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13: McMaster 2 – ‘Time to Dance’

Catherine McMaster (Young Adult), Juliet McMaster (Young Adult)

Catherine McMaster wakes up early and if she happens to have the morning off, she spends it jogging around the small town in the Valley. It’s a calming jog, filled with the familiar sights of her childhood. She may have grown up on the dirt roads of the country, but the Valley is still her home. She couldn’t imagine living in the city just across the river.

She’s been trying to work on herself, as hard as that task is. It’s easy to focus on work. Catherine is a natural when it comes to the military, surprisingly enough. She never thought she’d be that great at taking orders, but as it turns out, she is and she’s even better at giving them. At work, she’s a completely different person–confident and self-assured. Those under her command fall in line without a second thought.

Outside of work, however, Catherine is a mess. Talking to people is a difficult chore, one she’s trying to work on.

Juliet doesn’t suffer from her twin sister’s issues. Her social life is flourishing. In fact, everything is going so well that she asks her long-time boyfriend, Sam Monte, to move in. She does so without asking her sister first, because that’s simply the way Juliet is. She doesn’t always think before she acts and she hardly ever takes a moment to consider the feelings of those around her, especially Catherine. It’s just Juliet’s way.

Catherine leans on her friends for help and this is especially true for Jack. They chat often on the phone when he’s at university and he’s always trying to drag her out when he’s home. On this particular night, he’s succeeded in getting her to a nightclub.

“So glad to see you out after your bedtime, Cat!”

“Ugh,” Catherine grumbles, looking around. “This place feels dingy.”

“Because it is! That’s the fun of it. You need to loosen up.”

“I can’t. I’m freaking out.”

“Juliet again?”

“No, actually,” she pauses, looking uncertain before continuing, “I just… well, there’s a different reason I agreed to come out tonight. I need your help.”

“Ha, what now?”

“I need you to kiss me.”


“Don’t look so horrified! You helped Emma and she’s your friend. I’m your friend, too. But don’t get any ideas. I just… I mean, I have this blind date and I don’t want to be some inexperienced idiot…”

“Cat… I don’t think that’s such a good idea…”

“Don’t be an ass, Jack.”

He relents, though not without a considerable amount of hesitation. For all his posturing, it’s completely chaste. Catherine seems satisfied, relief washing over her. Jack is considerably less relaxed. Catherine has been his friend–and only that–for a very long time. Crossing that line is never something he’s wanted. Catherine is Catherine. Seeing her like the others just seems… wrong.

Thankfully, she gives him a quick hug and thanks him. He’s a little stunned. That’s it, really? Well, he shouldn’t have worried after all.

Catherine is not pleased to see Sam Monte in the kitchen she shares with her twin. He’s making himself quite at home for a guest.

“Don’t you ever miss being home?” She asks, trying to hide the edge in her voice.

“Oh, Juliet didn’t tell you? I’ve moved in.”

What?” Catherine stops dead. Anger rolls off her in waves as Juliet appears around the corner.

Sam goes about his business, ignoring the twins as they argue in plain sight. Catherine can’t be bothered to care, she’s much too angry.

“How could you do this without asking me first? I live here, too! I pay for this place just as much as you do.”

“I’m sorry,” Juliet says hurriedly. “I just didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal!”

“Well, obviously, you thought wrong.”

“You need to calm down and stop being so jealous! Maybe you could try being happy for me instead.”

At this, Catherine is enraged. “Are you kidding me?! Sam is a jerk, Juliet! You’re the only one who doesn’t see it. He’s weird and erratic and he says mean things to you.”

“And you wonder why no one wants to date you,” Juliet snaps back, eyes narrowed. “You’re such a bitch.”

Catherine storms off in a huff and makes it a point to slam her bedroom door closed behind her.

Catherine wastes no time going across the street to blow off steam. She visits Jessica, who just got back from a run. Catherine unloads, barely giving Jessica a chance to greet her.

“…she’s just horrible, Jess! I can’t stand her. I’m tempted to move out right now.”

Jessica shakes her head. “You and Juliet really need to stop poking each other. You’re sisters. I’m sure she’s sorry about it.”

“I’m sure she’s not. You just don’t understand how she is.”

“You can always stay here if you need to.”

“No, thanks… but I don’t know. I don’t want to intrude and ugh. I’m just so mad. I paid for that house, too. I’m tired of getting no say in anything.”

“I hate to bring this up now, but I talked to Jack.” The look on Jessica’s face said it all.

