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13: Novak 2 – ‘Miserable’

Paula Novak (Young Adult), Stefan Novak (Young Adult), Gwendolyn Mosley (Young Adult), Stella Mosley (Child)

Since Stefan’s return, Gwendolyn found herself standing on shaky ground. It just wasn’t a situation she’d ever imagined herself in. She was surrounded by criminals and she’d even gotten herself knocked up by one. What had happened to that wholesome girl who was determined to do better than her lot in life? That seemed ages ago, a distant past that didn’t even feel like her own anymore.

Oh, Gwendolyn had tried to be good. She’d done everything right, but it had all backfired horribly. Fighting her true nature seemed to get her nowhere but ruin. So, instead, she drowned it out with alcohol. Unfortunately, Stefan’s sudden assumption of the role of ‘active father’ made him a constant thorn in the side of her fun.

Stefan’s nature hadn’t changed. It never would. He was a criminal, he stole things for a living, and it was very unlikely that he’d ever do anything else. Even his incarceration hadn’t made him reconsider. It just made him more careful. Gwendolyn was stuck with him. She was stuck with Stella. Neither one of them would let her run off. She knew better than that.

He would always track her down and her guilt kept her from abandoning Stella. She was a crappy mother, but at least she realized it. She wasn’t in denial about it in the least. How was she supposed to be a good mother when she’d stuck her daughter with an unrepentant criminal for a father? Still, Gwendolyn remained. As good as she’d always wanted to be, being immersed in the bad seemed to be her destiny. A small part of her got a thrill out of it.

Stella, to her credit, was an amazing child. She was effortless to parent. She operated on auto-pilot most of the time, baffling the adults around her.

“She does know it’s a snow day, right?” Stefan asked his sister, Paula, was they watched Stella work dutifully on her school assignments.

Paula shrugged. “I told her, but I don’t think she cares. Stella’s… well, she’s something else.”

They both watched her, pausing in the middle of their meal, the wheels spinning inside their minds.

“Are we sure that she’s yours?” Paula joked, eyes crinkling and revealing the lines she’d begun to acquire. They were getting older, but it hardly seemed to matter.

“I’d wonder if I didn’t constantly find random things stuffed into the pockets of her backpack. She’s a natural thief!”

Stella still had a hard time connecting with her mother. They were just two completely different people. Stella just couldn’t understand Gwendolyn’s need to play her guitar or why it was such a big deal. It was just music. What did music even mean in the grander scale of things?

At least her father understood. They were logical people. They approached things from an analytical standpoint. Stefan’s viewpoints were often seen as callous, but they were the cold, hard truth. Stella appreciated that. She knew her father wouldn’t hold back any punches and she was grateful for his knowledge.

She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about his job, though. Stella had a problem with snatching things that weren’t hers, but she always returned them. She neglected to tell her father this, not wanting to know what he’d have to say. Her morality was still in its fledgling stages. Stella didn’t want either side coloring her. She would make her own decisions.

Given her family’s strange schedules, Stella often did her nighttime routine alone. She’d changed into her pajamas, brush her teeth, and lock the door. Everyone else worked during the night, though sometimes Gwendolyn would be there if she didn’t have a show or something. She’d been recording background music for some up-and-coming songwriter who favored acoustic guitar. Gwendolyn was thrilled about it, but Stella didn’t see the big deal.

Of course, every night before she tucked herself in, Stella checked under her bed. It was silly, she knew that, but it was something she couldn’t go without doing. It was a routine. If she didn’t check, she swore her entire body twitched and it wouldn’t stop until she stooped down and checked.

Gwendolyn was trying. It was easy to get lost in a pit of despair. It was easy to give up. Sometimes, she thought about running. Stella was well cared for. Stefan and Paula wouldn’t let anything happen to her. But she always stopped herself. They were both criminals. Gwendolyn was the only neutral person Stella interacted with.

Even if she failed as a mother, Gwendolyn wouldn’t let Stella be indoctrinated into the same sort of life. Not if there was a chance for her to be different.

Everything was going fine until one day, while Gwendolyn was leaving the recording studio, she threw up suddenly. A wave of nausea had nearly knocked her off of her feet. Unable to stop herself, she deposited what remained of her lunch right there on the sidewalk. A few onlookers gave her strange looks, assuming she was either drunk or on some kind of drugs.

Gwendolyn knew it was anything but. It hit her like a ton of bricks. She wanted to faint.

It was confirmed for her a week later. She was pretty far along, actually. Gwendolyn was shocked. She’d drank some, but thankfully, not as much as she had before. How had she not noticed? All the signs were there, especially her weird cravings for pie. It was spring, what was she doing wanting pumpkin pie?

