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13: Novak – ‘Fully Alive’

Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Natalia Novak continued her foray into the unknown. She wasn’t going to give up. She was convinced that her family was cursed and that she was the only one with the ability to end it. Nothing would stand between her, not even losing herself to the rhythm of the supernatural.

Natalia spent a lot of her free time hanging out in strange places. She often wandered down to the beach to visit the gypsy that had taken up residence there. Most claimed she was a fraud, just some silly dime store palm reader. Natalia knew better, however. That was all just a guise, a way to hide in plain sight.

This woman held the secret power that Natalia had been searching for.

Andrew, meanwhile, was living his life as normally as possible. The sting of Regan’s death had waned over the years. He would always miss her, but life moved on and Andrew had to, as well. Even Lucy had found some peace with it. She’d recently given birth to her first child with her husband. Andrew and Lucy remained friends, their relationship now completely platonic.

Lucy had been written about in the paper as Aperture’s next rising star in the medical field. She was doing some interesting things with those who suffered from the chemicals still found in some of Aperture’s soil. It was Juliet who had typed up the story. That wasn’t what she wanted to talk about, though.

“Did you see what she said about Natalia?”

“I did,” Andrew sighed. “I told Natalia not to do it.”

“Everyone is going to think she’s crazy!”

“Somehow, I doubt she cares…”

Andrew wasn’t spending all his time pining lost loves or his sister’s questionable sanity. He’d found another love in Rena Eubanks. She was a lovely sort of girl, soft-spoken and sweet. She had a brilliant sense of humor, cracking jokes and seeming nonplussed by Andrew’s less-than-conventional sister.

They’d met by chance at the park. Rena was performing in the Simfest and Andrew happened to be in attendance. She’d caught his eye instantly. Rena was quite the skilled performer and afterwards, Andrew had chatted with her.

Their first date had turned into several more. That had been months ago. They were in a steady relationship now, with Rena often over at the apartment when they weren’t out and about. She wasn’t as skilled in the culinary arts as Andrew, but she could appreciate the time and dedication it took to prepare a dish. She often accompanied him on his trips to restaurants to sample their latest dishes.

Rena tried to encourage Andrew to realize his dreams and open up a restaurant. Unfortunately, Andrew wasn’t nearly as confident in his skills yet as she was. Feast Day went off without a hitch, with many tasty courses being prepared. Natalia, who lacked any culinary capability at all, kept herself to serving the drinks. It was the least she could do given how Andrew had spent all day cooking for their friends and family.

Natalia liked Rena. She didn’t judge her for her life choices and didn’t look at her like she’d lost her mind. It was nice to have someone who was just letting Natalia be Natalia for once. Andrew tried, but he wasn’t nearly as good at it as Rena was. The girl really didn’t have any qualms with Natalia’s way of life, she just genuinely worried about her safety.

Needless to say, Natalia was fine with Rena practically living with them.

Natalia tried to explain to Andrew that her choices were hers to make, but he still felt responsible for her. He was her older brother. He only wanted what was best for her.

“You have cooking and I have… this. Just trust me, okay? I’ll be fine.”

“How do you even know that? You don’t even completely know what you’re messing with!”

Natalia tried not to roll her eyes. “I’ve been doing this for a lot of years now, Andrew. I’ve got a pretty good handle on it by now.”

“Is this just about being stronger? I mean, there’s nothing we can do, Natalia. They’re gone. We can’t bring them back. It doesn’t matter what kind if ‘power’ we have, we can’t change how the world works.”

“I know that, Andrew. I just want to improve things for us. I don’t want the Novak name to be cursed.”

Andrew sighed. “It’s not. Bad stuff happens sometimes. Sure, it seems like it happens a lot to us, but that’s just a matter of perspective.”

“But what if it’s not?”


“Look, I understand if you don’t want involved in this stuff. You’ve been very kind, letting me stay here after everything that happened with mom and stuff… but I think I can handle myself now. I can leave if you really want me to.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! I’m not kicking you out, Natalia. I’m just worried, that’s all. I mean, that story you let Juliet publish was a mess! Everyone thinks you’re crazy.”

“Then let them. What do I care? I know that I’m not.”

Andrew shook his head and leaned back against the couch. “I just… I mean… be careful, okay, Natalia? We’re really the only two left after everything. All we’ve got is each other.”

“I know, Andrew. I appreciate the concern, I do, but I know what I’m doing. I can handle this.”

With that, she stood up and walked away, entering her room. She’d be locked away in there for almost a day before she emerged again. There was something different about her, but no one could quite put their finger on it.


Andrew got the blind date ROS. Since TS3 doesn’t do blind dates and I couldn’t think of a good way to randomly set him up with anyone, I used the lucky fountain and then picked through the people it gave me. One was an elder, the second one was bugged, and then there was Rena. She’s pretty cute and they seem to get along really well, which is just as well. Andrew needs a little happiness. Let’s just hope Natalia doesn’t do anything silly like bring Regan back from the dead…

As for Lucy, she autonomously had a child with her husband. I took this to mean that she’s finally moved on, which is just as well. I didn’t really relish splitting up a marriage! I mean, I would have… but it wasn’t in Andrew’s character to do something like that.

Natalia is really going off the deep end with her supernatural delving. As you can probably tell from the ending, she finally got what she wanted. We’ll see how she handles it from here on out. ;)

8 comments to 13: Novak – ‘Fully Alive’

  • Josh

    YAS NATALIA. So she’s a witch now? I thought she had been already, but I’m so excited. You’ve taken your time and made us wait and I’m here for it.

    • Mao

      She is finally a witch! :D She’s had the potion for awhile (I FINALLY caught it on sale) but I wanted to wait and make sure this is where she wanted to go first.

  • Rena looks sweet. I’m glad things seem to be going well with her and Andrew.

    So Natalia is a witch now! I don’t have Supernatural, so I actually have no idea what becoming a witch entails, so I thought she already was one, lol! But…I hope her newfound status means she really does know what she’s doing. She could be messing around with some pretty scary, volatile stuff!

    • Mao

      She really does! I was glad Andrew found her.

      Witches are like the most vanilla of all the Supernatural offerings! They basically act like the TS2 versions, without sparkles and green skin (brooms are optional.) They can cast spells, are better at alchemy, and there’s something else I’ve forgotten. But basically, they can pass for normals pretty easily otherwise. ;)

  • I love Natalia and her new found witchy ways! I hope she knows what she’s doing though…

    Glad that Andrew found Rena. Hopefully it all goes well for them.

    • Mao

      It’s going to be fun exploring this witchery. She’s my first one in TS3!

      Rena was a shot of good luck. Let’s hope she doesn’t die like poor Regan!

  • Ooh Natalia is finally a witch. I’m glad that Andrew shows his concern for her, but still accepts her. And Rena is rather adorable, I approve of her. Though I did want Lucy. It really feels like Lucy has left the group, having a baby without telling us! What is up with that?! She feels like a lost friend, and I hope that we see more of her, and know things like she’s having a baby, sneaky girl.

    I love that Natalia comes waltzing out wearing see-through nightie… I’m sure Andrew doesn’t want to see that!

    • Mao

      Andrew and Natalia are an odd sibling pairing. They are a lot like Paula and Stefan, though definitely more functional. Andrew is encouraging, but he’s also kind of worried about her. I’m hoping he can keep her grounded.

      Lucy having a baby completely shocked me. I was sad. I still held out hope for her hooking up with Andrew, lol.

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