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12: Ryder – ‘Another Brick in the Wall’

Cherie Ryder (Elder), Khalid Ryder (Elder), Jessica Ryder (Young Adult), Jack Ryder (Young Adult)

Jessica Ryder enjoyed her job. She’d always wanted to grow up and become a firefighter like her father, Khalid. It was a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, Jessica was quite happy with her accomplishments. She hoped to one day become Chief Firefighter like her dad.

She still lived at home, something she thought would change as her relationship with Natalia Novak developed. That had been killed before it even had a chance to really begin. Jessica was having a hard time not being angry at her former best friend. She felt jerked around and used. They hadn’t spoken since Natalia had broken up with her.

Jessica had considered calling her after hearing about what happened with her mother and her house, but she thought better of it. Natalia had a support system around her. Stepping back in would only open Jessica up for more heartache. She just wasn’t ready to be just friends yet.

At least she had her father’s advice to fall back on. He was always great with situations like this. Jack’s graduation party was happening and Natalia had been invited. Jessica promised that she could handle it. It had been a few months, after all. She was okay, she was just a little bitter. There was no reason for her to rain on Jack’s parade.

It was a big deal, after all. He was going to university. It was more a ‘going away’ party than anything else.

It wasn’t quite as awkward as they thought it was going to be. Jessica kept to herself and didn’t approach Natalia. They both kept their distance, Natalia focusing her attention on Catherine and Jack.

Natalia had been apprehensive about coming, but she knew that she had to. She wasn’t interested in losing any more of her friends and the fact that Jack was leaving for university was a big deal. He’d done a lot to help her and was one of the few who actually knew what she spent all day working on.

When it was time to send him off, Natalia did it the only way she knew how. She wasn’t ignorant, she knew why Jack had always had her back–it was a bit more than friendship on his part. Natalia liked him, but much like Jessica, she just wasn’t sure how much. Never mind the fact that she was waffling between two siblings.

Jack, for his part, was pretty understanding. He seemed to know exactly what it all meant versus the confusion that his sister felt. He seemed to have a better understanding of Natalia’s strange ways.

“Have fun at university,” Natalia said with a grin, “girls eat that artistic thing up.”

“As long as none of them are witches, I guess I’ll be fine.”

“You’re hilarious. Try not to catch anything.”

He laughed, “it’s university, not a whore house, Nat!”

“Oh, you’d be surprised…”

And Jack was off. He left late into the evening for his long plane ride. It would be hot and sunny where he was going, a nice departure from the frigid autumn they were having in Aperture Valley.

Strangely enough, Natalia had been right about college. The girls were like a swarm. Jack didn’t quite understand it. If they weren’t trying to hit on him, they were whispering about him. For the first few months, Jack resisted their advances and focused on perfecting his sketching technique.

He wasn’t holding out hope for Natalia, but he wasn’t quite sure he wanted involved in all the craziness that women brought with them.

Eventually, he gave in. It was shocking how free these college girls were. They posed nude at the drop of a hat and then critiqued how he’d drawn their breasts too small. Samantha Grey was one of his classmates who had shown an interest in him. She was also the one who had gotten him involved with all the arts programs the school had.

Jack wasn’t the type to limit himself. He was a little too young for any big commitments and besides, this was college! So, he tested the waters. Paris was another girl he went out with. She was a total departure from the liberal Samantha. She was a bit more like Natalia–groomed rich and with ballet training.

At least he assumed she had ballet training. No normal person should be able to bend like she did.

Despite Jack’s many women, Samantha was the only constant. They had an understanding and Samantha had actually been the one to suggest that they keep things casual. Jack was pretty sure he could get used to university life.

Back at home, Cherie settled into bed with a strange feeling. It was like a pricking in the back of her mind. When she dozed off, it lessened and then she felt nothing at all.

Cherie passed quietly in her sleep. Khalid awoke to find her cold. He was horrified.

