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13: Ryder – ‘Pressure’

Khalid Ryder (Elder), Jessica Ryder (Young Adult)

Khalid Ryder spent his twilight days with the small squirrel he’d rescued. He’d rehabilitated it and attempted to release it back into the wild, but it refused to leave. It lived in the terrarium in their living room now. His small critter was a balm in the wake of Cherie’s death. The years had been difficult without her.

Jessica took care of most things around the house now, including the bills. Khalid was retired and with his advanced age, really best kept close to home. The physical demands of his profession had left him a little challenged when it came to moving around reliably. Even with his cane, he moved slowly these days.

Jessica didn’t mind the extra responsibilities. It helped take her mind off of other things.

Jack visited when he was able, of course. His university courses were still going full swing. He’d be graduating fairly soon. They hadn’t really discussed his plans for afterwards. If he wanted to stay with Jessica and Khalid, he was more than welcome to return home. Of course, they both assumed he’d probably want to strike out on his own.

Khalid loved when Jack visited. He enjoyed regaling his son with his stories of glories past. It was so hard to believe that Khalid was old now. Once, he’d been a hero, kicking down doors and saving people in need. Now he was barely able to putter around the house without assistance.

Jack loved his family dearly, but seeing his father in such a state wasn’t something he enjoyed. It was difficult for him. Khalid had always been like a hero to him.

At least Khalid had his animals to keep him somewhat young and mobile. Jessica would have usually begrudged the endless parade of critters moving through the house, but she couldn’t. Not when she saw how much joy they brought to her father.

Jessica, for her part, knew she needed to worry more about herself. Ever since her breakup with Natalia, she’d distanced herself from the dating scene. It wasn’t easy being ‘different’ from everyone else. It would have been so much easier if she’d liked men–they approached her constantly. It was women that were aloof and difficult to read.

Still, Jessica wasn’t content to sit around and wait for Natalia. She realized that was a foolish notion. Natalia’s fickle nature had been something she’d struggled with for a long time. Maybe, in time, they could be friends… but not until Jessica got her head together.

For the time being, Jessica buried herself in her career. She’d met a few girls and she’d developed a few friendships. She even went out on a date with a girl named Rebecca. They hit it off so well, but Jessica found herself a little reluctant to open up completely. The whole mess with Natalia had really done a number on her. It had all just been so abrupt and without any warning whatsoever. Jessica still didn’t completely understand what had caused it.

Khalid eventually shuffled off this mortal coil. It was a peaceful end, one in his living room. Still, it was unsettling. Jessica was alone in the house now. Khalid’s death had come on the wake of her winning some money in a small lottery the firefighter’s union had organized.

She took the money and redid the house in an attempt to raise her spirits. Anything to take her mind off of the loss.

She started spending more time with Rebecca, who wasn’t the least bit shy in letting her intentions known. She liked Jessica and she wasn’t afraid to show it or talk about it. Rebecca was only slightly older than Jessica, but she seemed so much more confident, like she’d had countless years of being who she was and being okay with it.

Rebecca’s job had been downsized and she found herself in a bad position. Jessica offered for her to move in. It was sudden, but Jessica knew they’d make good housemates.

It was nice having someone there again. Jessica had someone to talk to about her father’s death, for which she was grateful. Jack was mourning, too, but he didn’t want to talk about it. Lily seemed to be having her own issues, so she was distant. Rebecca was just so understanding and knowledgeable. Jessica felt comforted just being in her presence.

Of course, Jessica’s friends were concerned. Catherine McMaster, who lived across the street, visited often. She worried about Jessica and wondered aloud if she was moving too fast.

“This has nothing to do with dad’s death or even Natalia, Cat. I promise.”

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want you to rebound…”

“It’s been a few years now since Natalia. I think I’m safe on that front.”

Catherine sighed and nodded slowly. “I know you’re right, I’m just worried, that’s all.”

“The house looks amazing, by the way. Your mom and dad would be in awe.”

“I like to think so,” Jessica said with a small smile. “Rebecca helped a little with the final touches. She’s a little better at that stuff than I am. Go figure.”

“She’s really nice, Jess. If this is for real–and I’m sure it is–then I’m happy for you. I just want you to be happy. I don’t want anyone taking advantage of you. I’m glad, actually, that you’ve let go of this whole Natalia thing. It wasn’t healthy.”

“Me, too. I am happy, Cat. For once.”

Jessica wasn’t sure how the whole Natalia thing would resolve itself. Would they ever be able to be friends again? It used to bother her immensely, but now, it was something she thought about in passing. Rebecca was there and actually willing to be with her, and more importantly, they cared about one another.

It was nice to finally feel secure. Jessica had always wanted the security of a happy, healthy relationship and it seemed as if she’d found it at last.


Poor Jessica! Khalid passed on rather quickly. :( He did so love his critters! Jessica kept his squirrel. She was also the one who got the lottery ROS. She got $11,000 which I used towards redecorating the house. It was in sore need of it! The place didn’t even have a proper kitchen/dining area.

Rebecca and Jessica just kind of happened. Somehow, Jessica had met Rebecca at some point and it turned out that Rebecca was also gay. They get along incredibly well. I had Rebecca move in because I’ve been having severe Error 12 issues and was eradicating everything I could, including homeless. I didn’t want to lose her in the purge!

Also, I finally got a new snowman. The only two I’ve seen thus far have been the regular and death snowman. Now I can add the hockey one to my list!

8 comments to 13: Ryder – ‘Pressure’

  • Ha, well, I guess the Error 12s worked out in Rebecca’s favour then! Jessica’s done a nice job on the house they now share. :) They seem very happy together. I have my fingers crossed that they work out. I don’t have much hope of things between her and Natalia resolving. But who knows, I guess?

    RIP Khalid! I wasn’t expecting him to go – it seems really soon! :) But it always feels like that for me with sims!

    • Mao

      I was quite sad to see Khalid go! The dice have not been kind to my elders lately…

      Jessica being alone in the house was just depressing. I’m hoping I’ve solved the Error 12 issues. I really don’t want to move all these sims to a new hood. Sigh. What were the programmers of TS3 THINKING?

  • Glad that Jessica and Rebecca are together. Jessica seems so much happier now. I hope she can sort things out with Natalia so they can be friends but like Carla I don’t have much hope of that happening! Natalia is too wrapped up in other things at the moment.

    Poor Khalid. Everyone will miss him- critters included!

    • Mao

      They make a really cute couple. I am hoping that no drama pops up and takes that away. Jessica is a family oriented sim, so I can see her wanting to adopt.

      Khalid really loved his critters, lol! Every time I entered their house, he had collected more.

  • I’m so sad to see Khalid go, but I guess he lived a long, full life. I’m more than happy that Jessica has finaly moved on. It’s for the best.

  • Poor Khalid, I remember his fireman years fondly, and am saddened that he’s gone. Feels like your elders die off too quickly darn it! No one gets to see any grandkids, well not no one, but few do!

    I’m happy that Jessica is moving on, Natalia doesn’t seem to miss her at all, and it’d be a shame for Jessica to just wait around for something that doesn’t even seem likely. I think it is great that Jessica took after her father in the fire department, I’m glad that he could pass that legacy down. When Jack was little I thought he might grow up to follow that career path.

    • Mao

      I know, I sometimes feel like I should make elder stage longer… but then I realize that elders don’t really do a whole lot. And if I have my way, my sims don’t have babies until well into young adulthood. I don’t always get my way, though!

      Jessica makes me happy. I love her. The whole Natalia/Jessica thing was a surprise, and I doubted it would work. So I’m just glad Jessica found someone!

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