Telling Stefan was another issue entirely. Gwendolyn certainly wasn’t happy about the news and she didn’t anticipate that he would be, either.

“You might want to lay off the pie, Gwen.” Stefan said teasingly. It was just his way.

Gwendolyn couldn’t be bothered to snap back at him. Instead, she simply said: “Stefan, we need to talk.”

Gwendolyn drug him into their bedroom, keeping her tone hushed. She didn’t want to say it, but what choice did she have? He’d surely notice sooner or later that she wasn’t smuggling a beach ball underneath her dress.

“I’m pregnant.” She blurted it out hurriedly, the words streaming together.

Stefan gaped at her for a moment, realization moving over his face slowly. “W-what?”

“I’m pregnant. Again. I have the world’s worst luck, apparently. I didn’t even mess anything up this time! I was careful, we were careful…”

“Er, the elevator, Gwen.”

“Oh, shit! Which time?”

“My point exactly.”

“It’ll be fine,” Stefan said suddenly, noting the look on her face, “I’m not in fake jail this time.”

Gwendolyn looked sick. “Is that supposed to be a relief?!” She smacked his shoulder, resisting weakly at his attempts to comfort her. Eventually, she gave in. “I’m knocked up by a damned criminal, again!”

“Stella’s not so bad.”

“Stella isn’t the problem! You’re the problem, Stefan. You and Paula. All of this is just wrong. We’re wrong. We argue constantly.”

“That’s not the only thing…”

She smacked him again, eyes narrowing as he brushed away her feeble attempts at abuse and laughed.

“It’ll be fine,” he said again, pulling her into a hug. It took Gwendolyn a moment to respond to it, dread washing over her in waves.

“How can you be so calm?”

“Why shouldn’t I be? It’s not so bad. I’m pretty good at this dad stuff. You’re the one who sucks.”

“Ugh!” Gwendolyn tried to pull away, but Stefan only gripped her tighter, laughing again. She wanted to punch him. “You’re such an ass!”

“Then you’re really not going to like what I say next…”

Gwendolyn was hit with a mixture of emotions at Stefan’s solution to their problem. Honestly, he just didn’t seem the type. Married? To a criminal? It would help if he was incarcerated again, that was true, but did Gwendolyn really want her kids to be tainted by that sort of lineage?

Stella took the news surprisingly well. It was likely because it was followed by her parents being normal and married like all of her friend’s parents. Stella wasn’t exactly prescribed to normal thought, but it certainly made things easier for her childlike naivete to understand.

Despite that, she wasn’t under any illusions that her family was normal.

Gwendolyn was left feeling like driftwood afloat on rapids. She couldn’t stop herself, she could only careen haphazardly down the rocky, chilly slope until she crashed and shattered into pieces at the end. She spent a lot of time outside of the apartment, taking in the spring air and playing her guitar until her fingers ached.

She could run, but where? And to what? No. Running wasn’t the answer right now. Maybe someday, but not right now. She’d stick it out and see it through.

At least Stefan had dialed back his snark enough to make her feel a little more comfortable. It was almost as if he knew what she was thinking. Maybe he did. Gwendolyn wasn’t as good at hiding her thoughts and emotions as she would have liked. Both Paula and Stefan seemed to be able to read her as if she’d written it all in permanent marker on her forehead.

The last part of her pregnancy was agonizing. Gwendolyn felt as big as a whale. She hadn’t been this big with Stella. She spent most of her time moping around the apartment and complaining loudly at anyone who was nearby.

“I feel like a beached whale,” Gwendolyn grumbled.

Paula laughed. “That’s what happens when you get knocked up! I thought you would have learned your lesson from the first go around.”

“Me too.”

Gwendolyn went into labor early and panicked. She wasn’t due for another three weeks. It was a shock. Thankfully, she wasn’t home alone when it happened. Paula rushed her to the hospital and Stefan met them there.

Everything went fine and despite arriving early, Dana was healthy. They kept her for observation but she was eventually released into her parents care. Gwendolyn didn’t have time to be depressed, she was too busy being relieved. So many things could have gone wrong, especially since she’d been pregnant so long without knowing.

It was just a blessing in disguise that none of that was forced onto the baby.

Stella was pretty apathetic about the whole thing. Dana was too tiny to talk to or find interesting. Babies mostly slept and pooped. Besides, Stella’s friend Aidan Martel said that having a baby sister was no big deal. He was an expert on it. He had a baby sister of his own.

