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13: Klein – ‘Unglued’

Alex Klein (Adult), Gavin Klein (Teen)

With Rhys gone, Link was left with Gavin. Thankfully, Gavin was odd ball enough to enjoy spending time with the dog he grew up with, despite the frigid end of winter weather. It had been snowing for what seemed like days with no signs of stopping. Gavin had been off school for almost a week straight!

Gavin kept up with his brother and Emma at university. His conversations with Emma were especially enlightening. It seemed like she was finally ‘letting loose’ and enjoying herself. Apparently, Rhys wasn’t too keen on it. Gavin had gleaned this from Rhys outright saying so and Emma complaining about him being a ‘uptight, nosy annoyance.’

He couldn’t disagree. Gavin found both his father and brother to be unnecessarily tightly-wound. Gavin was more a practitioner of the lackadaisical approach. He just sort of floated through life, doing what he willed. He was spontaneous and maybe a bit odd.

Alex was governor now and his station required quite a bit out of him. He was rarely home and when he was, he was stuck cleaning up Gavin’s messes. Poor Link had been privy to one of Gavin’s off-beat ideas–to see what the dog would look like green. It hadn’t harmed him, of course, but it was certainly annoying trying to get all the green dye out of everything, including the dog.

When Rhys visited, things were tense between them. Lana told him that it was because they were so much alike, but Alex disagreed. Rhys was wound tighter than anyone Alex had ever met before. His ideals and his perceptions just seemed so distant from reality. Alex kind of felt bad for Bettina. It was hard to say what kind of ridiculous expectations Rhys had forced upon her. Woe be the day she failed to meet them!

Trying to reason with Rhys was just out of the question. Alex could definitely see some of Camilla in him. Rhys would never admit it, but he was definitely more fiery than his brother or father. He definitely got that from his late mother.

At least there was Gavin. He was a handful, yes, and Alex would never be able to understand why he did the things he did, but for all his complexities, he was simple. Gavin was impulsive, he did things on a whim, he reacted to life as it came to him. He shared his emotions freely–sometimes too freely–and the great mystery surrounding him was simply that he just didn’t care like everyone else did.

Alex just wished he wouldn’t ‘act out’ so much. It was hard trying to keep his political career from taking a nose dive with all of Gavin’s stunts.

Getting himself up for school would be nice, too. Alex usually had to enlist the help of Link for that task.

Despite their inability to see eye-to-eye, Rhys still visited when he could. They would have some reasonable conversations about his classes and Bettina. Alex had learned what to say and what not to say. It was cowardly, but it was certainly easily than fighting with Rhys about every little things.

He’d figure it out, eventually. Maybe he already was. From what Alex had heard, Rhys’ best friend Emma Steel had gone off the rails at college. Her failing to fit into his ‘perfectly proper world view’ might be the wake-up call he needed.

Gavin enjoyed Rhys’ visits, too. The brothers had never been terribly close, but they respected their familial bond. Gavin didn’t even remember their mother, but Rhys did and he would share stories about her sometimes when Gavin asked. Of course, he didn’t ask much anymore. Those were childhood whimsies.

Now they mostly spoke about completely random things, as prompted by Gavin. He asked the strangest questions.

Gavin, for all his strangeness, was incredibly good with people. He didn’t particularly want surrounded by them and he avoided heavily crowded situations, but when thrown into the fray, he wore a mask of charm and guile. Alex, unfortunately, had no such ability. A younger intern had hit on him and he’d missed it entirely.

When Gavin confronted him about it later, Alex seemed taken back. He hadn’t really considered dating anyone since Camilla. To be honest, it was just too much of a hassle. Raising two boys and trying to climb the political ladder were bad enough. To make matters worse, his father had gone off the radar and he’d lost that backing entirely. Alex was having to really pound the pavement to drum up the funds necessary for his re-election now.

Gavin wasn’t a normal teenage boy. He kept mostly to himself and had zero interest in dating girls. Emma Steel was the only interesting girl he’d met and she was at college, enjoying herself. Since he couldn’t exactly body-swap with Rhys, Gavin was stuck making his teen years as interesting as he could.

He got the whim to prank the principal. Unfortunately, he got caught.

Alex was livid. This was unacceptable, especially during an election year! Gavin’s random outbursts were really going to cost Alex when to came to polls. Besides, what possessed him to be so careless? Alex would much rather he go back to harmless pranks than this.

Gavin was grounded indefinitely for his stunt. Of course, Gavin was shocked at his father’s reaction. It was just harmless fun!

Thankfully, the principal was also Gavin’s Aunt and Alex’s sister, Lana. She was understanding about the whole thing. Gavin was going to have detention for awhile, but other than that, he got off relatively unscathed. He eventually even got out of being grounded.

