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13: Martel – ‘Don’t You Worry Child’

Luis Martel (Young Adult), Sacha Martel(Young Adult), Aidan Martel (Child), Sandra Martel (Toddler)

Luis had been pretty clear about not wanting anymore kids, but when Sacha popped up unexpectedly pregnant, he wasn’t angry. It was a fluke; these things happen. Sacha hadn’t done it on purpose. Besides, their little family was good. Adding to it wasn’t the worst that could happen.

Of course, Luis and Sacha were in firm agreement that three was more than enough. There would be no more babies after this.

Sacha loved being a mother. She loved being adored by her fans and being on screen and on magazines, but being a mother was like second nature to her. She was in love with the domesticity of it all. That didn’t mean she was going to abandon her career, however. As much as she loved cooking while little Sandra played behind her, Sacha would never be happy being cooped up at home.

As her pregnancy progressed, Sacha was beginning to feel her age. She wasn’t as young as she used to be. Adulthood loomed over her head like a black cloud. For the most part, she still felt young and vivacious, but there were signs of age creeping onto her lovely face and definitely into her once nubile form.

Bending over and picking up Sandra at the end of her pregnancy was nearly impossible.

Gwendolyn visited, as she had always done before. She even babysat. Luis and Sacha chose not to comment on her marrying Stefan or getting knocked up again. Instead, they encouraged her visits and friendship. She was trying and that was important. Luis was just glad to see that she’d pulled her head out of her butt and was trying to be a decent mother. He was tired of scolding her.

Everyone was thrilled that Stella and Aidan were still friends. They were goofy as always and Stella loved coming over. She made mention of the environment being noticeably different at Aidan’s house. Of course, something always seemed to go missing when she visited. Sacha never worried, however. She always found it a week or so later in an odd spot, seemingly left there by someone not familiar with the house.

It was clear that Stella was battling her instincts. At least she wasn’t giving in to being like her dad and aunt.

Stella wasn’t Aidan’s only friend. He was friends with Philip’s son Dylan and Hilda Redford-Tyson. Of course, Stella didn’t understand what the appeal of hanging out with Hilda was. She and Hilda didn’t really get along. It wasn’t that they disliked each other outright, but Hilda was naturally skeptical of Stella’s family.

It wasn’t long until Sandra’s birthday came up. Sacha was happy to have her out of the toddler years just in time for the arrival of their third and final baby.

When little Zoey entered the world, her older siblings were less than impressed. Zoey was noisy and often woke them during the night, which they found annoying. It was an unfortunate side effect of Sacha and Luis not really planning on a third baby; they had no room for a nursery. Aidan and Sandra were just going to have to deal.

Spot was happy to have someone else big enough to tackle. Now that she was bigger, Sandra was privy to being taken down by the tiny, but feisty, pup. She didn’t mind it so much usually, but when she was painting, it was annoying! Of course, Sacha and Luis just laughed it off.

Despite Spot’s randomness, Sandra loved her family. She was lucky. Her parents were amazing, they were in love, and even if she had an annoying baby sister and a brother who sometimes teased her, she was happy. She loved them all. She especially loved when Luis told her about his days as a police sketch artist and when they played rock, paper, scissors together before he went off to work.

As much as Sandra loved her family, she also loved being alone. When it was just her, her easel, and the beauty of nature, she felt at peace. It was a peace most kids didn’t have the capacity to understand. Sandra was different from normal kids. She was an old soul.

Aidan, clearly, was not. Sacha had to practically sit on him to get him to finish his homework and when he did sit down to finally work on it, he was usually wearing silly goggles or hats. Sacha gave up trying to get him to change out of his costumes and was just thankful when he finally finished.

Little Zoey was doted upon by her parents. Luis had been anxious about having a third child and one so ‘late’ in life (he was an adult now, after all) but Zoey was a delightful baby. Plus, what father doesn’t love having another little daughter to dote on?

Aidan may not have cared much for homework, but he definitely loved reading comic books. It was the one activity he did that involved sitting still. He and Stella both loved the colorful pages and tales of superheroes. They would trade them back and forth, always happy to acquire more.

Luis was pretty happy with his life. For having a rocky start, everything had turned out pretty awesome for him. He had three wonderful kids, an amazing (and hot) wife, and his career was taking off. It was hard not to just lie back and bask in the glow of it all. He certainly had never expected to end up anywhere close to where he currently was.

Aidan was getting older and that meant new privileges. He was finally old enough to bike on his own to meet Stella at the park that was halfway between Aperture Valley and Aperture City. It was hard having a best friend who lived so far away, but they made due. The comic book store was in the Valley, so Aidan often toted new books for Stella to read.


