been morally ambiguous and definitely a lot of a troublemaker, but at least he wasn’t Rhys and Bettina. Emma was near the point of gouging out her eyes. They’d been attached at the hip since arriving. It was clear they’d been having anatomical studies of their own. Gross.

“Is this seriously all you do? Work out? Geeze. Don’t you even want to have fun while you’re here?”

Emma had just come back from another one of her long runs around campus. They’d already been at university a few weeks. Everyone was settled in and going about their routines. Emma focused mainly on her education and honing her body.

“That’s what University is, isn’t it? Studying, getting a degree…”

“Sure, if you’re boring. Why don’t you tag along with me? There’s a keg party at the sorority tonight.”

“Ehh, sorority girls really aren’t my thing–”

“It’ll be fun! At least go for five minutes and then decide. You need to loosen up.”

Emma went to the party and found herself swept up into the atmosphere. Maybe it was the stress of doing nothing but studying or maybe it was the endless flow of drinks, but Emma enjoyed herself. Those girls were CRAZY! By the end of the night, there were half-naked coeds dozing on the lawn while one of the jocks threw up into some of the bushes. The party raged on into the wee hours.

Emma was stuck rooming with Bettina, which was only served to make her want to avoid her room even more. She kept going to parties and began to make a name for herself within the circles. Emma was definitely a Jock in her own right, but she gained a following in the other social circles, as well.

Jack’s connections were well-rooted with the Rebels and the Jocks. He dated freely amongst them and none of the girls even seemed to care! His main girl was head of the Sorority and constantly throwing insane parties. Emma found herself there more often than at the dormitory.

Emma was finding that drinking made her a little bit braver and a great deal more ‘careless’. She’d never gotten as far as some of the guys might have liked, but she’d done enough to feel like an idiot when she woke up. But what did it matter? None of this would really matter when she got back home. It was all good fun, a learning experience.

Rhys, of course, was less than impressed with Emma’s sudden attitude change. She was late to classes and hungover most of the time. He took time out of being stuck in his Bettina bubble to lecture her.

“I was there,” Emma argued, albeit dispassionately. Her head was still pounding from all those keg stands the night before. She’d woken up on the couch in Jack’s room. He always made sure she got back unscathed. “Wasn’t I?”

“No, you were not, Emma!” Rhys scolded. “It’s the one class that we share. I think I would have noticed.”

“Ehhh, it’s not like music matters for my major, anyway.” She shrugged it off. “Can I see your notes?”

Rhys sighed. “Emma. Honestly. As your friend, I’m worried about you.”

She snorted derisively, rising from her chair abruptly. “Oh, now you care? Screw you, Rhys. I can take care of myself.”

Rhys and Bettina’s college experience had been significantly more subdued. They spent their time sampling coffees and herbal teas at the local cafe when they weren’t studying. Sure, Rhys didn’t put in all the time that Bettina did, but he did fine. A lot better than Emma, at least. Jack didn’t seem to have the same issues. He skated through everything with little to no effort. It would have been rather amazing had Rhys not been so completely disgusted by it.

Emma, meanwhile, shirked studying for partying and pool sharking. She’d made quite a name for herself in that regard. It was a good way to drum up cash.

“You know, we could always play for something other than money…”

“Ugh, creep! I’d choke down a toilet brush before I’d suffer your touch.”

Emma only went for other jocks, though she had plenty of admirers.

She’d stopped going to her room entirely, electing to crash in Jack’s overly huge room. Of course, that meant being privy to his jokes. He had a megaphone and he wasn’t afraid to use it. He always made sure to give her a rude awakening after a night spend partying particularly hard. Did nothing affect him? It was ridiculous.

Their relationship teetered a thin line between friendship and friends with benefits. They’d messed around, drunk and riding the party high, but they’d never really addressed it. Jack was surprised when Emma approached him.

“You think I’m hot, right? Well, that’s cool. You’re a friend and I don’t want to rip your face off, so that’s fine enough. I like the situation we have going. It’s fun. I just wanted to let you know that I’m cool with it.”

Jack blinked at her. “Er, yeah. That works. I mean–”

“What, you wanna just be boring friends?”

“Er, no, but I guess I just wasn’t expecting you to be so blunt about it.”

“I don’t play games, Jack. I do what I want, how I want. This works for me right now. Take advantage of it. I’m pretty hot.”

Of course, not everyone was pleased with their ‘arrangement.’ Rhys wasn’t an idiot and he didn’t miss the fact that Emma hadn’t been in her room since about the middle of the term. Exams were coming up and it was clear something was going on. Rhys confronted Jack in the bathroom.

“Look, you can screw up your life all you want, but leave Emma out of it. She has enough to deal with without you dragging her down into your street people hole!”

“Dude, you need to chill. And who the hell are you calling a ‘street person’? Just because I wasn’t born with a silver spoon up my ass doesn’t mean I’m any less of a human being.”

“Augh! How do you even do it? You barely go to class, you spend all your time carousing with random girls and not studying, and yet you’ve got a higher grade average than I do. And now you’re making Emma into some sort of boozy socialite. What’s your game plan here?”