Perhaps the weirdest part was Stella being known as ‘Novak.’ She was so used to Mosley that when roll call came around and they called out her name, she didn’t recognize it and therefore, did not raise her hand. It was certainly going to take some time getting used to.


Okay, you guys. I DID NOT INTEND FOR THIS. AT ALL. Stefan and Gwendolyn went at it like bunnies every time I turned my attention away from them. It was ridiculous. That elevator has seen some shit!

As soon as Dana was brought home, they immediately did this:

I have never had two sims autonomously bone as much as these two do while I’m playing them. What in the hell.

Also, as soon as Gwen’s belly popped and she told Stefan, he rolled up this wish followed by a TON of romantic wishes for her:

My jaw hit the floor. I never intended for them to get married. I honestly figured Gwendolyn would bust ass out of there. She’s such a conflicted sim. That girl has no idea what she wants.

I think Paula has had enough of playing second fiddle and babysitter. Poor girl was the only one to get a mid-life crisis upon aging up:

I’m not sure if I’ll move her out or not. Also, they are all Adults now. Crazy.

Stella is a Kleptomaniac with a huge serving of guilt on the side. She was constantly returning things due to spinning up these kinds of wishes:

Also, for those curious, Gwendolyn had her baby in the update because she literally got pregnant the first day I played them. Sheesh.

Because I like pain (and trying to manage several things at once) I’m also doing a Random Legacy Challenge over here. If you’ve seen twitter, you know I’ve been dying to try this out forever!

This is also NaNoWriMo month! So all things might slow down a bit. x_x We move into our house in two weeks AND we’re going to PA to see my family for Thanksgiving. I’m not sure how long I’ll be without internet. THE HORROR!

Title is Lit – ‘Miserable.’

12 comments to 13: Novak 2 – ‘Miserable’

  • Wow! Well, even with as much as they fight, they are just not able to keep their hands off each other! Talk about a love/hate relationship.

    I’m really interested to see how Stella will turn out–the guilt she feels really does make it seem like she is being influenced by Gwen.

    • Mao

      Yeah, it is definitely one of those. So funny. I really expected them to part ways.

      Stella, so far, doesn’t seem to have any criminal leanings. I’m holding out hope for her!

  • Josh

    I can’t believe it! I thought Gwen was smarter than that. Stella is cute but I can’t wait to see her grow into a little psycho like her dad.

    Paula can’t move out, they need to keep this dysfunctional unit together!

    Happy thanksgiving and Happy NanoWriMo! I know you do it every year, enjoy!

    • Mao

      HAHA JOSH! “A little psycho like her dad”… ahahaha I seriously laugh out loud. LOVE IT.

      I know. I can’t let Paula leave. It just wouldn’t be the same!

      Thanks, Josh. :) I took a two year break before last year and this year hasn’t gone great, but I’m still trudging along!

  • Um, I think the marriage thing WAS Stefan’s midlife crisis… That was certainly surprising, but who knows? It just might work, as crazy as they all are.

    I’m glad Stella is not trying to follow in her father’s footsteps. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her.

  • Wow! I definitely was not expecting marriage OR another baby, so this was a pretty insane update! I can’t imagine marriage changing things for Gwendolyn or Stefan too much but stranger things have happened, I guess? Who knows?

    I would definitely also like to see Paula stick around, if she can stand it! It’s kind of weird seeing Paula as almost the normal one, lol.

    • Mao

      Yeah, me either! I don’t know what’s going on here. I pity their children.

      Paula isn’t going anywhere. She doesn’t really do enough interesting stuff to live alone. :P

  • Alright so Stefan was a bit of a charmer in this one, I really enjoyed seeing him as a Dad, and with Paula in a normal situation. I am shocked he married Gwen, but happy about it just the same. I don’t see her bettering herself out there with anyone else, she’s such a mess. Who would ever have thought that Stefan would be the more stabilized person?! Surely not I!

    Stella is adorable, can’t wait to see Dana age up. I like that she steals but feels guilty about it, it’s like she took each of those pieces directly from her parents, and is now going to make herself insane. I don’t want Paula to move out, I like having her around, I wonder what will happen with her though, it seems crazy that Stefan has settled down!

    • Mao

      I am still kind of gobsmacked by the whole idea of Stefan ‘settling down.’ He was never irresponsible, he was just kind of selfish and self-involved. He’s always known what he wants and doesn’t really care about consequences/etc. But it seems having a kid has made him a little more cautious about certain things. I love that he gets along so well with Stella! I was worried.

      I really, really can’t wait to see what Stella ends up doing. It’s like a constant tug and pull!

  • Interested to see if Stella follows in Stefan’s footsteps! Looking forward to seeing Dana’s personality as she grows too!

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