When the paramedics came, Khalid and Jessica could only stand and watch in grief as Cherie’s body was removed from the room. It was a somber morning and Khalid had to make the long-distance call to Jack to tell him the news.

Lily was worried about their father in the wake of the news. Khalid was inconsolable. He and Cherie had been inseparable throughout their time together and now, suddenly, she was just gone. They all knew it was going to happen, Cherie was older than Khalid, but the reality was much worse than they had ever envisioned.

Luis brought his family around more in an attempt to cheer Khalid up. It worked, even if only for a little while. Everyone pitched in to try and make the days after a little more bearable. Cherie had been the glue that held their odd little family together.

Jack flew in for the funeral and did his best to cheer Jessica up. He was sad that he hadn’t been here for Cherie’s last days, but his own sorrow took the backseat when he saw his sister’s face. He suddenly felt very guilty for what had transpired between him and Natalia before he’d left.

He had been a little upset to learn that they were dating, but somehow, he had always had an inkling that it might have been the case. Still, they were siblings and even Natalia couldn’t come between them.


Poor Cherie! It was her time to go. :(

Uni entries will probably get their own updates. I just couldn’t wait to explore campus. I’m planning on doing two terms a round, but I’m not sure how I’m going to split it up yet. Jack only went for one term, so he’ll be back again at some point this round for his second one.

Natalia was autonomously flirting with Jack during his party. Even Catherine flirted with him. I was kind of shocked. They never did this as teenagers! Jack has an easy way with the ladies. University was a veritable woman smorgasbord for him!

Poor Khalid is really lost without Cherie… it’s kind of depressing, lol.

6 comments to 12: Ryder – ‘Another Brick in the Wall’

  • Aw, your sims are dropping like flies! RIP Cherie! Poor Khalid…I can imagine the poor guy just has no clue what to do with himself right now.

    Loving Jack as the campus ladies’ man! I’m a bit nervous about seeing what happens with Natalia now though. Jessica would be so cut if she found out about the flirting and kissing. :\

    • Mao

      They really are! This is the round of death. I’m hoping the next ROS goes a bit easier on me. I’m not sure my sims can take round after round of death.

      I don’t even know what’s going on with these three now. Natalia wants to autonomously flirt with both of them. It’s kind of a mess, really.

  • Josh

    Cherie! She was such an institution and an icon. I’m going to miss her.

    Uni looks fun! Is it a separate hood or is it rabbitholes inside your hood?

    I hate when my Sims die and their spouses linger. I feel bad about it but they usually don’t do much until wait to die.

    • Mao

      University acts exactly like a vacation world, which is both good and bad… depending on what you like. I wish it were a little more ‘lively’ and unique, though. :\

      I always feel bad for the lingering spouses… especially if they don’t have a whole lot going on for them at the moment!

  • Oh Cherie, how sad! She is one of the first characters that I really grew to adore, and was happy that she stuck around. She was such a great mother to Luis, and was really a soft place for him to land when he was a kid.

    As for Natalia, that’s a bit low on her part. Kind of callous towards Jessica though.

    Jack at college, I imagine he is living it up, those college sims really do throw themselves on the students! I played it for a stint, and my married guy had girls falling all over him, then his kids went to college, and it was more the same. I think the son actually got involved with Samantha Grey, she’s adorable.

    I wonder what will happen with this group as they get older, I hope that Jessica can find someone, and that Khalid will find some peace, but not in death. Good grief, these guys are dying too fast!

    • Mao

      I really liked Cherie, too. She had such a good story. I’m so glad her life turned out well!

      Natalia is kind of selfish. I’ve always sort of gotten that, but it’s kind of went hyperactive in recent “years.” It seems to be a dominant Novak trait!

      I haven’t seen a lot of romance in college, but I’ve seen TONS of fighting. A lot of the roommates seem to get in scraps. It’s pretty wild.

      I’m so sad that Cherie and Khalid won’t get to see their possible grandchildren. :( That’s what happens when you have kids late into Adult age stage.

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