Alex’s constituents weren’t as understanding. He was going to have to do a lot of spin to recover from reports of his son being a ‘reckless youth’ and a ‘possible criminal in the making.’

Gavin, honestly, was neither of those things. He was just a teenager with a freer sense of self. Boundaries existed and he saw them, he just didn’t particularly care about them. He had no vested intention of ruining his father’s career, the honest answer was that he just didn’t care. He didn’t think about it. His father was the governor and that was that. What did it have to do with him?


For those curious, Gavin has the Insane trait. I’ve mentioned this before, I think. Anyway, I have different ways in which I interpret this trait (much like Inappropriate.) It’s hard to really pigeon-hole it into being one specific thing. Especially when you’re not going for comedy. For me, Gavin’s insanity expresses itself by him being very impulsive, to the point of it being almost ridiculous. He lives in his own little world, with his own little rules. We’ve all met these people. He has strange ideas about things and his conversations are often a bit off-the-wall, but there’s a method to all of the madness.

Anyway, I just thought I’d clear that up in case you all were wondering why he wasn’t talking to inanimate objects and whatnot. ;) Moving on…

Alex gets hit on constantly, but he just sort of shrugs it off. He did show some interest in the brunette pictured in the update, but she was more interested in Gavin, which I found hilarious. Also, Alex and Rhys argue constantly. These two still refuse to get along.

Lana is really a principal in the education track. She has been for awhile now. :)

10 comments to 13: Klein – ‘Unglued’

  • I like how you write in the Insane trait with Gavin. I mean, wearing inappropriate clothing and talking nonsense to other sims would get old. Especially if you were going to have more than one Insane sim! I kind of forget Gavin’s insane. He’s just Gavin. :)

    Wow, that brunette must be quite the cradle-robber, lol! I wonder if Alex will ever meet anyone new again. It would be interesting to see Rhys and Gavin’s reactions.

    • Mao

      I’m glad you like it! It’s really hard to work with some of these more ‘out there’ traits, as much as I love them. Gavin’s impulsiveness is definitely something I’m trying to adjust to, lol!

      She really must be! She wanted to flirt with him and I had to check and make sure my awesomemod had the pedo feature off and it was. So I don’t even know what’s up with that.

      I don’t see Alex dating again. :( I’ve tried and tried to hook him up and it always fails!

  • Yay, I’m all caught up now! So much is going on that is awesome (and scary)!

    I like the idea of making the insane trait something different for every insane Sim–it is certainly like that in the real world, with different mental illnesses manifesting in different ways.

    It is too funny that the brunette was more interested in Gavin–but hey, he seems to have a thing for older ladies so maybe she wasn’t exactly barking up the wrong tree? ;) I think Gavin and Emma Steel could be pretty epic.

    • Mao

      I’m not going to lie, I totally agree with you about Gavin and Emma! I think she’s the only one who could handle his personality. We’ll see how that goes… but I’m crossing my fingers.

      I’m glad no one is disappointed he’s not going to completely crazy. It just seems so ill-fitting to make him talk to furniture.

      Whew. I’m sure that was a task, catching up! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  • I’m glad you don’t have him “mental hospital” crazy, but just “off the wall” crazy. I don’t think Alex would be able to handle him at all, and then that brings in a whole new set of issues.

  • I was sad when you mentioned Gavin being insane, but I thoroughly enjoy it played out this way. It’s more quirky than talking to a lamp. You need to update his profile picture to teen, I was perusing them to see family resemblances and his is old.

    I totally forgot about Alex even having a Dad! It’s been so long since his Dad was really prominent in his story line. I wonder what he would think about his Dad’s fate. Will anyone ever know that he is dead?

    I think it’s absolutely perfect that Rhys has all these high standards, and is rather judgey, coming from a wealthy family can do that to you. And I really hope that Alex finds a girl someday, he’s such a handsome guy.

    • Mao

      I had meant to update Gavin forever ago and forgot. D’oh! I will update that. He looks a LOT like Rhys, which means they both look like Camilla, who was almost a copy of Oskar.

      Alex never really seemed to get along with his family. They rarely called him. Not even his brother! Only his twin, Lana, seemed to care about keeping in touch. Of course, towards the end, Clark wasn’t really the most social of people. As for finding out… there’s a chance. ;)

  • I love sims who are in their own little bubble! Gavin’s personality rocks! Okay, so he may have went a little too far with his pranks this time but I guess that’s part of being a teenager and learning from actions.

    I hope Alex finds someone soon but I have a feeling he’s too wrapped up in his career to go for it.

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