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12: Novak – ‘Move Along’

Kelly McMaster (Adult), Andrew Novak (Young Adult), Natalia Novak (Young Adult)

Kelly Novak was doing her best to deal with the cards that she had been dealt. The loss of her husband had been difficult, but she was managing. She still had her children to keep her going. It was a shame that Andrew had lost his girlfriend, Regan. She’d been so young. It was just a reminder of how fleeting life really was.

Kelly had done her best to comfort him, but what do you say when something awful like that happens?

Natalia was a different story entirely. She didn’t go to college like her brother, instead she hid up in his old room. Kelly often smelled odd things coming from beneath the door and when she went to inquire, Natalia quickly shooed her out. She assured her mother that it wasn’t anything to be concerned about.

Kelly was worried that Natalia was going to fall down the same path as her step-siblings, Paula and Stefan. Kelly wasn’t sure if she could handle having yet another criminal in the family.

“I’m not doing anything illegal,” Natalia assured her. “I’m just doing… stuff.”

“Don’t you want to get a job? You barely even leave the house!”

Natalia sighed. “I’ve got plans, mom, they just aren’t something I can talk about yet, okay? Just leave me alone. I’m not a criminal!”

“That’s what Stefan and Paula said, too!”

“I’m not them!”

Their arguments were frequent and it left Natalia feeling drained. She was tired of Kelly bringing up her artistic abilities and all the opportunities out there. Natalia had thrown all that away in favor of something much more promising.

She practically lived off her elixirs now. She had managed to conjure up one that made sleep pretty much unnecessary. She spent most nights hunched over her ancient tome, researching even more potions.

Kelly tried to pretend everything was normal. She went on with business as usual, but in the back of her mind, she couldn’t deny that she was troubled. Natalia’s odd behavior made her uneasy. She was acting like an addict, but from what Kelly could discern, she wasn’t on drugs or alcohol. What was it that had turned her daughter into a secretive hermit?

Jessica had been phoning Natalia constantly. She rarely saw her anymore. Natalia had had enough of the constant calls and finally gave in and met up with her. Jessica was happy to see her secret girlfriend, but the look on Natalia’s face was hardly a comforting one.

“We need to talk.”

Jessica took an apprehensive step back, “I haven’t seen you in a month and this is the greeting I get?”

“This isn’t working out, Jess,” Natalia began quickly, “I’m just… I don’t think I can do this anymore. I’ve just got bigger things on my mind right now.”

Jessica was unswayed, “bigger things? Like what? I know you’ve gone through some stuff, Nat, but if you’d just talk to me–”

“I don’t want to talk!” Natalia snapped before catching herself. Jessica’s face hardened, but she allowed her to continue. “I just… I mean, I wish I could explain it, but I can’t. I just kind of need to be alone.”


“Jess, wait!”

Jessica continued walking away, barely glancing over her shoulder at her former lover and best friend, “I’ve done enough waiting, Natalia.”

Natalia sighed, watching as she walked away, knowing that it was for the best. Jessica was just distracting her from what was really important. She needed to focus.

Of course, Natalia should have known that it wouldn’t be that easy. No sooner had she gotten home and settled down to do some serious research, her cell phone rang. She answered it begrudgingly, a little surprised to hear Jack on the other end.

‘Seriously, Nat?!’

“Oh geeze, Jack. What?”

‘Jess is so pissed. Why were you such a bitch to her?’

“She doesn’t understand. I’ve just got to focus right now. I’m close, I think.”

‘If by ‘close’, you mean close to losing every one close to you… yeah, you’re right. You’re real close to that.’

Natalia gave a frustrated sigh, “goodbye, Jack.”

Kelly was home alone when the fire started. She’d always used the fireplace. Even in the wake of Camilla’s unfortunate passing, Kelly couldn’t help herself. They’d taken every precaution. Unfortunately, luck was not on her side when she kindled the fire one chilly fall afternoon. She sat down in her favorite chair and began to read, only to doze off.

When she awoke, she was surrounded by flames without any way to exit.

Natalia arrived home only to see the smoke pouring from the windows and the roof. The entire house was ablaze. She barely made it through the front door before being forced to turn around and run back outside. The fire trucks arrived right behind her, the men in their heavy uniforms pushing her out of the way and away from the oppressive heat of the blaze.

