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13: McMaster – ‘Bleed American’

Philip McMaster (Young Adult), Bianca McMaster (Young Adult), Dylan McMaster (Toddler), Molly McMaster (Baby)

Philip McMaster wasn’t going to lie and say he didn’t miss his younger brother Mark hanging around and helping care for the children. He was happy his brother had his own life now, but Philip wasn’t great with babies. He loved both of his children, but Molly cried constantly and Philip was at a loss. Thankfully, Bianca was more skilled with small bundles than he was.

Most days were relatively quiet. Dylan was growing like a weed and approaching a landmark birthday. Bianca was kept busy with Molly, but the baby was usually out like a light by morning, having been up all night.

Despite the babies keeping them on their toes, the McMasters had a pretty easy life. The heavy debt of his grandparents was gone and Philip had made a comfortable amount of money racing horses.

With all the loss in the past few years, Philip and Bianca decided it might be time to get the family together. They decided on the park–it seemed the perfect place to spend an afternoon. The McMaster and Novak clan banded together for a day of fun and relaxation.

Surprisingly, both Paula and Stefan showed up. Their ties were only by marriage, but with Stefan’s return and Kelly’s death, the estranged siblings slowly came back into the fold.

Paula enjoyed watching Catherine get schooled by Philip at horseshoes.

Bianca indulged Juliet in a little bit of frisbee throwing.  Bianca wasn’t the most skilled at sports, but thankfully, neither was Juliet, so they were on even ground. They paled in comparison to the gymnastic efforts of Stefan and Paula nearby.

Mark and Lily came as well, though Natalia was nowhere to be found. Andrew begged off her absence, saying she was just really busy. Rumors had been flying around about Natalia, but it was hard to discern truth when they all sounded crazy.

Despite her absence, everyone had a good time and Bianca managed her first successful grilling.

Of course, the evening didn’t go without a few disagreements. Philip questioned Juliet’s choice of career, unable to fathom how she was able to stare at a computer screen all day. Juliet just rolled her eyes at him and said that not everyone likes to live ‘the simple life.’

As Dylan got older, his disapproval of his younger sister grew. He wasn’t impressed with Molly and he was even less impressed with the fact that she had to stay in his room while his parents redid the nursery.

Dylan started elementary school, but he wasn’t terribly interested in it. He was usually off in his own little world. Bianca worried about his lack concern for school, but Philip assured her that he was just a typical child.

Dylan did his chores around the farm, but not without a considerable amount of complaining. He complained less for Philip, though. If his dad was around, Dylan was on task. He usually only slacked off when Philip’s attention was elsewhere.

He just didn’t share the same passion that his dad did for the animals and the outdoors. Dylan would rather be on the computer or watching television.

Molly was growing quickly, presenting the signature McMaster red hair. Coupled with her mother’s eyes, she was set to be a lovely lady when she grew up. Until then, however, she’d be a fussy toddler. Bianca had hoped she’d outgrow it, but Molly was just as grumpy as ever.

With their attentions drawn in different ways, Bianca and Philip didn’t get a lot of time to spend together. The time they did get, however, was spent well. Their relationship hadn’t suffered even the slightest. They were a team, even if they sometimes focused on different things.

Dylan made an attempt to get along with his younger sister, but he just didn’t see the appeal. She was fussy and she couldn’t talk yet. Anytime Dylan tried to play with her, she’d get upset over something silly. He didn’t really have the time to spend trying to figure out toddlers.

Tragedy struck one evening when Dolly reached the end of her days. It was a rough night for Philip, who cared deeply for the horses. She was buried next to Old Roy in the cemetery.

The loss of Dolly took some time to get over, but eventually, life moved on. The quiet mornings resumed, where Dylan rushed off to the early bus and the rest of the family ate breakfast. Molly’s schedule was finally starting to come around and she’d started sleeping through the nights, which was a welcome relief to everyone.

Philip usually had to sit on Dylan to get him to do his assignments. He’d gotten notes from teachers about Dylan’s inability to pay attention in class and also never turning in his homework. They were all hoping that as he got older, he’d be more focused. It wasn’t that he could do the assignments, he just really didn’t want to ‘waste the time.’


Relatively quiet at the McMaster house! Mark being gone definitely caused some issues, as he did a lot of the baby care at night, since he was always awake writing anyway. Molly is super fussy, but go figure, she’s a Grumpy sim!

Dylan is turning out to be something else. He’s a Mooch. I’ve never had a Mooch sim before.

I don’t think I’m going to breed anymore horses into this house. Their lot just isn’t big enough. Once Drifter is gone, I think that’s it for them unless they move. They certainly have the money, but I can’t see Philip leaving his ancestral home… so maybe further down the line.

They got the ROS family reunion. I invited all McMasters and the extended Novaks (they are tied together by Kelly.) It was a pretty successful day. 

Philip is also an adult now. I didn’t mention it because I kind of forgot!

6 comments to 13: McMaster – ‘Bleed American’

  • Dolly :( I love the horses. As much as I love TS2, I really want a better computer so I can have a crack at TS3, horses included! Is there not even enough room to maybe have 1 horse?

    I love Molly’s hair, reminds me of the movie ‘The Fox and the Child’. I’d be lying if I said that movie didn’t influence Georgina’s hair style…

    I hope Dylan becomes more focused as time goes on. Could be a recipe for disaster!

    • Mao

      I really love the horses, too! They are my favorite part of Pets. :D There’s enough room, but it’s not very believable space to have a horse. Drifter has a LONG ways to go before he’s gone, though. He’s still an Adult. My horse lifespans are obscenely long for my own sake. ;)

      It was a new toddler style I had, so it needed to be used! It’s really cute.

      Dylan is going to be a not-so-fun teen, I’d wager.

  • I wondered if Molly was a Grumpy sim! They’re usually super annoying as babies and toddlers but they become totally hilarious to me past that. With Molly the Grump and Dylan the Mooch, I think Philip and Bianca are going to have two rather interesting children!

    So sad about Dolly. :( I’ve never had a pet die in TS3. My playing time has been that spotty since Pets, mostly due to either the game or my mods not working the way I want!

    • Mao

      Catherine is a Grumpy sim, too! I usually have a lot of Grumpy sims… which I find hilarious. My husband jokes that I am a Grumpy sim. ;) They are exhausting babies, that’s for sure. Hilarious teens, though!

      Wow! I feel you on the mods. I’m still sore over the bastardization of Nraas Story Progression!

  • Poor Dolly! I am absolutely smitten with the horses in TS3, when I play the game, I always play the horses, I set their ages back, and love to just watch them. I don’t know how I would ever adjust to the idea of no horse for Philip! It’s like saying skip the jelly on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It’s just wrong.

    Dylan is SUPER adorable!! And Molly is looking like she will be too, love that she has red hair. I am geeked over mooch and grump for traits, how fun will that be. I’ve never played with ether of those personality traits, I should try them out sometime.

    • Mao

      I love the horses, too! I spent way too much time just watching them when I first got Pets. I want them on every lot, but I feel bad putting them on any lot not big enough for them to be majestic on!

      I am very hopeful about Dylan and Molly’s looks, though Dylan seriously looks like a clone of Philip! I’ve never had a child look so similar to a parent before.

      I’m forcing myself to try out a bunch of traits I’ve otherwise avoided by randomizing. It’s difficult, but I want to experience it all!

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