“Don’t lecture me,” Catherine began quickly, “I’m not some silly college girl. Jack was doing me a favor. That’s all. We’re friends.”

Jessica nodded, though she looked unconvinced. “You know how he is, Cat.”

“You mean a manwhore? That’s why I asked him!”

At this, the blonde woman laughs. “I guess you have a point. As long as you’re okay with it.”

“It was a kiss, Jess. That’s it. I’m not going to doodle our names together in a notebook and pine after him. It’s Jack.”

Things at the house continue to be tense. That doesn’t put a damper on Juliet and Sam’s relationship, however. It isn’t long before Sam asks Juliet to marry him, much to her elation. All Catherine can do is scoff. Let Juliet make a huge mistake, it’s not like its her problem. Of course, this means Catherine is going to have to find another place to live, lest the two lovebirds try to kick her out after their nuptials.

Juliet wastes no time in throwing an engagement party. All of their friends are there, including Natalia and Jack. Catherine isn’t surprised to see them together, though she wishes they wouldn’t do it when Jessica is so close by. Honestly, Catherine has never understood Jack’s infatuation with the flaky Natalia, especially not after what she did to Jessica.

It is what it is, she guesses.

Catherine hits the alcohol pretty hard, admitting to herself that she’s incredibly jealous that Juliet is the one getting married. All Catherine has ever wanted was a family and she was as far from it as anyone possibly could be while Juliet seemed leaps and bounds ahead. She was getting Catherine’s dream.

Unfortunately for Catherine, her alcohol tolerance is abysmal and no one was keeping a close eye on her. She ended up sleeping with one of the guests.

Catherine never expected her first time to be a one night stand. She was considerably shocked when she awoke and there was a stranger in her bed. At least he wasn’t hideous. Still, this was a problem.

Her first instinct was to text Jack.

Cat: ‘What do you do when there’s a stranger in your bed and you want them to leave?’


Cat: ‘Less judgement, more help. Seriously. How do I get him to leave?’

Jack: ‘u r truly a class act, Cat.’

Juliet finds out, despite Catherine’s attempt at being stealthy. Jack talked her through it, but it was still incredibly awkward. It was even worse so now that Juliet knew. Instead of coming down on her, Juliet was supportive and apologetic.

“I’ve been a jerk and I’m sorry. This is all my fault. Cat. Let me help you.”

“Help me?”

“Yes,” Juliet urged, looking completely sincere. “I’m not letting you sleep with random strangers anymore. We need to get you a decent guy and the first step is a makeover.”

“What’s wrong with how I look?”

“Um, sis. You’re still in fatigues. You’ve been out of basic for years now.”

Catherine is skeptical as she looks at herself in the mirror. She feels ridiculous and says as much.

“You look amazing!”

“I don’t know… I feel… showy.”

Juliet clucked her tongue. “Because you look good! You’re definitely ready to go on that blind date now.”

“Ugh, do I have to? After the whole party thing, I don’t think I want to…”

“Come on, Cat. Try out your new look!”

Catherine, against her better judgement, meets up with her date. His name is Eli and his actually a pretty cool guy. Their date is less of a date, though, and more two friends just hanging out. They meet at the park and then head to a movie, which turns out to be a really bad sci-fi film about alien tomatoes. They have a good time ripping on the movie, though, and Catherine leaves with the hope of him calling her.

Before that can happen, though, there’s the issue of Juliet’s bachelorette party. They hold it at the house and it’s quite the hit. Catherine even gets into the swing of it, dipping into the alcohol again and having a good time. The party starts innocently enough outside and quickly moves indoors once everyone gets good and sauced. That’s when the party dancers arrive.

Catherine is pretty sure she should be permanently banned from drinking. Clearly, she is unable to make good life choices when she’s several sheets to the wind. She doesn’t just make out with one of the party dancers, she finds out through blurry memories that they may have violated the bathroom in a few ways. Catherine is impressed with herself, but also decidedly ashamed.

How is she supposed to meet a decent guy when she keeps sleeping with random ones?

The hangover is epic, forcing Catherine to call off for the first time in her career. Unfortunately, she gets rather ill afterwards. Juliet wants her to go to the hospital, but Catherine is sure she’s just dehydrated. Either way, she’s done partying forever. She just can’t handle it. She’s happy to leave the crazy times to Jack. Goodness knows he can’t handle anymore ‘how do I get this guy out of my bed’ texts. The party dancer fiasco had him threatening to come home from college.