In the end, both the house and Kelly were lost.

Natalia spent a night in a motel, still shell-shocked. It was just too hard to believe, everything had happened so fast. Her childhood home was gone, along with her mother. She was really beginning to suspect that her family was cursed… there was no other explanation. No one was this unlucky.

Thankfully, she still had Andrew. Her older brother was just as distraught, if not more, with the tragedies just coming one after another. He’d lost his young girlfriend and now his mother.

He insisted that Natalia stay with him and she accepted. The townhouse was small, but there was room and Natalia wasn’t ready to be alone yet. Andrew welcomed the company. There was something cathartic about removing Regan’s chessboard from the spare room. He hadn’t touched anything of hers since her death.

Natalia took no time at all to settle in. She was completely focused now and nothing would stand in her way. It was paramount that she achieve her goal, for the sake of her family. If they truly were cursed, she would end it.

It took her some time to regather all of her materials, but with the money left to them, at least she had the means.

Andrew was happy to have the company. It brought him out of his depression a bit and even encouraged him to put forth more focus into his career. He did love cooking, it was really the only thing that brought him joy anymore. Cooking had an even bigger meaning now–it reminded him of his mother.

Andrew knew his sister was into some weird stuff, but he didn’t question it. Some part of him actually hoped that she was onto something. He’d begun to have the same suspicions that their family might somehow have been cursed. It wasn’t usual for so many tragedies to target one family.

At least they were together. The siblings were quite a bit closer now, in the wake of losing both parents.

Natalia even convinced Andrew to throw a party. He hadn’t seen his friends in quite some time and they really needed something to liven the place up. Andrew begrudgingly agreed. At least it was an excuse to cook a huge feast!

They even invited their older step-sister, Paula Novak. She seemed to have changed in the wake of Gwendolyn moving in with the baby. There was a determination in her that Stella would avoid all of this, that she wouldn’t become like her. Natalia knew she had occult ties and asked her about the possibility of there being a curse on their family.

“It wouldn’t surprise me. We really do have the worst luck…”

“Think you can ask your… connections?”

Paula gave her a look that neither confirmed nor denied that she understood Natalia’s meaning: “We’ll see.”

Andrew was surprised when Lucy turned up. He’d invited her, but they hadn’t really talked since Regan’s funeral. The awkwardness hovering between them was quickly diffused as they slipped back into their easy friendship. Lucy had recently moved out into the country of the Valley with her husband, so it was rare to see her in city limits. They spoke for awhile before Lucy said sheepishly:

“I miss Regan. It was so hard to come here. Everything just reminds me of her…”

“Me too, Luce, me too…”

Natalia was glad to see Catherine, worried that her old friend would cut ties with her after the break-up with Jessica.

“You’re both my friends,” Catherine said, “I’m not going to pick sides. What are you going to do about Jack’s graduation party?”

“I don’t even know. I want to go. I want us all to be friends again, but…”

Catherine frowned, “I know. I hate that it’s gotten to this point. We’ll figure something out.”

The night wore on and the guests began to taper off. It was nearly two am when Lucy looked at Andrew and admitted that the drive back was a bit much. They’d always been friends, it was easy to offer for her to stay over. Unfortunately, Catherine was bunking with Natalia, so Lucy had to stay with Andrew.

“This isn’t weird, is it?”

Andrew tried not to laugh, “it is when you say things like that.”

“Yeah,” she tried not to grin, “you’re right. I’ll shut up. Good night.”

The morning was slightly less awkward. They’d both slept pretty soundly and kept to their assigned sides of the bed. Lucy was married, after all. There was no reason to make this sketchier than it really was.

“He won’t be mad?”

“No, I called him last night. He’s pretty understanding, especially after Regan…”

“Are you hungry? I usually make breakfast because Natalia is hopeless with cooking.”

“Oh, sure.”

“Are you really eating cake?” Lucy asked with raised eyebrows.

Andrew laughed, “yeah, it’s kind of a favorite of mine. I give the healthy stuff to everyone else and then just pig out on the dessert.”

“Regan never really liked dessert…” Lucy said with a soft sigh. “I like cake.”

“Do you want some?”

“But I just ate breakfast!”

