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13: Cosaro – ‘The Middle’

Dominic Cosaro (Adult), Julian Steel (Teen)

Amidst all the chaos with Asha, Emma’s birthday came and went. Separating from her father and brother after such an ordeal wasn’t easy and Emma questioned her decision to continue on to college. Dominic assured her they’d be fine and that she needed to go, that it was important for her future.

Emma knew he was right and so she went off to University.

Things with Julian were a little simpler. While Dominic knew he was deeply affected by his mother’s departure, he didn’t seem to show it as readily as Emma did. It was hard to read Julian sometimes. He was incredibly good at hiding behind a facade of inappropriate humor and snarky comments.

What Dominic didn’t know was that in Julian’s spare time, he was searching for his mother. Julian may not have looked the part, but he’d always been incredibly intelligent. He used this to his advantage, learning his way around securities and firewalls, hacking into everything that he possibly could for even the smallest bit of information on his mother.

Unfortunately, he found nothing. Whatever she was doing and wherever she was, Asha was being quicker than Julian could match.

Despite his academic successes, Julian still had a hard time measuring up to his father and sister. Emma had been blessed by both the Cosaro and Steel genes, she was pretty, strong, and relatively quick. Julian felt slighted. Sure, he was more intelligent, but he lacked quite a bit in the physical aspects. He felt like the runt of the litter.

“It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean, your sister will do well–she’ll make it, she’s actually got some brains, but Julian. I don’t think you get it. Eventually, you get old, and the physical stuff… it loses its meaning. Look at me!”

“Oh, shut up. You’re still sneaking girls into the house. I’m not dumb, dad…”

“The cons of living with a genius…”

“Honestly, Julian… you’re still young. You’ve got plenty of time to find your place in life. And it’ll be amazing when you do. Just give it time, okay? College is just around the corner for you, after all.”

“Ugh, college,” Julian groaned, rolling his eyes. “I wish mom would have let me exempt out of high school. I’m so bored with it and the stupid people there. I have no interest in the drama…”

Dominic laughed. “Not even the girls?”

“Ha! Who has time for any of that? I’m too busy falling asleep in class and writing essays on the sides of my exam papers about the complete lack of effort my teachers put into them. Besides, high school girls are too busy trying to date college guys.”

“Emma wasn’t,” Dominic replied, giving Julian a look. It was a question without being one.

“Emma’s Emma, dad. Most guys were scared of her. I mean, it’s Emma. I figure she’s probably stuck on that idiot Novak. It’s completely predictable, after all.”

“Cosaro’s don’t have a good history when it comes to messing with Novaks…”

Julian raised his eyebrow. “I’ll take your word for it, dad.”

One thing that didn’t come naturally to Julian was driving. Of course, most kids don’t learn to drive in fancy sports cars with touchy gas pedals. Eventually, he got a handle on it.

Dominic gave him his own car, one that was more practical and suited to Julian’s needs. He wasn’t quite the flashy type, after all.

Getting older wasn’t easy, Dominic was finding. Had he really outlived most of his friends? It just seemed so surreal. Even Kelly was gone, lost in a fire some years back. It just seemed surreal. Still, he did his best to age gracefully.

He was a coach now, a pretty well-liked one with skill. His team was really getting attention. It was certainly a nice change from being in the thick of things. He rather liked it.

Julian, meanwhile, continued his online search for his mother. Unfortunately, he managed to fry his laptop in the process. It was a good thing he’d taught himself how to fix it!

He wasn’t just looking into his mother, however. He’d taken an interest in something else recently–his own name. Julian had never really felt right being a Steel. Maybe it suited Emma just fine, but Julian was so far removed from Dominic in appearance that he needed something. That something was his name.

Of course, he could have just brought it up… but Julian thought it would be better if he just did it quietly… and possibly illegally. At least, once his computer was up and running once more.


Emma will be in college this round. Woohoo! I’ll update the profile pictures when I get a chance. Dominic is an elder now. Wow.

Poor Julian. He really is bored with high school. He still has some time to go before he catches up with Emma.

Also, yes, Julian will be taking the Cosaro name. I’d always wanted to find a way to make it happen… but things working out as they did, well, they kind of did it for me. ;)

Is it sad that I just NOW realized how much Julian resembles Dominic in his face? Wow.

8 comments to 13: Cosaro – ‘The Middle’

  • Josh

    I’m gonna miss Emma. is college getting its own post or will they just be away~? Julian better slay! He’s so cute.

    Why does it feel like almost all of your founders are gone? Is Dominic the only one left besides Phillip?

    • Mao

      Yup, college will get it’s own entry. Can’t miss that drama!

      As for founders… let’s see… the ones still alive are: Luis, Stefan, Paula, Philip, and Dominic. The funny part is, all but Dominic were toddlers when this started. ;)

  • Wow Dominic…

    Looking forward to seeing Emma at college! Poor Julian needs to find something to entertain himself until he can go. I’m not sure tracking down his mother is the best idea, I can see him getting hurt.

    • Mao

      I am so excited to play college. I wish TS3 had done like TS2, where you could send sims from different households to college together without having to give them a separate household, sigh!

  • So freaky to see Dominic as an elder! I got to that pic and was like “wait, who’s that?” before I started reading. He’s still looking pretty good though.

    I think that’s really nice for Julian to take the Cosaro name. I can totally see why he’s never felt right being a Steel, although I also get why he’s still so intent on finding Asha. She seems to be covering her tracks pretty well though.

    And yay, Emma at college! Can’t wait to see that!

    • Mao

      Dominic aged well, but I HATE that elders are automatically very skinny/tiny. It’s just so bizarre, especially when you have a sim go from buff to that.

      I was hoping it would make sense for Julian to want that. If he were to find Asha, I can’t say he’d like what he saw.

      I can’t wait to play it!

  • I didn’t realize Julian looked so much like Dominic until they were sitting on the sofa, and I’m crying over here… Dominic as an elder.. say it ain’t so! I do not approve this aging business when it comes to Dominic, even if he has resigned himself to the fact.

    I do like that Julian is going to be a Cosaro, it’s a good last name, and will be nice to continue it on. So sad to see Emma off to college all by herself, I’m sure she will adjust fine, but man, it is rough losing her Mom, then moving away from her family. I hope that Asha pops in sometime soonish, though I know she just left!

    • Mao

      Haha, poor Dominic. I don’t know what I’ll do when his time comes…

      I had to continue one of the founding names! I’d cry if I lost one. :( Poor Emma is in for a major adjustment period…

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