Catherine is a hot mess, you guys. I didn’t intend for it, either. She just kind of unfurled there for a little bit. Her job drains her fun quite a bit and with the parties Juliet throws, there are plenty of guys. So, she randomly queued up a woohoo with one of them. Apparently, they were friends, because when she did this earlier in the play session, she refused to go through with it (their like gate was too low and her traits don’t really condone random hookups.)

I don’t even know how to explain the party dancer. I guess showers don’t have the same restrictions. I am a little worried, though. She threw up. I was really hoping she’d start dating Eli, as they hit it off really well. Leave it to Catherine to get knocked up by a party dancer named Stan Dingstill. Seriously.

As for the kiss with Jack, she spun up a wish for it, along with wanting a first kiss, and a romance. They kissed, but did not flirt again afterwards. Their attraction is 10 of 10. If Jack got over his carousing around, they’d make a good couple, but he’s still pretty hung up on Natalia.

I made Catherine over because I had always intended to change her look. I just wanted her to live out the military thing and her not really caring about her appearance that much. Also, these two got the ‘Ministry of Silly Fights’ ROS. They fought for a good bit of this play session, up until the very end where they autonomously reconciled. :)

10 comments to 13: McMaster 2 – ‘Time to Dance’

  • Catherine looks great with her makeover!

    Oh, Catherine! What a mess you’re in now! I was kind of hoping for Eli too, when I saw him. There aren’t always sparks right away, so just because the first date was more friendly than romantic doesn’t necessarily doom the relationship. But yeesh…a party dancer?! I guess Catherine has always wanted a family but this probably wasn’t quite the way she envisioned it. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Mao

      She really is quite the pretty sim! I hated having to hide it under her lackluster clothing/hair, but now she’s free to be the looker that she is! Unfortunately, that seems to have caused more trouble than it’s solved. SIGH! I had such high hopes for her and Eli.

      Even the random dude from the party would have been better than the party dancer!

  • Uh oh. :( Getting knocked up by the stripper is not Catherine’s finest hour. It really is too bad if she wanted a go at a serious relationship with Eli, but…it will certainly be interesting to see how it works out! :)

    I’m wondering how Juliet’s impending marriage is going to work out….

    • Mao

      Yeah, this is NOT Catherine’s greatest hits, that’s for sure. She needs to get back on track and fast. Why are all my ladies hot messes lately? Lol!

      Juliet’s marriage could go either way, but I’m pretty dubious about it so far. We shall see…

  • Aw, poor Catherine is a hot mess when drunk! Hey, if they fall in love, what does it matter there’s a kid by another man in there? Remember Cherie and Khalid. I have a soft spot for Jack, but he needs to slow his roll a lot to be compatible with Cat.

    I have no opinion on Juliet and this Sam dude. Hopefully it tuns out good for her.

    • Mao

      She really, really is. I did some tweaking to my mods/etc and it just seemed to kick her libido into overdrive. Leave a girl unattended for too long and it seems she just goes bananas, lol! You’re so right. I’m crossing my fingers. Catherine is notorious for her lack of people skills, though.

  • Josh

    Catherine looks great with her makeover but O M G at her acting like this! I’m all about random hookups but strippers? Girl… I hope she’s not pregnant. I just want her to be happy, but how close is she to Adult?

    Juliet is so fierce though. She may be selfish and awful, but her hair and glasses make her my queen.

    • Mao

      LOL! As for how close to Adult, I’d say a tiny bit over halfway? I’m glancing over my spreadsheet and that seems about right.

      Juliet is definitely her own woman! At least she’s not getting knocked up by strippers? ;)

  • Oh no Catherine! That dancer has a horrible name! Not to mention… a dancer! Just when she starts to care and really invest in herself, she goes too far. That is rotten luck. And wow is her sister a brat! Juliet has never been a favorite of mine, always liking Catherine more, I sort of view Juliet the way that Catherine does.

    I do wish that her and Jack would be together, I absolutely love them together. I’m whining over here… ;) And man it sucks that Catherine is pretty much kicked out of the house she helped buy. That’s lame-o, so Juliet. ;)

    • Mao

      LOL! Catherine has the worst luck, I swear. I just don’t even know what to do with her anymore.

      Juliet can definitely be a bit of a brat, especially if you’re a huge Catherine supporter! In her defense, she’s just a lot more outgoing than Catherine. As for Catherine and Jack, oh man. I don’t know if I can commit myself to another troublesome relationship after the mess that was Mark and Lily! I’m still in pain over that one.

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