“Are you saying no to grief food, Lucy? Have some cake.”

Natalia, meanwhile, was at the graveyard. She’d dropped Catherine off at the subway station and had made her way here. It was pouring, but she didn’t care. She had to keep reminding herself what it was all for. The tombstones of her family were the best motivation she could fathom. They were lining up quick.

But she would end that. Natalia would be the one to end this curse.


Okay, so this update rolled into what was formerly Novak/Canales, meaning Andrew and Natalia’s household is now Novak. If that’s confusing, I apologize, but it was the easier way to explain Kelly’s ROS roll (which was ‘Burning Man/Woman – sim dies in a fire’.) I also wanted to consolidate these houses. Poor Kelly. This family really IS cursed. The death rolls never skip them, it seems.

As for Lucy staying over, she refused to leave after the party so I had Andrew ask her to spend the night. They’re not romantic interests, so it was completely platonic. Catherine crashed autonomously in Natalia’s bed, leaving poor Natalia without one… which doesn’t matter, because the girl rarely sleeps. She’s too busy turning herself into a frog:

Also, this popped up before the fire and amused me. Catherine really has NO luck!

It’s sad to lose the house, but I wanted something big for Kelly’s ROS and it just seemed more feasible. Wouldn’t you know, though, I had a hell of a time getting the fireplace to catch fire! Seriously. It figures.

I doubt any Novak will own a fireplace in the future, though!

Also, Natalia and Jessica’s break-up was part of the ROS – Dumped, other sim does the dumping. Jessica rolled the ROS, so Natalia had to dump her!

8 comments to 12: Novak – ‘Move Along’

  • Josh

    What is it with the Novaks and fire? Poor Kelly! We were so invested in her adventures and now she’s gone. :( It really is sad!

    Is Natalia a witch yet though? You’ve hinted long enough, Mao, we want answers! I kind of want Andrew to be with Lucy now, her husband be damned. Maybe he can roll the next death ROS…

    • Mao

      I have no idea! They really have the worst luck so far.

      Not quite yet. You can assume safely that the goal she’s moving towards is that one. :)

  • I just had a feeling that it was Kelly that had rolled that ROS of the fire death, and the entire beginning of the update had me on edge. Sad that she’s gone. I really liked Kelly, and think she still had a lot to offer her kids, and future grandkids. I would be rerolling some of these things! Well I say that, and I allowed my Creelman family to be cursed by ROS, so maybe I wouldn’t. I just hope that better times are ahead for them. I am curious how this all works with Natalia, witchcraft is not something I’ve ever dived into past the sims 1 game.

    I am so over Lucy’s husband… have we even seen him!? I don’t know if I believe he exists and it’s about time that Andrew and Lucy were together.

    Funny on the fire not starting, I swear there is always a fire when I use the stupid fireplace. Annoying.

    • Mao

      I am so sad Kelly didn’t get to finish out her life! At least she lived a good one. I was a little dubious about her beginnings, but she managed to make something good with herself.

      As for re-rolling, I did honestly re-roll one death roll, because I ended up getting them back to back. I yelled at my husband and told him his program was faulty, lol!

      Hahaha, I know. Why did she have to run off and get married?!

  • Wow, big update here and sadly, not a very happy one! This family was struck hard by this round’s ROS.

    I am shocked about Kelly! I tend to forget everyone else’s ROS until they actually crop up, so I wasn’t expecting this in any way. I’m glad Natalia and Andrew have been able to come together over her death though – that’s one positive. Having Natalia around might ease his loneliness after losing Regan so recently as well.

    I really hope Natalia knows what she’s doing with this witchcraft. The picture of her after she’d turned into a frog didn’t fill me with confidence. ;)

    That picture of Andrew and Lucy in front of the bed threw me, by the way! I totally thought they’d slept together!

    • Mao

      The big ones never seem to be happy, do they? I should probably fix that…

      I’m glad you forget, because it makes things a lot more surprising when they actually take place! I’m so glad Natalia and Andrew have each other.

      Natalia and knowing what she’s doing don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Let’s hope she can handle what she’s planning for the future…

      I was really trying to throw you with that one, lol!

  • Poor Kelly, this family really has no luck at all. I hope Natalia can get to the bottom of things soon!

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