“Look, bro, there’s no ‘game plan’. Emma’s a friend and I’m just showing her a good time, all right? Calm down. You’re not her father. And from what she’s told me, you’re a pretty crappy friend. So back off.”

Rhys’ eyes narrowed. “I know you’re up to something. It’s no secret that you’ve got a thing for my aunt Natalia…”

“Oh geeze. Em knows about that. We’re friends, okay? Not everything fits into your stuffy little labels.” With that, Jack walked off, rolling his eyes. Rich people were annoying.

Bettina ended up passing with the highest grade of an A, making the Dean’s List. Jack followed behind with a lower A, while Rhys earned a B, and Emma barely managed a C. She was lucky to pass at all since she’d been caught trying to cheat on her final exam!


University is split up this round. Term 1 took forever and had tons of drama. It cuts off abruptly because my Fraps stopped working and I didn’t realize it. Emma DID get caught cheating and barely squeaked by afterwards. As for the weird friends with benefits thing, that happened on its own. I see Emma wanting to break away and just sort of do her own thing and get lost in it. She’s gone through a lot, after all.

Of course, that’s not going to sit well with Rhys. Let’s remember, he’s Proper. So, I can’t see him liking any of this at all! And sure enough, Jack and Rhys autonomously fought. Then they spun up wishes, so I kept it up to fulfill them. ;)

Jack has no time for snobby rich people, so he’s not a big fan of Rhys right now.

University was definitely fun, but I do believe I’ll put them in a house the next term. The dorms are just so huge, the sims end up getting lost!

The next term will be at the end of this round.

10 comments to 13: University (Yr 1) – ‘Ignorance’

  • Josh

    I’m so confused! Do I detect chemistry between Rhys and Emma or am I making it up? Ok @ Bettina being in the background, she’s the ideal spouse.

    Jack is so fresh, I can’t take him being all over the campus. I LOVE Rhys being proper, what for is amazing.

    • Mao

      I’m not sure what’s going on there, honestly! Rhys’ behavior is a bit beyond my understanding at the moment. I’m kind of hoping he’s just worried about her as a friend. Bettina had more parts, but those pictures didn’t get caught. x_x

      Rhys is my old man in a young man’s body, lol!

  • Ha, “give Jack Ryder what for” has to be the funniest wish I’ve seen spin up! Is it only Bettina who graduated then? Trying to figure out if we need to worry about Rhys and Jack sharing the campus again next year, lol!

    I love Emma. I think this whole friends with benefits exploration fits with her personality. I can see her getting into something like this and hopefully keeping her head as well.

    • Mao

      I’m an idiot and used the wrong words. No one actually graduated. They’ve only moved through one term. Rhys crammed the credits, though, and Bettina is pretty close to graduating too. That girl was a College marvel. Sheesh! I forgot about credits impacting how you graduate VS years.

      Rhys and Jack will be stuck in a house together next year. You can bet Emma isn’t going to allow Rhys to ruin her college experience.

      I imagine Rhys speaking with a stereotypical British accent. “I do say, old chap!” Every time he does something proper, lol!

  • This update had me cracking up. I’m becoming more and more of a Jack fan. Before he and Emma kinda hooked up, all his antics with her had me thinking, “You have a death wish!”

    Rhys is weird. I’m not surprised that Emma rebuffed his concern. He should have remembered before now that she existed. Men.

  • Laughing at the idea of speaking in British about what is proper, I can imagine Jack wanting to give him a ‘what for’ which equally made me laugh! That is a hilarious want!! Loving the drama of this circle, and eager to read more! Ok, and then him and his girlfriend testing teas and coffee, totally plays into that British bit. I can just imagine Jack rolling his eyes at Rhys’ idea of fun! And I can’t see Emma enjoying that type of afternoon ether. Rhys is gorgeous! Yum-o!

    Poor Emma though, ignored by Rhys, and then falling into some bad choices. I hope she doesn’t flunk out, that would disappoint her Mom, who I imagine will keep tabs/check in at some point.

    • Mao

      LOL! The Proper trait is so funny. It really seems to lodge a stick firmly inside your sim’s butt! They are so stuffy. ;)

      I am hoping Emma doesn’t flunk out, too. She seems to be able to maintain a C without trying, so at least there’s that. As for having fun, I can’t blame her, but I hope she reins it in after college. We don’t need another Paula!

  • Oh boy, I have a lot to catch up on!

    Firstly, Bettina seems really sweet and down to earth, I like her!

    Emma seems to be going off the rails a little bit. At first I thought she was just going to be all ‘head down, no fun’ and was quite pleased when she went to the first party but then it was party after party with no studying in between. I hope she can pull herself together a bit and find a way to do both.

    • Mao

      Haha! At least I had a break, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’ve been catching up on your blog at work, but I need to comment. :)

      Bettina is really hard to dislike. She’s just kind of ‘that girl’–you want to hate her but you can’t.

      Oh, yeah. Emma is kind of going bananas. It’s understandable, given what she’s going through. I’m hoping it’s all just a phase and she gets it out of her system before any real damage is done!

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