Whew. Most of these pictures I took like, two months ago? It was October, at least. It feels like forever. Sorry if the update is disjointed. I’m working from old material!

Sacha’s baby was a girl. This is it for them, I’m telling you. No more. I also just realized that you can’t see Sandra’s face at all once she becomes a child. She’s super cute. Check out the profile page.

Luis is an Adult now and Sacha will be one in the next update. Gasp! It’s so hard to believe these guys are getting older. I mean, it’s forever technically (especially for me, I’m not usually a ‘slow’ ager/player)… but it also feels so sudden, too. I guess I just don’t want them to get old. ;)

10 comments to 13: Martel – ‘Don’t You Worry Child’

  • It’s nice that they have such a wide network of friends to support them. But yeah, they don’t need any more kids. I can’t believe they’re getting old either. It’s nice to see Gwen and Stella and I’ve still got my fingers crossed for that poor girl.

    • Mao

      I really try to make sure sims keep their friends, but it can be hectic when they have families. x_x Especially in TS3, where you can’t summon people the proper way (forcing invites with MC only goes so far.)

      Poor Stella. I hope she turns out okay!

  • Josh

    BABIES. Too bad I can’t tell them apart! Sacha continues to be flawless, what a happy accident that she and Luis fell in love!

    Dylan is such a little nerd in his suspenders, and I’m kind of in love with Hilda Redford-Tyson solely because of her name. SLAY. Is she related to that criminal girl everyone hates, Rosalie?

    The hardest part of playing prosperities (for me at least) is getting interested in the children. I’m on round 24 of mine and I never care about the kids until they’re like, teens.

    • Mao

      LOL! I had to put Dylan in suspenders. I couldn’t help myself. And I KNOW! Hilda’s name is just beyond all. I love it. And I think she is, distantly. She’s adopted.

      I have issues with babies/toddlers. I just don’t like dealing with them (much like real life, lol), but I love kids! Teenagers depend on whether they have anything interesting going on or not. And wow, round 24?? That’s impressive!

  • Sandra is adorable! Can’t wait to see what Zoey looks like, they have seriously very cute kids! I love that she is an old soul and painter, and that her brother is just a typical boy who doesn’t want to do his homework, and wants to ride his bike. They are such opposites. I can’t say I blame them for disliking Zoey in their bedroom, babies are a ton of noise.

    Hilda is an awesome name! The play date was adorable, and how funny that she is highly suspect of Stella’s family. I think that Luis and Sacha are really adorable together, and have a very wholesome, sweet family. Happy that Luis found happiness.

    • Mao

      They really do make some ridiculously adorable kids! And Sandra just seems that sort, she doesn’t really go nuts like Aidan does. She just seems more sedate and quiet while Aidan tears the place apart, lol! Zoey should be a fun addition to the mix.

  • Ha, I remember sharing a bedroom with my baby sister! She was rooming with my parents for the first few months and then she was in with me. I was only 3 myself but I still have some fairly strong memories of being woken up a few times, so I can sympathise with Aidan and Sandra! I adore the contrast between Aidan and Sandra – typical kid versus an old soul. I can’t wait to see them as they age, and how Zoey will fit in with all of that.

    I so don’t blame you for not wanting them to have any more kids! Three is a LOT in TS3! I can handle big families in TS2 but it seems so much more annoying in TS3, for some reason.

    Love any mention of Stella too. She’s growing up so well (klepto tendencies aside) in such an unbalanced kind of situation.

    • Mao

      Oh man! I couldn’t imagine sharing a room with a baby. They are so noisy, lol! I do it to my sims all the time, though. Deal with it, digital people! I’m so glad Sandra and Aidan’s personalities are coming through. I’m not usually the greatest at developing children.

      You are so right. Big families in TS3 just seem to be brutal. I think it’s pathing and then the crazy ‘let’s take twenty million hours to eat’ thing. Add in some pets and their constant queue dropping of sims and it’s madness!

  • I’ll admit, I did get confused with Luis and Sacha’s ages! From the very short time I played TS3, the aging system seemed so different to TS2 and then of course there are bloggers (myself included) who come up with their own aging system- young adult in my game is 18-21 year olds! I do enjoy how different bloggers handle ages differently though.

    Had to check out Sandra’s profile to see what she looked like now and she’s so pretty!

    • Mao

      Yeah, in TS3, YA is an entire age group on its own available to you outside of Uni. I’m actually really glad for that! I love having tons of time for sims to develop relationships/etc. Plus it puts a nice marker between younger and older. :D

      If I put their ages, it would be in sim days and it wouldn’t make any sense, haha! My aging revolves around rounds. All sims born in my game will live around 22.5 rounds. :)

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